Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 05

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Jim stopped making the drinks and came in to watch. He was the first of the men to strip. While his wife, Sharon, licked Bonnie’s pussy, he lay next to her kissing her, feeling her tits, and fondling her nipples. Bonnie attacked his tongue like a nymphomaniac.

Bobby couldn’t believe the women stripped his wife naked, as much as he couldn’t believe that she allowed being stripped. Then, to watch the women have their way with her was better than any fantasy he had. Only, it would have been nice if she was blindfolded and bound. There is just something about being blindfolded and bound that got his blood pumping.

Bonnie willingly took Jim’s erect cock in her hand while kissing him and when he kneeled beside her head and offered her his erect cock, she happily took him in her mouth. She stroked him while licking his stiff prick around the top of his penis and then she took as much of his cock as she could in her mouth.

Now, it was Rita’s turn to lick Bonnie’s pussy while Sharon and Kathy sucked on her nipples and Bonnie still sucked Jim’s cock. Moving her head around and making those sweet cocksucking sounds that all guys love to hear, she was giving him a dynamite blowjob.

Bobby couldn’t believe that Bonnie made out with Jim. He watched her stroking his cock as Jim felt her tits and fingered her nipples. He couldn’t believe it when she took his prick in her mouth.

There she was, his wife, blowing another man and by the way that she was sucking his cock, he knew that Bonnie was wild with excitement. Only, he wondered if she was wild with excitement from having Rita, Sharon, and Kathy eating her pussy or if she was wild with excitement from sucking on Jim’s cock or both. Either way, he knew that he’ll be jerking off over this image for years to come.

Never had Bobby imagined his wife having sex with women while blowing another man. He always imagined that she’d have to be drunk or forced to suck another man’s cock. And he had fantasies about an armed man invading his house, tying him up, and forcing him to watch his wife being ravished by him. He imagined Bonnie getting turn on from being forced. It was just a fantasy but this was real.

What was happening now was so much better than his wildest fantasy and so much more than what he thought about when masturbating in the bathroom about his wife being blindfolded and bound while having sex with two men. Never had he witnessed his wife have so much lustful desire for having her pussy eaten or for sucking another man’s cock.

Bonnie wiggled her naked ass all over the carpet in total ecstasy. Mike stripped and took Jim’s place and Bonnie hungrily took his cock in her mouth sucking him like she had never sucked anyone’s cock before.

Bobby was beside himself with passion for his wife while watching her suck first Jim’s cock and now Mike’s cock. Then, it was Joey’s turn and she sucked his cock with lustful desire. He couldn’t believe that Bonnie was giving Joey a blowjob, too. None of the men came off, they held back waiting to take their turn making love to Bonnie.

He couldn’t believe that his wife had sucked the cocks of all three men. He was proud of his wife’s cocksucking skills. He couldn’t wait to attack her mouth with his cock. He couldn’t wait to get her home for some hot pillow talk.

It was one thing for her to whisper in their pillow talk when they were having sex that she had mouthed their cocks, but it was quite another thing to actually watch her blow the three men. They all stopped short of cumming in her mouth.

Then, he watched as all three men put on condoms. Jim was the first to mount her and he fucked her hard and long until he shot his load in the condom and collapsed against her on the soft rug. This was too much. He watched Jim banging Bonnie. He watched Bonnie’s tits dancing with Jim’s powerful humps. He watched his sweet innocent wife hump his neighbor and wiggle her hips against his cock that was inserted so deep in her pussy.

He heard Bonnie’s delightful moans as Jim fucked her hard and harder and fast and faster. He couldn’t believe Jim was fucking his wife. He couldn’t believe she enjoyed being fucked by Jim. He had a difficult time wrapping his brain around what was happening and about his wife emerging as a sexual player.

‘This swinging stuff, this lifestyle, is so much better than sneaking around and cheating,’ he thought to himself. ‘Sex with the neighbors without all the guilt and jealousy, this is Heaven.’

Next, it was big Mike’s turn and by the time that he was done with her, she was screaming with orgasm after orgasm. He wiggled his fat ass while fucking his dream girl, who he had wanted to make love to ever Anadolu Yakası escort since she moved into the neighborhood.

Bobby was out of his mind with desire for his wife. He had no idea that she was so sexual. Bonnie was flushed with excitement after being fucked by Jim and Mike. Her nipples were rock hard and she was squeezing her tits and pulling and twisting her nipples in pleasure.

Mike rolled off her spent and satisfied. Joey was last and he fucked her in a fast frenzy and she humped him back as fast and as hard. Then, he rolled her over and tried to penetrate her anally.

He dabbed a wad of lubricant up her ass before trying to penetrate her with his cock. She stopped him briefly, but allowed him to have his way with her ass. She was too excited and too exhausted to stop him.

Never had he had anal sex with Bonnie and he couldn’t believe it when she allowed Joey to stick his cock up her ass. For her to allow that, for her to have anal sex with Joey, she must have been so freaking horny.

After watching the three women licking his wife, his wife blowing three men, and fucking three men with Joey, taking her anally, Bobby was ready to cum in his pants. He collapsed in the chair across from her. This was too much. This was more than he ever fantasized his wife doing.

This was sexual overload. Never would had he imagined his wife was such a swinger. Never did he realize his wife was such a cocksucker. She lay naked on the carpet writhing in pleasure biting her lower lip and with her hands between her thighs.

“I tingle all over,” she said to all who watched her wiggling her hot body on the carpet. “That was unbelievable. I can’t believe three women ate my pussy, I blew three men before fucking them and then had Joey stuck his prick up my ass. I had five orgasms.”

“Suck my cock,” said Jim.

“Blow me,” said Mike.

“Gladly, I need to get you boys, off,” she said giving them her best sexy smile. “I need to taste your cum. I want you all to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow all of you.”

Bobby couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His wife never talked like this before. If he didn’t know her better, if she wasn’t his wife, he’d think that she was a total slut.

Jim and Mike remained on either side of her and when she reached out and took their cocks in her hand stroking them gently to erection, Bobby knew what was about to happen. Then, Jim moved his body by her head and she took him in her mouth, again. She took turns blowing Jim and Mike.

Jim was the first to shoot his load in her mouth. Then, she turned her head and paid more attention to Mike until he came in her mouth, too. He watched his wife swallow the load of cum of two of his neighbors. This was so hot.

He watched her sucking Jim’s cock, again. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of their cocks. Suddenly, she turned into a blowjob queen. He couldn’t believe it when Jimmy came off in her mouth just as much as couldn’t believe it when she swallowed his cum.

Then she did the same thing to Mike. He watched her blowing big Mike. She was sucking his cock as if he was a rock star and she was a groupie. It was so hot to watch his sexy, young wife suck off two of his neighbors. Never could he imagine such a fantasy coming true. Yet, here it is.

Joey was intent on fucking her, again.

“No, please, no more. I can’t fuck anymore,” she begged Joey. “I’m sore. I’ll get you off by blowing you. Let me suck your cock. You can cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow your load.”

She took Joey’s cock in her mouth and it was long before he shot a big load in her mouth and more across her face when he pulled out of her mouth. He gave her quite the cum bath. She had cum in her hair, up her nose, and across her eyes. She was covered in Joey’s cum.

She lay on the carpet sated and naked. He watched his wife take her hand and wipe Joey’s cum off her face. Then, she licked his cum off her hand. That was hot to see that. They had turned his hot, sexy wife into a cum slut.

Now, the women turned their attention to Bobby. Suspecting what was to happen next, he kicked off his shoes and stood.

Kathy started undressing him, unbuttoning his shirt while Rita worked on his pants unbuckling his buckle, unbuttoning him, and unzipping his fly. It was sexually erotic to have Kathy undressing him and it felt good to feel Rita’s hand feeling his erect cock through his pants before she unzipped him.

Sharon pulled down his pants and then his briefs. Kathy removed his shirt and t-shirt. He was naked except for his socks.

Kathy was the first to attack his cock engulfing it with her mouth. Anadolu Yakası escort bayan Damn, she could suck cock. She was a real good cocksucker. They had a real connection. She was so damn pretty, almost as pretty as Bonnie. If he allowed her to continue blowing him, he’d shoot his load in her willing mouth within just a few minutes.

After watching his wife fuck and suck off the neighbors, never has his cock been as hard and never has he been as sexually excited. He looked down and it stood straight out. He watched Kathy take it from her mouth, stroke him, and then take it all back in her mouth again. Her other hand felt wonderful when she cupped his balls as she blew him.

“I’ve been dying to blow you, Bobby,” she said briefly removing his swollen cock from her mouth to tell him that. “I want to swallow your load.”

‘Damn, this broad is so sexy,’ he thought. ‘I really love this swinging lifestyle,’ he said to himself as he watched his beautiful neighbor suck his big prick.

She was able to deep throat all of his cock. He was wild with passion for Kathy. He so wanted to put his hand around the back of her head and fuck her mouth until he exploded his load down her throat. Only, there was so much he wanted to do with all three women. He didn’t want to cum off, yet.

Then, Rita pushed Kathy aside and took over sucking his cock. Rita was a little spitfire. She was wild with energetic passion. He could imagine fucking her all night and it wouldn’t be enough. He imagined her wearing him and his cock out.

She blew him with excited exuberance moving her head back and forth and side to side while making sucking noises that all in the room found very exciting. She was a wild woman. Boy she loved sucking cock and was really good at it, too.

“Suck his cock, Baby,” encouraged her husband, Mike. Mike looked at Bobby. “Yeah, that’s right. Blow him, baby,” said Mike looking up at Bobby’s glazed over eyes. “Isn’t she a great little cocksucker?”

“Yeah,” was all that he could utter before rolling back his eyes in pleasure and smiling.

Kathy pushed Rita aside taking Jimmy’s cock in her mouth, again. Then, it was Sharon’s turn. She briefly took him in her mouth before he stopped her. She took Bobby’s hand and allowed him to feel and caress her big tits while fingering her nipples as she blew him.

“No, wait, if you blow me anymore, I will cum, and I don’t want to cum yet. I want to fuck.”

All three women started undressing.

“No, I want to undress each of you.” He pointed to Rita and said, “You first.”

They all watched as Bobby slowly stripped Rita naked. Bonnie was the only women he had been with since high school. It felt so good to hold Rita in his arms, kiss her, and reach behind her to cup her ass through her dress. He lifted her dress and felt her round, firm ass through her panties.

Then he reached around behind her and unzipped her sundress before lifting it over her head and revealing her bikini panties. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfect little A cup tits and erect little nipples were right there waiting for his attention.

He leaned forward taking each of her nipples in his mouth and sucking them to full erection while fingering her clit through the fabric of her cotton panty. She had big, long nipples and it felt comforting when she put her hand around his neck to draw him closer to her bosom.

Then, slowly, he rolled her panty down and allowed her to step out of them exposing her shaved pussy. She was already wet when he reached down fingering her clit as he French kissed her. She was a great kisser and was the first woman that he had ever kissed other than his wife.

He looked out of the corner of his eye to see if Bonnie was watching him and she was. That excited him even more knowing that his wife was watching him kissing another woman, a naked woman at that. He wondered if she was jealous.

He left Rita begging for more when he turned his attention to Kathy. As he did with Rita, he hugged her, kissed her, and reached down to cup her ass through her clothes. He loved kissing Kathy. There was something there more than sex. She felt so incredibly perfect in his arms. She fit so tight.

Then, as he did with Rita, he reached around behind her and unzipped her sundress before lifting it over her head exposing her yellow bra and matching panty. She was a definite C cup, as was Sharon.

They French kissed as he felt her tits and nipples through her bra and felt her firm ass through her panty. All the while, she never let go of his cock. She was devoted to his cock. Then, he reached around behind her and undid her bra. Slowly, escort bayan she slid the straps from her shoulders showing him her tits. Her tits were a sight to behold. Natural and shapely, he loved feeling them and caressing them while playing with her nipples.

He reached out, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. He devoured her tits and nipples. Then, he rolled her panties down exposing her trim dark blonde bush.

He fingered her clit and fucked her with his fingers. Then, he kneeled to take her in his mouth. He could feel her passion for him, as his tongue licked the length of her pussy.

Now, it was Sharon’s turn to get naked. As he did with Rita and Kathy, he held her around the waist, reached down and cupped her ass through her sundress, and showered her with kisses. Then, he reached around behind her and unzipped her sundress and pulled it over her head and off.

They stood in the center of the living room making out, French kissing, while he reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. She whipped it off and pressed her naked tits against his naked chest. She reached down and stroked his cock as he wiggled her ass out of her panty.

Now, everyone was naked. Only, it was Bobby’s turn to have three women. Kathy rolled a condom down over his erect cock.

The men all watched Bobby have his way with their wives. It was an exciting spectacle to behold to see one naked man covered by three naked women. There were tits, asses, and pussies everywhere.

The women were all over his body in the way that the men had all been over Bonnie’s body. Each took turns French kissing him while another blew him. Then, when he was fucking one woman another woman planted her body above his head with her legs over his shoulders so that he could eat her pussy while fucking another. It was a non-stop, continual sex chain and Bobby was the big wheel in the rotation.

He had Kathy, Rita, and Sharon screaming in ecstasy by licking and finger fucking their pussies and/or when fucking them hard and deep. Rita was tighter, tighter than Kathy and Sharon. She was a good little fuck and he loved her cute, little A cup tits. Kathy was the prettiest of the three and she made his cock the hardest.

He really liked Kathy. She gave him the best blowjob and he truly enjoyed fucking her. Had it not been for Bonnie, he could see himself being with Kathy. She had a fun sense personality and he loved her tits. Sharon was more of a friend than a lover. Still, he enjoyed fucking her, too. It was a wild evening of adult fun.

Now, that Bobby was initiated into this group of flirting, sexy neighbors, it was orgy time. There were hands, feet, arms, and legs everywhere. They moved the coffee table and chairs out of the way and all got closer together.

Bobby watched his wife blowing him while big Mike fucked her. Then, they switched and she was blowing big Mike while Joey fucked her. All the while the three women were all over his cock. Someone was getting fucked and someone else was getting blown or eaten, yet, by the time that it was over, everyone had cum multiple times.

He couldn’t count the number of blowjobs he had received and he couldn’t remember how many times he fucked the women. Then, when things quieted down, Kathy parked herself between Bobby’s legs and gave him the best blowjob he has ever had in his life. Now, he wrapped his arm around the back of her head. Now, he fucked her mouth.

It was so visually exciting to see this gorgeous creature, his neighbor’s wife suck his cock. She was so damn pretty and so damn sexy. He loved receiving a blowjob from her. He couldn’t wait to cum in her mouth, finally.

“Cum for me, Bobby. Cum in my mouth,” she said removing his cock from her mouth only for a second. “I want to taste you.” With that he exploded.

He watched her sucking him as if she was a Dyson vacuum. Then, he looked to Bonnie how made eye contact with him and smiling before looking down at Kathy taking his load. Then, when she pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled down at him, he exploded with another load that splashed across her face and all over her tits.

“Oh, my God, Bobby, I’ve never seen so much cum,” she said laughing. Then, they all laugh. “I’ve had cum baths before, but this is a wave of cum.”

It was obvious to all that Kathy really liked Bobby when she snuggled beside him and started French kissing him, again while reaching down and fondling his cock. Almost immediately, he had another erection. It was obvious to all that they were so hot for one another. He rolled over on her and started fucking her and didn’t stop until she screamed her passion for all to hear. They fell beside one another drained, but sated.

“So, now,” said Jim, returning finally with drinks for everyone and passing them out, “we want to know if you want to join our very exclusive, private, and monogamous party to make it four couples instead of three.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Bobby and Bonnie simultaneously.

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