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The door unlocked and opened. I walk into the foyer of my house stopping long enough to kick off my shoes and hang up my jacket. I went to the kitchen to put away the lettuce and apples I purchased on the way home.

I had needed some morning exercise and walking the children to school was just the motivator to get me into my sweats and ready for a fast walk after dropping them off. The walk was over 45 minutes and I worked up a good sweat and headed home bodily rejuvenated.

Reaching my bedroom I quickly slip out of my shirt under shirt and bra, breathing a sigh of relief as my breasts are allowed to swing free, wondering again what maniac had contrived such a contraption. I felt some days almost smothered. Quickly I doffed my jeans panties and socks all in one deft move. The clothes are thrown into the hamper as I strolled back to the bed for a moment of rest before my shower.

Laying naked on the bed allowing my mind to wander into quiet I find myself massaging my too enclosed breasts causing my nipples to harden as they are released back into the air from my warm palms. My hands wander down my sides from my breasts to rub my waist where the jeans and panties had been cutting into me for the last few hours. God it felt good to be naked. An itch in my pubic hair is all it took to remind me I am a single woman. My left hand went for a deft scratch on the top of my mound that is thickly covered in dark brown curls. When did they start reaching up to my navel? This scratch turns into a rub and then my fingers trace down into the crevice that for too long has been folded into itself. Like releasing my breasts from the bra; releasing my lips from their inward fold gives me a sense of freedom and release. This retrieval however has opened an even deeper itch and as the lips are separated I realize that I am smelling horny as an alley cat. The musky smell is overpowering but a bath comes first.

Rising quickly before the feeling turns into a fantasy I head for the bath. Turning on the bath taps to a tepid temperature I return to the bedroom for a housecoat, returning to wash my make up off in the sink as the bath fills. A quick brush of the teeth and the bath is ready.

Stepping carefully into the bath I slowly lower first my legs then sit on my heels while I slowly adapt to the hot water. Rolling the water around with my hands my mind begins to wander to that handsome Bahçelievler escort bayan man that held my apartment building door open while I entered.

The water is turned off and I slip my legs out in front of me admiring my slender freckled calves as the warmth of the water overtakes me. I sink slowly down the back of the tub until the bottom roundness of my breasts touch the tepid water. My bum and legs feel like cooked lobster and my breasts are resisting the broiling however it feels so good I slowly draw them into the depths of the water. I slowly drift as I feel my body relax into the hot water. My breasts begin to bob around floating and again resisting submersion and distracting me from my revelry. I pull them under with my palms protecting my nipples for a moment then allowing the water to rush over them as they float back to the surface. I am free.

A half an hour is long enough to soak and anyway the water is getting cold. As I pull the plug I hoist myself out of the now milky water and start to towel off. Same always around my shoulders hug, down to my feet on the tub, my calves and thighs, quick crotch rub and then around the bum before drying the tits and done. Slip on the house – coat and move into the bedroom for a relaxing cool down. As I lay on the bed I open my house-coat and then take it off to let my body air. Do I feel good, yes!

Dry, clean, body but now that itch is very much on my mind. I caress my breasts with both hands causing my nipples to suddenly rise. I pinch them and tug on them and they seem to communicate directly with my cunny, which heats up along with them. I reach down to open my lips which closed during my bath and the perfume released from my pussy makes me wish Dennis were here to drive his tongue or cock into me right away. As I finger my lips they become quite slippery from my juices and I can’t stop myself from casually sliding my index finger between them and into the moist cavern of my cunt. I clench on to my finger and it sends rushes of pleasure straight to my head. I dream its someone elses finger in my honey pot. My breasts which now feel ignored make me roll over onto my stomach for them to feel the pressure of my weight lying on them making them feel heavy and handled as I mush them into my soft comforter. My ass is up in the air and I reach back with my right hand to Escort Bahçeşehir caress it as I slide another finger into my cunny lips next to my index finger. I still have a great firm rounded ass and I pull my cheeks apart low near my cunny to feel it draw my lips closer together against my fingers. I slide my fingers out of the moist lips to roll my clitoris with them. It is so sensitive I might go off at any moment leaving that fingered feeling but incomplete orgasm so I linger my fingers onto the sides of my clit and rub my hairy mound. Rub, rub circle thrust I slowly build up a momentum while crushing my breasts into the bed and squeezing my ass. I am going to come soon for my heart is racing and my brain is firing off sequence after sequence of favorite fucks with my many lovers. I thrust three fingers into my cunt and clasp them hard and thrust them in again clasping them and releasing them building up a slow but deep rhythm. I always wanted to find my G spot so I reach deep with my index finger and rub it against the front wall inside my honey pot and that is the result after two minutes of rubbing here I am getting totally soaked fingers. I know it won’t be long now so I roll over onto my back lifting my legs up into the missionary position allowing me deeper strokes with my fingers as I squeeze my breasts with my free hand. I open my cunny hand and rub hard onto the top of my mound across my clitoris and into my cunt now sopping with my juices. Back and forth across my mound into the pussy but I want more. I have to stop and reach over to the drawer, which contains my rubber warrior. Boy has he been worn thin. Still at over 8″ long and 2″ around he slides easily into my hot and lubricated cunt. It’s cold at first but after a minute of my clutching pussy I don’t notice anymore as I grind the bulb which should be down into my clit.

I need to rest. My heart is racing, my breasts heaving, juice is running out my cunt down towards the crack in my ass but I am feeling I must slow down to enjoy the orgasm. I still have the dildo firmly pressed against my clitoris with the pink shaft embedded into my cunt but by not moving- everything slows down. The pleasure remains high, waiting, unabated. I rest my heart, massage my breasts then slowly start rubbing the balls of my dildo against my clitoris. This starts to build to what I know will be a wonderful Bakırköy escort climax. It’s begining. The pressure on my clitoris is getting heavier. I am tightening on the shaft almost unwillingly now and my pussy has moved into automatic drive. My ass wants to lift off the mattress and I feel the comforter tickling it as it rises and lowers as I start to slide the dildo in shallow strokes in and out of my pussy. Where is that heavy man weight when I need it. I’m staring to come and can feel the waves overtake me as I slide the dildo in and out of my soaked cunt. I can keep up the penetration. It seems automatic to the grasping of my inner pussy walls, untill I have to smash the balls of my dildo into my engorged clitoris and rub it vigorously side to side. The stars come crashing in on my brain and my ass seems to lift my pussy up to the light bulb on the ceiling as wave after wave of pussy clamping orgasm overtake me. Oh stop my hammering heart.

I am lying on my bed as reality returns to me and I am satisfied or at least as satisfied as I am going to get until I get a real cock into me.

I better get up and dressed for I have a house to show in an hour 11:30 am and I need a coffee after this. At least I won’t be wondering how to get my client onto the bed for a quick pussy pounding orgasm.

I slide my dildo out and carry it with me to the bathroom and rinse it off. After warming up a wash cloth and wiping my pussy I look into the mirror and realize that masturbation gives me that same just fucked glow as real man fucking. Quickly I wash my face and start with my makeup something that is as automatic as brushing my hair. The mascara, liner and blush go on flawlessly as usual and in three minutes I head back to the bedroom.

Kissing my dildo thanks I place him in the back of my panty drawer under some undies and pick out something cotton white and comfortable for the day. Pulling up my panties I realize that I need to trim my pussy as the hairs are massing outside the leg holes and the bulge looks like I have a penis. Lennis always found it erotic seeing the shadow bulge of my pussy and manys the time he would devour me with the cotton panties still on. My bra size has gotten bigger but my breasts still are firm and attractive and my cleavage shows off well in most of my dresses. I choose a floral print today with swirling burgundies and dark greens to highlite my eyes. Quickly I slip into some flesh colored nylons that hold themselves up on my thighs and survey the picture before quickly brushing my curls and rushing out of the house.

How do you do it? write me with what works for you.What is it that makes your pussy balloon and come crashing down in a gut wrenching orgasm?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32