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The katana is a demanding blade, razor sharp single edge and a fine balance, it is really a long scalpel, and it does not suffer fools and incompetents gladly or with mercy. It demands respect, and once received, delights its wielder with a joyful and lethal artistry. From slow and deliberate movements with eyes closed, to blinding motion that turns the room into a moving web of living steel, I have spent years giving it the respect it deserves, and have been rewarded in kind.

It was my understanding of this wonderful instrument that inspired me to show her how I felt about her, and our positions. I was her Dom and she my sub, but it was still new and tentative. My feelings for her were powerful, and I suspected that she felt the same. I knew with absolute certainty that there was one way that I could show her how I wanted us to be. My sword would, like other times in the past, speak for me. I just sincerely prayed that she would understand.

She had seen me with it before, of course. I knew it made her uncomfortable, because she was a kind and gentle woman. Nevertheless, I told her to close her eyes and stand very still. She only suspected what would come next, and I flicked the blade out to its length and cut the top button off of her blouse. She fidgeted immediately, and I told her again to hold very still. She said, “but I’m scared Master.” I told her to stay quiet and trust me. She heard the blade whisper past again as the second button flew off. I saw her start to tremble and a tear ran down her cheek.

I almost stopped then. The tear running down her face unnerved me for a moment. Remembering why I had to do this, I shook off the effect and reached out once more. The bright blade sang in a tight arc and the third and last button dropped to the floor, and her blouse fell open.

“Open you eyes now,” I told her softly. Her eyes were moist and questioning. “Please Master, tell me why you scared me so? I was so frightened” I said, “Dear one, I would never hurt you or allow harm to come to you. I wanted to show you that just as I can control this dangerous thing beautifully, so I can also with you. Don’t you see that?”

She looked at me and considered this for a moment, and I watched the tension drain from her. The smile that came next was a very welcome relief. She said, “You can put that away now, Sir,” with understanding and a laugh in her voice. I felt that something was missing, though, and suddenly I knew what remained to be said.

“Put you hands on the hilt,” I told her. She started to protest but a quick glance of warning from me stopped her. “Yes Master,” was all she said.

“Point it at my chest,” I ordered. “Oh please, I can’t do that Master,” she pleaded and I responded quietly with my head slightly downcast, “do it now,” I said.

I moved to her, the point of the sword just pricking the skin over my heart. A drop of blood snaked down my body. She gasped and I told her not to move. “Oh my god!” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I told her. “This was necessary, you see. I had to be certain about this.”

I looked deeply in to her eyes and continued, “Dear one, you could move this blade just a few inches forward into my heart, and the hurt would be nothing as compared to the pain I would feel if I ever lost you. I had to make you understand the only way I knew how to’

I moved and took the sword from her and she started to cry, and embraced me, holding on to me like never before. I felt her warm tears on my cheek, and to my amazement, they were joined by mine. I have never felt as close to anyone or more understood than at that moment. I love her, and the control I will provide to her will be what she needs and wants. I cannot imagine any greater reason for respect than what she is, and will grow to be. This I promise, to protect her, hold her above all others, teach and guide her, learn together with her, and truly be her Master.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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