For The First Time in Years Ch. 02

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“Mmm,” Mag agreed, still very much lost in the pleasure of the moment. On shaky legs, she stepped past the curtain and out of the tub. Mo watched her swaying hips as she crossed the large bathroom to a cabinet which held clean towels and linens. A thick, plush towel ruffled through the thick hair, surely tangling it up all over again. She rubbed the same towel down her shoulders and arms, chest and belly. When she bent to pat down her lengthy legs, Mo’s heart rate increased once more as she got a nice view of swollen lips between her legs from behind.

With a soft snicker, Morrigan removed her eyes from the lovely scene to turn off the running water and drain the tub of remaining water. She completely pushed the white shower curtains to the side and stepped out herself, following Magdalena’s actions and grabbing a towel to dry herself off in the same manner. She felt a dampened towel at her back, aiding her in the process by reaching places more difficult to dry. She giggled when she felt the woman kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders, her hands groping her buttox through the towel.

“Are you having fun back there?” she grinned back, craning her neck to look over her shoulder at the other woman.

Mag only hummed again as a response. The lips moved back upward until they were at Mo’s own, kissing her deeply, dropping the towel as she explored her backside with rough hands. Her fingers dug into the skin and spread each cheek, pressed them together. Her thumbs teased between them, threatening to press into the little untouched pucker. The idea of being touched there had always disgusted her before. At the moment, the teasing made her nervous in anticipation of what Mag was willing to do to her body. She felt her breasts at her back, the feel of pointed nipples sending a shiver down her spine. Her voice reverberated through the kiss, sounding her pleasure in the moment.

It was unusual that this hotheaded woman could be so affectionate with her after their long schism apart. It felt like all the fear and doubt as of late had been for nothing. Perhaps it was the heightened passion that always gripped Magdalena this time of the month. Or perhaps it was the nostalgia of years passed that reminded the woman of how amazing days like these could be. It could have even been both, or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, Morrigan was ecstatic. This brought to her a boldness that she had could not have ever allowed to surface before with the woman. She wanted that feel of dominance and control back that she had once had.

Pulling away from her lover, she spun full circle, took hold of Mag’s hands and yanked her from the bathroom and into her warm bedroom. Getting the idea, the taller woman willingly and eagerly followed, her own wish to own this woman showing through when they reached the bed and Morrigan was pushed to lay on her back. She bounced once, giggling before she pushed herself to lay fully on the bed. Morrigan reached up and pulled Magdalena to lay beside her. The werewolf crawled into the bed on her side and wrapped her arms around Mo’s waist, pulling their bodies close. Their legs entwined, their thighs forcefully pushing between each others legs. In harmony, their hips and legs pushed and rubbed, stimulating each others sex while their lips locked.

Mo could feel the heat from Mag’s pussy almost burning her skin, the natural lubricant feeling almost molten against her own supernaturally cold skin. It enticed her own body to pump her blood more quickly and she knew she must have been soaked down there, slobbering all over Mag’s legs in their bursa otele gelen escort erotic dance. Both pairs of hands wandered and groped, caressed and scratched. Mo could feel sharp nails on her butt and the soft pads of fingers moving up her back, driving her insane with sensations. Her own hands wandered similarly, each pressing into Mag’s small breasts, treating the fat and the nubs that topped them depending on how Mag’s fingers treated her. When she felt pinches or scratches, she would pinch and twist herself, getting groans and moans of pleasure from her lover. When Mag was gentle, so was Mo, cupping her breasts gently and running her thumb in circles over the areola.

Their kiss ended and Morrigan opened her eyes to watch the blissful look on her lover’s face. She was a fantastic creature, soft skin framed by her crazy hair. Her lips were full and plush, slightly parted as she moaned softly. She could feel and taste her hot breath against her lips and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to devour those lips again or keep watching the masterpiece in her arms. Magdalena opened her eyes slowly, the dark brown analyzing Mo’s own pale face, pink eyes and red lips. Such a contrast they were! So closely pressed together as if they were one, Mo imagined they must have looked like two clashing brush strokes on a canvas. Lightness and Darkness, solemnity and wildness.

Mag’s view of their lovemaking was definitely not as artistic as Mo’s. She was more impatient, more eager to reach the climax instead of enjoying the ride. Mo would enjoy the moment even still, no matter how quickly it passed by. Showing her impatience, Mag pushed Mo to lay once again on her back against the bedding. She extricated her long legs from the others and turned her body around. She brought her knees to either side of Mo’s head and the albino automatically understood what she wanted from her.

Morrigan’s hands reached around Magdalena’s legs, guiding the extremely hot lips between them to her mouth. She kissed and tasted them, feeling her heart jump in the nostalgia of the taste. She tasted so much the same as she always had, sweet, but musky, almost masculine and always wild. The hips rode against her face and she greeted each movement with a lap of her tongue. She sucked the erect clit between her lips, nipping it and causing her lover to jump in surprise. Her tongue ran down the channel and entered her, getting a taste of every bit of her sex.

While Mo was busy, Mag bent herself over, her own mouth ducking between Mo’s open legs to give her the same treatment. Mag’s mouth was more coarse and diligent in its task, focusing more on stimulating the little bundle of nerves at the top than exploring and teasing. But each flick of her tongue or suck from her lips sent lightning up through Mo’s body. Their moans vibrated through each other, only adding to the heat and pleasure. Mag’s body arched and pushed, her muscles tensed and she could hear her breathing come in gasps and pants as she started to reach her climax once more.

Mag’s arms massaged Mo’s thighs, spreading them wider still and granting her mouth full access to the soaking channel. Worming one arm around her leg, she pressed fingers to her entrance, enticing the swollen pussy to open for her. Two fingers buried themselves inside her, hooking upward to press at the soft walls and forcing a choking moan from Morrigan. It became harder to focus on her lover’s body when her own was being driven so beautifully mad. She finished first, gasping and bucking her hips into Mag’s fingers and mouth. Her escort bayan lover never moved away, tasting her and driving her through the orgasm. After what must have been a whole minute, Mag moved away, allowing Mo to ride down from the tingling pleasure. Weakly she went back to work pleasing Mag, knowing she was impatient to feel that same explosion within her once more. It came shortly after and Mo held tightly to Mag’s thighs, preventing her from moving away so that she could treat her to the same ride she had been treated. Mag’s squeals of pleasure were music to her ears.

Once Mag’s own orgasm had passed, she rolled off of her and lay on her back beside her, panting and reveling in the glow that came after. “I’d forgotten how awesome it felt to be with another woman,” she breathed, closing her eyes and just allowing her body a chance to relax.

“Do you prefer being with a woman?” Morrigan mused, feeling somewhat sore in the memory that her lover had taken others during their time apart – specifically of the male sort. Morrigan had not exactly been celibate or waiting for her to return to her side, but she had never allowed a man to touch her.

“In some ways,” she answered. “You understand the best places on me, where to touch. You know how to make it all feel better, but sometimes… eh,” she paused a moment, scratching her chin like she was embarrassed to admit her next words. Mo nudged her in the side with her elbow to encourage her. “Well,” Mag continued. “Sometimes you just want a fuck. Like a real one with a dick, you know?”

“I really don’t know,” Morrigan laughed at how crude her friend could be sometimes. Any experience she had ever been with a man was terrible, to be honest. “But I think I get the idea… in a different way, perhaps.” She rolled off the bed and climbed back onto her feet. Her legs were somewhat wobbly, but she welcomed the weakness, loving what it had come from.

Mag sat up to curiously watch her cross the room as she came to a dresser against the wall. Mo bent to search a middle drawer, rooting through it until she found what she was looking for hidden beneath the clothes. “I honestly don’t believe I could stand having a man so intimate with me, but I do understand what they have to offer sexually.” She offered a sort of embarrassed grin as she revealed her toy to her lover. She had accumulated several to keep her company over the recent years, but she figured the rubbery two-sided length would be most appropriate for the situation.

As she had anticipated, Mag laughed at the sight of it. “I had never taken you for someone who would do it herself,” she admitted.

“What are you talking about, dear?” she grinned back, climbing seductively back onto the bed towards her. “You have always complained about how full of myself I can be. Wasn’t it you who said that I love myself more than anyone else? Who better to have sex with than myself?”

“Well, as long as you’re enjoying yourself,” Mag laughed, reaching over to Mo’s face. She guided her head forward to her and kissed her lips. Mo could feel Mag’s heat rising once again and she was eager to show her how much better and how much more satisfying she could be as a lover than any man.

Mo reached down, pushing Mag’s legs apart gently, simply nudging her to do it herself to imply what she wanted to do to her next. Mag opened up willingly, her hips pushing forward in anticipation. With their lips still attached, Mo pressed the toy to Mag’s pussy, rolling it down between her legs to coat it with lubricant on both ends. Once she was satisfied, mudanya escort she pressed the rounded tip against her entrance and pushed, forcing the length into her as deeply as it would go.

Their lips parted as Mag gasped and moaned, bucking her hips forward and eager to feel full. Mo climbed on top of her, straddling her hips and pointing the other end of the double-sided toy upwards. She lowered herself down onto it, impaling herself onto the other end, not stopping until she felt Mag’s nether lips against her own. Time seemed to pause for a moment as they both stopped to adjust their bodies to the intrusion. Mag started moving her hips first, thrusting upward and forcing the toy deeper still into Mo’s vagina and getting a surprised squeak from her.

After that, it continued like any other one of their dances. The rhythm was choppy at first, but they found the right one rather quickly. One body pushed up while the other pushed down. Mag’s hips came fast and hard and Mo matched the pace in her eagerness to please. Each time their bodies clashed, Mo could feel stimulation on her already oversensitive clit and it drove her insane with pleasure. Mag seemed equally lost in it, clutching the sheets beside her with one hand and reaching up to Mo’s chest with the other. Her chest heaved and her small breasts bounced in their own lovely dance. She could feel her own breasts do the same, probably making a much bigger scene with their larger size. Mag’s hand held one in place, unable to do much more than squeeze while she was entrapped within the moment. Mo was content with watching Mag’s breasts move on their own and instead just ran her hands down her sides and over her belly. Up her legs and down her ass. Her body was so incredibly flush and hot to the touch and Mo couldn’t get enough of it.

With their bodies sensitive from their previous orgasms, it wasn’t long before they reached their next one. It filled Mo with joy to watch Mag’s body writhe as they finished together. She saw white behind her eyes and she cried out in pleasure as it filled her body for the third time that night. Their hips never stopped moving until their bodies lowered from that high. Mag fell limp against the sheets and Mo followed after her, falling on top of her and resting her head between her breasts. They were still connected by the rubber length, but neither seemed to mind.

Their bodies were spent, both tired and ready to end their little playtime. Mo kissed Mag’s chest lazily and closed her eyes. “I love you,” she whispered in a raspy voice. “I always have.”

Mag placed a comforting hand on the back of her head, stroking through the thick white hair. “I love you too,” she whispered back more softly, just as lovingly. “I have really missed saying this.”

Mo’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest at those words. She smiled to herself and buried her face against Mag’s breasts. “I have missed hearing it,” she mumbled. She had never imagined she would ever hear those words uttered from the werewolf’s lips ever again. The joy that resulted from such a simple statement was indescribable.

There was a long silence between them where they lay together connected and content. Mo felt Mag’s chest breathe deep and slow, pulling her from her own light doze. When she propped herself up, she found the woman fast asleep below her, soft lips parted and softly snoring.

The vampire sat herself up, pulling herself free from the toy that joined them. She slid it carefully from her lover and wiped it dry on the sheets at their feet before she placed it quietly onto the nightstand at the head of the bed. Without waking her lover, she settled in beside her. Her silver head rested on the bronze shoulder, nuzzling the skin as she snuggled in closer. She smiled when an arm wrapped around her and held her tight to the other woman’s body. For the first time in years, she felt at peace again.

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