Forbidden Massage

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Big Tits

A story in eleven chapters of how two women test the murky waters of lesbian prostitution.

Chapter 1: Finding her way.

She’d been warned of course. She’d been told at beauty school that it could happen and that it probably would.

“Just be firm and polite and resist,” the instructor had said. “Try not to offend but if the other party becomes too persistent, then say. “I’m sorry but I shall have to stop the treatment and ask you to leave.”

All good advice but of a type that goes in one ear of a twenty one year old girl and out the other with hardly any of it being retained. Well that’s how it was with Sam.

At beauty school in Knightsbridge as a last ditch effort by her rapidly becoming frustrated, parents to provide her with the basis for a career she was training to be a beauty therapist. The plan was to get the necessary qualification, work for a few years to learn the trade and then maybe open her own beauty parlour or, as her now and then boy friend Charles called it, a posh massage parlour.

Sam was a lovely looking girl with parents who doted on her. They were comfortably off financially but not to the level that they could or, indeed, would keep her. So she had to work. It’s “as what?” that was the question. She was bright but hadn’t yet found out what she wanted to do. However, she’d got good A level results that got her into a reasonable, though not top rung, university but hated it and left half way through her second year when she was nineteen. She’d dabbled with acting school but again found that very demanding and after one term she’d drifted away from it taking on a number of PA and promotion type jobs that friends and friends of friends usually found for her.

So when someone suggested beauty college and she discussed that with her business-minded dad it all seemed a great idea. She was soon enrolled and throughout the two-year course she not only enjoyed it but also did very well, for in most subjects she was either at, or near to, the top of the fourteen girl class. After, in many ways surprisingly to her but pleasingly to her parents, completing the course and gaining her diploma with distinctions she soon landed a job as a trainee beauty consultant in a small, ladies only salon just round the corner from Harrods.

In the first six months or so she was sort of propositioned a couple or three times.

“Do you do any extras?” was how the older, very overweight new client had asked reaching out and taking hold of Sam’s hand as the massage was finished. Flustered Sam mumbled that she didn’t and fortunately the client didn’t press things any further.

Leaning over the table where the tall, slim, thirty something woman she’d treated a couple of times before was laying on her front, naked with her modesty maintained by a towel draped over her bottom Sam first felt something brush against her knee. Looking down she saw that the beautifully manicured fingernails of the client were touching her leg just above her kneecap beneath the hem of her buttoned right down the front, white coat. At first she thought it might have been a mistake for some clients did tend to let their arms dangle down the sides so she carried on massaging the slim, well-toned back. But when she felt it again, this time softer, and looking down she saw that it was the fingertips on her leg she knew it wasn’t a mistake.

Sam moved away and went round the table to massage from the other side hoping the client would realise she wasn’t interested. It happened again though and this time she reached down and, taking the client’s wrist in her hand said.

“Could you put these beneath your chin please?”

She got that message and Sam had no other problems for a couple of months.

Although the salon was air-conditioned the sheer blistering ninety-degree heat of that summer made it very warm in the massage cubicle that Sam usually used. “Still it was the warmest in winter,” she reconciled herself, feeling the perspiration between her breasts and on her forehead as she massaged the Arab looking lady who the salon owner had told Sam was immensely rich.

It was the first time Sam had treated her and after the steam bath, sauna and treatment with various mudpacks, the waxing and the toning they’d just started the massage prior to the facial and make-up.

Chatting away quite easily Sam was impressed by Soona, as she insisted on being called. Friendly, warm and easy to talk to, though having the confidence and self-assurance of many rich people, they got on well during the first couple of hours of Soona’s morning long session.

She told Sam that she was married, offering, “arranged by my dad,” by way of an explanation making Sam wonder why she felt the need to explain. She gabbled on about having three children when she wasn’t even thirty yet and told Sam that she was from the Lebanon although her husband had houses there, in Dubai and America and was just buying one here in London. She told Sam quite a lot about her fabulous life-style bakire porno but in no way sounded boastful or arrogant or cocky.

When Sam walked into the massage cubicle she was surprised to find Soona sitting on a chair naked.

“It’s so bloody hot I can’t have that towelling robe on me. It’s about time this place got some thinner ones.” She said saw her eyes roaming up and down Sam’s body.

Wearing the standard white coat that buttoned up the front Sam was aware that the tunic was quite tight on her and thus her large breasts and rounded hips and bottom were displayed to their best advantage. She was also aware, even though she rarely thought about it being in an all female work environment, that the fine cotton material was slightly see through especially where it was stretched and thus her underwear, or certainly the outline of it, could be seen through it.

And it seemed to her, as she stood there quite surprised at seeing her client so blatantly naked sitting on the chair leaning back on the arms her legs crossed, that Soona’s eyes were taking all of this in. It felt to Sam as though the woman’s dark eyes were burning into her and focusing on the areas of the coat that were tight, on the parts of her that were emphasised by that and on the outlines of what was under it. It was as though they were seeing right through the material. As though, like men so often did, they were mentally undressing her and were seeing her most intimate places.

Gathering her composure she smiled and said.

“Yes it gets very warm in here.”

“I don’t know how you can work in here, especially with that long coat on. You must fry in it.”

“Oh we get used to it,” Sam replied rolling out some fresh paper towel on the massage table.

“Well,” Soona said standing up quite close to Sam in the fairly small cubicle, “you don’t have to stand on ceremony for me Sam.”

Sam looked at Soona the furrowing of her brow showing she hadn’t understood what the other woman meant. Soona came and stood just a foot or so in front of her so that they were staring directly into each others eyes the tips of their breasts just inches apart.

“I meant if you want to take the coat or indeed anything else off,” Soona said softly as she raised one hand towards the lapels of Sam’s tunic, “it would be fine by me.”

Sam felt so embarrassed.

And that wasn’t just because of the surprise and the confidence of Soona’s suggestion. It also wasn’t just because she, of course, could tell from the look in the Arab woman’s eyes that it wasn’t an innocent suggestion. And it wasn’t also due to the fact that Soona’s fingers had closed round the top button of her coat. No, the embarrassment was additionally caused because the moment Sam had seen Soona sitting so provocatively naked on that chair she’d become aroused. And as she’d said about Sam taking her coat off and as she’d come and stood unnecessarily close and as her hands had reached for the button and as, Sam now realised, she’d slipped that undone, the arousal had simply increased and increased.

It wasn’t as if intimacy with her own gender was something totally new to Sam. After all she’d spent a couple of years at an all girl’s boarding school where love and sex between the pupils flourished. So she knew about that. But always she’d been able to put that sort of thinking to one side. Well mostly for since leaving school she had “dallied,” as she called it, a few times. But then Sam’s thinking on the topic was that everyone, especially girls, was potentially bi in the right circumstances. But she’d never gone around looking at other women and fancying them or lusting after them. It wasn’t the same sort of feelings as with boys and men. No it was more that when a situation presented itself and she was feeling receptive then Sam could let herself go and indulge this dormant desire.

And, she now realised, Soona had rekindled that desire. She’d triggered it off and had made Sam realise that she felt receptive to this attractive, slim, darkish skinned, Arab woman.

“In fact,” Soona was continuing as she saw no resistance from the good looking blonde girl, “I’d like it very much if you massaged me in your underwear Sam.”

“Oh God I shouldn’t,” Sam moaned as she felt such a surge of sexual desire as Soona popped the second button undone.

“Oh yes you should Sam, because you want to don’t you?”

“I don’t know Soona, I just don’t know,” she stammered as hers and Soona’s eyes met.

Soona smiled slightly. Her eyes were half closed and her tongue came out and licked along her top lip. In her aroused state the younger girl found each of these movements very sexy and so appealing. The older woman recognised that. She saw the signs. She knew what to look for. She had to, for Soona was more into girls than she was men and she took any opportunity that came her way with attractive girls.

Sam felt incredibly nervous. Not about being caught for all the brazzers cubicles had locks to protect the privacy of the clients so she knew that nobody would barge in. It was more about the rather obvious and somewhat sordid nature of the way that she was so easily being seduced by this older and clearly much more experienced woman that slightly upset her. But that changed as Soona undid two more buttons so that the coat was now undone to Sam’s waist.

“You have lovely breasts,” the older woman breathed staring at Sam’s boobs in the lacy, almost see-through skimpy bra.

Sam surprised herself by replying. “So do you Soona, yours are beautiful.”

As the rest of the buttons were undone and the coat was peeled off the blonde girl so Soona said softly.

“Do you really think so Sam? They’re not as big and full as yours are they?”

“No but they are lovely,” Sam went on as, almost mesmerised, she watched Soona take hold of her wrist and slowly pull her hand upwards. She couldn’t help adding, “and I’ve always wanted smaller breasts.”

“Why darling?” Soona said quietly weighing one of Sam’s somewhere between D and DD orbs in her hand.

“Because they make men stare at me and that makes me embarrassed,” Sam answered honestly for that had troubled ever since her boobs had simply exploded when she turned fifteen. “Smaller ones like yours are better,” she’d gone on rather lamely not really knowing what to say in such circumstances. Soona did though. Soona knew exactly what to say.

“Feel them Sam, feel Soona’s breasts, “the other woman sighed placing Sam’s hand right on her left breast.

The sensations that flew from Sam’s fingers and spread through her body were so strong and so lovely that she felt a shudder go through her. It was as if there was a wire connecting her hand to her breasts and her pussy and as though electric shocks were being sent through it.

“Ooooooo,” she moaned as her natural instincts kicked in and she started to caress the soft, yielding flesh just as Soona reached round her and unclipped her bra. The feelings and sensations Sam had gained from caressing the dusky flesh of the older woman, though strong, were nothing like those she got when Soona gently squeezed her breast and pinched her nipples.

“Oh Soona, oh, oh, oh,” she sighed letting the other woman pull her body against hers so that both pairs of breasts were squashed together. Soona’s mouth was close to Sam’s ear.

“You’re gorgeous Sam, you’re beautiful and you have such a wonderful body.” She whispered into it, her lips and tongue touching the lobe and just inside sending even more shivers of desire through the younger girl.

Sam felt Soona’s hands slide smoothly down her back until they reached her bottom. She loved the delicious feelings as each cheek was cupped through the satiny material of her panties and as she felt the long, beautifully manicured fingernails digging onto her. Their faces were almost touching as the older woman brought her slightly opened lips towards Sam’s. The hands on her bottom were pulling her, coaxing her, urging her to come closer to the bare body. Their breasts brushed. They touched just briefly at first as Sam let her body be pulled forward. It was just a soft touch. Sam’s nipples grazing the flesh of the taller woman just beneath her nipples. Just a fleeting contact. But the sensation for Sam certainly, and, possibly Soona as well, was very strong, for a low gasp escaped from both pairs of lips that were now just millimetres from apart

“Oooooooo” they both moaned as they fell into each others arms. Their breasts were now in marvellously full contact, their bodies in fact touching from head to toe for as Soona pulled Sam those last few inches so her opened mouth had closed round the younger girls lips and they kissed. Squeezing and squirming they revelled in their bare breasts crushing against each other and their hands roaming over the others naked, slightly damp from perspiration flesh. Sam was loving the feelings of holding, caressing and squeezing the cheeks of the other woman and was almost delirious with excitement and sexual pleasure as Soona’s tongue ran round her gums and teeth and inside her mouth to press against her tongue.

Sam had always loved kissing and had found that to be a particularly huge turn on from being with a girl. From the first time when the head girl at school had kissed her the gentle knowingness with which two girls mouths and lips met and loved each other had so thrilled and intrigued her. As she’d “snogged” girls at university and later in night clubs where it had become a quite common occurrence she’d learned that it was something few, if any, men could replicate. And none for sure she was certain could ever replicate the way that this amazing woman was kissing her. Soona’s lips, tongue, teeth and mouth just simply captivated the younger girl, exciting her almost beyond imagination and removing any doubts or sexual inhibitions that may have been dede porno lingering in Sam.

As Soona kissed Sam and rubbed their breasts together so she was squeezing and pinching the shapely but very full cheeks of the younger girls arse. Pushing on them so that their pubic mounds met causing Sam to squirm hers against the rather hairyness of Soona’s protuberance. Sam could feel her body boiling up so much that she knew she was going to climax. And she realised it was going to happen soon.

Breaking her mouth away she gasped.

“Oh Soona, oh, oh, oh.”

As the physical and emotional elements of them fused together so they caused the sensations to boil over. Her body went tight and she thrashed around in the other woman’s arms as she started to cum.

“Oh Soona, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she totally unnecessarily whined as the older woman recognised what was happening. Soona slid her fingers between Sam’s legs right on and then into the sopping heat of the young girls throbbing pussy that seemed to pulsate with feeling.

The fingers sliding into the blonde put her right over the top.

“Oh God, oh my God,” she moaned, thankfully just about remembering to keep her voice low. “I’m cumming Soona, I’m cumming.”

“Yes baby you are, cum for Soona, cum and cum and cum.”

Sam found herself being turned away from the other woman and bent over the massage table. Her breasts were squashed flat against the firm, but slightly rough paper covered surface, and she felt Soona’s knee between her thighs forcing them wide open. She knew that her bottom would be sticking out as one of the hands of the other woman pressed on her back between her shoulder blades holding her down. The other hand was between her legs with two, three or was it four fingers she wondered being pumped in and out of her? At the same time she felt Soona’s erotically hairy mound pressing against the side of her legs just by her hip bone. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her seductress squirming and grinding herself against the her hip bone obviously trying to increase the sensations.

“Oh Soona,” Sam managed to gasp reaching toward the other woman with her hand.

Soona gratefully saw what Sam was offering and she wiggled her naked body closer to the hand opening her thighs to enable the young woman’s fingers finds her most womanly place.

“Oh yes Sam, yes,” Soona whined as the fingers slid inside her.

“Oh yes Soona yes,” Sam unknowingly mimicked as she also replicated the pumping motions that Soona was doing to her.

And like that with the beauty therapist bent over the massage table and the client alongside it, they finger fucked each to their climaxes.

Most clients tipped the therapists when they were leaving. Usually it was ten pounds, sometimes twenty and occasionally it was fifty. Its was never the four crisp fifty pound notes that Soona pressed into Sam’s hand as dressed to the nines she swept out of the salon.

Sam was surprised at the amount but knowing that the client was fabulously rich didn’t think too much about it other than how generous she was.

There were no more clients to attend to that afternoon so Sam spent her time reading up on some new treatments. But of course her mind kept returning to this latest lesbian experience. She had found Soona enormously attractive and wildly sexy and had been very flattered by the older woman’s advances and compliments. She wasn’t so naïve to think that there was any real affection or, heaven forbid, love between them but she did feel a slight bonding. Well she had to for although reasonably experienced for her age she didn’t consider herself as being promiscuous, just modern with her thinking about sex. But that included the need to feel some attraction and to think that was returned.

“After all even young women with such modern thinking don’t drop their knickers for any one do they?” she smiled as she glanced at yet another manufacturer’s blurb on anti ageing products and looked at the clock noting with relief that it was almost time to leave.

“Hi Sam, that was fantastic this afternoon, call me soon,” was the message Sam heard when she turned her mobile on as she was walking towards Knightsbridge tube station after leaving work that evening.

Thinking that Soona probably wanted to see her again, maybe at her hotel for she’d mentioned a suite in the Mandarin and that her husband was in the States for a few days, or that she might want them to go out somewhere she clicked the return call button as she walked past Harrods.

“Hello Soona,” she said lightly, “It’s Sam.”

“Sam?” She heard the woman say as though she couldn’t work out who she was.

“You called me.”

“Oh yes, hi Sam thanks for calling back”

Feeling a little deflated the beauty therapist waited for he client to tell her why she’d called.

The Lebanese woman went on.

“I just wanted to tell you again Sam how much I enjoyed this afternoon,” she gushed making Sam wonder just what she was going to then suggest.

“Good I’m pleased Soona for I did as well.”

When Sam heard the reply to that she was a little surprised for there was an odd tone in Soona’s voice almost as though she was also surprised but more at Sam saying she’d enjoyed it.

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