Forced Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Just as I thought the massage would remain the same, simply stroking my ass, I suddenly felt pressure of a finger rubbing around my anus. The sensation was divine and I sighed a bit. I felt more oil drip onto the crack of my ass and then a finger returned and slowly pushed into me. I have done that to myself but had never been fingered by anyone else before. It was however after a second or two of discomfort a wonderful feeling.

As the sinful sensation was shooting through my body my head began to clear. Where was I and who was I with? I remembered I had left home on a business trip. Left my wife and family only for a couple of days. Who was I with? I lifted my head and started to turn it?

“Do not move.” It was soft, a mellow gentle command that send shivers down my spine, and I stilled immediately. A guy?

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I exclaimed and tried to jump away. My bedmate was expecting this and shoved two fingers deep in my ass while grasping my nuts in his other hand like a vice grip. “Aghhhhhh!”


The trip to Las Vegas started as usual. I was running out of the house, late as usual. I kissed the kids goodbye as they ate their cereal. “Have a good day at school, guys” I said, then smiled to my wife. She was standing by the door in her robe, hair all messy with a smile on her face.

“You better hurry, or you’ll miss your plane,” she scolded me with a sexy smile. I bent in for a quick kiss – but as I did, she grabbed me by the tie and pulled me in. She opened her mouth and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Luckily, I was facing away from the kids as I sprung a boner immediately. I cursed myself for running late the night before, and coming home to a sleeping wife. I would have loved to fuck for a while…but I chocked it up to another missed opportunity.

After a quick hug and a sneak grab at my wife’s boob, I ran out the door, jumped in the car and raced to the airport. I lucked out with traffic and made it to the airport with time to spare. I was connecting through Denver on my way to Vegas and the first part of my journey went smoothly. When we landed in Denver, it was snowing. I was to meet up with my new boss, Scott at the main terminal then fly together into Denver. My layover was 2 hours and I was due to meet Scott in about 30 minutes.

I had been a manufacturer’s rep for 8 years and been very successful. My previous boss had retired 2 months before and Scott and recently joined our company. While we had talked on the phone frequently over the last month, this would be the first time meeting him.

I went to the main terminal and waited for a while before checking the flight status. Scott was coming in from Salt Lake City, he had been there for client meetings. Scott was originally from San Francisco and seemed to travel quite a bit. I didn’t know anything about him yet — other than he was in his late 30’s and very successful at his last company. I was looking forward to meeting him — I wanted a boss that could help me when I needed it, but didn’t micromanage me.

As I scouted the flight status, I noticed a lot of flights were delayed. Sure enough, Scott’s was delayed, too. With his late arrival, he would be lucky to make it to Vegas on our original flight. I looked at my watch and decided to grab a bite to eat, as I had run out of the house without breakfast. I came across Rock Bottom Brewery. I figured they would have something good to eat in there and went inside.

I went into the bar area, as I didn’t want to sit alone at a table. I ordered a light lunch and water and started watching the TV over the bartender’s head. Apparently the weather was getting bad, the forecast was for 2 feet of snow by mid-day. I started getting a bit worried about getting out of DIA myself. As I was eating my blackberry started buzzing. The first message was notifying me that my flight to Vegas was delayed. I decided to order a beer. It was only 11am, but I figured it would take the edge off a bit.

When I received the message that my flight had been canceled and all outgoing flights canceled for the day, I went for broke and had a couple more beers. I sent a text message to my boss telling him what was going on and headed to the airport concierge looking for a place to crash. I was lucky to get a get a hotel room near the airport, at the Holiday Inn. I took the shuttle bus over and was amazed at how much snow had actually fallen in the short time I had been in Denver.

I checked into the hotel and headed up to my room. I turned on the TV, but there were only about 7 channels showing talkshows and soap operas. My luggage was still on the plane and the airlines were going to send it over to me later that night, so I couldn’t use the fitness facilities. “The hell with it,” I said to myself and headed down to the bar.

There were only a couple people down at the bar. I checked the beers on tap, they had 3. Coors and Coors Lite (of course) and another called bursa eskort Kilt Lifter. I had never heard of it and thought I’d check it out. I only wanted a pint, but the bartender brought me a 20oz instead — said it was happy hour. The beer was strong but tasted good. I checked my voicemail on my cell and office and started cleaning up emails. By the time I was done with my first beer, I had called a couple of customers to check in, informed the company secretary where I was and left a couple of messages for my wife. I also left a text message for my boss, telling him where I was.

As the show kept coming, so did the beers. The bartender put on ESPN Classic and we watched a couple of old NFL games. After beer
, I got up to use the restroom and about fell off my stool. I was surprised at how drunk I was. I am in good shape, about 6′, 180 lbs. I work out 5 times per week and drink my fair share of booze. After draining my bladder, which seemed to take forever, I stumbled back to the bar. A fresh 20oz Kilt Lifter was waiting for me. I asked the bartender what the beer was made out of and he told me it was stronger alcohol beer that it had twice the amount of alcohol in it that regular beer does. Came from Scotland and made lads to all sorts of crazy things. I guess that explained it. I even started laughing at the name — Kilt Lifter.

I decided to nurse this beer and stop after this one. My phone rang, it was my boss. He had finally landed in Denver and was one of the last flights in. It would be a while before he could get to the hotel because the buses were getting stuck and snowplows were backed up. I told him I was in the bar and was pretty hammered. He told me he would meet up with me as soon as possible.

The bar was now hoping, with lots of business travelers — men and women alike. It was a pretty jovial atmosphere; people were trying to make the best of the situation. As I sat there nursing my beer, I chatted with folks around me. Even thought I started to eat a bit the alcohol was getting the best of me. I noticed that my peripheral vision was getting a bit hazy and I was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation around me. But I was in a happy place and kept on drinking. As I tilted my head back and finished off beer and it slid down my throat the sounds around me became muffled and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. That is all I remembered for a while.


My next recollections were fuzzy. I felt someone touching me. I thought my wife was running her hands up and down my body. I could feel the heat of a body behind me spooning into me. The heat felt good — but the sleep felt better and I was out again.

When I woke up next I was getting a massage and it felt good. My head was ready to split open from my hangover, but the touch felt good. My wife does give be back and leg massages after I do longer runs…and it felt nice. I was surprised when she started rubbing my ass, though. During massages in the past, she had brushed against my ass and I loved it — but I didn’t dare ask her to go any further and risk her thinking her man wasn’t such a man.

As the massage progressed and I felt the bed mover and my legs spread a bit more, the aches in my head lifted a bit and I started getting hard. I remembered the kiss from this morning and was excited about finishing what we had started early today. I spread my legs further apart as I felt her body move between my legs. I even started pulling my legs up a bit underneath me, pushing my ass up in the air.

When oil was dripped into my crack, I got completely hard. And when she traced her finger up and down my crack I moaned. I liked her initiative. I would go with the flow and if she made a big deal out of it, I would say she did it to me…I didn’t ask for it. When the finger started pushing into my hole, I froze. This was hot and I started seeing stars.

This was unchartered territory for her. I had fingered myself a bit while masturbating. I even remember putting an old girlfriend’s dildo in my ass during college — but that was a solo activity and my girlfriend was out of town that weekend. As I was getting fingered I looked up towards the head of the bed. It was dark but I noticed that wasn’t our headboard.

My eyes darted around the room. Where was I? I suddenly realized I was in a hotel. Had I taken my wife to a hotel? No, I was out of town. My mind race. Airport. Denver. Hotel. Beers. Lots of Beers. But my mind was blank.

Who was I with? Holy crap, what had I gotten myself into. I was cheating on my wife. My body was not cooperating well, I tried to move fast, but pain shot down my body from my head. I felt like I was going to vomit. Was it the situation or the booze? Or both. The finger in my ass had turned to 2 fingers and while I was waiting to breathe through a potential vomit attach, the fingers started touching something deep in my ass. My cock, which had started bursa bayan escort going soft turned to granite immediately. I think I moaned under my breath. Sweat started forming on my brow.

As the sinful sensation was shooting through my body my head began to clear. Who was I with? I lifted my head and started to turn it?

“Do not move.” It was soft, a mellow gentle command that send shivers down my spine, and I stilled immediately. A guy?

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I exclaimed and tried to jump away. My bedmate was expecting this and shoved two fingers deep in my ass while grasping my nuts in his other hand like a vice grip. “Aghhhhhh!”

It was sheer pain. My head felt like it was going to shatter. My stomach churned from sour beer in my stomach and the pressure on my balls. But the fingers in my ass were what kept me from tossing my cookies. My asshole was clamped down very hard on those fingers. Any more pressure and I probably could have snapped them off his hand. I didn’t realize what he was touching inside me, but it made a difference.

The bed rocked and swayed as he moved behind me. I felt his nakedness against me. His lips against my ear I heard, “I’m going to get you in the mood man, so relax.” I didn’t quiet know what he meant as I stayed in place, my ass slightly up in the air.

He moved down the bed slightly and then I felt his hands move up my legs and move my thighs apart. Suddenly I felt his warm breath on my butt cheeks and an odd sensation, the sharpness of a beard, too. Using both his hands I felt him part my cheeks and he began to lick up and down my crack. It was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced.

I never knew a guy could feel such pleasure for being eaten out like that. This guy knew what he was doing and I was squirming like a bitch in heat fast. I found myself drawing my legs up higher underneath me to allow him to get at me deeper. I guess the liquor allowed me to relax more then I ever would allow myself and I gave in to the pleasure he gave me.

As his tongue dug deeper and deeper into me, I found myself raising my hips higher and spreading my ass wider. I don’t know what was getting into me. He continued to lick up and down my crack. And he released his strong grip on my balls and slowly stroked them. I was moaning out load.

I was breathing deep and the pain in my head had all but disappeared. He suddenly drove his tongue deep inside my ass and I couldn’t breath. My cock was leaking precum like a sieve. I could feel his saliva dripping down my slightly hairy crack. Just when I thought I would cum, he pulled away. My head was spinning. I was breathing hard.

I felt him move on the bed again. He quickly mounted my back and snaked his big arms under my chest. I would feel course hair on my ass and back. I won’t lie and say I didn’t know what was going to happen; I was just lost in the moment. If he would have asked if he could fuck me, I would have said no. But he didn’t ask. I felt a hard, wet cock run up and down my crack. When the head touched my hole, he gripped me tight he and whispered in my ear. “Easy man, just relax. You will enjoy this. I’ll take you slow.”

Somehow I trusted what he said and shook my head slowly yes. Kicking my legs open wider with his knees I did as he wanted. Doing that opened my cheeks and I felt his cock fall against my hole. Pulling one of his arms from under me, he gripped his cock and aimed at against my hole. My first instinct was to tighten up and resist as his cock head pushed against my hole.

He pushed really hard and I cried in pain. “Easy man, act like you are taking a shit and push outwards. The pain will go away fast,” he whispered. Feeling him pull back some and the pain easing, I did as he asked. I felt my ring stretch to capacity. Just when I thought it would tear, his cock head slipped into me. I moaned in pain as it felt like his arm was going inside me.

He gripped my tight again. In my ear he bragged, “Busted your cherry sweetie!”

As I breathed deep and tried to adjust to the pain and the invading cock, he moved further into me. There was nowhere for me to go. My face was pushed down into a pillow; my head was up against the headboard. I could feel every inch of his cock as it spread me open. He cock head was leading the way. I felt it go past my knob inside. When that happened, my cock leaked like crazy. I pushed back towards him and felt tension deep in my guts as he spread me deeper and wider. How big was this guy?

He stopped for a second and tried pushing further. The pain was too great and I groaned, “OUCH!”

He pulled back slightly then I felt his body twist a bit. I suddenly felt lotion or oil dripping down my crack and over my hole and his cock. When he leaned forward to put the lotion back on the bedside table his cock pushed in further. He was letting his body weight do the work for him. His cock head seamed big, but the base of his cock bursa ucuz escort was very thick and I could feel my ring stretching further. I thought he couldn’t go any further, when he stopped pulled back a fraction of an inch and started jabbing at my hole. He kept this up for a few minutes. I could feel my asshole tearing slightly and suddenly he moved in deeper. It took my breath away and I couldn’t see.

When I felt his balls touch mine I was glad it was over. I couldn’t possibly take another millimeter in me. I was sweating like a pig and breathing like I ran a marathon. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass. I couldn’t believe I could take him fully when he announced he was all the way in. Allowing me a minute to “get used to him” as he put it, I could feel his hairy nuts and the wiriness of his crotch hair against my cheeks.

I could feel his cock pulse deep in me as we lay together as one. He kissed the side of my head as he whispered, “You will always remember this moment fucker, that I’m your first”!

With that said I felt his first movement out from me. He slowly eased back into me as I moaned a sigh. Slowly he picked up speed and soon the pain was leaving me. Between my moans of pleasure I could hear the old bed squeak and the headboard tap the wall. I found myself arching my hips up to meet his downward movements. Between his grunts and heavy breathing he announced, “I was a natural just as he thought.” He slowed his pace and stopped for a second. I felt his arm move under me to my crotch. He gripped my hard cock in his hand and squeezed. “Yeah you’re a natural Jason!”

He knew my name. I searched my mind for his but came up blank. Fucking booze, I was done with it. As he started to move again he moved his arm up from under me and rubbed my sweating chest.

“Don’t be embarrassed man, you are really good at this. See how you opened up to me? You’re just learning as I did what you like. Dam your already wet all over from me. You know you like this,” he said as he bear gripped me again and moved into rapid jackhammer gabs into me.

I moaned and cried out in pleasure. Spit flew from his mouth as he grunted and talked dirty to me. Being a man, even a drunk man, I knew he was close to climax. My cock was hard underneath me up against my stomach. My ass was on fire. My asshole was burning and it started pulsing on him, gripping my butt muscles tighter and clamping him as tight as I could.

Next thing I heard was, “OH SHIT MAN,” and he was a goner. I swear I could feel each shot his cock fired into me. Over and over he dumped cum deep in me. The wetness of his load coated me and the slickness made him slip easier in and out of me as he continued to hump me. Slowly he slowed and collapsed on my back. We laid together as I felt him soften in me.

He rubbed my shoulder blade with his ruff-bearded chin and started to talk. “Can’t say you didn’t enjoy that, can you Jason.” I thought of what he said as I lay there in afterglow. The bedspread below me was wet with both our sweat. I felt a large drip of his load run the path down to my ball sack.

“Let’s get cleaned up and get down for some dinner,” he sighed as he pulled away from me. I slowly turned on my side and looked at him for the first time.

My heart instantly beat faster — he was possibly the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He was Caucasian absolutely beautiful, but very manly. He had jet black hair, stylishly tousled, and a chiseled face, with a perfect complexion. He was quite pale, and his white skin contrasted shockingly with his perfect pink lips and slight stubble. His eyes were beautiful, a brilliant hazel color. I looked down and my heart raced.

His shoulders were broad and his chest was, too. It was covered with thick hair. So much you could barely see the nipples on his chest. The hair on his body followed down his taut stomach and went fully down to his crotch.

Tangled in a mess of cum and a forest of pubic hair was his cock. Impossible, soft is was as big a me hard, about 6 inches. His balls lay underneath and were very large…together about the size of a tennis ball. His legs were very hairy and muscular. He had an incredible body, muscled everywhere, and covered with hair. He seemed like such a man. He seemed taller than be by at least half a foot.

As I was investigating him, he couldn’t control his lust. He embraced me hungrily, kissing me roughly on the lips. I opened my mouth to protest and he pushed his tongue into my mouth exploring. I started kissing him back He felt me up and down, and I slowly enjoyed how good it felt and how good he smelled — like musk and spice and heat.

As we kissed I felt his cock stir below. He reached down and started caressing my balls. On autopilot, I lay back and spread my legs. He scooted over and rested on his side against me. He pulled away and looked down. My eyes followed.

His cock was rubbing up and down my thigh. It was long and big. It had to be 9 inches long and thick. The head was huge and blunt. Then it tappered a bit on the upper shaft, then flared really thick at the base.

His pubic hair was black and curly, and I was mesmerized by it. It was like being with an ape. A savage. It was like being taken by an animal and I had no control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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