Forced Ch. 08

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“Keep your door open tonight. I will be back later.” With that, he turned, and closed his door. I walked naked to my bed. The sheets were spotted with cum from all the fucking Scott and I had done earlier. I decided to take the other queen bed in the room. I pulled back the covers and slid between the cool sheets. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was after midnight. I turned off my light and lay my head on my pillow. My body was alive with sexual energy. I wondered to myself…did I love Scott or did I love having sex with men. I didn’t want to answer that question.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I woke with a start, my mind full of erotic dreams. Dreams of male bodies writhing together. I sat up straight in bed. It was jet black in my hotel room. The bedlinens bunched down at my waist, tangled around my legs. I was panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. My throbbing erection reminded me of my earlier tryst with Scott and even earlier with Tom. I sighed – it had been an unreal couple of days. As I ran my fingers through my hair and wiped my brow, I heard the door to my adjoining room open and saw movement in the shadows. My cock throbbed at the thought Scott. I heard clothes being discarded. The sound of the zipper made my ass quiver in anticipation. I felt the bed dip and a cool muscular hairy body slid next to me.

“Hi sexy! Waiting up for daddy?” Scott asked. The smell of booze and cigars was heavy on his breath.

“Hey you,” was all I got out before Scott swooped in for a kiss. His kiss was possessive and I demurely accepted his thick tongue in my mouth. Scott’s big, thick cock popped right up and he rubbed it against me. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me to him, his cock upright between us. He kissed me deeply on the mouth, his thick lips covering mine, the stubble on his cheeks and chin roughing up my face. His tongue was fucking my mouth more urgently.

We made out for several minutes, then Scott pushed my head down to his chest. His hairy pelt rubbed against my face. I moved about his chest until I felt the hard nub of a nipple and kissed it, licked it and suckled it. Scott pushed my head lower. I kissed down his belly, tongued his navel. He was so fury I had to pull back to remove some hair from my mouth. When I resumed my descent, his cock punched at the bottom of my chin. The head of his cock was wet with precum and it glazed my chin and neck. I could smell the heady aroma of his sex. He smelled so manly – of musk and spice and soap.

He wanted me to suck his cock, but having tasted and fucked his forbidden ass earlier, I knew what I wanted. I moved further down, took his cock in one hand, and raised it, stroking it up and down. I moved closer to my prize. I kissed, licked, and mouthed his big balls. They were covered in thick dark hair. His crotch had a tangy sweaty taste, but still oozed a masculine spicy scent. I nudged his legs further apart with my shoulders, lifting and spreading his legs. Even in the complete darkness of the room I could easily navigate his crotch. I heard him hiss above me as I spread his ass and licked between his cheeks. There was so much hair. Scott was sweating and I could feel and taste the dampness of him building. I licked his ass crack and found his core. I ran my tongue over his puffy hole. It was still swollen for our activity earlier tonight. I still stroked his cock, while I rimmed his hairy, muscular ass. I could taste his taint, it was stronger now. I could also taste some residuals of my load from earlier and this drove me crazy. I pushed my tongue deep into him. His nuts were pressed against my forehead. His crotch hair tickled my nose.

“Oh, SHIT! Stop it Jason. You are driving me crazy with that shit,” he panted above me.

I kept licking his ass and heard him groan above me. His ass was loosening up again. I also realized that Scott had reached down with both hands to pull his legs up and back, giving me complete access to his ass. I could feel his ass clench down hard on my tongue and pulse – like it was having its own orgasm. Scott mumble, “oh fuck, oh fuck” above me.

I reached up with my hand and slowly pulled my tongue from his ass. I traced a finger over his pucker and pushed it into him – steadily up to the palm of my hand. Scott became silent for a moment.

“Please don’t,” he asked.

I pulled back slowly, dragging my finger out of his body. When it was near the entrance, I changed course and pushed both my index and middle finger into him deeply. “Noooooooooo,” came a moan above me. Scott pushed his legs down and together. I felt him trying to shit my hand out of his body.

“Seriously, stop it” he said in a stronger voice.

I lifted my head and his balls rolled down my face. He bent down and pulled me up his body, by putting his hands in my armpits. He wasn’t gentle either and I could feel hairs being pulled from my body.

“Just suck my dick, you dumb fuck,” he growled at me. He pushed my İkitelli Escort head down onto his cock. He pushed it past my lips and kept pushing me further down his cock. “Suck it, bitch!” he hissed.

I wrapped my lips around the fat helmet of his throbbing, oozing cock and sucked it. I forced my mouth down on him, determined to take it all. Gagging I breathed through my nose, and felt him enter my throat. I could not take it all, not at this angle.

I used my other hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock and spit down on it. This would help me not choke on his big cock and stroke it to keep Scott happy. I played with Scott’s nuts and rolled his orbs around in my hand.

“Fuck yeah, baby, that’s it,” Scott purred. “You are a good little cock sucker, baby.”

I could feel his cock swell in my mouth, and I could taste his tangy precum. I was so into this that I bobbed harder down onto his cock. I had about 7 inches inside me. Scott was thrusting up to my face, too. He was punching deeper into my throat. I started to gag. I had to pull back for a moment and catch my breath. I had tears streaming down my face and gasped for air.

Scott wanted the action to continue and told me, “get on your knees. Put your chest down and your butt up.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach and I did as I was told. Scott moved behind me. As I got in position I felt him spread my legs apart. He spit directly on my ass crack and I felt it run down my crack toward my hole. He did this a couple more times then used his finger to spread it around my hole. I was so ready for him, I pulled his finger into my body.

“Shit, baby, you have a hungry ass tonight,” he said with a smile on his lips. “And tonight is your lucky night, cuz you are going to be fucked silly.”

Scott moved and pushed his thick hard shaft up and down my crack. When he encountered my center, he pushed forward. Unlike previous couplings, where Scott would spread me slowly – sawing in and out to and take me gently, this time he buried his cock in me to the hilt. I screamed into the pillow my face was mashed into. I felt the wiry hairs of his crotch rubbing my ass. His balls lay against mine, swinging slightly and tapping into mine.

Scott stayed bottomed out in my ass. My chute was convulsing against the intrusion. My balls were on fire and hung further from my body. Scott held still and lowered his hairy chest to my back. I loved the heat he radiated. He bent down and licked my ear then whispered, “I love your sweet, tight ass. Tonight you are gonna be fucked like never before. You are going to be begging me to cum in you. Don’t touch your dick, baby. I’m gonna make you cum just from fucking you. Get ready to be my cum dump, bitch!”

He pulled back slowly as I groaned. The pain was fading with his retreat. When he pushed back in, there wasn’t as much pain. I could feel my body trying to accommodate his incredibly long cock. He was so big his cock was moving my guts around, making room for the intrusion. Back and forth, slow, gently, he fucked my ass.

“So, you liked the story about how I lost my cherry, huh?”

I just grunted below him. Without lube, this was pretty tough going. I knew if we used a little lube it would be better. “Scott, please….ohh, god, aughhhhh – we need lube……………..augghhhh………….please!” I begged.

“Easy baby, it will get easier for you,” he replied. “The second guy to fuck me happened 3 years ago. Met a great guy in Malibu. His name is Marcus. We met on the beach during a run. I knew I was gay already. Been fucking for the last 20 years. But only a top – only the fucker. Not the girl, like you.”

Scott jabbed me deeply as he said this. I yelped into the pillow. Holy shit, why was he so aggressive tonight?

“Anyway, Marcus and I met on the beach. We ran for a couple of miles. Talked about our jobs. Talked about cars and other shit. I asked him if he was seeing someone and he laughed. I laughed, too. He told me that he was gay and had been out since leaving the service after his commitment was over. I told him that I had come out after graduating form college – but had a lot of fun there, too. Just under the radar screen. We were a good match for each other. Both really competitive guys. Anyway, he started joking with me that he could beat me to the next house up the way. I called bullshit on that and he told me he would bet his ass on it. I didn’t take him literally, which was a mistake. Marcus took off in a full sprint. I did my best and stayed pretty close, but he outpaced me by a couple of lengths. Marcus waited for me up by the house. I came up panting like a dog. Kind of like how you are panting now, baby.”

Scott was pulling his cock almost all the way out – leaving the flared head of his cock at the rim of my ass and driving all the way back in. “This is called long dicking baby.”

I swore into the pillow. Every time I was getting comfortable…getting used to İkitelli Escort Bayan his cock, he would change. He was really working my ass tonight.

“Anyway, Marcus grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs, onto the deck and into the house. He pulled me right to him and kissed me. He pulled my shorts from my body and dropped his shorts, too. He didn’t waste anytime at all, he dove down to my dick and gave me a great hummer. I was moaning in no time. And his fingers started playing with my nuts. We were covered in sweat. Marcus started rubbing my ass and shoved a finger in me – I yelled no to him – but he said a deal is a deal. I got pissed and jumped up, pulled on my shorts and left. He yelled after me that I would be back and owed him.”

Scott pushed my back down until my stomach was flat on the bed. He lay on top of me and humped down in to my hole. This brought about a whole different set of feelings. This cock stayed deep in me and he kept jabbing me deeper. “This is called deep dicking, faggot.”

I was getting pissed off at him. I didn’t like the names he was calling me.

“Stop calling me that, Scott.”

“Hey, you are just a guy with a dick up his ass faggot.” He drilled me harder and harder. I couldn’t keep up with him. I was moaning into the pillow, biting into it. Scott was panting in my ear. I could smell his breath, the booze and cigar smell was beginning to bother me.

“I saw him the next couple of days. He was cool as always, but aggressive. I ran with him to his house, then left him. Just teasing the hell out of him. Couple of nights later I bumped into him at a bar. Problem was, I was loaded. So was he. We left together and went right to his place. He kept on telling me he was gonna fuck me. I told him I was exit only and that I was the one who was gonna fuck him crazy. When we got there he mixed a couple of drinks and took out some pot. We got all smoked up – first time I had done that since college. He got serious and said we had to figure it out. Who was gonna fuck who? We went back and forth and then he challenged me to a blowjob contest. Whoever could get the other off first would win the prize –their opponent’s rear end. Well, I knew I could suck some mean cock and was sure I could beat him. Plus, my competitive streak was fueled by the booze and pot – so I agreed. That was stupid – thing is, this boy could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. We got into a 69 and went to town. He took me all the way down to his throat and milked my dick. What a body this guy had. Tight muscles all over. I had been with black guys before, but he was special. And what a cock – 8 inches with a huge helmet on top. That was my downfall. His head was so big I couldn’t get it down my throat. Marcus on the other hand had me at the brink in minutes and even shoved a finger in my ass to throw me over the edge. Once it happened, I was ass up over the chair. He had to use poppers on me to loosen me up. God that first time hurt like hell. Kind of like your first time. We have been together ever since. And I made a deal with him. He can fuck me twice a year. On his birthday and the anniversary of our first time.”

He had fucked me for a long time as he was telling me his story and I could tell he was ready to cum. He pulled back a little and pulled me back up on my knees. My cock was hard up against my stomach. The pressure of laying on it was gone and it was banging up against my stomach with every thrust of Scott from behind me. My ass clenched down on his cock. His cock started swelling. The thrusting was much easier from all his precum. He groaned as he shot his load deep in me. I could feel his cock swelling, then it throbbed and pulsed inside me. I could feel a hot discharge spreading deep inside my guts. When I felt that I started to pulse out a thick load underneath me.

He pulled out of me and I heard a slurp. I lay down into the cum filled sheets. My ass felt used. Scott’s cum was leaking out of me. I was tired. Scott got out of bed and said he would be right back and that he wanted to fuck me again. Jesus, I thought to myself – this guy is like the energizer bunny of sex. He went into his room. I put my face in my pillow and rested.

I was in a daze for a while. I didn’t even hear him come back in the room – I just felt the bed move. He moved up behind me again. He pulled my ass up to the air and pushed my legs apart. My head was still face-down in the pillow. I knew what was about to happen and didn’t even look back. It was dark anyway – the only light in the room was the digital clock readout on the bedside table – which cast an eerie red light on that right side of the bed.

I lay silent and felt him rub his hard cock on my ass. His cum was leaking out of me and was coating his cock head. He lined his shaft to my opening and pushed forward. I felt the tip of his hot, hard, cum covered cock tickling my entrance. I pushed back and down, trying to relax my muscles enough to admit the Escort İkitelli wide dick pressing against my sphincter, feeling the tip poke inside, then more of the head slid in, stretching me until I ached. His cock feel different. His head seemed huge. Just before I was about to pull up due to the pain, I felt his flared cock head spread me and drive inside me.

“Holy shit, Scott – slow down,” I cautioned him. I pulled my head off the pillow to draw a deep breath. Scott was pulling my ass cheeks apart and massaging my ass at the same time. I was overcome by the invasion and had to bite my lip to shift the pain from my ass to another part of my body. I could feel the head of his cock pushing further into me – this incredible thickness sliding up inside me. Scott was shifting positions when his cock hit resistance – which shot painful cramps inside me. But he would twist his hips to the side a bit and push forward. It seemed to take forever this time. His cock just kept spreading around that thick head. I got some more sharp abdominal cramps and had to breathe through them.

“Jesus Scott – your cock feels thicker than ever.”

It was slow going and I had to pull away a couple of times. The stretching wasn’t as bad on my ring – it was deeper inside me. I felt stuffed. I did feel slight pleasure, but the pain was still considerable. I began to pull myself back and forth on his cock and the pressure seemed to lessen a bit. Scott was kneading my ass from behind and that help relax my ass muscles even more. Each thrust seemed to go easier.

Scott pulled out of me and guided my hips – turning me back down onto the bed. He lifted up my legs and spread them wide. He moved between my legs and lined up his cock to my hole. He pushed again. My eyes tried to pierce the darkness of the room, but it was pitch black and I shut my eyes in frustration.

My hole had closed a little in the few seconds we’d changed positions, forcing it inside steadily, and I moaned as it slid deep into my sore ass. When it passed my prostate I threw my legs over his shoulders and spread myself even further for him. I reached down with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart, further opening myself to him. God, his dick felt huge!

When I felt the front of his thighs touching my buttocks I felt like something was wrong – but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Something just wasn’t right. I had deep pains in my stomach. My cock was shriveled up like a little turtle between my legs. I couldn’t breathe well. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop, but nothing came out except sharp little grunts. He pulled back quite a bit and drove home. I couldn’t breathe. My muscles started twitching all over. It was like I was having a Charlie Horse all over my body. He didn’t care. He kept on slicing in and out of me. The saving grace was all the cum in me, lubing me up.

He leaned down to me and lay on top of me. Now I knew something was wrong. This guy was not Scott. He smelled different. And the biggest difference of all was his smooth skin. He didn’t have any chest hair. His body seemed a bit more slender than Scotts, too…more compact, yet more muscular. He bent down to kiss me and there was nothing I could do – but take it. My body was not responding. He was thrusting in and out of me, leaving the thick head of his cock in me for my ass to kiss, then driving straight into me. He was thrusting back and forth, getting into a steady rhythm, pulling me back towards. My cock was mashed between us, being crushed by the force of his thrusts.

“Whoooo…..” I moaned, unable to form a sentence as I couldn’t catch my breath.

“Enjoy it Jason – that is one huge slab of meat in you, baby.” Scott’s voice did not come from the body above me, instead from the foot of the bed.

“Jason, meet Marcus. Marcus, this is Jason,.” Scott acquainted us. “Jason, I told you that you were going to get fucked to death tonight.”

I was overwhelmed with emotions and I couldn’t breathe right. I was moaning low in my throat.

Marcus rolled us to the side of the bed and stepped off. His cock pulled from my body and the relief was immediate, except when the flared head of his cock passed my ring. He was so thick that it felt like the crown of his cock was pulling my ass ring from my body. He pulled me to my feet facing him. He pushed his dick between my legs and lifted me up by my ass. His cock found my hole. He tilted my hips back and pushed forward. Again, sharp pain as the head went right inside me – expanding my channel around the thick head of his cock as it traveled deep inside me. I was concentrating so hard on not ripping my asshole that I moved exactly as he wanted. As he stood, I was pulled up off the ground. Out of instinct, I wrapped my legs around his waist and held tight. My arms went around his shoulders and I pulled him tight.

Marcus pulled me to him, and pressed his lips to mine. His lips were thinker than Scotts. I couldn’t even kiss back. He pushed my lips apart with his tongue as he kissed me deeply. He was panting now, too – but out of sexual energy, not pain and agony like me. Deep in me I could feel my prostate pushed up against my channel. As Marcus continued to thrust in me he panted directly in my ear, “god you have a tight pussy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32