Forced To Believe

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Mya’s P.O.V

I can do this. This is what you wanted remember. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.

I repeated this to myself for the twelfth time hoping I was doing this correctly. I stood in front of the Stone hotel. It was a front of course, for those who didn’t know what to look for but, I knew better. It was a hotel from floor one to fifteen, but sixteen to twenty was a erotic sound proof heaven.

I found it while searching a BDSM singles website. After four years of wanting this lifestyle to be real and sick of every fake Dom who pretended he was a master, I was ready to try anything. Ignoring it and trying vanilla sex only depressed and frustrated me more. So when I found the link I said what the hell.

I entered the hotel walking down the hall to the front desk where a skinny man maybe in his twenties was standing.

“Hello may I help you?”

I lowered my head suddenly embarrassed and nervous.

“I.. uh .. um I want to fulfill my desires.”

There I said it. I didn’t want to say it but it was how you gained entry to the erotic floors. I peeked up to see him smirking.

“As you wish, what membership are you looking for a year, maybe six months?”

“I actually just wanted a visiting pass for today, to make sure this is where I want to be.”

“No problem.”

He turned and handed me a consent form for me to sign. I scanned it, it was basically me acknowledging that I knew what I was getting myself into. I signed quickly before I lost my nerves. As he took it back I inhaled deeply trying to calm myself. In doing so I smelled a delicious aroma. Cologne that made my pu$$y throb. I was always a sucker for great smelling things.

I looked up looking for the source and there no more than an arm length away was a man casually leaning on the wall arms crossed, muscles bulging.

He was dressed casually in a white T-shirt, black slacks, and dress shoes. I tried not to but I couldn’t help but notice his bulge in his pants. I squeezed my hand into a fist to not reach out. His light chuckle brought my eyes to his blue eyes, strong nose and smirk. His wavy black hair tousled as if he just ran his hand through it. His skin creamy white and delectable. I tried to look away but I couldn’t especially since he was staring me down as I did him.

I was suddenly self-conscious. His face didn’t change so I wasn’t sure if my looks pleased him. Even though I don’t know why it mattered to me. I was dressed casually as well just more covered up. Long sleeve black button up shirt, black jeans, and black vbet flats. My mocha skin so dark compared to his. My hazel brown eyes so stale compared to his light blue. My hair was in a tight bun on my head not overly attractive to me just plain.

“Here ya go.”

I jumped startled forgetting there was someone else there.

The front desk man had laid five different wrist bands on the desk in front of me. I stared confused and embarrassed. If this blue eyed man was coming for a hotel room wouldn’t he find these bands odd. But the skinny man paid no mind to him besides asking.

“Mr. Stone would you like me give you your band so you can go up?”

“No..” He answered without looking away from me. “let her choose first.”

The skinny man continued his explanation.

“These bands signify what you are comfortable with when you go upstairs. The yellow means that no one is to touch you, you are observing only. “

Immediately I reached out for it knowing that was all I wanted when I first came here. Before I could grab it thick muscular fingers grabbed mine, somehow I felt so small as his hand incircled my entire hand. I looked to him confused. He only stared back calmly before responding.

“Maybe you should listen to your other options before you’re so hasty.”

My fingers trembled hearing his deep and alluring voice. I knew he felt it because he smirked, kissed my knuckles and released my hand. I stood there dumbly looking to him before he looked towards the bands then back at me.

I looked back at the bands waiting for the skinny man to continue.

“Er.. as I was saying. The yellow is for observing. The green is if you want to be fondled, touched or kissed etc.

The orange is if you want a fetish bondage, spanking, rough fucking, humiliation. The red is anything goes, your open to everything. And the black is optioned. “

“What does that mean?”

Mr. Stone decided to take it upon himself to answer. I didn’t want to look at him because I was already wet from the options of the bands. Then to look at this man and not show I was affected was quite a challenge.

I looked to him squeezing my fist again. To refrain from touching him.

“The black band means you are there to observe but your options are open. Meaning if I wanted to spank you, you could say yes or say no.”

“What band will you wear?” I asked boldly.

“Well usually I wear a yellow one.” He picked it up handing it to the skinny guy.

Then picked up the remaining three except for the black one. vbet giriş And gave them to him as well. He slid the black one around his wrist and looked at me.

“Why black today?”

“Something interesting caught my eye and I wouldn’t want yellow band to stop me from enjoying her.”

He smiled then walked towards the elevators. Getting in he leaned on the wall arms folded as the doors slid closed. I looked back towards the front man and nervously asked for a black band slightly envious of whatever women would get his affections and attention.

“See you around.” He said

“It’s may just be a onetime thing.” I replied putting on the band.

“Your new around here so I’ll tell you a secret.

Mr. Stone has been wearing that yellow band since this place began. He’s never touched a female or spoke to one here unless he needed to which wasn’t often. When he wants something he’ll get it.”

“What makes you think that he wants me?”

“You came today, he sees you and changes bands. Not a coincidence.”

I shrugged and walked off. As I entered the elevators and went to the top floor thinking it was a great place to start I tried not to get excited knowing I made that beautiful man change his usual choice. As I stepped out a large bouncer searched my wrist making sure I had a band then let me go through the double doors.

I almost fainted. Sexual acts and smells surrounded me, men were sprawled in chairs drinks in hand as women deep throated them. Women hanging from ceilings and chained to floors being flogged whipped and fu€ked.

One particular scene had my nipp!es hard within seconds. My pus$sy gushing and my breathing shallow. I was vaguely aware that my legs carried me closer till I was a foot away my back to the wall my thighs rubbing together trying to make friction and my breathing shallow as I watched.

A woman was hanging from the ceiling her ankles chained to the floor. She was on the tip of her toes as she fought for release. A man held a vibrator to her cl!t, probably on the highest setting. She thrashed to no avail. She was going to €um whether she wanted to or not and only because he wanted her to. I was so entranced I felt like it was me there and the blue eyed Mr. Stone was doing it to me whispering sweet nothings in my ear as he pushed that vibrator on my cl!t.

My breathing matched hers. Fast and frantic barley able to be coherent. I barley heard my whimpering over her loud moans as she came I gripped my fingers tightly closing my eyes. I groaned realizing my release wasn’t vbettr going to happen I was just an audience. Before my breathing could even out I yelped as Mr. Stone stepped in front of me. His eyes lustfully looking at me.

I backed into the wall realizing I had nowhere to go. He came closer. So close his lips would’ve touched mine if I leaned in just a inch. His chest was rock hard beneath my fingertips. He leaned forward about to kiss me, and even though I should’ve I wanted him to. He seemed to catch himself and shook his head and growled deep in his throat.

“May I touch you?”

I looked at him confused, thinking shouldn’t he just take what he wanted that’s what I wanted him to do. But he reminded me of one thing when he grabbed my wrist plunking the band with his finger.

He lifted his eyebrow obviously pleading but I knew he wouldn’t beg. I didn’t want him to either. I answered by grabbing handfuls of his shirt and yanking his lips to mine. He growled, happy I obliged.

One of his fingers went down my collarbone to my breast he lightly stroked where my nipp!e was. I trembled. He pulled away obviously frustrated.

“Why are you so covered up?”

“I don’t like my body.” I mumbled.

The anger in his eyes should’ve frightened me but it excited me.

He began unbuttoning my blouse until he got halfway through, he pushed down my bra cup and grabbed a breast I moaned. He began pulling away and I began to pout until he grabbed a nipp!e and pulled I whimpered and mewled.

“So responsive. Does anyone claim you?” He asked huskily planting kisses on my face as I moaned.

“No that is what I’m searching for?”

He gripped my nipp!e painfully and I almost came on the spot.

“Mine!” He growled.

At that word I came to my senses and pushed him away. Barley.

I noticed also the whole room was silent watching us. The sighs, moans, whips and sucking had all ceased to watch us. It was then I remembered what the front desk man said about Mr. Stone never touching women.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No but this fake erotic love at first sight bull isn’t for me. Do you change your band for every new member making them think their special. “

“No I…”

“Then what do you want with me.. I don’t know anything about this lifestyle I can’t be your submissive, I’m not trained and I don’t want to be.”

I rearranged my clothes and briskly walked back to the elevator avoiding the eyes watching me. As I got in the elevator the door closing I noticed Mr. Stone in the same position I left him , his back to me unmoving.

When I got to the front desk I removed the band and said thank you. He replied see you soon. I returned a I doubt it and he laughed saying what David wants David gets. Always.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32