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Author’s note: this is the third and final segment of the three-part story, “Forever, Brandywine.”

Brooke’s mother didn’t say anything about the broken cot. Instead, together with Steve, she carried the busted mess out to the garbage. Brooke could hear her mom on the phone calling the bed company and ordering a replacement. When Mandy came in later that day and saw the cot leaning against the dumpster, she joked to Brooke that it smelled like tuna fish.

The girlfriends now had a routine, and they stuck to it the rest of the summer. When August arrived, they realized that they had only had a few more weeks together. It was depressing, though neither one of them expressed this feeling.

Brooke was turning twenty-one in August. She thought of maybe doing something memorable with Mandy. But what? The days passed without an answer. Then, while talking to Mandy on the phone, she had an idea.

“Say, have you ever been to Olde Towne?”

“No, is that the village with cafes and art galleries?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you’ve never been. They also have great restaurants and bars. During the day, there’s a lot of families that visit it for fun, but at night it’s a haven for many gay and lesbian couples.”

“Really? Sounds great. When would we go?”

“I thought maybe we could go for my birthday. I’ll talk to my mom and see if we can get off.”

“We can get off on the phone. Talk dirty to me, bitch.”

“Stop it. You know what I mean.”

“Is it far?”

“About an hour, but we’ll stay overnight at the Brandywine.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s one of the quaint, cozy lodges they have there.”

“Oh my! Share a room? With a door and a real bed? I can’t believe it.”

Brooke spoke to her mom later that day.

“Who are you going with?”


“You two sure have been spending a lot of time together.”


“Meaning that I was right. I told you that you would like her.”

Brooke wanted to hug her mom and shout that she was crazy about Mandy but controlled herself.

“Sure, I can give you two off.”

“Are you sure will you manage?”

“Don’t forget that I’m a certified lifeguard too. So we’ll get by.”

“Thanks, mom.”

Later Brooke excitedly called Mandy.

“It’s all in order. We can go.”

“How did you manage to pull that off?”

“It wasn’t easy; Steve said he would only agree to work a double if I gave him a blow job.”



“You didn’t agree to it, did you?”

“No, but I said he could fuck me in the ass while I ate your pussy.”

“Oh yeah, sure, you expect me to believe that?”

“I’m just kidding, girl. I didn’t even talk to Steve. My mom’s a certified lifeguard, and she’s going to cover for you.”

“Wow, we’re really going; this is going to be great. What should I pack?”

“I don’t know, lover, not a lot of clothing.”

This time it was Mandy’s turn to buy new lingerie. She also shaved her pussy clean for Brooke’s birthday present at the last minute.

Five days later, the lovers were in Mindy’s red coupe.

“What do you have in the way of tunes?” asked Brooke. She looked through Mandy’s CDs: Courtney Barnett, Norah Jones, Joan Jett.

“Hmm, we’re eclectic.”

“We’re studying music therapy.”

Brooke put on Joan Jett and turned it up loud. Mandy took the top down, accelerated to 75 m.p.h., and pointed her car towards Olde Towne.

They arrived late afternoon and parked in a lot near Brandywine Lodge, where they were staying.

“Let’s see if we can check our bags early. Then we can walk around and not have to worry about anything.”

Mandy agreed.

Brandywine Lodge was a beautiful three-story mansion converted into a hotel after the civil war. It had high ceilings, thick carpeting, and inviting love seats in the lobby. Enchanting paintings of beautiful nude women entwined in each other’s arms hung on the walls.

Two older women were ahead of them, checking in and holding hands. Mandy reached for Brookes,’ and they too held hands while waiting. Brooke’s heart fluttered. She knew this was going to be perfect. Finally, the couple finished and walked away.

Brooke and Mandy stepped forward. The clerk was a gay man wearing matching gold hoop earrings.

“Hi, a room for two, please,” Brooke asked.

The desk clerk peered at them. “One bed or two?”

“Uh, one, please.”

“I thought so,” he smiled and studied his computer screen. “Fabulous! You’re in luck. We just had a cancellation and have a very comfy room available on the third floor with a king-sized bed. Would that work?”

Brooke and Mandy looked at each other and smiled. Brooke didn’t even ask about the cost, handing over her credit card and driver’s license.

He looked at the license, “Oh my, it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday! I can give you our standard rate.”

“That would be great. Thank you so much.”

The clerk gave Brooke the keys.

“Oh, I almost forgot to kurtköy escort tell you that the rooms on that floor have extra thick walls for your private pleasure,” he winked. Mandy laughed, and Brooke almost creamed in her cutoffs.

Where to start? Everything looked so inviting. There was row after row of quaint-looking houses converted into art galleries, boutiques, and various shops with charming names painted on signs that hung above the door. Colorful flowers spilled from window boxes, and weeping willow trees shaded the walkways. Gay couples and cheerful friends gathered at tables, talking and laughing.

Mandy felt so delightfully comfortable that she let go of Brooke’s hand and wrapped an arm around her lover’s waist. They stopped in front of an old-fashioned locomotive to have their picture snapped.

“I want to see some galleries. What do you say?” Brooke looked at Mandy. She looked delicious when she smiled. Brooke leaned forward and kissed Mandy on the lips.

“Wow, I guess that was a yes,” Mandy joked. Mandy offered her hand, and they walked into a nearby gallery.

Brooke bought a print showing a pair of lovers that cost 159.00.

“My credit card is going to melt from overuse,” she told Mandy.

“Where are you going to hang it?”

“My credit card?”

“The print, silly.”

“I was thinking of the concession stand at work, next to the COKE sign.”

Laughs, “Yeah, right.”

They passed a store advertising homemade ice cream.

“Yum, let’s get some doll.”

“I don’t think they have Dixie Cups for sale in this place,” answered Brooke, winking.

They stepped inside and placed their orders.

“Are you looking forward to going back to school?”

“Not really. You have a cool major. My major is so cool I think it’s below freezing.” Laughs.

The girls got their cones and stepped back outside.

“Umm,” remarked Mandy, “this is delectable. How is yours?”


“You sound like the gay guy at Brandywine Lodge.” Laughs.

They took turns licking each other’s cones.

“Very erotic,” said Brooke.

“You think everything is erotic,” teased Mandy.

“Alright, alright. Hey, look, there’s a record store; let’s check it out.”

They went into the record store and flipped through the racks of classic vinyl records. Brooke was looking at British stuff, and Mandy purchased Nanci Griffith’s vinyl recording of “Woman of the Phoenix.” She asked the clerk for a marker and wrote: To my woman of the phoenix on her 21st birthday. Love and kisses “M,” XOXOXO.

“Happy Birthday,” she said, thrusting the record into Brooke’s surprised hands.

“Oh my, our song, what a surprise. I love it, thank you.”

They continued down the street and were overwhelmed by the number of gay men and women walking arm in arm or holding hands.

“Nobody here is afraid to be what they are.” Remarked Mandy.

“This place gives you a glimpse of the possibilities in life.”

Brooke looked at the time on her phone.

“It’s almost 5:30; let’s find a bar and have a drink; what do you say?”

“Yeah, sure, a Long Island Iced Tea would be great about now.”

“I was thinking more like Sex on the Beach.”

“I figured.”

They discovered a small bar with Motown music blasting from the jukebox. Couples were dancing, and a waitress took their orders. Brooke and Mandy sipped their drinks and then joined the dancers.

Brooke grabbed Mandy around the waist and pulled her in tightly, grinding against her. Mandy laughed and pushed her away. They regrouped, Mandy putting her arms around Brooke’s neck and Brooke holding onto Mandy’s hips as the two of them swayed to classic 70s R no, thanks. “The Spot” seemed too trendy for their tastes. “Karla’s House” looked inviting with fairy lights hung above the outdoor seating area.



A gay maitre de sat them at a corner table.

“Wow, someday, huh?”

“Yeah, and it’s only 6:30.”

“Plenty of time to eat dinner and…”

“-and then me.” Mandy laughed.

“Exactly. And then you,” said Brooke seductively, placing a hand on Mandy’s thigh.

The waiter appeared with the menus, “Hi, I am Rodrigo, your waiter for this evening. Would you like any drinks?”

“No thanks, Rodrigo,” answered Brooke, “I think we’re still buzzed from the bar around the bend.”

“Lucky you.”

“Do you have any specials? What do you recommend?”

“Everything is made fresh from scratch. Tonight’s specials include a wonderfully light and creamy quiche topped with fresh asparagus– crisp arugula, romaine salad in a vinaigrette dressing, and fresh mushroom soup. For meat lovers, there is The Santa Fe tortilla. It is a corn‐flavored tortilla filled with chili‐flavored ground beef, corn, and tomatoes, topped with melted Canadian cheddar cheese. And if you like pasta, you will love our titillating vegetable lasagna-“

Brooke glanced at Mandy at the word “titillating” and placed their orders. As Rodrigo aydıntepe escort stepped away, Mandy asked that he bring them a bottle of champagne.

“Here’s to twenty-one.” Brooke raised her glass, and they clinked their glasses. Just then, there was a commotion at a nearby table. A woman got up from her seat, ran around her table as her friend’s laughed, and flounced into her lover’s lap. Everyone at the table applauded.

“Wow, what are they drinking?” Marveled Brooke.

Mandy pulled her chair closer to Brooke.

“What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to be closer to you. But, don’t worry, I’m not jumping into your lap like the neighbors.”

“Not yet, at least.” Mandy peered into Brooke’s eyes. They sat in silence for a moment.

“Brooke, dear, it was a wonderful idea to come here today.”

Mandy reached out and ran her fingernails up and down Brooke’s bare arm. “I’m so lucky to…to…” Mandy couldn’t finish her sentence.

“To what?” asked Brooke.

Mandy smiled, “to be close enough to kiss you,” and she leaned forward, and they pecked on the lips.

Mandy squeezed Brooke’s hand.

“Do you remember the day we met?”

“It was the second Saturday in June, 2:55 pm. You were wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. Then, you changed into a bikini and tried coming on to Steve.”

“I did not!”

“Yeah, you tried coming on to him, but then you saw me…”

“Feasting your eyes on my buns.”


“And so I surprised you as you were standing by the soda machine and pinned you against it.”

“You did that on purpose? You have no idea the amount of self-restraint I needed at that moment.”

“You were adorable. You couldn’t remember my name, and then you made that remark about the water being attractive.”

“Omigosh, you remember that? I was so embarrassed.” The pair laughed, drew their faces closer, and kissed. They would have kissed some more, but their food arrived.

“This is delicious.”


Mandy fed Brooke and Brooke fed Mandy. They finished the bottle of champagne. Finally, the waiter came over, “Is everything okay?

“It was perfect, Rodrigo.”

“Would you care to order dessert?” At the word “dessert,” Brooke and Mandy instinctively peered at each other.

“No, thank you. I think we’ll have dessert back in our room.”

“Very well,” answered Rodrigo. They paid and got up from their table. Mandy slipped her arm through Brookes, and the attractive couple walked out of the restaurant.

Olde Towne was full of tourists, families, and mixed couples during the day. But at night, it was wall-to-wall gay and lesbian. It seemed like everyone on the street was in love.

When they got to their hotel room, Brooke quickly shut and locked the door behind her.

“I can’t believe we have a door and a bed. It’s so civilized,” exclaimed Mandy.

“C’mere, lover,” she pulled Mandy close, and the girl’s tongue kissed before Mandy broke off, “I’m using the bathroom first. When I come out, you can go in, okay?”

“Sure,” answered Brooke. Mandy went into the bathroom, where she quickly climbed out of her cutoffs and tube top and dressed in her new seductive lingerie. Meanwhile, Brooke changed lit candles and warmed some aromatic oils. The air was heady with excitement and anticipation. She heard Mandy making last-minute preparations in the bathroom. Brooke applied Mandy’s favorite perfume and pulled back the covers on the enormous king-sized bed. When Mandy emerged from the bathroom, Brooke was lying on the bed, sizzling with sexuality.

Brooke’s breath caught in her throat when Mandy emerged in her sexy, satin red camisole with matching lace panties. Mandy walked to the bedside and extended her hand to Brooke. Brooke took Mandy’s hand as she climbed onto the bed. The flickering candles cast a seductive light over their features. Brooke wanted to tell Mandy that she loved her, but the words wouldn’t come.

Instead, Brooke closed her eyes and bent her head forward. Their lips locked together, tongues invaded mouths. They moaned and lovingly squeezed each other’s breasts. The silky sheets and raw heat of their bodies were exquisitely exciting.

Mandy broke the kiss and reached for the bottom edge of Brooke’s nightie. Instinctively Brooke raised her hands to allow Mandy to pull her top off. Mandy dropped the top to the floor and looked in awe at Brooke’s amazing tits. In the candlelight, the nipples looked more inviting than ever. Brooke pushed her chest out.

Mandy’s lovely pink tongue came out and licked a nipple, eliciting a whimper from Brooke. She then used her teeth to lightly bite and tease each tittie.

“Oh, I love it. I love how you tease me, girl.”

Mandy opened her mouth and took as much of Brooke’s tit as she could fit inside her wet mouth.

“Ohhh, ahhh.”

Brooke started to squeeze her legs together and rub against Mandy’s thigh.

Mandy let go of the tit.

“Not yet, lover. Remember, tuzla içmeler escort we have all night.”

Mandy twirled Brooke around so that she faced the wall. She pulled off the girl’s silkie bottoms. Mandy ran her hands up and down her girlfriend’s body, planting butterfly kisses all over her back, going lower and lower.

Brooke’s pussy was dripping and needed contact.

“Oh, Mandy, please, please.” She touched her pussy with her hand, but Mandy pulled it away. Brooke’s luscious ass was inches away, and she lowered her lips. She loved the curve of her behind and kissed her there. Mandy could smell the heady scent of sex that wafted from her lover’s sex and wanted more. She breathed in deeply before plunging her tongue into Brooke’s pussy from behind.

Brooke pushed her ass into Mandy’s face and cried out her name.

“Oh, Mandy. Yes!”

Mandy swirled her tongue inside of Brooke’s pussy and savored her honey.

“Ugh, uhh, yes, yes,” she moaned as she pushed her ass harder against Mandy’s hungry tongue. Mandy could feel precum running out of her own hot hole as she tongued her girlfriend. It took all her will to restrain herself from fingering herself. Finally, she pulled back her mouth and stuck two fingers into Brooke’s sopping wet pussy. She screamed out in ecstasy as Mandy’s fingers moved in and out of her like a hot piston in overdrive.

“Oh, fuck. Yes, yes!” She came fast and hard. Her body dropped to the mattress, with Mandy’s fingers still inside of her.

“Oh fuck, Brooke, that was amazing,” she said as she pulled a honey-coated hand from her girlfriend’s dripping wet pussy.

Mandy lay beside her, and the two spooned while Mandy waited for Brooke to catch her breath. After several minutes the girls sat up, and Brooke removed Mandy’s top. She hungrily sucked and bit Mandy’s nipples.

“I have one more present for you,” whispered Mandy in Brooke’s ear. “Pull off my panties, lover.”

Brooke quickly pulled down Mandy’s wet panties and was astonished to see Mandy’s pink and bald pussy.

“Oh, my! You wicked girl,” she smiled.

“Happy Birthday.”

Brooke pushed Mandy against the headboard and spread apart her tanned, athletic legs. Then, looking into Mandy’s pussy, she smiled, “no more pubes in between my teeth.”

She ran her fingers up and down Mandy’s bare thighs, sending shivers to her girlfriend’s pussy. Then, she smiled like a Chesire cat, stuck out her tongue, and leaned into Mandy’s steamy mound.

She sucked and moaned and flicked and bit her pussy. Mandy rolled her hips up and down, gripping the bars of the headboard. She loved the feeling of Brooke’s tongue against her clean-shaven pussy.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, girl, lick me.” And as Brooke dove deeper, Mandy felt everything rushing to her pussy.

“Oh Brooke, yes, yes, ohhh!” and filled Brooke’s hungry mouth with her pussy juice.

Brooke had to have more. She pulled her body around, lifted a leg over Mandy’s head, and climbed on top of her. Mandy looked up into Brooke’s heavenly hole. She loved the scent of Brooke’s pussy and dove into her pussy as Brooke hungrily lapped between Mandy’s legs.

“Ohh, ahh.”

“Ugh, Ugh.”


“Ahh, ahh…”

The heat built inside of each of them and coursed through their bodies. Their pleasure was beyond compare, and when they came, they both screamed the other’s name into their pussies.

“Ahh, Brooke!”

“Mandy, Mandy, ohh!”

The girls fell exhausted into each other’s arms, and then Brooke cupped Mandy’s face in her hands.

“I never noticed that you have little specks of gold in your eyes,” said Brooke. She leaned forward and kissed Mandy on the lips. Mandy responded by wrapping an arm around Brooke’s waist and gripping her shapely behind.

Mandy stuck her tongue into Brooke’s wet and waiting mouth.

Brooke was insatiable.

“We are going to cum twenty-one times for my birthday. Scoot over.”

“Oh, are you going to teach me a new lesbian position?”

Brooke could only giggle as she got on top of Mandy, holding her hands down with her own and pinning Mandy’s legs with her knees. Brooke’s pendulous breasts swung magnificently in front of Mandy’s face. She tried to raise her head to suck on them but was held back by Brooke.

Brooke was straddling Mandy. She curved her back and inched herself up Mandy’s body. Mandy let out a little whimper in anticipation. Shortly, Brooke positioned her bent legs on either side of Mandy’s head and presented Mandy with an up-close view of her pulsing pussy. Mandy was delirious with desire.

“Tongue me, darling. Lick my wet pussy and make me cum, again.” Brooke released her hold on Mandy’s wrists and raised herself as Mandy wrapped her hands around Brooke’s luscious ass cheeks. Mandy stuck out her tongue as far as she could and licked Brooke from the bottom to the top of her cunt and back again.

“Umm, you lick me so nice, girl.”

Mandy smiled before burying her tongue inside of her girlfriend. Brooke squealed loudly, unafraid of making too much noise.

“Oh, oh my. That’s it. That’s it.

Brooke rocked her hips back and forth on Mandy’s urgent tongue. The buxom blonde ground her pussy even harder onto Mandy’s wicked tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32