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I’m 4-wheeling in the woods. It’s a hot summer day and I have just a loose fitting pair of cut offs on, no shirt. I have been riding the trail for a while and stopping to expose myself along the way.

I’m horny as hell and have to make a stop and relieve some tension. I find a secluded patch of woods off the main trail and walk around to make sure I’m alone. I can’t help myself and start rubbing myself down the front of my shorts and stick my hands up my shorts and pull my hard cock out the leg. MMMMM… hard and horny.

I pull my shorts off and toss them on the seat of the 4 wheeler. I’m nude in the woods with a raging hard on. I bend over and slide my hands up the back of my thighs and then spread my ass cheeks wide. Feels so good.

I fantasize that someone is standing behind me with their hard cock throbbing eyeing my shaved hole ready to slide inside of me. I’m getting so hornnnyyyy. I touch my hole and sink a finger in. Küçükköy Escort I slap my ass with my other hand. My finger glides in and out of my hot sweaty hole making me want it more. Man it would be nice if it would get some attention from something other than my own hand.

I stand up and continue to stroke my cock as the precum starts to ooze out of the end. I slide my fingers along my cock slit hole and put the precum in my mouth. MMMMMMM….it tastes so good. I lay back on the 4 wheeler and continue stroking and pull my legs up so my knees are against my shoulders and my legs are spread exposing my hole.

I’m getting so horny and would love it if I could give my virgin ass to a nice hard cock right about now. Then I hear a noise behind me. I turn quickly to find 5 guys with their pants undone and they’re stroking their hard cocks. They are definitely watching me.

All of a sudden I feel very naked and a Küçükköy Escort Bayan whole lot more horny. I stare at their nice hard cocks and want so much to get on my knees suck them and take them all into my hole. I think they can tell what I want as they take their pants off and walk towards me.

As soon as they move towards me I get on my knees giving in to my desire and their cocks and I reach out and grab two of them. I lean my face towards one and stick out my tongue and lick the head. One of the guys gets behind me and pushes me on all fours. I feel his hands all over my upper thighs and ass. MMMMMMM….feels so good.

The guy who’s cock I was licking grabs the back of my head and slides his hard cock down my throat. The guy behind me spreads my ass cheeks wide and presses his cock against my shaven virgin hole. Man I’m feeling great.

A couple of guys come up along side me and I stroke their hard Escort Küçükköy cocks with my hands. MMMMMMM…….so hot. The head of the guys cock behind me slides into my hole and he starts to thrust back and forth. MMMMMMM…..could get used to this….feels so good.

I suck the cock that is gliding in my mouth and throat hard. I want him to cum down my throat. I want cum all over me and in me. I feel the cock throbbing in my throat then splashes of cum down my throat and mouth. MMMMMM… good. His spent cock slides out of my mouth and is replaced by a nice hard one. MMMMMMM…….I love this.

I feel the cock throbbing in my ass and I know it won’t be long before I feel the first cock cumming in my ass.

MMMMM…..I love the idea of being a cock slut. I want to serve as many hard throbbing cocks as I can. As soon as the guy fucking me pulls out another hard cock slides into my hungry ass. Man I want these guys to be satisfied. I don’t want them to stop because I love what I’m feeling.

I’m feeling like a total sexual animal. Hopefully they will tell their friends and I can satisfy more men with my mouth and ass. I sucked off every one of the guys and they all got to fuck my ass as much as they wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32