Fraternity Cum Bucket

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Fraternity Cum Bucket

“So you want me to let more than a dozen assholes fuck me to death for twenty-four hours just so you can become a member of some fucking Fraternity?” my sister Cinnamon asked.

“Well when you put it that way, yes!” I replied. “It sounds so bad when you say it!”

“It is bad, you fucking pervert!” Cinnamon stated.

Then I explained, “It has to be a girl, sixteen or older, and an immediate member of my family.”

Cinnamon asked, “What is an immediate member?”

I replied, “A sister, mother, first cousin, or aunt.”

Cinnamon said, “So that means Mom, me, dad’s sister Shirley, her two daughters Brenda and Jane, and Mom’s sister Sioux. Too bad her daughter Gloria in only thirteen!”

I replied, “Yes but Aunt Shirley, Brenda, and Jane are all religious fanatics.”

Cinnamon said, “So that only leaves Mom, me, and Aunt Sioux.”

I replied, “That’s right! That’s why I asked you. After all you’re certainly no virgin. Hell even I’ve fucked you!”

Cinnamon snapped back, “Yes you fucking pervert. You fucked me seven times that day after I lost that bet! And you haven’t fucked me since either!”

I laughed and said, “Yeah I couldn’t stop getting hard-ons. You wore my cock out. I couldn’t jerk off for a week!”

Cinnamon replied, “Yeah well you didn’t do my pussy any good either. Ask Aunt Sioux!”

I said, “I can’t! I’d be too embarrassed too.”

Cinnamon said, “Too bad, asshole” and picked up the phone. After a couple minutes of explaining the situation to Aunt Sioux Cinnamon Sex hikayeleri said, “She’s coming over!”

I mumbled, “Oh Fuck!” to myself but Cinnamon overheard it. Then she started in on me until Aunt Sioux came to my rescue.

Aunt Sioux asked, “So big boy tell me more about this!”

So I explained to my adorable Aunt Sioux that I had a chance to join a Fraternity at Brown College and that I would not have to pay any fees or rent for the full four years. All I had to do was convince a female family member sixteen or older to let the whole Fraternity fuck them for twenty-four hours.”

Aunt Sioux started to laugh her ass off until tears ran down her face. Then she shouted, “Cheyenne! You’ve got to come up here and listen to this!”

When Mom came into my room I was beet red and absolutely speechless. I was embarrassed to death I’ll tell you.

Aunt Sioux said, “This little fucker wants us to become ‘Cum Buckets’ for the ‘Fuck You Fraternity’ at Brown College.”

Mom started laughing and asked, “Who put you up to this?”

I answered, “Well no one. The Fraternity said I had too. Hell Dad and Uncle Ted wrote letters of recommendations for me so that I could get in!”

“Those Fucking Bastards!” both Mom and Aunt Sioux said simultaneously.

Then Mom asked, “What do you get out of this.”

Once again I explained that I would not have to pay any fees or rent for the full four years that I attend college there.

Then Mom asked, “What do we get out of this?” then she and Aunt Sioux laughed.

I Sikiş hikayeleri told them that they would get a certificate granting them a lifetime invitation to all of the Fraternities functions, such as dances, dinners, and keg parties.

Mom said, “Excuse me!” and left the room. In about two minutes she returned with a piece of paper and handed it to me saying, “Is this what you mean?”

I looked at it and said “Oh my God! You are a Cum Bucket!”

Aunt Sioux said, “I’ve got one too. Our brother Ted got us to do it for him.”

Mom said, “That’s how I met your father! He was a member of that Fraternity too.”

So I boldly asked, “Will you do it again?”

Cinnamon finally said, “He gets to fuck you too. You know!”

Mom patted Cinnamon’s leg and said, “We know honey! We know! Your Uncle Ted fucked us real good that day!”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah those were the days! We were young, horny, and stupid! Hell we could have been teenage boys!”

Mom said, “Yeah! Most of the time we had cocks too in one way or another.”

Aunt Sioux said, “I’ll never forget that day. There were sixteen of them.”

Mom interjected, “And I was only seventeen and you were just barely sixteen.”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah and Ted offered us everything that he had if we would help him out.”

Mom said, “And she means everything too. We got his room, his car, his complete record collection, and every cent that he had earned that summer.”

Aunt Sioux said, “It was over three hundred dollars.”

Mom said, “So we Erotik hikaye did it.”

Aunt Sioux said, “Under one condition…that we did it together.”

Mom said, “We figured that way we would only get fucked half as much.”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah right! Every single one of those assholes got it up six times that day, including our brother Ted.”

Mom said, ”They fucked all six of our holes. Every God damn one of those bastards!”

Aunt Sioux said, “We got sixteen cocks shoved up our asses that day. I couldn’t walk right for two weeks afterwards.”

Mom said, “Neither one of us had ever tried anal sex before that night.”

Aunt Sioux said, “My jaw hurt so bad after those sixteen blowjobs that I couldn’t eat for two days and lost five pounds. I sure looked good afterwards though!”

Cinnamon said, “I don’t think I want any of that, especially all by myself!”

Mom said, “Why don’t you ask your cousin Jane? She isn’t the goody two shoes that you think she is!”

About then Dad came home from work and Mom shouted, “Frank! Get your ass up here right now, Mister!”

Dad came up the stairs two at a time ready to fend off an imaginary attacker. He asked, “What’s up?’

Mom said, “Your son is trying to talk your daughter, my sister, and I into becoming Fraternity Cum Buckets so that he can join that stupid Fraternity of yours.”

Dad smiled, then laughed, and finally said, “So?” After he stopped giggling he added, “Hell she just might meet her future husband there! You did!”

That got him hit by Mom. Then everyone laughed.

Finally Dad asked, “So you going to do it?”

Mom surprised him by saying, “I’m thinking about it. Maybe if the three of us girls do it together…………”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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