Free Golf Lessons

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Big Tits

I am 27 years old, and have always been attracted to older guys.

Now I am not one to brag but I range from really pretty, to really hot, depending on the day. I have long auburn hair, light blue eyes, and I work out and tan regularly. I have average B cup tits but they’re perfectly round.

As I mentioned in other stories, I work for an agency that helps the elderly and disabled and my job is to basically spend time with clients, assist them in their doctor appointments, help them around the house, or with hygiene, etc.

For the first year at this job I worked with a lady named Carol who was only in her 50’s but was disabled and had a hard time walking. She had always been athletic, but due to her disability was not able to partake in the kind of competitive sports like she always had. Despite her handicap, however, she was still an avid golfer. I would take her twice a week to a driving range where she would whack a few buckets of balls for about an hour. The owner, Adam, knew her personally from all of the years she had been going there so he would always come to talk to us. He had these amazing light green eyes and blonde hair, and looked to be about 40 or so. I can’t describe what it was, but he had a very “smooth” way about him. During the entire time I knew him I was in a relationship with somebody else, so I would try hard not to flirt with him, but sometimes it just happened.

After a few months, I would find myself not just casually flirting with Adam, but actually fantasizing about him. I would “accidentally” forget to wear a bra and would catch him looking so many times, which would get me all hot. It wasn’t long before he started offering me free golf lessons.

I admit, I’ve never cared for golf. Still don’t like it much. And seeing as I was in a relationship, I felt kind of wrong about accepting Adam’s offer. It wasn’t until the end of last August that I finally decided to take him up on his offer. We scheduled a time for my first lesson during the afternoon of one of my days off. I showed up wearing little shorts, a red tank top, and Oops- no bra! I left my hair down, put on a little bit of makeup and went to the range for my first lesson. I felt sexy as hell and I could tell by his looks that he thought so too.

We were scheduled for an hour long lesson, and in that hour we talked a lot while he gave me pointers on how to stand, how to hold the club, etc. A few times he would get behind me and help position me, and I can’t be sure if it was on purpose, but the way he touched me- even as innocent as it may have been- seemed so seductive. He would direct me on the placement of my hands on the club, and would give me directions in a very matter of fact tone, but then he would say things like “now spread your legs… more…. A little more…that’s it…”( while positioning my posture, of course. He would say this a little quieter and, well… in a very sexy way. It was like he was trying to seduce me.

This would happen a few times and he drove me crazy with it.

Throughout the lesson, we chatted it up. He asked me if I was seeing anyone, I told him about my boyfriend, praying it wouldn’t put a damper on the energy I was feeling from him. He then told me he had a girlfriend. He told me he was 39, and his girlfriend was actually 52 and they’d been seeing each other for 5 years. I was a little disappointed.

“So you like older women then, huh?” I said, and winked at him before turning back to swing at another ball. When I turned back around and looked at him, he was staring at me. He never broke eye contact with me as he said “These days I’m more into younger women. I don’t know how interested in me they are though…”

I wasn’t sure what to say so I smiled at him and went back to swinging.

At the end of the lesson, he asked me to come back the following week for another free lesson. Of course I agreed. We made it for the same time in the afternoon for the following week. I took Carol to the range on her scheduled days, and for some reason he didn’t come by to really talk us up like he normally did, but I would catch him staring at me.

At home, my boyfriend Jackson knew I was getting golf lessons and assumed I was taking a sudden interest in golf because of Carol. I felt kind of bad, almost like I was cheating, but I wasn’t. (I wasn’t, right?) I knew nothing was going to happen with Adam, so I let my mind wander, and I let myself get all fired up over him. Jackson would fuck me every night as usual, except I was Escort Bayan Antep picturing Adam in his place. I wondered if Adam knew I was thinking of him this way, and what he would say if he did.

When our scheduled day rolled around, I showed up wearing a denim skirt and a light blue halter, which people always say makes my eyes look even brighter. It really does, it brings out the blue in them. This time, Adam seemed a little too distracted to make as much small talk as we had the week before, but apparently found me to need a lot more help with my posture and with my swing. He spend a great deal of time behind me, holding his hands over mine on the club as he would swing for me. I swore I felt him press his hips into me a few times. He was getting me hot and making me insane. Absolutely insane, and I’m not even sure he knew it. The flirting continued as usual, and I knew that my night would end with another fuck session with Jackson, imagining that it was Adam.

At the end of the lesson, he said “So about next week, I’m all booked in the afternoon, so how about we schedule you for 8:30?”

“At night?” I asked

“Duhhh.” Adam said with a smile

“Don’t you close at 9?”

“Technically. But I own this place, I can do whatever I want.” He replied.

“Well then. 8:30 it is.” I told him.

One week later, I was getting ready to go to my lesson. Jackson thought it was a little odd that it was so late but didn’t seem too concerned. I got out of the shower and was about to get ready when Jackson, who was sitting on the couch, had pulled out his dick and said “how bout it?” with a smirk. He was so sexy. I pulled off my towel, and went over to the couch, straddled him and rode his cock, bouncing up and down for about 10 minutes until he came inside of me. I didn’t want to cum, I wanted the energy between Adam and I to still be there and was worried that an orgasm prior to seeing him would lessen the intensity of it, even though I wasn’t planning on anything happening. I cleaned myself up and left.

I showed up at 8:30. I considered wearing another skirt, but decided on short grey gym shorts with a yellow halter.

When I showed up there was just about nobody there. Not many golfers, just two, and the lady that works in the lounge/snack area, and Adam,

“Shall we?” he said, and picked up his bag of clubs.

I shouldn’t have to tell you by now, about how he stood behind me, guiding my swings, but this time was a little different. He dragged his hands down my arms before placing them over mine on the club. Everything he said was in a lower tone; that seemingly seductive tone of his. Any time he had to move his hands from their current position, he wouldn’t just place them where he wanted them, he would drag them across my skin, giving me goosebumps. Yea, he was definitely trying to feel me up. When he put his face closer to my ear and said in almost a whisper “You need to spread your legs more” I almost lost it. He slid his hands up my arms and then down my sides and rested them on my hips for a moment and said in the same low tone “Did you hear me? You need to spread your legs a little more.” It was then that I realized I hadn’t moved, and possibly hadn’t even taken a breath since those words first hit my ears. I inched my legs apart a little, and managed to force out something along the lines of “Like this?”

He was quiet for a moment and said “Yea, something like that.”

For the next 10 minutes he found every excuse to drag his hands across me, touching me everywhere that he could make an excuse for, it seemed. At around 8:50 he excused himself, said he had to do some things because it was closing time. I saw him walk to the two men who were golfing on the other side of the range, and I guess notified them that it was just about closing time. I saw them nodding, talking, laughing a little, then I saw Adam walking back into the lounge area, where the registers were, so I knew he was just closing up inside. I hit a few more balls but was starting to get a little chilly. I waited another minute or so but decided to go into the lounge area and wait for him to come back. I knew once he came back out with me, he’d manage to keep me warm.

I walked in, and he and the cashier had the cash register pulled out, he was doing something with receipts and she was counting the money. He saw me and said “Hey. I’ll be right back out. Do you need something?”

“No.” I told him. “I was just getting a little chilly so I thought I’d wait in here.”

“That’s fine.” He said. “I’ll just be another minute. You can wait on the couch. The remote for the TV is over there.” I wasn’t interested in the TV though. I pulled out my phone, played a game for a little bit, and then went to the bathroom to freshen up while I waited for them to finish their end-of-the-night ritual. Soon, the cashier grabbed her keys and purse, said goodnight and left.

I stood up and looked at Adam, as he said “And then there were two.”

I smiled and looked toward the door, saying “Shall we continue?” While secretly hoping he would just grab me, throw me down on the floor and fuck me senseless. That didn’t happen. Instead, he put his arm up towards the door and said “After you, m’lady.” And we went back to our spot. The sun was still out, but setting, as it was only August. It was warm and there was a slight breeze that felt great. We resumed where we were, with Adam behind me, continuing to touch me anywhere that he could make an excuse for. This continued for another ten minutes or so. I know I was horny and wet, my pussy was aching, but I tried to suppress it.

Everything turned around all at once. His hands were on my hands, and he helped me swing at the ball. As soon as I brought the club back down, he stopped trying to be subtle and put his hands on my hips and pulled me back into him. I could feel hardness pressing against my lower back. We didn’t say anything as he started feeling me up and down while keeping me pressed into him. His hands went up over my shirt, got close to my tits, and went back down again. My heart was racing and I was breathing heavier, he knew I was loving this. He kissed my neck and it felt like he even licked it a little as his hands went back up to my tits over my shirt and grabbed them. I couldn’t help letting out a whimper and he grabbed them harder. I wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but I was almost positive that if his hand ventured into my shorts I wouldn’t last more than a second. It was so intense, I was on the brink of an orgasm already. I felt my face get flushed as he moved his hands back down to my waste, and then up under my shirt to grab my tits. I heard him groan as he grabbed them, and then pinched my nipples hard enough to make me cry out, but not hard enough for discomfort.

“Want to take this inside?” he asked.

“Uh huh..” I said. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It felt so wrong but my pussy was almost hurting from the intensity of my arousal. We stepped inside and went right for the couch. I sat down, he sat next to me and our lips locked. He kissed me hard and deep while using his body to push me down onto my back. In seconds he was on top of me, pushing himself onto me. I felt his cock pressing against his pants, and onto me. He had one leg in between mine and was thrusting his hips. His leg was pushing against my aching pussy and pushing me closer to orgasm. I didn’t even think it was possible, but I could feel it building, and knew it was going to happen at any second. I broke our kiss after about a minute to tell him “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop…” while pushing my hips up against his leg. But what did he do? He stopped. Noo!!

He immediately started kissing my neck, after raising himself up a little to prevent my now uncontrollable attempts to grind against him. He kissed down my neck to my chest. He lifted my shirt to expose my tits and sucked hard on them. Every time I would thrust my hips upwards to signal for him to start grinding against me again, or even to fuck me, he would back himself away.

He sucked hard on my tits and grabbed and squeezed them.

“ahhh god, you have such nice tits, I cant stop touching them” he said right before he went back down to suck on them. When he stopped, he sat up and started tugging at my shorts. I lifted my hips and he pulled them off.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. His cock looked to be about average length, maybe 7″… but looked SO thick!! I thought he was going to give it to me then, but he started backing up. I knew he was going to eat me out. Now, I’ve never been a fan of having my pussy eaten, so I tried to object, telling him that wasn’t something I usually like and that he didn’t have to do it, he said “You just never met anyone who could do it right, then.” And just like that, his mouth and tongue went to work. For the first few seconds I wasn’t impressed but then he started doing this thing where he was swirling his tongue around my clit a few times and then would suck, followed by more swirling and then sucking, which drove me nuts. A minute later he stuck 2 fingers into me and was finger fucking me at the same time that he was tongue fucking my clit, and that was all it took. I screamed out, arched myself up and came so hard I could barely feel my legs. He moaned into my pussy as I cried out, cursed, moaned and shook. He didn’t stop working my pussy until I had calmed down, then he said “Damn, that was quick.” and he started kissing his way up my body to my lips. I thought I would taste myself on him, but I didn’t. We kissed for a minute as he pressed his bare cock against me. He broke the kiss, grabbed his thick cock, and started to guide it into me. I’m on birth control (which he didn’t know), but I generally use condoms anyway with new partners. So I said “Wait! Do you have a condom?”

His answer was not what I expected. All he said was “No.” and then guided it into me anyway with a groan. I was extremely wet but he was still met with some resistance, I think partially because he was so thick, and partially because, well, I’m pretty tight. Or so I’ve been told.

I wanted him to just go crazy and just fuck the hell out of me, but he actually started slow. It was slow, but hard, and he would make a low moan each time he pushed into me.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time” he said, kissing me again.

“Me too.” I whispered, and he picked up his pace, but only slightly.

This continued for maybe 5 minutes, with slow steady pushes into me, and it was driving me crazy all over again.

“Go faster.” I told him, trying to meet his thrusts.

“I want to make this last.” He said, pushing into me really hard and making me cry out again.

“I’m not going to last much longer.” I said desperately. “Please go faster.”

“Mmmm. You going to cum on my cock?” he said, still fucking me slowly.


“What was that? I asked if you’re going to cum all over my cock.”

“Yes! I’m going to cum on your cock! Just fuck me…” I said. I was getting more and more desperate for him to speed up and fuck me hard and fast. After I said that, I felt his cock throb inside of me, but he still kept with his slow pace.

“Tell me what you want.” He said. “If you want it hard and fast you need to beg me for it.”

“Please go faster” I said, meeting each of his thrusts. I knew he was literally going to make me beg.

“That’s not enough.” He told me. “How bad do you want it? Because it doesn’t sound like you do.”

“PLEASE fuck me. Fuck me faster!!”

“Faster?” he repeated.

“Fast and hard. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” I managed to get out. I was feeling another orgasm build. As weird as it sounds, I have a hard time actually finishing my orgasm during sex, so I usually reach down and play with my clit for a second once I feel like I’m there.

“I’m gonna cum, please fuck me Adam. Please do it hard and fast, I’m gonna cum…” I was babbling, as I reached down to play with my clit, and at the same time, he started hammering my pussy like he was trying to nail me down to the couch. Within seconds it hit me. My fingers rubbed my clit in a few small circles and I was flying over the edge. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and pulled him down onto me, screaming and moaning into his shoulder, just as he groaned and said “I’m gonna cum…”

I got the impression he was going to pull out and cum on me, which is really hot and all, but I wanted it in me. I told him, mid orgasm, “cum inside me!!” and he did. His cock throbbed and twitched as he moaned and spurted inside of me. He held it there inside of me, feeling his cock throb, and my pussy grabbing him every time I felt his cock move. He pulled it out and sat back on the couch, breathing heavily. I put my panties and shorts back on, and felt his cum leaking into them. I’d have to get them off immediately when I got home, but I didn’t want to think about that yet.

We sat there making idle small talk for a few minutes more. I remember asking him about his sex life with his wife, to which he replied that they basically had none, and that they never really did so he was used to it. I told him that I think of him when I’m fucking my boyfriend and he kissed me again and said that was so hot. He told me to go home and fuck Jackson with his cum still inside of me and then tell him about it next time.

We did this a few more times, but then I stopped working with Carol, and I thought Jackson might get a little suspicious if I was continuing my “lessons.”

Nothing was as intense as this first night with Adam though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32