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Part 1 – The History:

She was known in certain circles as the Goddess and wore thin and flowing white-lace with a wreath in her hair when discussing her art. By day and in common open spaces of being, she was a pretty woman with long dark hair and a lovely smile. But when she captured her prey, she wore all black to energize her dark side. The three faces of Goddess, Mortal and Dark Angel were interchangeable and never overlapping.

Before her this evening, while dressed in her blackest leather, was the answer to her prayers and in a position that it had been intended to be for centuries. A naked man on his knees, blindfolded, nearly broken and sobbing for mercy. But it had taken centuries and she paused to reflect on how this had come to be.

In another time, in another life, many incarnations ago it had started in a tent in the desert. Perhaps due to biblical times or a magic Jeanie of some kind, nobody ever told her. That magic simply was, and it could not be explained.

Her earliest recount of the history was faded in detail, but clear in fact. She had been born a daughter to a whore over 400 years ago and was helping mom with business at an early age. She was pretty and not just a normal whore girl; she was dripping in desire and sophisticated looks. Somehow the master of the house had traded her to a King and she became part of his harem for occasional servitude. As the times were uncertain, she was brutally murdered in an ambush on the palace after only two weeks of living there. But that is where she was meant to be and thus, she was born again.

The next incarnation was as the daughter to one of the new Kings wife’s. Her mother was put to death for not producing a son and she was put to work as a concubine of the King, serving his guards and occasional guests. In this role she enjoyed both royalty and cruelty, as the men demanded every possible combination of men, woman and pleasure from her and the King’s cadre of women. But there were some good days and she was the prettiest of the group, while being the most sexually skilled in giving and providing pleasure. One of the King’s sons, Ishabahb had first met her when he was 10 year old learning the ropes of sexual conduct. She became his favorite when he was twelve years old and was in his grace for several months when his father learned of the relationship and favor that the son had given her. The guards murdered her two days later, but she was born to be in that royal place.

Reborn yet again in London, she was now the daughter of one of the new Kings wives who ultimately betrayed him to his enemies. Clever guards foiled the plot and the mother was put to death soon thereafter. Again she was put in the King’s harem and trained to satisfy all guests. Again she had tasted royalty and been a slave, but things were changing.

She became the best friend of the Kings magician and he traded her sexual favors for mystical insights. Her sexual powers grew from this and she could entrance men with more than her naked body, she could control their minds as well. The King heard rumblings about her powers and called his Chief magician to a tribunal with her. They were both burned alive, for the King feared her power while distrusting the magician’s power over both her and the kingdom.

The mystical bond from the prior incarnation expanded her sexuality and power over men and she was again born into the Kings royal surroundings, but this time as the Kings first daughter and to his favorite wife. Again, that wife betrayed the King and the daughter that he had so loved was now placed in charge of the King’s harem. Her duties were simple and direct. The King had sensed her combination of unusual beauty, intelligence, sexuality and power over men. He wanted the Harem to be well trained in all manners of pleasure and to disgrace the daughter of a traitor. She knew the power of magic, and enchantment and summoned the King’s magician to her chambers. She seduced him and he was intrigued by her powers, together they could do so much. By day she taught the woman all she knew and on certain knights she exchanged favors with the talented magician. She was becoming more beautiful and enchanting each week and her powers grew and grew.

These talents turned toward the woman of the Harem and it was not unnoticed by the King and his nightly demands on them grew more frequent, unusual and intense. Soon all-night orgies were common. As the chief maiden of the Harem, she orchestrated and trained the women to be obedient and cooperative. But the King became drunk and demanding over time and the orgies became more and more violent and demanding. She participated in orchestrating all manners of sexual torture, anal, oral and vaginal expansion, casino şirketleri and other forms of humiliation, pain and sexual suffering. She was not asked to participate directly, but to assist and punish as needed, while constantly training new members of the Harem. One night in a violent burst of anger, she was stabbed by the King and killed when a new recruit was unable to hold his penis in her throat for more than a moment.

Despite the cruelty and problems of her past King, she was again born into the palace walls and became the Kings oldest and wisest daughter. Her prior lives served her with the knowledge of the need for restraint and she secretly hid all of her talents. Goddess had allied with the new magician at an early age and her prior experiences had fascinated the magician from the start. She was as powerful and capable as he. But the King did not know of this power and she had learned to hide it so well.

Over time, her sexual needs had caused her to ask to oversee the head mistress of the Harem. This unusual “duty” carried with it the ability to see, teach and participate in the sexual upbringing of the Harem. Typically a daughter of a King was in high standing and would not be caught near any such things, but these were her talents and her beauty was now a disguise to her sexual power over men.

She orchestrated and occasionally participated in all forms of sexual conduct about the castle. From a governor requiring twenty women in a night to a wife requiring a cum bath or cum facial, she orchestrated all such things.

The magician had given her the final clues to her powers and she had meditated herself into a trance to see her powers soar. They were overwhelming and when she broke from the trance she was glowing with power. All that she gazed upon and all that she touched received new found life and radiance. That night at an orgy that she had arranged for her father, she was ablaze with energy. While she never participated in such things, she oversaw the details and it was clear that anyone that she touched became empowered with lust and passion. The men were hard all night and the woman dripped with unbound lust and desire. The king took note of this and ordered her to his chambers the next afternoon.

When she arrived, she was placed in a chair next to the magician. The King demanded answers to her powers. He feared her powers and demanded that the Magician explain things. But it was clear from the magician’s arguments that the magician and the daughter were more than friends. The king ordered their deaths the next morning and they were both stripped naked and placed in the dungeon for the night. The magician swore to her that he would curse her for eternity for failing to free him from blame. She had practiced her magic on matters of sexual and human gratification and knew of no such spells. The magician stated only this:

“It is unlikely that there is a person that can free you from this spell and you will lead an ordinary life from this point on. Only he who freely drinks that which belongs to a woman and who freely receives that which is a woman’s duty for the first time shall set you free.”

And with magical sounds and motions it was cast.

So she was reincarnated yet again, but this time as a farm girl in Ireland and then as a farm girl on a bigger farm and then as a schoolteacher’s girl and so on. But she carried with her the knowledge of the past and the curse of not having her power. But she could break the spell somehow.

She tried some of her magic charm and it had been gone for the first two incarnations after the curse. She had few men to choose from, no power over any Harem’s and strict religious curbs to endure. Travel, literature, communications and such were nearly impossible. She feared revealing her sexual talents, for she would surely be outcast or stoned.

A submissive man was needed to reverse the curse, but men were the stronger sex and women needed to be demure. There were roles to play for survival. She eventually had children and sons and daughters of her own. In each carnation on their 21st birthday she told her daughters of her wild and wicked past and the curse to be stripped of her sexual powers.

With the advent of the locomotive, she was able to travel to London and see the palace where she had once roamed free (sometimes naked) and was part of the King’s life.

In another life she traveled to America, but married a cruel husband that would tie her up and perform all manners of sexual acts on her. With the children in the other room, she was trained to remain quiet regardless of what her master did to her. Surely she could reverse the tide somehow. Surely she could be in charge casino firmaları somehow.

The New Era

As the 50’s emerged, she found some sexual freedom again, but died of a heroin overdose at an orgy with some friends. But now, she had been reincarnated and had found her center through an unlikely new development–technology. The Internet allowed her to find others like her and soon the subculture of dominant and submissive men and woman were shared with others. She had the power to find a submissive male and free herself from the bonds of the past.

The research took almost 6 months to find the right subject. Someone unsuspecting and a bit naive. Someone with good mental qualities and not a nutcase, yet solidly interested in being dominated. So many applicants and now only one candidate. They conversed on the web and discussed experiences. She made her experiences sound mild and limited, yet her strictness was well communicated. His name was Frank and he was interested in exploring this side of himself. He had no idea of the depth of experience that his teacher possessed. She carefully lured him bit by bit.

Before she met him, she planned to avoid training him over the telephone or Internet, so Frank was never required to do silly things by himself. She would have him soon enough. His redeeming qualities were his sex drive, nice looks and naiveté nature. She had learned from their conversations that this sort of talk and planning made him horny. That was an understatement; she found that he suffered from blue balls at an acute level. Prior experiences had taught her that men did sometimes experience this, but most men did not experience this all of the time and of course men would masturbate to relieve themselves. She learned that he needed to be relieved himself once per day and rarely every other day. It was because he had a sexually oriented imagination. She learned that he was fine when busy with work, projects, etc., but when he got involved with a woman, Internet related activities, etc. that he was more than swollen; he was engorged and extremely horny. He sometimes became so engorged that he could barely walk as the pain shot up into his abdomen. His testicles would swell, the semen would flow from his tip and the anticipation would weigh on his mind. It could take two to three orgasms to relieve the pain. “Perfect” she thought.

On their first face-to-face meeting in a small bar, she found that he was very swollen. He described his ache as a constant pain, with moderate stomach cramps that were sensitive to the touch just above is waistline. He had clearly anticipated this meeting for days and his mind was clearly focused on what she would do. His imagination made him more and more swollen.

Despite all of her prior incarnations and considerable experiences, she had never seen the results from male orgasm denial and this was most intriguing. Frank noted that his testicles hurt to the touch. He had anticipated many things and his imagination had him engorged. She sent him to the bathroom to remove his underwear and then under the table she could feel his member. It would never please her to have it in her, but it drove her wild to see his discomfort when she squeezed the testicles up into their sack and then into his abdomen. He was dripping and a small wet spot came through his pants. His drip confirmed his condition and she was pleased at his early response and discomfort.

They discussed his prior experiences with domination and he had only researched the subject on the Internet, but not lived any real life situations. This was in fact his first. He was smiling and giddy during the interview and he was obviously thrilled to have a real life person to share his desires with.

The magician’s curse could be lifted and his words kept on playing in her head like a record: “Only he who freely drinks that which belongs to a woman and who freely receives that which is a woman’s duty for the first time shall set you free.”

She learned that he had some limits that were firm and he had a few that were “no way” items. He had never tasted his own cum and he had never been anally penetrated with a dildo, anal plug or strap on. He noted that the strap-on scared him to death and that tasting cum would require unreal willpower on his part. He noted that he had gotten as far as smelling his cum up close, but he just could not do it. Once his hormones dropped, just a second after coming he found the idea revolting.

“So this would not be easy,” she thought. But of course it could be done.

His list of no-way items was to be expected. No other men or animals and certainly nobody under 18 years of age. No scat or cutting or piercing or tattooing. He was güvenilir casino basically a 99.9% newbie with acutely swollen balls.

She had decided to accept his limitations and fears, but reminded him that it was her job to change his mind about his hang-ups. She knew that he was in need of training and attention. She wanted to deliver this attention for her own amusement and besides; he would never be allowed to take advantage of her, his personality was stable and he could be trusted.

The next step was to examine his attributes more closely. He was instructed to pay for a hotel that evening (before arriving) and it was to test him and help him swell. She would not allow intercourse, but she anticipated being licked. Her mind would often wonder to a position or two that she had so loved in the past while being licked and nibbled. This was possible tonight.

He was just to be examined and tested for acceptable behavior and response to her commands and teasing.

Once at the hotel, he was instructed to remove his clothing. And kneel at her feet. He was instructed to not speak at all and to listen to her every command. She inspected his entire body and found that while he had a hairy ass, he was clean and his body was reasonable for her needs. Her inspection of his erect member was rough and he squirmed just a bit. She reminded him to remain completely still and she began the entire examination process from the start.

His drip touched her hand and he was made to lick it from her fingers. He hesitated and then shook his head no. She reached behind him and from underneath his buttocks, she grabbed and pulled his swollen testicles backwards. He moaned. She again demanded that he lick the drop of pre-cum and he complied.

“Would you like to see my naked body,” she asked. “Yes,” he said. “I did not give you permission to speak,” she said and he was instructed to kneel on the room chair. She placed a cloth bag over his head and then a blindfold across the eyes. A small incision in the bag improved his breathing. She spanked him 50 times while repeating to him over and over “You will not speak unless permitted to do so.”

“I need a name for you,” she said. After a bit of thought she arrived at “ant.” The name was perfect because he was insignificant, easily crushed and unable to defend against her superior control over his existence. He was an ant.

“Ant, I’m going to disrobe for you,” she said. He heard the zippers and buttons and clothes falling to the floor. While he was still on his knees on the chair, he was instructed to sit, up and put his hands out. She positioned him so that the back of the chair supported his chest and his feet hung off the edge of the chair seat.

“Ant, please feel and smell this garment,” as she placed her leather blouse into his hands. Her leather bra, skirt, shoes and finally panties followed this. He was extremely aroused by this and the drip continued. She took out a small pair of scissors and sliced a 2″ hole in the bag at his mouth to allow her to feed the precum to him.

“I am naked ant and you may not touch me with your hands or penis,” she declared. She led him to the floor on his knees and asked him to stick out his tongue.

She instructed him to count from 5 to 10 and then explained that only those words would do. As you become more aroused you may use the 5 to 10 system to announce how close you are to coming. She warned him to be careful to not wait too long because if he came, he would need to clean it up and that she had a spoon with her to feed it to him. She placed the spoon against his outreached tongue so that he knew it was for real. “Hold that in your mouth ant,” she demanded.

She spanked his swollen testicles 10 times and he moaned. “Silence,” she ordered. “You failed to remain quiet and I shall start again ant,” she demanded. And so he endured this again. The slow drip was again cleansed to his mouth.

“I need to cum ant and you shall assist me,” she declared. He was moved to the edge of the bed and he knelt before it. She removed the spoon from his mouth, pulled his head and torso forward and ordered him to place his hands behind him while sticking out his tongue. With a bit of squirming she positioned her hips near his mouth and slowly inched toward ant’s outstretched tongue.

“Now ant,” she said, “I want you to spell out with your tongue, while liking me the following sentence:”

“ant needs to have his ass and throat trained so that he can show his obedient to Goddess”

He began to spell out the words while Goddess recited each letter. “a n t n e e d s t o h a v e h i s a s s a n d t h r o a t t r a i n e d s o t h a t h e c a n s h o w h i s o b e d i e n t t o G o d d e s s.”

“Slower” She demanded… “Softer,” she demanded…

After she had cum three times this way, the session was over and ant was sent home with orders to not touch his penis and to not cum. There would be further training tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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