Friends Become More Ch. 10 – Epilogue

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Hey everyone! Here is a short epilogue for those who are interested! Hope you have enjoyed this story, I have really enjoyed writing it!

I will try to do a better job of editing in the future, I’m looking into getting an editor for future stories!




***Alex’s Point of View***

“Wake up Daddy!” Our son, Justin, yelled as he jumped on the bed and started shaking me.

“Merry Christmas!! Wake up!” Charlotte, his sister, said as she shook Ben awake.

“Good morning!” I smiled as I pulled Justin down on the bed and gave him a hug. “C’mere darling.” I pulled Charlotte in for a group hug.

“How about we go see what Santa brought?!” Ben laughed.

“Yes! Let’s go!!” Justin giggled.

“Come on, get up!” Charlotte pulled on both of us to get us out of bed.

The kids ran to wake up their teenage cousins, who then woke up their parents. The grandparents were already up, having their morning coffees when everyone headed downstairs. Christmas at the beach house is my tradition we ever started.

“Merry Christmas, Alex.” Ben wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Merry Christmas, babe.” I kissed the top of his head.

“Daddies! Look at this!!” Charlotte exclaimed.

“That’s so cool, honey!” Ben walked over and got on the floor next to her. “What do you say to Santa.”

“Thank you, Santa!” She smiled.

We spent the day playing with new toys, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, playin in the snow, and having a wonderful Christmas dinner.

We put the kids to bed, tucking them in and reading them bedtime stories. We sat up and hung out with everyone else, until everyone retired for the evening.

Ben closed the door behind us, locking it. “I need you right now.”

“Babe, there’s a million people in the house.” I laughed. “What if the kids need us?”

“It’s been what? Two weeks?” He Eskort wrapped his arms around me. “I promise to be real quiet.” He kissed my lower lip.

“How about this: we unlock the door in case they need us and we’ll go take a shower… so if, in the off-chance they come in, we won’t be caught…” I suggested.

“It’s annoying how good of a father you are. I mean, most parents would just lock the door…” he kissed me. “But, watching you with the kids does make you more attractive.”

I smiled at him, pulling him in for a kiss. “How about you get in the shower and I’ll check on the kids.”

“Alright, hurry back.”

After checking on them, I returned to our bedroom. I stripped out of all of my clothes, putting them in the hamper and then heading into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, then leaned against the counter to appreciate the view of my man in the shower.

“You look as good as the day I met you, I’m starting to think you have a secret potion.”

“Come join me and I’ll show you where I get it from…”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I stepped in, wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him tight. “Show me your secrets.” I quietly teased.

He turned around and locked his lips on mine. “You’re it. You’re keeping me young and happy.”

“Then use me all you want tonight.” I kissed him back.

“I definitely will.” He pushed me down to sit on the bench. “Gotta love these large showers.” He winked. He got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. Fuck, it feels so good to have him suck me. Two weeks is too long.

“Easy, baby. Please, I don’t want to blow too early.”

“Fine, but you better get this cock in me really quickly after I stop.” He took my cock back down his throat.

After a few minutes I needed a break, not ready to blow just yet. “Fuck, let me suck you for a minute baby.” I lifted him up and switched our positions.

I kissed his lips, moving down his body until my lips surrounded his shaft. I slid up and down on his cock, making him let out a soft moan. “Shhh.” I laughed, warning him to stay quiet.

“Alex, please fuck me. I need you so bad.” He said quietly, breathing heavily.

I sat down again and got him on my lap, guiding my cock towards his hole. I slapped my cock against him a few times, then started warming him up a little. I pushed just the head in, but he was eager for more, pushing himself down on me. “Fuck!” I moaned as quietly as I could.

He bit my eat, then whispered in it. “Give it to me, Alex. Fuck me! I need your gorgeous cock, baby.”

“Mmmm.” I groaned, responding to his request by bouncing him violently up and down on my lap.

Fuck he’s so tight! I slammed up into him while he arched his back, riding my cock.

“Stand up. Under the water.” I ordered.

He obeyed, I got up right behind him. My rock hard cock prodding at his ass. My hands trailed down the sides of his arms, I placed a soft kiss on his shoulder. My hands reaching his, I grabbed hold of them, bringing them up above his head against the wall.

With one hand I held them up, the other grabbed the base of my cock as I slid in him. He wants a good fuck, I want a good fuck, lets have a good fuck.

“Take this cock, I know you missed it.” I whispered in his ear, fucking him hard. He let out a gasp. I wrapped my left arm around his neck and used my right hand to keep him quiet, giving his mouth a few fingers to suck on. “Good job, baby, take that cock and take it quietly. Suck on that hand, that’s it.” I groaned, my hips attacking his ass as I violently slammed in and out of his hole. My balls slapped him with each thrust, the shower water thankfully hiding a good amount of the thrusts.

Very close, I deepened the intensity, slowing down a little but making it worth it. He seemed to like it, and I did too. I ravished his hole, attacking his pleasure spot with everything I have.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum, Ben!” I groaned. I pulled out and got him on his knees. I went to give my cock a few pumps, but he beat me to it, sliding his fist up and down it a few times. Just when I started shooting, he slid the tip of my cock to rest on his tongue, letting my load fill his mouth.

“Mmmmm.” He moaned as he took my load eagerly.

“My turn, baby. I want a taste.” He stood up for me, and I got down on my knees. I spun him around, wanting a taste of that beautiful, round ass before swallowing his load.

I ate him out, letting the water slide down his back and towards my face as I spread his cheeks, attacking his hole with my tongue. Telling he was close, I spun him around and took his cock in my mouth again, licking the underside then the side, moving up and down his perfect member, loving his cock.

“Yes, Alex! I’m gonna cum!” He breathed. His cock unloaded in his mouth, giving me just what I needed.

After swallowing his load, I stood up and kissed him. “Fuck, I’ve missed that. These past two weeks were rough, but I think it’s clear we need to make sure to get a quickie in a little more often.”

“Oh, for sure. These two weeks were a weird mistake. But the release was fairly pleasant.” He grinned. He kissed me back.

We cleaned up and got into pajamas. “How about a Christmas cookie raid? Just you and I, downstairs? I’ll make us some hot chocolate…” Ben suggested

“Have I told you how grateful I am to be married to you?” I grinned.

“Not very recently, no.” He said, lingering on the no. I pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss.

“Let’s go.” I grabbed his hand and we snuck downstairs. Spending quiet nights like this, with just me and Ben, is one of my favorite things, next to spending time with our kids of course.

“I love you, Alex.” He gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“I love you, Ben.” I kissed him back.

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