Friends Become More Than Brothers Ch. 02

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I want to thank my friend, theduck1930 for his help in editing this story. He is a big help to me. I also want to thank him for his patience with me as well.

I have reposted the edited version of the first part to this story. I suggest you read it before reading this part if you haven’t read the first part at all, so that you will not be lost at the start of this second part.


Other than going to the sheriff’s office the morning that mom, and Simon, showed up at the house so early of a morning unexpectedly, everything went without a hitch for the rest of the week. Alice and I ended up having sex every evening before and after getting in bed for the night. We had sex in every room of the house and then, we made love once we were in bed for the night. Alice and I continued to run around the house nude, any time we were there alone.

When the weekend finally arrived again, it was Saturday afternoon, Alice came in and gave me an update on all that she found out about Simon, then she laid a paper down on the table in front of me and before I had a chance to put my glass of tea down to pick up the paper, she laid another paper down on top of the first one, “What’s all this babe?”

“This, my loving brother, is something that is very interesting, by the very definition of the word. I didn’t know that our ‘mother’ had a son just older than you, which means, ‘we’ have a ‘half-brother’ and you’re not going to believe who that half-brother is.”

I picked up the first paper as I asked, “Do these papers tell me who the half-brother is?”

“Yes they do. Read the one on top first. I found it first and then I did the research back. The next paper explains where it took me.”

To sum it up, the first paper started with who the people are that adopted Simon, with his name he was given at birth but the last name was changed to Marshal, from Campton. It went on to where the Marshal’s lived at the time of the adoption and then where they lived when Simon Marshal joined the army and the years he served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War.

As I read on it told me where he had worked, before joining the ‘war’, which is the company he works for now. It told where he went back to work for the same company but didn’t say what position he holds with the company to date, like it did when he left the company. Simon told me all of that news. Everything it told me that I already knew about, because Simon had told me beforehand, confirms Alice found the right guy to trace, as I had asked her to. Then at the end of the paper it had the mother’s name, Miss. Janis Campton, was who put child Simon Campton up for adoption, to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marshal. It even told where Miss. Janis Campton lived at the time of the adoption proceedings. “How many Janis Campton’s, are there, in this world?”

“I lost count after fifteen in checking all of them out; to see if any had lived at the address on that paper, you just read. The only one that ever lived at that address is on the next page and all about her. You’ll know which Janis it is or was, as you read it.”

I read down through the second paper to see that it told everything we knew about mom, plus a few things we didn’t know about mom. It told when she married our dad and then it told when she and dad divorced and where she lived, up until this month. It had the information where we lived when mom and dad divorced and when the three of us moved into the house. It’s the same house that she and Alice lived in up till they both moved out. The paper told it as mom still living in the house that they moved out of.

“I wonder why mom never talked about having a son before us and had she ever even tried to find him, or not? How is she going to act as far as the relationship her and Simon have started together, if we tell her your findings? How is Simon going to take the news of him being mom’s son?”

“I asked myself the same questions too, as soon as I found all of this info myself.”

“Do you want to make the call or do you want me, to make the call?”

“I have no idea how to tell her, if I make the call.”

“Really I guess this isn’t the kind of news to be told over the phone but face, to face. I say we need to invite them both over for supper this evening if they don’t have any other plans, made this evening.”

“I’ll call and see if they want to come over for supper or not.” Alice then picked up the house phone and dialed the number to mom and Simon’s house.

“Hello Simon, how are you doing today?” after a short pause, “Good. The reason I’m calling is to ask if you and mom have plans for supper this evening… Good. How about you and mom coming over here for supper with us this evening? We do have something here that you and she may be interested in hearing… Okay thank you. I’ll let Joey know that you two will be here then… Okay how about five thirty? Good see you then.” Alice hung up the phone. “Simon said they would love to come over here for supper.”

I had the grill Betturkey going and cooking up some hamburgers with Barbeque on them when Simon stepped out on the deck, where I was grilling, “Hay Simon, how’s it going?”

“It’s going pretty good. How is it going with you?”

“It couldn’t be better really. I was just wondering how it’s going with your research on finding out what happened with your mom, you’ve been looking for her, for so long? Or have you given up on that? I haven’t heard you talk about looking for a spell.”

“I was in the middle of trying to figure out where to go now because the lead I had, played out and left me at a dead-end. I can’t seem to find another lead to follow, for anything right now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Have you ever asked Alice to maybe see if she can help you out? She is pretty good on finding things out on the computer. I know because she has found things for me and some of our friends. She found one of my friend’s dad’s for him and one of Alice’s girlfriends, Alice found her dad for her.

“No I haven’t asked her for any help. I guess I just might have to ask her about helping me then.”

“I tell you what, I’ll ask her for you right after we eat or, you can ask her after we eat supper.” as I put the last hamburger on a platter.

“I’ll ask her after we eat. Thank you Joey.”

“No problem man.” setting the platter down on the table, just as Alice and mom came out to the patio, each with a plate full of food and Alice, with a plate and a bowl of salad to go with the meal.

“I see the burgers are ready to eat.”

“Yes they are.” setting my beer down on the table.

Simon and mom sat next to each other across from Alice and me. When we finished eating supper, I went in and got everyone a round of drinks and then I came back out on the deck with the paper work, on the stuff that Alice had found out this afternoon. Just as I was sitting back down in my chair, “Simon said you two had something to tell us that we may be interested in hearing about?”

“Yes we do mom. Babe you have the papers there don’t you?”

“Yes I do. First off though, you two may want to read this paper first.” passing the paper over, that tells all about mom first, and then they both began reading.

When they read part way through the paper, mom looked up at Alice and me, “How did you find this stuff out about me?” Simon kept reading.

“I found that, while researching Simon, to surprise him with it if he hadn’t found anything out yet, as to where his mother is.” Alice said, and then I passed the other paper over to Simon.

Mom looked at the paper that I passed to Simon and the two read through it. When they finished reading through the papers, “I was going to ask you after we finished eating if you would help me out. Joey told me I might ask you and Joey, you knew all along about these findings.”

“Yes and I’m sorry but I didn’t want to give it away before mom had a chance to hear or see, the same findings at the same time. We do have one question for mom though and that is, why you never told us about having a son before I came along.”

“I was afraid of you two letting it slip out to other family members, that you know about it or worse yet, being mad at your grandpa and telling him he was mean or wrong, in having me adopt him out instead of helping me out, to raise him. Had any other family member heard that I had told you or any one, about having to adopt a child out due to your grandpa making me do such a thing, I wouldn’t have gotten the help I did get from him, to finish raising you two. He says he didn’t want me to adopt him out but he wasn’t going to help me, since I did get pregnant before I got married to the guy that got me pregnant. Had I married the guy first and then got pregnant, he would’ve helped me with him.”

I stood up and walked off to the edge of the deck for a little bit, as mom finished telling us the answer, I was able to hear the whole answer though, as mom finished with, “I’m so sorry Joey. I was so afraid of showing you more love than I did, and or have, because at first I did show you a bit more love and he threatened me with you, by making me adopt you out as well, thinking I was throwing it up in his face because of what he made me do with Simon. I forgot I even named him Simon but then, I don’t remember ever giving him a name before I signed the paper work even. I was hurt so bad at having to adopt him out, I don’t remember a lot about that day to, tell you all the truth.”

“I guess it’s a good thing grandpa is in his grave right now or I would have to give him a piece of my mind.”

“The other question we have for you mom is, are you going to go ahead and keep the relationship that you have with Simon alive, and are you wanting to keep the new relationship going Simon?”

“I want to keep it going because I love mother, Janis, with all of my heart. Are you okay with us still being a couple now that we know; you are my mom as well Betturkey Giriş as a mom to Joey and Alice, which are my half-brother and half-sister?”

“I don’t know if I can or not. I don’t want Joey to feel less loved than I know he has, all of this time now.”

“Mom I know you love me and always have loved me. I didn’t know how much really but, I know why now. It wasn’t you, it was all grandpa’s doing and you loved me enough to protect me, from having to lose me like you lost one son. I hope it makes sense.”

“Yes I understand what you’re trying to say. I was trying to protect you is right. I didn’t want to lose a second son. It was hard as all get out to lose one son I sure as hell didn’t want to lose a second son or I wouldn’t have been able to handle it at all. Simon I am so sorry I couldn’t hold onto you and keep you with me for all of those years…”

“No don’t say any more mom because I understand it all, hearing it from you and I just want to keep going as we have been going and now that we’ve found each other, I don’t want to change a thing about our relationship, but just knowing you are my mom as well as my lover, is more than any man can ever have asked for. It is an honor, and a privilege, to be in such a loving relationship as you and I have with each other. I love you with all of my heart Janis. I don’t know if I should call you Janis, mom, or mother, or what now.”

“Call me whatever you feel comfortable with right now. How about we go home and let me do some thinking about this new found news and our relationship. Would you please let me have this time to think things through?”

“Yes I will let you for as long as you need to.”

“Mom may I say something here please?”

“Yes Joey you may.”

I stepped closer to her to stand next to Alice, “Last week when you came over and found Alice and I in the nude, that early in the morning and Alice, was cooking breakfast for us. That was the first full day of a new relationship her and I have started with each other and we are very happy that we did start this new relationship with each other. She loves me and I love her, like we are husband and wife and we live as such now. We both know just how much you, and Simon, love each other and we want you two to continue to carry on with your journey, in a husband and wife relationship, even though you are mother and son. ‘No one outside of us four’ needs to know that you two are mother and son. Everyone thinks you two are boyfriend, and girlfriend, right now and with different last names, even from the very beginning of the adoption, no one will know any different than they do right now and you two, can get married to each other without any one knowing any different. Please for your sake and Simon’s sake, don’t throw it all away by saying a word to anyone, that he is your son.”

When I said Alice and I are in a new relationship as husband and wife, mom looked at Alice, then at me, and back again, then back at me, and when I finished speaking, she stood there looking at us for a moment then, looked at Simon. “Let me have a seat before we go.” then she stepped to the chair she had been sitting in. Mom motioned for Simon to take a seat next to her again as Alice, and I, sat down across from them, “You know you do have a point there Joey, about the name part as far as Simon and I.” then she looked at Simon, then at Alice, and me, then down at the table, then she turned her head to look at Simon again, “Joey is right about not throwing what you and I have away. Besides the love you and I have shared, and the sex… is so fucking good, I can never go back to not having sex again, like I was doing before you and I started our relationship, as we ‘thought’ it was. With what you said on the honor and privilege part, and then with all of what Joey said, I can’t go back to the way I was. The only problem is now that I know we are mother and son, I will feel like I am forsaking Joey’s love for me and the love I have for him, if you have any idea as to what I am saying.”

“Mom I can’t speak for Simon but, I can share Joey with you if that would make it easier for you to keep your relationship going with Simon. I can love Simon as a brother just like Joey told me he has and does love Simon, as a brother because of what they went through together while in the service. That is if it would be okay with Simon if you, and Joey, make love to each other from time to time however often you two want to or need to, for you to feel like you’re not forsaking his love and your love for each other.”

“I am willing to share her with Joey no problem. I must admit, I think it would be nice if there are no objections to Alice, and me, doing the same as Janis, and Joey, would be doing.”

“I don’t mind it if Joey don’t mind it or mom either.”

“I’m for it if that is what mom wants to do or needs to do, to feel better about all that we all know about, and I have no problem with sharing Alice with Simon myself, as long as mom has no problem Betturkey Güncel Giriş with it. So mom it is all on you now, to make the final decision if Simon, and I, share you and Alice, with each other or not.”

“When will this swapping thing start to happen if I say yes?”

“Whenever you want to start it mom, if you are willing and need to, to feel better about yours, and Simon’s, relationship.”

“It will help me feel better and I have to make a confession here now that everything is out on the table so to speak. Please I hope no one will be mad about my confession here. Especially you Alice and now you Simon after all that you and I have done since we started being lovers.”

“I will not be mad at you mom.” Alice said taking my hand into her hand.

“I love you too much to get mad at you babe.”

“Since you’ve come back home from the Army Joey, I’ve wanted to take you into my arms and make love to you because you showed me so much love and was even willing, to let me move into this house with you or even make the difference on the rent money, on the old place Alice and I were renting before we had to give it up. I just couldn’t get past the mother son part for one and the other is, I didn’t think you would want to have sex with an old woman as I am and the worst thought I had was, you would end up hating me for even wanting to have sex with you, being my son. When I had those thoughts the most as far as to asking you about having sex with me, was when you called me sexy, beautiful, and sexy hot, or however you said those things to me.”

“Had I known you had those thoughts toward me, I would have made a play toward you or said something, but I didn’t really know how you would feel about it either, so now we know.”

“Okay I’ll tell everyone my answer now. I want to go home make love to my once lost son but found son now, whom is also my lover and soon to be husband I hope, because I do love him as such, and then next weekend, lets come over here and go over a few things as far as how often I may need to have my son Joey there, to make love to me and how often Simon and Alice need to make love to each other, so they don’t feel left out, or can express their love as brother and sister to each other if that is what they want to call it, or part time lovers, or whatever. I don’t want to over step my bounds and no one else to over step their bounds, in this new thing we are talking about.”

Mom stood up then and we all stood up with her and she hugged Alice then kissed me lip to lip and tongue to tongue like lovers do to find out later that Alice and Simon did the same to each other as well. When mom and I quit kissing, “I love you very much mom and all ways have.”

“I have loved you too son and I think I have loved you a bit more than just as a son really.”

“I have loved you more than as a mom for a long time mom but I wouldn’t change what I have now for anything even if I did have the hots for you over Alice but I love Alice just as much if not more now as I have loved you. I’ll have to get in touch with my feelings about that one.”

“I do understand where you’re at there son. Thank you for helping me make a decision as far as my relationship with Simon is concerned and making me feel better, about being his mom and lover too.”

“Not a problem mom. I just couldn’t bear to see you maybe throw all of that away and knowing, how you love him and him loving you, the way you two do. Both of you would be lost without the other all over again, ‘but more so’, than before.”

“How did you get so smart when you had so much trouble learning when you went to school?”

“It’s the hard knocks way of learning, I guess.”

“I guess.” then she turned toward Simon, “Are you ready lover son? That sounds weird and even is weird to say too.”

“Yes it does and yes, I am ready mom Janis.”

Mom and Simon turned toward the door and stepped inside to go through the house with Alice and me following them in and through the house. At the front door mom turned toward Alice and I, “I so love the two of you and I do hope what we do from this day forth that Simon and I do not mess up what you two have with each other as well as with what Simon and I now have with each other. I will not tell a soul about Simon and me other than what I’ve already told them and I will continue to tell the same story to others that I happen to meet. I don’t know what I’ll tell about you two if I’m asked other than you two are sharing a house together with her in the spare room of the house.”

“That is all they need to know about us really. What or how we live is nobody else’s business.”

“That is so true. I love you son.” then she kissed me again, like she did on the deck. Mom then turned and kissed Alice on the cheek, then said, “I love you too daughter.”

“I love you too mom.” Alice said with a hug.

“I love you mom and don’t stop taking care of my brother there.”

“Okay I won’t.” then they turned and left.

“Thank you Alice for finding out whom, and where, my real mother is. I will always be glad that you did this for me and I know, she is thankful for you finding her son too and for not saying anything, to anyone else, especially family.” then Simon turned closing the door behind them.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32