Friend’s Dad Services New Roommate

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I just watched my friend’s dad servicing my new roommate’s cock…

And I enjoyed every second of it. It was, without a doubt, the hottest gay experience I’ve had in my 7 years since opening up my sexuality to homoerotic pleasures. I have to emphasize the word “gay” in that statement because it isn’t the hottest overall sexual experience I’ve had in my entire life. That distinction goes to an afternoon threesome with my friend’s mom and one of her milfy friends. Nonetheless, this one is going to be hard to beat when it comes to guy on guy action. Believe it or not, I wasn’t even part of the sexual activity, just an innocent bystander. Let me do my best to explain why I think this one tops the list. I hope you like it.


Even though I started way back in high school, I only tell people about my gay sex life online. It’s convenient to be able to get into the juicy details of my experiences while remaining anonymous. I share the details of my hottest experiences because I enjoy reading the experiences of others. Unfortunately, not many dudes are willing to go into explicit detail about the tastes and smells of some dude’s crotch. Even though I’ll watch the occasional gay porn video, the format of erotic stories is more interesting to me.

The problem with identifying myself as a straight guy is that I’m occasionally into hooking up with guys looking for oral sex. Though the majority of my sexual experiences have been with women, the first time I engaged in intimate relations with another person was sucking a stranger’s cock in the alley by my house. I haven’t gone beyond oral sex in terms of same sex encounters, but I’ve serviced to completion since my first time dropping to my knees. I’ve had a few relationships with girls that I’ve really enjoyed, but the allure of a quick rendezvous with another horny guy usually gets the best of me.

I might go more than a few months between giving or receiving a casual blowjob, but I always reciprocate and swallow the load. Label my orientation whatever you’d like, the most important thing is that I love the taste of a good creamy load of semen. I’ve never engaged in anal sex with another guy, and have had way more encounters with chicks than dicks. That doesn’t mean I’m not good at being gay, though. When I was a freshman, I managed to suck off my political science professor and his TA in the library bathroom before. That counts for something, right?

I’m comfortable with most guys beneath the belt, but most of the time I don’t feel like getting intimate with some dude I just met. That’s why I make all of my serious relationships and intimate sexual experiences with females. I’m pretty sure I’m only into guys because I am way too horny to satisfy my needs with heterosexual relationships. Getting girls in college is a lot more work than finding a horny dude willing to swap some head within 15 minutes of contacting them. I get a lot more intimate with women, especially if I’ve put a lot of effort into getting them into my bed, but my libido is way too high for the average female sex drive. Luckily for me and my special needs, we live in an era where hooking up with guys is not only a viable option for sex, but it’s easy as hell to do.

Starting as a desperately horny high school virgin, I learned pretty early on that sucking dick is an easy hobby to maintain. This is especially true in the vicinity of the university I am attending. While I had my fair share of encounters during high school, it turns out that if you get a large number of guys aged 18-22 and put them in the same general area, an abundant amount of cocks will be available for sucking and an abundant amount of cocksuckers will be open for service. With the freedom of being away from family and old friends, the college student demographic is a wonderful pool to select from.

I’ve had plenty of fun since I first became sexually active, working my way from strictly older men to giving nerdy freshman boys their first blowjob. Unlike some older dudes I’ve been with, guys my age are always ready to pull out their hard cock and get to work. I still have my fair share of hookups with older men. Even though only a few partners have expressed their interest in it, there is a lot to be enjoyed from a daddy/son dynamic. In my experience, the best way for a young man interested in exploring intimacy with same sex partner is by letting an experienced older man show them the ropes. If the first time you expose your physical and psychological sexuality is in a comfortable situation with someone who knows how to ease you into the exploration of masculine sexuality, chances are you’ll be open to going back for more.

The most passionate, intimate, and pleasurable sexual encounters I’ve experienced have been with partners that are considerably older than me, both men and women. The experienced sexual partner is someone who knows exactly what they want from me, is able to listen to what I want from them, and is usually in Bomonti Escort a situation where a longer sexual experience can be shared comfortably. There are far more older men willing to hook up with someone young enough to be their kid than there are women, so I have gotten to know some of the patterns when it comes to offering a fresh young body to guys that don’t have many opportunities to enjoy youth. It makes perfect sense that the best blowjobs I’ve received have come from older men. They’ve had significantly more practice and are more enthusiastic about getting multiple loads in a night out of a rock hard cock.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started shifting away from older partners and am now primarily interested in genitals closer to my own age. While the benefits of hooking up with college students mostly exist in terms of physical attributes and convenience, there are a few reasons why I believe that cross-generational sexual encounters are a necessary part of my sex life. How many college dudes have a private home with a comfortable couch or bed where spending a day giving and receiving multiple orgasms with proper accommodations for that sort of thing?

Libido is where college guys win hands down, almost to the point of a fault. Being able to suck a load out of a nicely sized cock less than 30 minutes after making them cum first followed by reciprocation is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, there are guys that are way too eager to cum, ruining all the fun just as we’re getting started. The only thing worse than first timers shooting their load within a few seconds of pulling it out of their pants is having to put up with dudes who haven’t yet come to terms with the idea of casual oral sex with another dude. I got started with the fairly standard model of meeting guys on hookup sites, deciding on a meeting place, showing up without drawing attention to myself, dropping my shorts or dropping to my knees. It’s so simple, yet so many college dudes just can’t follow through.

So I probably have a higher than average amount of sex, but that’s not something to brag about. I’ve met quite a few dudes that just aren’t as attractive as I expected to be, but when I promise to suck until completion, I follow through with my word.Ultimately, the payoff is worth it though, with the occasional collegiate athlete showing up to my neighborhood for a little stress relief before the big day. The majority of my experiences are pretty tame, with the occasional dorm room threesome between a couple of cute freshmen curious about other guys but too afraid to start exploring spicing up my experiences.

No one knows about my sexual activities with other men apart from myself and the dudes looking down or looking up at me. Most of the time, it’s in the darkness and I rarely even tell them my name. All they need to know about me is that I can suck good dick and my loads are pretty thick. At least that’s what I’ve been told by a few guys, including the foreign exchange guys who can hardly speak english. The moans I hear and the loads I swallow are enough to make me confident in telling guys that I give good head.


I’m not all fun and games, however. Most of the time I’m a pretty studious person with plenty of focus on school and extracurriculars. Sure, I’ve found myself with a mouthful of my fair share of study partners and club members, but there’s never been a time where I’ve put sex before school. One area where I won’t let myself even think about sex is my current living situation. Over the years, I’ve gotten good at keeping that part of my life a secret, with discretion being of vital importance when I was in high school. I live in a 2 bedroom house near my university with two other guys, saving money on rent by splitting it three ways. I am lucky enough to have the small bedroom to myself, while the bigger room has enough room to comfortably hold two beds and a pair of desks. Steven and I have lived together for a year and a half now, along with my friend Matt who just moved out following winter graduation. We’ve lived here comfortably with a fairly standard living experience for college students, with my straight roommates unaware of my wider than usual sexual preferences.

When Matt was certain he was going to be graduating, Steven and I put out an ad for the newly vacant living space last semester, with more than a dozen applicants hitting us up in less than a week. This was the first time I wrote an ad that wasn’t a proposition for casual oral sex, making it a little weird for me. Instead of using cock size and sexual health as selection criteria, we narrowed it down based on academic standing and responsible behavior. Since I had my own room, we were primarily trying to find a good roommate to move in to Steven’s room. I can’t imagine how Steven and Matt could share a room with each other, a total lack of privacy for taking care of their natural needs as young men. My door had a lock on it, giving Bomonti Escort Bayan me the privacy I needed to not only masturbate regularly, but engage in finding sexual partners and planning hookups on a semi-regular basis.

The guy we ended up choosing, Mikey, is a mechanical engineering major in his third year at the university. While our decision was made primarily due to his studious and polite demeanor, I do have a secret that I kept from Steven when we enthusiastically accepted Mikey’s request. Before I continue, I have to admit that Facebook stalking a stranger is pretty creepy in almost any situation, but choosing a roommate is a special circumstance where peeping on someone’s social media is understandable. I keep a very low presence on social media, trying to have as little information online as possible. I wouldn’t want any weirdos trying to find me after a one and done kind of deal, especially when I’m trying to keep my sexually active lifestyle with males entirely separate from females. Girls don’t usually feel comfortable if they find out I

suck better cock than they do.


As I said, I keep my sex life entirely closed off with my school life, including my housing accomodations. Steven and Matt are two dudes that I refuse to sexualize for obvious reasons, although Matt’s tall and skinny build made the accidental full frontal exposure last semester hard to block out from the occasional homosexual fantasies that end up with hooking up anonymously. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try to find a guy with the similar features and build as Matt, pretending that my roommate was the one shoving his cock in my mouth. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sexualizing Matt right before he moved out, it’s not like anything would have happened in the final few days of living with him.

Trying my hardest to keep my horniness out of my current housing situation, I honestly considered giving the entire selection process up to Steven. I stopped myself when I imagined the kind of crap I’d have to put up with if we ended up getting a shitty roommate. Looking through the applicants, we would look all of them up on social media if they looked like a possible candidate. It was at this point that I made the mistake of looking a little too hard at the pictures of a few guys showing off a little too much in their profile pictures. Unfortunately, I let my deviant side take the lead while going through Mikey’s roommate application. The 20 year old boy applying to move in with us is a fit black athlete with the kind of body that overrides my heterosexual sexuality, replacing my psychological response to arousal with a more primal sensation in my physiology. As a white guy having a fair share of sexual experiences with black chicks during college, I’m very open to the contrast between the racial makeup of my sexual partner; good sex is good sex, regardless of the colors of our skin.

The prospect of a new demographic of a fresh college student’s sexuality was inexplicably exciting to my libido, despite having gone a few months without any tendencies for the rush of same sex encounters. Even though this is a sensitive topic for some folks, I have to admit that the powerful lust for big black cock made my pale white skin tingle with goosebumps, with my subconscious manifestation of homosexual tendencies reaching down between my legs. Steven was unaware of my throbbing boner while we creeped through Mikey’s pictures, uncovering his athletic years in high school and the nerdy engineer attending college. The delicate features of Mikey’s face made him quite the looker, with the multiple girls alongside him scattered through his pictures evidence of his attractive qualities. Deep down, I envied the hot girls in his pictures. Had these sexy young pieces of ass experienced the pleasure of locking eyes with Mikey as they knelt between his muscular thighs, servicing his thick black cock with the pathetic oral techniques typical of teenage girls?

Needless to say, my pornhub search history for the next couple of days is embarrassingly predictable for a newly acquired appetite for the gifts bestowed bestowed upon Mikey’s body. As fucked up as it sounds, the thin layers of fabric standing between my eyes and the dark brown skin of my soon to be roommate were hiding more than a mouthful of cock dangling over a heavy handful of balls filled with the healthy seed of an active 20 year old male. I couldn’t possibly predict the fine details of Mikey’s reproductive organs, but I have always leaned towards the natural wrapper of skin waiting to be pulled back while servicing their animalistic needs through an act of homosexual pleasure. I wore myself out that week, tugging away at my rock hard shaft while watching huge black dicks being stimulated to an explosive climax of thick gooey cum. I didn’t mind whether a man or woman worked on the dark meat filling their mouths with the savory taste of throbbing manhood, Escort Bomonti the thought of seducing the sexy engineer moving into my house made the sticky hot juices flowing uncontrollably through groin erupt all over myself and my bedsheets within minutes of dropping my boxers.


I couldn’t look him in the eye when his car pulled up to our driveway. While Steven and I prepared the house for Mikey’s arrival, I had to convince myself to drop whatever notions of gay sex with my new housemate that I had used for private gratification in the weeks leading up to this day. Mikey was bringing the bulk of his belongings in his car, but his desk and bed were too big for a sedan. We had planned to borrow a pickup truck from Steven’s dad, but were only allowed to use it while he was with us. I’m pretty sure Steven’s dad is named John, but I had only met him twice before during the initial move-in a few semesters ago. I couldn’t bring myself to walk outside to greet our new living partner, especially while wearing the athletic shorts suited for an active few hours. First impressions can easily be ruined by showing off a 6 inch tent poking out of my shorts, a dangerously loaded piece of sexual machinery aching with gay intentions. Steven and Mikey would be put in an uncomfortable situation if I let the homosexual urges filling my primitive sexually charged mind to the point of an anxious physical response.

Steven’s dad John showed up moments later, pulling up to the curb in his white pickup truck. By his attire, the middle aged man showed no intention of performing physical labor alongside his son and his roommates. Like Steven, he was a serious man with a strong attitude about getting things done the right way. The arrival of the truck meant it was time to get into action, a welcome distraction to the struggle between my rational self and the inconvenient sexual drive plaguing my 21 year old body. Avoiding eye contact, I shouted a quick hello to the person in my driveway talking to Steven. The black figure in the corner of my eye couldn’t be sexualized if I just kept my attention off of him and focused on the task at hand. Steven and I helped Mikey move his boxes into the larger bedroom, giving me ample space to avoid an unwanted appraisal of the goods. I chatted with John a little bit in between boxes, working up a sweat while he sat on our couch facing the door. I heard Steven and MIkey chatting while I did my part, with the voice of our new companion sounding significantly less manly than the mental version I had developed during my inappropriate fantasies of submissively worshipping the stiff rod filled with the liquid treasure I lusted for between his legs. I wished I could be wearing the same jeans that John was wearing, tight enough to contain my genitals in case of unexpected arousal.

The fight between my own best interests and my cock hungry mouth was only made harder by the smell of Mikey’s cologne. His car reeked of the sporty scent he wore on his clothes, a clean smell that matched the young black man wearing it. The trail left by the air around him filled my nostrils as I walked past my roommates in the hall leading to their room. Mikey had a lot of stuff, with boxes filling the space that once held Matt’s bed and desk. I wasn’t looking forward to moving his bigger stuff with the truck, but it had to get done somehow. When we finished unloading the sedan Mikey had arrived in, John tossed the keys to Steven and told him to drive carefully. Surprised by the change of plans, the three of us piled into the single bench seat of the truck and made our way to Mikey’s old place. I started my first conversation with the person I had mentally defiled all week, looking out the window in an attempt to avoid thinking about the fantasies of seducing a straight college student that I had repeatedly used to bring myself to orgasm. Talking about our backgrounds and college experiences, I managed to block out the mental picture of his athletic body leaning back into our couch while I tasted the warm black skin of the special treat he kept dangling between his thighs.


The soft-spoken acquaintance sitting next to me was obviously an intelligent dude, able to carry an interesting conversation with people he had just met that morning. Steven was enthusiastically sharing his interests with his new roommate, with the excitement between the two of them masking my wandering thoughts. The firm thigh pressed up against mine entered my mind, initially as a curiosity about his athletic background, followed naturally by the idea of Mikey’s body hair in that region of his body. By the time we reached the parking lot, I had let my curiosity reach the sensations that would become tangible upon fulfilling my carnal desires on the unsuspecting 20 year old pressing against me with every turn. By chance, Mikey got out of the truck through the drivers side door, giving me half a second to push the growing rod of white flesh up against my waistband. Walking behind them up the stairs, I zoned out of the conversation and focused on keeping my secret safe. If I had managed to keep my tastes for more than a single gender a secret from Matt and Steven for three semesters, I could surely hold it back for just a little bit longer.

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