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Still, no one knew about our frequent hookups besides our one friend. I was surprised he had been able to keep a secret as he often spills to our other friends but I guess he realized telling someone else would cause a domino effect as everyone around us would soon find out and might ruin what we had going on. It’s been such a rush sneaking around and trying not to get caught! I guess he knows we both would’ve done the same for him given he were in our shoes.

We all decided we’d had enough studying and needed a night out. On a clear weekend we got dressed in our bar clothes and drove three towns over where no one knew us. We danced and drank and danced some more. We both tried to keep it casual but I kept catching his eyes locked on my body. My black lace bodysuit hugged my hourglass figure as my ripped jeans hugged my hips and thighs. My hair half up, half down perfectly framing my face. There was a dribble of sweat glistening on my chest, slowly falling between my tits. I continued swaying my hips back and forth as I watched for his reaction.

He kept trying to keep his eyes up so no one would notice but I could tell it was getting difficult. The more he drank, the more obvious he became. I knew if I wanted to keep sneaking around, I’d have to do something about it. I went to get another drink and asked if he’d come with me as it was a packed bar and the guys typically went with the girls to make sure no strangers got too grabby. He stood behind me at the bar as I ordered my drink to my tab. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my hair back over my shoulder and nibbled on the nape of my neck. I pushed my hips back into him and felt his cock had already started to stiffen.

I grabbed my drink and we went back to the dance floor. We stood next to each other as we both danced to the song. The next song picked up the tempo as people began grinding a bit on one another. All the girls in our group started a line as the guys watched us grind on one another. I was in the front and led the group. I looked him in the eyes as I pulled my hair back and placed my hands on my knees to really lean back onto the girl behind me. As I dropped it low, the line of girls did the same. He couldn’t help but just watch as he wished it was his dick I was grinding my ass up against but not upset to see me grind onto another hot girl. He grabbed his crotch and adjusted his boner as I took a sip from my cup and slowly licked my lips clean of beer foam.

The next song as a bit slower but still one we could dance to. The grind line broke up and we continued to dance in our spots. I made my way back next to him towards the back of the group. I took this chance to tease him a bit more. I turned my back to him and started to grind my ass against his crotch. I could feel his semi filling his pants even more as he ran his fingers slowly up my arm. With one hand around my waist, following my hips with his hips, he ran his other hand over my shoulder. He pulled my hair behind my shoulder and kissed it. I trailed his hand lightly around my neck as he kissed up following my jaw line.

He looked up and saw none of our friends looking our way and he slid his hand over my jeans down to my crotch. He started rubbing hard but gently as I continued to grind. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder in lust as I wanted more. I pulled away from him slightly as I told our knowing friend that we were going to step outside for some cool air.

I grabbed his hand and led him towards the door. He seemed confused as to why we were leaving but he didn’t argue as he figured we were going somewhere to be alone. Once out the doors, he stopped and pulled me to the side. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. I grabbed mecidiyeköy escort his waist and pulled him into me as we kissed. I slid my hand around to his crotch and started rubbing him over his pants. He pulled away from our kiss and looked over my shoulder to be sure our friends didn’t follow.

To be sure we wouldn’t get caught, I grabbed his hand again, smirked at him and pulled him down the alley. It was sort of lit but still kinda dark and empty. We walked past the fire escape ladder and he threw me against the wall once again. This time he wasn’t afraid to slide his hand down my pants. He gasped as he felt how warm and wet my panties were just from the excitement on the dance floor. He started rubbing gently as I held onto the back of his neck and moaned slightly in pleasure. I got too worked up and decided enough was enough…I wanted him there and now.

I flipped him around and pushed him against the wall and slid down onto my knees dragging my hands down his chest and stomach. I unzipped his pants with my teeth and reached into his briefs to feel his stiff cock. I pulled it up and out as I began to gently lick the tip. I grasped the base and spit onto his shaft. I started stroking as I teased his head with my tongue. I slobbered all over it and worked my saliva all over his cock. He grabbed my hair as I dropped my jaw to take his entire length into my mouth. I swirled my tongue as I bobbed my head. He threw his head back and groaned, the music from inside just barely covering it up.

He grabbed my hair into his fist and started guiding my head as he thrusted slightly forcing his cock down my throat. I started gagging as he used my mouth as a sex toy. I grabbed the back of his thighs as I followed my lips with my tongue. I ran the tip up and down and across his shaft as his head hit the back of my throat over and over. Drool began dripping down my chin as I slobbered all over his cock. He pulled my head back and looked down at me with my lips around the head of his cock. I swirled my tongue before plunging myself back onto his cock. I took control again as I swallowed his whole length. I cupped his balls gently and played with them as I slurped and bobbed my head. He struggled to contain his moans as I deepthroated him with my tongue shoved out under his shaft just twiddling with his balls.

He grabbed my hair again and took back control. He swung us around pushing my head between his body and the wall. He became very animalistic and I knew he was about to cum. He tried to slow down to last longer but I needed his cum. I slurped and swirled my tongue as he thrusted in and out. He braced himself on the wall as he plunged his cock deep down my throat, my head pinned against the wall by his pelvis as he came deep down my throat.

After he shot his last rope and I’d swallowed every bit, he pulled me up and kissed me deeply. He redid his pants and made sure to wipe my chin and clean me up a bit before we headed back inside to rejoin our friends.

Our knowing friend sees us and smirks as he can figure that we probably fooled around. One of my girl friends came up to me and asked where we were. I told her we went outside for some air and she was a bit confused as our other friend told her I went to the bathroom. I played it off as a simple case of miscommunication and we carried on with our night.

We all partied until we were exhausted and drunk. My roommates were tired and ready to go to bed but I wanted to continue drinking. I was always more of a night owl than my roommates. The plan, they thought, was for our friend to either drive me back home later or I’d crash on one of their couches. Once the plan was sorted out, we all climbed şişli escort in our designated cars and headed home.

I passed out on his shoulder as I was fairly drunk and needed a power nap for what I knew was in store for the rest of my night. Our friend dropped another friend off at home and then he dropped him and I off at his place and left to go to bed.

We weren’t even through the door before he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him to kiss him. He reached around and cupped my ass as I ran my nails down his muscular back. He broke off and went to let his dog out of her crate. She ran up to me and I pet her a bit as he grabbed the leash to take her out. Stumbling a bit, he left and I went over and sat on the couch.

I couldn’t wait for him and had to touch myself. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid my hand down my pants. I started rubbing softly through the fabric of my body suit. I leaned back and got lost in my own pleasure. I threw my head back and moaned softly as I picked up the pace a bit. I was already dripping from the excitement of the night.

I heard the door open as he walked in. His dog ran up to me and licked my face as he stood in the doorway shocked I got started without him. I stopped to pet her until she calmed down enough to move off the couch. He sat down next to me and I swung my leg around to straddle his lap. I put my arms over his shoulders as I kissed up his neck. I grinded my hips into him and he guided my hips back and forth. I moved my lips up his neck to his lips as we made out.

I continued grinding into him as he brought a hand in between us. He slid it down my pants and continued where I left off. I nibbled on his ear as I moaned softly into it. He still guided my hips with his other hand as he rubbed me gently, then more roughly. He pushed me off to his side onto the couch. He got off and pulled my pants down. I got up and turned to face my ass to him. He smacked it and squeezed it a bit before running his hand up my inner thighs and up my mound.

He leaned his face down and nibbled on my ass before moving down over my pussy. He licked and tasted my juices before he found the snaps of my bodysuit and undid it with his teeth. The back sprung up as the front dropped exposing my bare pussy with a string of my juices still hanging onto it. He stared at it for a second, shocked at how wet I already was.

He didn’t take too long before he spread my ass cheeks and licked my slit to taste my juices. He started eating me out as I moaned into the couch pillow. I reached back and grabbed onto his hand as he sucked on my clit. He started flicking his tongue back and forth as I felt I was about to cum. I moaned louder as he pushed me over the edge. My legs shook under me as he continued to flick his tongue through my orgasm.

He pushed my hips to the side and I fell flipped onto the couch. He sat next to me and I got on my knees in front of him. I ran my hands up his thighs and over his bulge. I licked him through his jeans and nibbled softly around his shaft. I undid his belt and pants before sliding them down. I pulled his briefs down and his cock flopped up against his stomach.

I grasped the base and lifted it as I spit on the head. I swirled my thumb around it as he pulled my tits up out of my top. I took his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue along his shaft as I bobbed my head up and down slowly. Sucking just about an inch or two was driving him insane. I ran my hands up his chest and back down to his hips. I grabbed them tight and plunged my head, taking his entire length down my throat. He groaned as I looked at him and started to slurp as if I was sucking the life out of him.

I pulled my head up and wiped the drool off my chin and slid it onto his cock as I stroked it once more. He groaned and his cock twitched as I let go. I climbed up slid his pants and briefs off. I straddled one of his legs. I grabbed his neck and kissed him as I started humping his leg. I moaned into his open lips as he guided my hips faster. I grasped his cock and stroked as I rode his thigh. He moved his lips to my neck then tits as I threw my head back and got lost in pleasure. As my hips moved faster, my breaths got shorter as I gasped wanting more.

He picked up the leg that was between his 2 and flipped it over his outer leg. I straddled him and started grinding into his cock. I covered it in my juices as I humped his shaft lustfully. He grabbed my hips and pushed me slightly from him as I lined my hole up with his cock. He lowered me back down slowly as his thick cock squeezed into my swollen pussy. Once fully inside me, I went back to humping adding some bouncing to tease and rode his cock.

He smacked my ass and manhandled my hips as I bounced on his cock. My juices began to drip down his balls. He sat up, picked me up, cock still inside me, and set me down on my back on the coffee table. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. I held onto the table as he picked up the pace. I moaned as he thrusted his fat cock deep inside my leaking hole faster and harder.

Just as I was about to cum again, he pulled out and moved one of my legs off his shoulder and onto the table. He shoved 2 fingers where his cock just was and he fingered me hard and fast being sure to scoop my gspot with his fingers with each swipe. He rubbed my clit with the thumb of his other hand pressing his palm on my pelvis. I quickly grasped for his hand as I felt I was about to explode. He didn’t stop. He kept with this movement another few seconds as I threw my head back, back arched, mouth open and no sound coming out, legs shaking uncontrollably. One last thrust and I couldn’t hold back. My pussy squeezed around his fingers as I squirted into his hand and screamed. I had no restraint. I didn’t care about his neighbors, I just let it all go.

He leaned back as his jaw dropped. “Fuck…you’re a squirter?!” Breathily I answered, “If it’s done right.” He tossed my other leg down and pulled me up to kiss him. He swept me up and tossed me on my stomach on the floor. He pulled my hips up in the air as he lined his cock back up with my hole. He slid in so easily. Without warning, he grabbed my hips and hungrily started pounding into me. I groaned into the cold cement floor as he buried his cock deep inside of me. Over my moans, I heard his grunts and the sound of his hips smacking my ass over and over. He spanked me a few times before leaning forward and grabbing a fistful of my hair.

He continued plowing into me hard as I arched my back. His cock hit my gspot over and over as I felt another orgasm building. My legs started shaking and he picked up the pace. A few more deep hard thrusts and I lost all control. He let go of my hair and I fell forward. I squirted all over his cock, practically forcing it out. My orgasm rushed through me as my body went limp. He smacked my ass and pulled his cock out of me. He rushed up to my face as I used all my effort to roll over and sit up a bit to swallow his cock. He started to cum before I got to him, his cock exploding on my face. I caught what I could in my mouth before swallowing his entire length to finish him off. I tasted the mix of our juices as he shot rope after rope down my throat as he groaned in pure bliss.

He slumped down on the cold floor next to me. The ground felt so good and cold after all the roughness.

As we both caught our breaths, we laughed and he said, “Holy fuck…I’ve never been with a squirter.”

I responded, “I have to be relaxed enough to let it happen.”

He took a deep breath before saying, “Well shit, you need to drink more wine then!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32