From Straight to Gay Submission

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Big Tits


A straight engaged college guy becomes a submissive cocksucker to a dominant black man.

Note: This is a story based (remotely true) on a request from a fan. It is my first attempt at writing gay male fiction. The story is a little extreme, so if that offends you please stop reading now. If it doesn’t, I hope you enjoy.

Note 2: Of course, all participants over the age of 18.


Life was pretty normal. I was in my fourth year of college, majoring in commerce; I was engaged to a cute, sweet girl named Tabitha and we had a plan. You know the deal: graduate, get good jobs, get married, have two kids, a white picket fence in the suburbs, and live the American dream. It was al laid out, we even knew the names of our future kids: Thomas and Leanne (named after my father and her mother). Everything was going as planned, everything made sense.

And then…

One normal night…

Changed everything…

Did I know it then? No.

Would I change it now? No way.

If this was a movie, we would have some sweet music now and it would flashback to the day it all began. So let’s pretend that is the case.


On that normal night, it was our usual Thursday night men’s night. This night it included going to a strip club to celebrate the engagement of another buddy of mine Eddie. The evening included a lot of drinking, like it did, and spending a lot of money on sexy, but untouchable, women. By 1am, I was wasted and horny as hell, but knew I was getting none as Tabitha had early classes on Friday and I didn’t. I would eventually end up back in my dorm room, wacking off as I usually did on Thursday nights, well, actually Friday mornings.

Having broke the seal hours ago, I had been doing a steady walk from our seats, to the bathroom. I was draining the lizard when a moment so peculiar began my new life.

A 6 foot 4 black man in his early twenties walked into the bathroom, right behind him was a skinny, nerd looking kid named Elmer (if you can believe it) who was in a couple of my classes. The black man dropped his pants, pulled out his dick, a mammoth cock that was easily over 8 inches, and said, “Ok cocksucker, get to work.”

Elmer looked around and saw me starring right at him as I continued to take a piss. The look of complete recognition and fear spread all over his face.

The black man roared, “Faggot, get to work I don’t have all day.” Elmer then broke eye contact with me, dropped to his knees and took the cock in his mouth. He moaned, “That’s it cocksucker, take my black cock.”

I finished my piss and had no idea what to do. I had never even considered another man, nor had watching two guys ever been a remote turn on, yet I was transfixed watching this nerdy white kid who I assumed was still just a geeky virgin, taking a big, thick black cock in his mouth. Without my control, my cock stiffened in my hand. The black man looked over at me and said, “Enjoying the show are we?”

I stuttered awkwardly as I tried to put my 6 and a half inch erected cock back into my pants, “Um-no-sorry-I-I-I was just finishing up.”

He laughed, “Yeah you were enjoying the show. Probably wishing you could be the one on his knees taking my black cock.”

I chuckled awkwardly responding, “No, I am not gay.”

His laugh echoed in the small bathroom as he said, “That’s what all you white boys say before you beg to suck my cock.”

I began to leave when he said, “Stop.”

I don’t know why, but I did. He grabbed Elmer’s head and began to furiously face fuck his mouth.

I watched in stunned perverse silence, well aware that my dick was stiff as could be desperately trying to release itself from my tight jeans. The black dominant man smiled at me and said, “You are enjoying this aren’t you?” He then grunted, pulled out his stiff long cock and sprayed his cum all over Elmer’s face; he looked directly at me the whole time. He then rubbed his cock all over Elmer’s face, while Elmer’s tongue tried to retrieve the cum. He pointed to the floor and said, “Faggot, don’t waste any of my cum.” Elmer looked at me quickly, clearly humiliated, but then dropped to the floor and began licking the dirty floor. The black man pulled up his pants and said to me, “Do you want my faggot here to suck you off?”

I shook my head no.

“You sure, he is a great cocksucker. Aren’t you faggot?”

Elmer looked up and shook his head yes. The black man roared, “Use words pussy.”

Defeated he said, “Yes, I love sucking cock.”

“Do you want to suck this guy here, what’s your name?”

I don’t know why I answered, but I did, “Carter.”

“Carter who?” he queried.

“Carter Delorme,” I responded for some reason.

“Do you want to suck Carter’s cock here, you got him all horny.”

“Yes,” he said unashamedly.

“Go kneel in front of Carter slut.” Elmer quickly obeyed.

I was drunk, horny and figured what the hell. I opened my jeans and let loose my desperate cock. Elmer did not even hesitate as he took my cock in his mouth. Merter Escort Now Tabitha sucked my cock on a somewhat regular basis and a couple others had before her, but none compared to what Elmer was doing with my cock. It was like a vacuum had been wrapped around my dick. He bobbed up and down with a consistent pace and I just closed my eyes and forgot it was a guy sucking my cock. His expert mouth had me delirious with pleasure and I moaned “I’m cumming,” as I sprayed a load of cum into his mouth. Unlike the girls who had given me head, he kept bobbing up and down swallowing it all, not slowing down a single bit. After such an orgasm and his continual bobbing, I was overwhelmed. I looked up and saw that the black man had his cell phone open and was either taping or taking pictures. I quickly struggled to pull up my pants as a couple other guys came into the bathroom.

They smirked as they saw Elmer on his knees, cum still on his face. The black man smiled and said, “Give me your cell number.”

Trying to get out of there as fast as I could, I blurted out my number and rushed out of there just as I heard him say “Thanks, I can always use another white cocksucker.”

I returned to my friends beat red, but they were to busy watching a petite redhead shake her ass in front of them to even notice I was gone. I said I had to go, said my slurred byes and hightailed it out of there. I got home, crashed into my bed, as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness, I wondered does letting a guy suck me off and enjoying it make me gay? No, a blow job is a blow job.


The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache and little memory. I got to my first class late, but as I sat down and saw Elmer a couple rows ahead of me it all came flashing back. Elmer had sucked my cock, like no other. The thought of it had my cock rising uncomfortably in my pants. I repositioned myself and attempted to pay attention to another dull lecture. A few minutes in, my cellphone rang, embarrassed it went off, I apologized and quickly put it on vibrate. Of course, like we all do, I quickly took a glimpse at the message when the professor went back on his yawn-a-thon. I looked at the text and it was simply a picture of a black cock. I quickly put it down so no one could see and then took a quick glimpse. As I starred at it, my phone vibrated again.

This time a text that said: “How is my future cocksucker doing?”

I put the phone in my pocket as I contemplated how I was going to deal with this. Class ended and I got out of there before I could face Elmer. Tabitha texted me saying she was free for lunch and to meet her at OJays. I texted her back ok and started walking there. My cell vibrated again and I took a look and it was from the same number.

I quickly clicked on it to read it. “Ready to submit?”

I sighed and kept walking.

Thirty seconds had not passed when another text came in. I quickly read it. Again the same number. “My stiff dick is waiting for your virgin mouth.”

My face must have been red by now. I looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I continued walking.

Just as I was in view of our meting place another text came in. I looked at it and it said, “If your cock is hard right now, which I know it is, you are a faggot…my faggot.” Of course, my dick was rock hard, but still I was no faggot. I put the phone in my pocket and entered the restaurant. Tabitha was already there and I sat down. Looking at her immediately all my anxiety fluttered away. I loved her. I was not gay. I was drunk, nothing more. I ignored the 7 vibrations throughout the next half hour. Yet when my beautiful fiancé went to the bathroom I quickly, and eagerly I must admit, checked the messages:

“Are you thinking of my cock right now?”

“Between your lip?”

“In your tight, white, bottom?”

“Did you see Elmer in class today?”

“He said, your cum tasted good and he would love to swallow your sweet load again.”

“Does your pretty girl you are having lunch with suck cock like little Elmer did?”

I gasped as I looked around. He was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t see Tabitha yet, so I clicked on the last message. “If you want, Elmer is in one of the bathroom stalls, waiting for your cock.”

I know I should have ignored the opportunity, but I couldn’t. My raging cock controlled my brain now. I waited for Tabitha to return to the table and excused myself. I entered the bathroom and whispered “Elmer?”

“In here,” he responded.

I opened the stall and closed the door. He instantly began unbuckling my belt and slid down my pants.

My cock sprang free and he quickly took it in his mouth. I instantly moaned. This time he took his time, going slow and doing something I can’t even explain with his saliva. His mouth actually felt like a wet pussy. He had me so close a couple times, but then would slow down; finally frantic to cum, I grabbed his head and, like I saw yesterday, I face fucked his mouth. I pounded his face, shoving most of my stiff rod Merter Escort Bayan in his mouth. He took it all and just sat there as I exploded a loud of juice down his throat. After I was done, I quickly pulled my pants up. Elmer smiled at me for the first time and said, “Thank you for your cum.”

I laughed at the absurdity of the statement but responded, “Your welcome.”

I began to turn around when the phone vibrated again. I looked at the message, “Is my faggot done sucking my new faggot?”

I looked at Elmer as he said, “Here is my number. Please text me anytime you have some cum for me.”

Oddly I took his number and said, “This doesn’t make me gay.”

“I know,” he smiled, clearly not believing me.

“No seriously, I am engaged.”

“Ok,” he said finally standing up. “I need to get to my next class, plus I am suppose to meet in Professor Adams’ office at 3:30 for a little dictation.”

“Professor Adams, our accounting teacher?”

“The one and only,” he said matter-of-factly.

“But he is like 65 years old.”

“68 actually, but his cum is delicious,” he explained. “Well thanks again for your cum.” He then left.

I washed up and returned to my table and almost shot myself. The black man was at the table with my fiance.I got to the table and he said, “Oh hey Carter, I was just talking with your fiancé here.”

“Oh,” I barely got out.

“You shouldn’t leave a sexy girl like this alone for so long. What took you so long?” he asked coyly.

I lied, “Oh I bumped into a guy from my marketing class and we talked about next weeks test.”

He laughed and said, “I’m sure you did bump into him.” He stood up and said, “Well I gotta get to class, I will see you tonight Carter, 6 o’clock.”

“We will?” I asked questioningly.

“Yeah, your sweetheart has to work on a project tonight she told me, so I asked her if you could come and play basketball with us, we are a man short.”

“Oh, I…” I began.

Again the hidden innuendoes dripped as he said, “We will just be bouncing around some balls.” He gave a wave and walked away.

I sat down and Tabitha said, “He is nice.”

“Sure,” I responded, “What did he tell you?”

“Nothing really. That he met you at the party last night and that you to shared a drink and had a lot in common. He said he was rather new here and was looking forward to getting to know some new people.”

“Oh,” I said. My phone vibrated. Then again. We finished lunch and she headed to class. I watched her leave and then checked my phone. I had to end this, before Tabitha found out. The first message was: “Your fiancé is very pretty. Do you think she knows that you will be sucking my cock in just a few hours?”

The second one was simply a picture of Elmer sucking my cock.

Was he blackmailing me? Fuck. How was I going to deal with this? I texted him back: “We need to talk.”

A couple minutes later as I headed back to my room, he responded, “Sure thing cocksucker. I will text you my address later. Be there at 6 exactly.”

I texted back, “No, I mean, please leave me alone.”

Almost instantly he responded, “Come to my dorm at 6 and we will discuss it.” I sighed and figured it was the only way to end it. He sent me the dorm number and I went home and took a nap. I woke up at 5 and there were no new texts. I was strangely disappointed. I watched some sports on TV and then headed over there, getting there a few minutes early.

I walked in the dorm and walked up the second floor. I walked past a few other guys all who seemed to be smirking at me; what did they know? Or was it just me.

I knocked on the door, the name Cavin was on a sign on the door, was that his name? I assumed so. He called “Come in”. I walked in and he was on the couch playing X-Box, luckily, by himself. I closed the door and he said,”Right on time.”

I began, “This needs to stop.”

“What does?” he asked.

“Your texts, talking to my fiancé.”

He stood up, dropped his pants and said, “Look faggot. You are here. You came here knowing what was going to happen. ” He walked right to me. He put his strong hands on my head and pushed me to the floor. “Look at that delicious cock. Tell me right now you don’t want it. Tell me your cock is not stiff in your pants right now.”

His cock was an inch from my face. I was memorized by it. And like he knew all along, I wanted it. I needed to have it. I slowly began to lean forward when he said, “Are you sure?”

I nodded my head just slightly.

He chuckled, “No, no, no, I need to know for sure. You came here thinking I was going to blackmail you, but I don’t do that. Anyone who sucks my cock must do so eagerly and on their own accord. But I warn you, once you do it I will own you.”

I looked up at him and said, “I want to suck your cock.”

“You understand after you suck my cock, I will eventually want to fuck your ass?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“So you want to suck my black cock and then take my long stiff rod up your ass?”

As Escort Merter he asked it I knew that indeed I did. “Yes.”

He then moved his cock towards my lips and I submissively opened my mouth. I don’t know what I expected, but his prick had a sweetly salty sweat taste to it that was addictively tasty. I took his head into my mouth and sucked it slowly, bit by bit taking more into my mouth. I heard him say, “How does my cock taste cocksucker?”

“Good,” I moaned without allowing his cock to leave my mouth. As I took more in he gave slight moans of pleasure and I instantly understood the power women have when they suck cock. The thrill of giving such pleasure was overwhelming. All I wanted to do was make him cum, to taste his nectar. I began to move up and down faster, taking half his mammoth cock in my mouth. As I picked up the pace there was a knock at the door.

Cavin called, “Come in.” I froze and tried to move but he demanded, his hand on my head, “Keep sucking slut.” What could I do? I kept sucking as the door opened.

I heard a chuckle, “Oh I see you have a new cocksucker.”

Cavin responded, “Yes, apparently he is engaged.”

“Really? Anyways, what is the plan tonight?”

Cavin held my head and started pumping into my mouth, “Poker night and then the club.”

“Sounds good,” the unseen guy said as he chuckled and closed the door. avin began pumping his cock going deeper into my mouth and then shot his loud down my throat. I tried to swallow it all like Elmer had, but it was too much and some dripped down my mouth and onto the floor. Calvin sighed as he said, “Are you wasting my cum motherfucker?”

“No,” I quickly responded and without instruction dropped to the floor to get the cum I lost. I should have been humiliated, yet it somehow seemed natural.

After retrieving the cum, Cavin said, take off your clothes. I obeyed, knowing what was next.

Cavin smiled and said, “My cock isn’t ready for round two yet is it?”

“No,” I said, and got back on my knees and took his semi-hard penis back in my mouth. It took a couple minutes and he was hard again. He demanded, “Bend over the couch slut.”

I obeyed.

“Tell me what you want me to do now.”

I hesitated, but then said, “Please fuck my bum.”

Cavin laughed hard and said, “Really, is that dirty talk? Convince me I should give you the privilege of my black cock in your white virgin rectum.

Knowing I was defeated and that I desperately did want his cock in my ass I pleaded, “Please fuck my virgin asshole with your massive block cock. Hammer my ass and fuck me like a bitch.”

“Much better,” Cavin said as another knock on the door interrupted the impending loss of my anal cherry. “Come in.”

This time I was looking right at the door as the door opened. In walked another black guy. He smirked and said, “Hey Cavin, who is this?”

“Carter, this is his first time as a cum slut,” Cavin responded as he lubed his hard cock.

“Nice,” the guy replied. “I hear it is poker night.”

Cavin moved his cock to my virgin ass and grunted as he pushed forward and casually said, “Yeah, in an hour.” His cock slowly slid into my tight ass.

I whimpered in pain as his large cock went deeper into me. The guy said, “So what is your fiance’s name?”

I grunted, “Tabitha,” as the hard cock slid deeper into me. Then he stopped and just sat there his cock filling me as deep as I thought possible.

Then Cavin demanded, “Bounce back on my cock.” I couldn’t image it going any deeper, but as I slowly moved back it indeed went deeper. Cavin moaned, “You are a pretty little slut. You love my cock don’t you.”

As I moved back and forth the pain slowly went away and a unique pleasure replaced it and I moaned, “Yes, I love your cock.”

“Who owns you?”

“You do,” I responded moving faster on his cock.

“What are you?”

“A faggot,” I responded.

“Whose faggot?”

“Your faggot,” I moaned, loving his cock deep inside me. I looked up and saw a cock in my face and without instruction took it in my mouth.

Calvin then grabbed my hips and began to thrust in and out of me faster. “Oh yeah faggot, you are a good little faggot. Such a tight little faggot. Such an eager little faggot.”

As I bobbed up and down on an unnamed cock, I heard him say, “He will make a good addition to your sluts. “

“That he will,” Cavin responded as I felt a hot liquid fill my bowels. He kept pumping and I was disappointed when his cock slid out of my ass. I kept sucking the unnamed man’s cock until he pulled out and sprayed a full loud of cum all over my face and hair.

Cavin was getting dressed and said, “Cocksucker, go clean yourself up.”

Humiliated I stood up and began to look for my clothes and something to clean my face with. “No, no, no,” he said, “Leave the cum on your face until you get to the bathroom.”

“But,” I began.

“And don’t you ever question me fucktoy,” he bellowed, throwing me a towel.

Humiliated, I wrapped the towel around my naked body. Cavin said, “The bathroom is four doors down to your right.”

I left the room and came into a hallway with a couple guys lingering about. I kept my head down until I was stopped by a guy who said, “Um, you now you have cum all over your face and hair.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32