Fuck Morality – Sona’s Story Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

** This is a work of fiction. It contains absolutely no truth – even the bits that sound plausible. The characters in this story are not based on any real persons, nor is the story based on any real events. It’s a story people, enjoy it for it is. **

** This story is about incest between a mother and her son – both of whom are adults. If you don’t like this subject matter, move along. **

** This story is a continuation, of sorts, of the ‘Morally Ambivalent Mother’ series. You’re better off reading them as a back story. Or you can just read this and ignore all that. Up to you. Have fun!**

Hi, my name is Sona.

It feels a bit weird writing this. Like I’m writing a letter to someone except I don’t know who that person is. I guess it’s the internet.

I’m writing this after some encouragement from FunkyJunkyMunkey. That name is so stupid. I know him by his real name but seeing as he wants to keep that all a secret (for good reason I guess!), I’ll just call him FJM.

Sona is in fact my real name. FJM insisted I use something else to protect my identity. Seeing as he’d already splashed it all over his own stories I didn’t see the point. I don’t care anyway. The internet’s a big place. A big enough place to get lost amongst all the other names.

Also, I’m writing this story as much as for myself as for anyone else who wants to read it. It’s a recollection of what happened between me and my son and I don’t want to read other people’s names in it. It’s about something real. To us, in our lives. To put some other stupid names on it would be to denigrate the love and devotion we have for each other. What we have is real, and it deserves to be named as such.

I’m not really a writer. I’ve written erotic fiction before but it was really just a case of penning my own fantasies. I did put them up on a website long time ago and I don’t think it was very popular. I’m not surprised. Fantasies are very personal, I guess. If you don’t like what you’re reading, well, it’s regretful you wasted your time. I hope you find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

FJM says he’ll edit this before it goes on the Literotica site. He thinks he’s a better writer than me but I don’t think so. Maybe he’ll edit that last sentence out. I know it’s torturing his ego to hear it! If he manages to leave it in, there’s hope for him yet. *wink* (Love you babes! You make me shine brighter than a neon sky!)

Anyways, you’re here to read about the most intense life changing experience I’ve ever had and it took place over the course of the last week. It involves my son, Mobeen, and me finding something special in each other. Something that had been there for so long and been buried so deep neither of us knew it existed.

You see, you’ll be shocked to know that just a week ago, on Sunday evening, my son and I made love to each other. It was warm and deep and passionate and thrilling and everything that love should be between two people. I know it’s immoral. But FUCK MORALITY! (ha-ha that’s the title of the story!).

What we have feels natural. For us. It’s not supposed to be that way, I know. But it is. We seem to have an innate understanding of each others needs. Emotional and, yes, physical. I don’t care how wrong that’s supposed to be, it doesn’t change that it feels so RIGHT for us.

Sunday evening (1 week ago) was just the first time. We spent the whole of last weeks in each other’s arms. We discovered ourselves again, reaffirming our love as mother and son but in a different way now. It doesn’t feel like the physicality has changed our relationship. I’m still his mum. He’s still my son. He still asks when dinner might be ready and I still nag him to tidy his room. The sex has added to that. It’s made it better, stronger and deeper.

We’re together more, rather than doing our own separate things. We’re much more playful and open and free. We understand each other better. There are less boundaries to keep us apart and more drivers to push us together.

We slept together in the same bed. Every night over the past week. Like lovers. We fucked often. I guess it’s not surprising that we have the same sex drive, we’re related of course! He seems to want it whenever I do. I want it whenever he does. We’re perfectly matched – always available to each other.

He’s gone back to Uni now but he has since called me every day to tell me that he loves me. Usually, before last week I mean, he’d have called maybe once or twice during the school semester, usually to ask for money. I’m not implying we had a bad relationship. I think ours was like anyone else’s. Emotionally close but physically distant.

Ok, perhaps at this point I should give you a bit of a description of the two of us to help you visualise us as people. I’m adding this in because FJM insisted. I already know what I look like and I have a very good idea of how my soon looks! But for your sakes, here’s an outline.

I’m a petite Indian woman, 38 years old. I like in the UK, born and raised. Betturkey In the playground is where I spent most of my dayz (hahah, gotcha! But seriously…).

There is nothing traditionally Indian about me aside from the colour of my skin (tan brown). If you’re fantasy revolves around a traditional dumpy Indian mother, I’m sorry to disappoint – that aint me, at all. I’m only 5’4″ which is not too short for Indian women in general but quite short for the UK average. I have a slim, well kept toned figure which is nicely proportioned. I have small boobs, perfect for my figure but not to most men’s tastes (guys like big tits right?). I think because their small, they’ve not begun to sag at all and are very pert and youthful. I didn’t breast feed any of my babies so that’s helped keep their shape. My small hard nipples still point up and out!

All of my kids were delivered by c-section so my little coochie hasn’t suffered from the trauma of childbirth. Before you ask, there were medical reasons for the caesareans. I have a very small frame and doctors were worried that there may be complications if we went for the natural approach. I had the procedure done under their advice. Despite some very feint scarring, I can say I’m very happy I did. The side effects have been that I’m literally as tight as I’ve always remembered – not that it was something I thought about at the time of deciding! I’ve been playing with my little lady friend for a long time and all I can say is I’m very, very soft and snug. Even now, it’s not easy for me to push a finger in, and I have slender fingers!

I look at other mother’s bodies and I’m glad I’ve not had to suffer that. Petite women are also lucky in that we don’t develop much pregnancy fat – at least I didn’t. So even during my three pregnancies I was pretty lithe and sexy, albeit with a cute little bump.

I’m very vain and very into my looks. I love getting dressed up and like to think I have great fashion sense. Much of what I wear is considered avant-garde, many people would probably think a bit quirky. I wore pirate-fashion (yeah I know, sounds stupid) before all the stores were stocking it to the rafters.

I look stunning (see the vanity coming through?). No really. I know it sounds egotistical but I know I look good. I get guys checking me out all the time and I love teasing them a bit. Sometimes I get dress provocatively just to get the leery looks from the men and the scornful looks from the women. If you see me at a wedding or other social function – I’m the gorgeous one wearing the regal saree with the backless blouse and no bra. I love getting looks and I play up to it.

I’m very confident in a social setting. I’m usually the centre of attention, if not for my appearance then for my attitude. I’m not loud and rowdy but I AM opinionated. Sometimes I say things just to get a reaction. I love it. I like being a little controversial and standing out. I have a quirky outlook on life and people like that. If I would describe myself, I would say ‘arty’ but not ‘airy fairy’. Clear?

It’s mostly a show though because inside I suffer from low self confidence. People never believe me when I tell them. FJM is the only one who spotted it in me before I ever told him. In fact, he came up to me and asked why I put on a fake persona for people. That’s what intrigued me about him in the first place. Like he could see right through my charade.

He tells me to be who I am, fuck what people think. I don’t have to be liked. I don’t have to worry about feeling accepted or not. No one has ever spoken to me like that and that’s why he’s my only real friend. He knows me like nobody else. It helps that we’re very similar. I guess that’s why he understands me so well.

I’m not stupid. I know FJM has a crush on me. He knows I have a crush on him. We have a LOT of chemistry. If I had the guts to have one, he’d be my sex-buddy. We’d be great too, we’re both the sort of people that enjoy pleasing others. It would be like a perfect storm of pleasure! Ha-ha!

But sadly for him (and me, I guess), he’s not. The closest we’ve ever been is a few times I’ve let him lick my fingers clean after I fingered myself (we do nasty things like that from time to time). I once let him cum in my mouth – I was curious about what cum tastes like. Aside from me sucking the last of his cum from his cock that one time, we’ve never been any more physical than that.

We fool around from time to time. We smacks my bum. I grab his crotch. But not much more than that. We tease each other a little. Like in the cinema, a few times I’d stroked his cock from outside his trousers – I like getting him all hot and bothered. He’s played with my boobs a bit here and there. It’s nice, and fun, and I feel safe with him. I’ve read his stories and nothing about them surprise me.

We watch porn a lot together. Almost every time he comes round to see me, which isn’t that often really. We masturbate together and it’s not weird or anything. Betturkey Giriş We’re not shy like that. I’ve seen his cock many times. He’s seen my pussy loads. Quite a few times, I’ve masturbated just for him. He just watching me play with myself. I get really hot doing that for him. Cos I know how hot he’s getting.

I know he wants more. I want more. If he didn’t know it before then I guess he knows it now that it’s written in black and white. I’ve had many fantasies about fucking him. He’s a very good looking guy himself, strong features, tall and very handsome. He has this smile that makes girls ovulate! He gets girls chasing him all the time. I’m not surprised his wife gets so suspicious and paranoid. Imagine having to put up with horny young teenage girls coming up to your hubby in front of you and telling him how fit he looks. It’s enough to drive any woman mad!

He’s a loving husband and father which is why I’d never do anything with him (discounting the silly little things we do now and then!). I know he’s devoted to his wife – despite how it might sound in his stories. He’s never cheated on her and I don’t want him to change that. I don’t count what we do together as cheating, that might be selfish and conniving of me but it’s just the way I feel. Obviously I know it’s not right, otherwise there’d be no reason to keep our relationship secret from his wife. What he and I have is special and I don’t feel it takes away anything from his real life. Maybe I’m just trying to justify what we have. I don’t know.

We share something together that neither of us can find in anyone else. He’s wife would never accept some of this things he fantasises about. On the other hand, I just love it! We’re both just as twisted as each other and I absolutely love how naughty and perverted some of his fantasies are. We try and out-pervert each other all the time with more and more nasty things to talk about – it gets both of us really hot. Nothing is censored!

He can’t have that with his wife which is why I think its safe enough to have it with me. He can express that part of himself with me safely without fear of me judging him. If I wasn’t around, I can only imagine how suffocating it would feel for him, not being able to share your thoughts and fantasies without worry of being shut down and called a weirdo. That used to be me before I met him!

FJM – I love you baby! Don’t you ever forget that! You can lick my fingers clean anytime!!! Hehehe

Anyways, that’s enough about FJM. (FJM, if you want to take out the bit above, please feel free. It’s mainly for you, my darling).

You’re here to hear about me and Mobeen and somehow I got side tracked. I’ll carry on with my description of me like I promised.

Well, as I mentioned, I’m slim, petite, and very pretty. I have long straight hair which I either bleach or get coloured various shades of auburn and chestnut. For you guys, that means I have dyed brown hair! My natural colour is black.

I live in a very stuffy Asian (read South Asian, i.e. Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) community in east London. Upton Park, for any of you readers who are familiar with the place. Around here, literally any deviation from some ridiculously quaint idea of what Indian women should look like makes you an automatic pariah.

The same rules don’t apply for young girls. Aged 14 to 26 and you can pretty much dress and look how you like (within reason of course). But any time after that you gotta start looking more and more conservative and dowdy. If you got kids, well you best be wearing a sack because God forbid anyone should see you as a woman.

It’s not a religious thing as such – I mean we have all sorts of beliefs in our area. It’s definitely a cultural thing. It’s not even guys who pressure women. Westerners make the mistake that it’s the men folk who pressure women into covering themselves up and dressing like old biddies. That’s just not true. Asian/Indian guys, like all guys, want to see women dressed sexy. They’d love us to wear more modern outfits that show off our boobs and bums.

It’s the women who pressure each other. It’s weird, they compete over who can out-conservative the other.

I have three kids so I definitely get weird judgemental stares for the way I look and behave. In other areas it’s not so bad. Mainly because I look like I’m in my twenties so people just ignore it. But around here, people know me. EVEREYONE knows me. I’m that ‘whore that lives on x street’.

I’m not a whore. FJM has mentioned that I’ve only been with 3 guys in my life. My ex husband for over 10 years. Then a boyfriend for 6 months and then a really stupid one night stand. I say stupid because I don’t even know why I did it. I didn’t want to. My girlfriends just kept egging me on. It was horrible. I’m not saying the guy pressured me or anything. I willing went home with him. It’s just that deep down, I just didn’t want to do it and for that reason it was a complete disaster.

Unfortunately, Betturkey Güncel Giriş rumours start somewhere and once they do, they take on a life of their own. I don’t care about it that much. I guess when you realise you can’t defeat the beast; your own way to keep your sanity is to accept it for what it is. In time, hope to ignore it till it diminishes completely from your psyche. That’s the stage I’m at. I don’t care what people think or say when they point at me discreetly and say hushed things to each other. I just don’t give a fuck any more.

I’ll wear my tight jeans thank you, I like that my bum looks shapely in them. Oh, my mid-riff is exposed in this top? Well have a good look at my sexy naval jewellery then. Yes, you’re husband can’t keep he’s eyes off it. Yes, I know that you can see the tops of my bra in this blouse, I intentionally left the first few buttons undone. Yes, you did just glimpse the top of my thong when I bent over and I know that what you want to more than anything, if you could put your fucking judgemental shit aside, is to bury your nose in them and smell the hot pussy you’re never going to get!

Phew, sorry about that! I am who I am and I like me so fuck everyone else. Haha!

OK, so aside from the fact that I’m a hot piece of ass *wink* I’m not sure what else to say to describe myself. I take care of my appearance and I do lots of exercises to stay in shape. I’m very flexible because of the yoga and Pilates classes that I go to and I’m very fit overall. I can cross my ankles behind my head and if I curl tight enough into a ball and stick my tongue out far enough, I can almost tickly my clit 😉

As you’ve probably guessed, I have a very high sex drive. Frustrating for a person who never gets to have sex! My outlet is porn. Lots of porn. I live home alone so I get to watch a lot of it and masturbate frequently. Every night, in the morning, during the day, whenever I’m bored.

I have a small selection of toys which I play with often and selection of butt plugs which I never use (FJM had been a little hopeful last Christmas!). I’ve even got a little buzzing clitoral toy that makes absolutely no noise and can be worn even when you’ve got on the tightest of tight jeans. Nice to wear when you go out as long as you wear a sanitary pad (I didn’t the first time and had a very embarrassing wet patch!) and are able to find the occasional quiet spot to hold onto something strong and scream quietly under your breath!

I don’t work either so I literally do nothing apart from porn, online gaming, downloaded movies, chat and facebook all day.

FJM mentioned that I made my own porn for a bit. I’d say I ‘dabbled’ really. I took a few pictures and showed them to him. He then said he’d help (as if he’d have it any other way!) and he took a number of pretty good pictures of me in loads of different poses. Different outfits and different places around the house. Most of the pictures are pretty soft – just poses and such but a few are quite graphic and raw. Some of them are close ups of my pussy and bum. I’m opening my pussy up in a couple and fingering myself. One of them I’ve got a finger in my bum but it’s not all that clear. You might even have seen a few of them online if you’re into pictures of naked Indian women. They’ll stand out from all the others; I’m the one who’s actually quite stunning and not flabby and hairy! Also you’ll recognise me because I have a tattoo just below my waistline and near my crotch that says ‘free spirit’. Look out for it!

I get very turned on by myself. I’m not sure if other people are like that. I get turned on from the idea that I’m turned on. Weird, no? I imagine I’m feeling a little hot and wahey, I get a buzzing in the pit of my tummy! It’s also a visual thing as well. I masturbate in front of the mirror a lot. I like looking at my feminine figure, running my hands over my body. Holding my boobs, watching in the reflection how my hands squeeze and stroke my nipples. It looks incredibly erotic.

I also like to spread my legs and just explore my pussy. Playing with the curly folds and spreading myself wide, so that I can see the pinkness of my opening. I finger myself and watch how juicy I get when I play with my clit.

I’m not really an anal person (at least not till Mobeen opened my horizons!) but, when I’m really turned on it does feel nice to massage my bumhole. I’ve seen lots of amateur clips where women are really abusing their arseholes, stretching them wide and sticking dildos up there. It doesn’t really appeal to me, though I have experimented with a slippering finger a couple of times. It didn’t really do it for me.

I’m very comfortable with my smell and taste. I absolutely love it. I think women are generally prudish about themselves and I can’t understand why. My smell turns me on. I have a different smell when I’m turned on and that turns me on even more! Mad, no? I lick my fingers when I’m playing with myself. I love it. My taste drives me wild! I always lick my dildo clean after I use, it’s like a tasty little reward for spending the time to play with my lady friend. It probably sounds gross to you but I love it! To me it’s like a reminder of how excited I am, and how lovely it felt to satisfy myself. Ladies, people call it a honey pot for a reason!! MMmm!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32