Fuck, Not Another Lockdown

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This is a story of incest. If that is not your thing, please do not go any further.

All characters are over 18…all are clean & healthy…pregnancy protection was in place.


“Dad, come here quick.” I yelled. As he came running into the room, he asked what was wrong. I said, “They just announced another complete lockdown. Nobody can be on the road or go out. What do we do now?”

Just then my dad’s fiance came into the room and joined us. “What’s all the racket about?” She asked. My dad said to her, “They just imposed another immediate and mandatory lockdown and we are stuck here for until they decide on when to lift the lockdown.”

Her face dropped and I looked at my dad who just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Like everything else, we will deal with it. After lunch we will put a plan together.”

I guess I should give you some details so the story makes sense… Here it goes…

My name is Rachel and I just turned 18 a couple of months ago and going to college in the fall. I am 5’6″, 125, red hair, green eyes, firm ass and full tits. My dad, Robert, is 40. He is 5’10”, 185, brown hair, hazel eyes and is in great shape and lives with me and his fiance, Abigail who is in her late 30’s, 5’7″, 130, auburn hair, blue eyes, nice legs, nice ass and full tits.

My mom passed away several years ago and dad started dating only a year ago and when he met Abigail, it was love at first sight and I am so happy for them both.

This day trip was supposed to be a relaxing one, just the three of us enjoying the peace and quiet and my bonding with my future step mom. My dad had suggested staying at our cabin for the day where we could enjoy the time without any annoyances. Little did we know what was going to happen.

Anyway, on with the story…

Dad made lunch and as we ate we tried to figure out what we were going to do. All three of us were going back and forth with ideas and suggestions. After more than an hour, we had a notion of what we were going to do.

Since we had the telephone number of a couple of local restaurants, we called them to see if they would deliver meals and they said they would, so meals would be no problem. We could even order groceries that would be delivered.

We had a radio and a tv so we could waste time there.

Now, sleeping was going to be a problem since there was only one king sized bed and, to make matters worse, none of us had clothes to wear for sleeping. Abigail said, “We seem to have a dilemma here. I suggest we all sleep in the bed and just wear our underwear. We are all adults and it shouldn’t be a problem.” I replied, ” Well, that’s fine but that is a problem for me. I’m not wearing any.”

My father looked at me and said,

“Since when don’t you wear any?” I turned red and sheepishly replied, “Today was the first day. Sorry, dad.”

Abigail then said, “Robert, it’s no big deal. I’ll sleep in the middle and you won’t see her naked.” My father just mumbled an ok and sleeping arrangements were solved, so I thought.”

When it was dinner time dad called one of the restaurants and placed our order. It wasn’t long before we were having our first pandemic dinner, courtesy of the lockdown.

After dinner, we watched TV and hoped they would announce that the restrictions would be lifted, but no luck. The three of us were in this together.

It was finally time to call it a night. We all showered…dad first then Abigail and then myself. By the time I finished dad & Abigail were already in bed and the room very dark as I slipped my naked body under the covers.

I tried to get to sleep but the quietness was deafening, so I just lay in bed. Then, I felt an arm draping my stomach and my boobs. I knew it was Abigail and was hoping she was sleeping. I lay in bed, not moving at all when I felt her hand on my left tit. I was starting to get nervous and wondered if she was actually sleeping.

As I laid there without moving a muscle, I felt her fingers gliding over my now erect nipple. I don’t know why, but I became wet and, although I never had any inclination to be with a woman, I was aroused as my mind was racing. Just then, she moved Betturkey her hand away and rolled over to face my dad. I was relieved but also disappointed. I finally fell asleep at some point.

I woke up first and slipped out of bed. As I did, I looked back and saw Abigail watching me with a smile on her face. I turned a very red and hurriedly put on my shorts and tank top and went into the kitchen. It was awhile before Abigail and my dad joined me. I figured they must have been fucking.

As they joined me in the kitchen I knew I was right about them fucking as I saw some cum on Abigail’s thigh. I made breakfast and we discussed our plans for the day which were to watch tv, read a book, play games on our phones or just do nothing. Dad decided to do some work on his laptop in the bedroom while me & Abigail decided to chat for awhile on the deck since the weather cooperated.

Dad disappeared to do his work and we headed outside, coffee in hand. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything about last night but I had to test the waters, so I said to Abigail, “I hope I didn’t disturb you when I got into bed. How did you sleep?” She replied, “You didn’t disturb me. I was still awake. I slept ok. What about you?”

I answered, “Well, to be honest, I couldn’t fall asleep. It was my first time sleeping naked and I didn’t want to disturb you or my dad.” Abigail responded, “Nothing disturbs your father once he is asleep. I have masturbated and had orgasms in bed and he never budged.” She continued, ” I hope that didn’t embarrass you.” I smiled and answered, “No. I think that’s funny.”

Then, I said, “I had a dream, I think, that you wrapped your arm around my body and played with me. It was so real too.”

Abigail smiled and replied, “That is funny…but what if it wasn’t a dream?”

I choked a little and answered, “What do you mean? I wasn’t dreaming?”

Abigail said, “Rachel, you are a beautiful young woman and you are very sexy. If it wasn’t a dream, would that bother you?”

I answered, “But what about my dad? Does he know?”

Abigail answered, “Yes, your father knows I like women and he is ok with it. By the way, did you know your mom liked women also? Your father told me and he was ok with it too.”

I said, “I never knew. I am shocked but it doesn’t bother me that she was that way.”

Abigail then said, “Your dad loved your mom and would do anything for her. He was devoted to her.”

She continued, “Rachel, I have a confession to make. Your mother and I were lovers but your father never knew. I thought you should know.”

I replied, “I didn’t know but now that I know you, I am glad you two were good friends. I like you and I am glad you and my dad are getting married.”

Abigail got up and came to me and hugged and kissed me and whispered, “I like you too Rachel and if you ever want to take our relationship to another level I would like that. And, if you don’t, I understand.”

We broke our embrace and I said, “I am flattered and I just might take you up on your offer,” as I smiled. I then added, “It was dark when I slipped into bed last night, but what I saw of you, I liked.”

We both laughed and I went inside for more coffee for us and went back out to Abigail.

We continued chatting and talked a lot about a lot of different things and went back and forth with stories. Then I asked Abigail, “I know I shouldn’t ask but tell me, how is my father?” Abigail laughed and replied, “If you’re asking if he is a good fuck, the answer is yes, he is.”

I said, “Tell me more.”

Abigail moved closer to me and said, “ok, but it’s just between us.” I told her that’s fine and she started telling me, “Your dad has a big cock, maybe 8″ and thick. He fills me completely. I have never had so many orgasms as I have with him. He cums a ton too.”

I said, “I figured. I used to hear my mother screaming sometimes in pleasure. I didn’t know my dad was a stud.”

Abigail continued, “By the way, I never told your dad that your mom and I were lovers, so don’t tell him.”

By this time I was getting super horny and my nipples got erect and I saw Abigail looking at them. Betturkey Giriş I looked at her and she said, “I see our conversation is taking its toll on you. Maybe we should talk about something else.”

I pleaded with her to continue. She smiled and said, “I shouldn’t tell you this but you probably already know, your dad thinks about you all the time now. I can understand why too. Rachel, you are 18, nice figure, red hair, green eyes, nice firm tits and a great ass so why wouldn’t he think about you?”

I was shocked and replied, “Abigail, my dad wants to fuck me? That’s incest though.”

She answered, “I think, no wait, I know if you wanted him to, he would and I would be ok with that. In fact, I wouldn’t consider it incest, just a daughter showing her dad how much she loves him and giving herself to him.”

I almost fell off my chair and sat stunned. Then Abigail said, “You know Rachel, there are worse things that can happen. Why not think about what we talked about. You know being in a lockdown could have its benefits.”

We finished our coffee and went inside. When we got inside I thanked Abigail for everything and told her I loved her and was glad that she was going to be my step mom. Then, I just kissed her, not just a friendly thank you kiss but a deep kiss that sent a message. She pulled back, looked at me and smiled as I nodded an approval she whispered one word, “TONIGHT!”

After dinner the three of us watched some TV until it was time for bed.

This time Abigail took her shower first and my dad went second and I went last. This time when I went to the bed and slipped in, I saw Abigail nude and she pointed to me to get closer to her. She whispered to me, “Your father is asleep. You ok?” I whispered back, “I have been thinking about this all day. Yes.”

We started kissing and Abigail’s hands were all over my nakedness. My hands roamed all over her body and when my hand moved down to her pussy, I felt her smoothness. Her fingers slipped into my warm cunt and I loved the feeling as she pushed them in and out of my wetness.

Then I heard a moan and I looked over and saw my father, his eyes open as he was smiling. Then Abigail said, “Rachel, get in the middle so me and your dad can enjoy you. He wants you.”

My dad smiled and, as he looked at me naked, he said, ” Abigail told me about your conversation today. I am glad she convinced you to join us tonight. I love you more than anything and would never do anything to hurt you. Your mother would be so proud of you right now.”

I smiled and got in the middle. As I did, I could see my dad’s nakedness. His big cock was hard and ready for me. He hugged me and kissed me as Abigail’s hands fondled my tits. Then my dad moved my hand down to his cock and said to me, “Abigail told me about your concern and if this was incest. As your father I want to show you my complete love for you. I want you as a woman, not my daughter but only if you want me. And you and Abigail can enjoy each other even if you don’t want to continue with me.”

I looked at my dad and replied, “I love you daddy and want you and oh, yes I want Abigail too.”

Abigail got me on my back and my dad mounted me. Abigail spread my legs and lined up my dad’s cock to my cunt. Then dad started inserting his cock into my cunt. It took awhile but his cock was fully seated in my cunt. We rested awhile before he started fucking me. As his cock was slowly fucking me, Abigail was sucking on my nipples. My body was squirming and gyrating with each of my dad’s thrust.

Then I started screaming, “Oh my God, I’m cumming…I am going to cum… don’t stop daddy…then, just as I had my first of many orgasms, I felt my dad’s warm liquid filling me…I could feel every stream of cum as he filled me and his cum oozing out and down me. I felt Abigail’s tongue lapping up his cum as it emptied from my cunt.

When dad pulled his cock out, Abigail took over and mounted me and started rubbing her cunt against mine until we both had orgasms.

That night, my dad and his fiance had me many times until the early morning. In the morning when I awoke, I had dried cum and juices Betturkey Güncel Giriş all over me and just smiled.

Before I got out of bed, my dad fucked me again as his fiance watched and eventually joined in.

We finally showered and had breakfast. None of us bothered to dress and all I could do was enjoy the view of my dad’s cock and wanting it some more.

At breakfast I told my dad that I enjoyed our time together and that I loved him. He told me that, even though we shouldn’t have done it in the eyes of society, that he loved me and at any point in time I want it to end, he will be ok with my decision.

For the rest of the lockdown, we spent most of the time in bed. I especially enjoyed watching my dad fucking Abigail knowing that we will both be sharing him and each other, often.

After five days the lockdown ended and we returned home. On the way home Dad said that he and Abigail were going to get married in two months. I was so happy for them and knew then that I wanted to do something special, especially for my dad. As soon as we got home I told Abigail I had to speak to her.

Later that day, when dad went out, I said to Abigail, “I need your help. I know dad likes to fuck you in your ass and you enjoy it. Will you help me to take his cock in my ass? I want to give it to him on your wedding night.”

Abigail smiled and replied, “Of course I’ll help you. I have several dildos and anal plugs that we can use to get your ass ready. Your father will love his surprise but I have to be there to watch, ok?”

I smiled and answered, “Thanks and of course you will be there. When can we start?” Abigail took me by my hand and told me that we are starting right now and led me to the bedroom. She took out a butt plug and some lube and told me to pull my shorts down and lean forward. I did as she told me and quickly inserted the plug in my ass. She told me to keep it in for a few hours and then she would insert a larger one later on.

The plug felt funny in me but it stayed put. Over the course of the next month, Abigail got me ready. She fucked my ass with various sizes dildos and she said I was ready to take my father’s big cock. I thanked her the only way I knew, by having great sex with her for a whole day why my dad was busy doing work in another room.

The day finally arrived and my dad and Abigail got married. The three of us immediately got in the car and drove up to the cabin for their weeklong honeymoon with me joining them.

This time there was no lockdown and we had clothes and food to last the week.

I let them enjoy their first night as husband and wife and didn’t disturb them. However, Abigail peeked out from the bedroom door and waved me in. I got up and went inside. My dad was naked in bed and said to me, “Baby, Abigail and I want you to join us on our wedding night. We are a family now and we do things together from now on.

I smiled and got naked and joined them in bed. It didn’t take long before the three of us were having sex. After a lengthy sex session, I told dad I had a surprise for him. I looked at Abigail and said, “Do you think he is ready?” Abigail replied, “Rachel, he is more than ready.”

Abigail then said to my dad, “Robert, your daughter is giving you her ass as a wedding present. We hope you will enjoy it.

Abigail got me on all fours and as my dad got behind me, Abigail lubed up his cock and pressed his cock head into my asshole. It took a long time and a few attempts but dad finally got his cock in my ass. Once it was in, we rested a bit, then he started pumping his cock in my ass.

In the meantime, Abigail got on her back underneath me and was sucking on my nipples.

Dad yelled out that he was cumming and I felt him shooting his cum in my ass and his cock pulsating with each stream of cum he shot into me. As his cock slipped out of my ass, my dad kissed me and thanked me for his special gift. I smiled and told him to thank his wife for helping me getting his gift ready.

Many a night I enjoyed their conpany. Abigail taught me a lot, especially on how to please my dad. I enjoyed watching my dad fucking Abigail in both her holes. Abigail even showed me how to suck my dad’s cock and many a times we sucked his cock and balls together and when dad came, we shared his cum as he shot it into our mouths.

It has been a year now and dad and my step mom’s anniversary. I plan on giving them a great big surprise and am sure they will enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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