Fulfilling Angela’s Desires

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An older, mature man becomes involved with a younger hotwife couple. When he responded to their post, he had never realized that she also wanted a bi male or cd to join them.

Fulfilling Angela’s Desires

By Mugsgame

Angela whispered in my ear, “Swallow it all” as she pinched my nose shut. I could do nothing but swallow Bob’s cum. I sheepishly wondered just how I had ended up on my knees with Angela by my side, wearing her panties with her husband’s deflating cock just inches from my face? It was my own fault, that’s for sure.

While I can’t say it began innocently, it certainly did not begin with that outcome being envisioned. I am 62, widowed for 5 years and still working; mostly just to keep occupied. While I won’t be taking part in any marathons, I like kayaking in the summer and walking or hiking when the weather cooperates.

There are two seasons up north, winter and winter is coming. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference. I grew up out east in a big city. Lots more people, things to do. Yet I would never leave the north woods now. Big cities can be nice to visit but I will never live in one ever again. Too many people, too much traffic.

I dated some age-appropriate women in the last few years but found them to be clingy. I was certainly not looking to get married again or share a house with anyone. More than one lady hinted that I needed someone to, “look after me.” Thank you very much, I am looking after myself tolerably well.

What I was looking for was someone safe, sane and looking for uncomplicated fun. No strings. If it’s not fun, thanks but no thanks. We gave it a shot. No regrets.

I joined an adult site, perusing the ads wondering what, if anything, I would find that interested me nearby. It had been many moons ago when I last looked online for a sexual partner.

I live in a pretty rural area. I was surprised to find an ad from a “hotwife” who lived very close to me. She was seeking a male to join her and her husband. I was out of touch, I needed to google hotwife as I had never heard the term.

Angela’s picture showed her to be a very attractive brunette in her early-thirties with long hair falling down over her shoulders. There was nothing about her or her husband’s pictures that made them stand out. I was average, so were they.

The woman was attractive, for sure. But I could have passed either one, or both of them together a hundred times in a local store or restaurant without batting an eye; perhaps admiring Angela’s figure, depending on what she was wearing.

They seemed like an everyday couple. Albeit they definitely had had a kinky side. Perhaps I might be too old for them but I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. I composed a short message introducing myself and sent it on its way. Of all of the postings I had seen, theirs interested me the most. It was also the only one I responded to.

When I logged in the next morning I was surprised to have received a response from Angela. We exchanged more than a few messages over the next few days and explored our interests. Angela suggested I meet with them both the following night for a drink at a local bar. I looked at their pictures again, thinking there might be a real possibility that this may lead to something exciting.

I showered, dressing carefully as I had been cutting wood all afternoon. I didn’t want to meet them looking like a lumberjack. As I entered, I immediately recognized Angela and Bob sitting on a couple of barstools. She was casually dressed, wearing a white blouse and jeans with black high heels. They both turned as I entered, recognizing me. We all smiled as I shook hands with Bob.

When Angela put out her hand I said, “I hope you don’t mind,” as I brought her hand up and gave it a light kiss.

Bob smiled with Angela laughing saying, “I had a feeling we were going mesh together.”

I ordered a beer and Bob nodded to an empty booth in a quiet area of the bar. I followed them, admiring Angela’s wide hips and full ass. I also noticed the outline of bikini panties under her tight-fitting jeans.

As I sat opposite them, Angela said, “I told Bob a little about you. But I would like you to tell both of us about your experiences with couples.”

I don’t like talking about myself, so I took a long pull on my beer before I began.

“A very long time ago, way back in the early days of the internet, it must have been either CompuServe or AOL, not sure which, I found myself chatting up an older woman in a nearby state. This was when I was living out east. I was in my mid-twenties and single. I guess it’s called sexting now.

“We seemed to be getting each other excited but my hopes greatly diminished when it came out that she was married. When I expressed my hesitation, she enthusiastically explained that her husband knew everything about what she was doing, and in fact, would be there watching if we were to meet.

“This was new to me; I had never really considered being with a couple before. Küçükköy escort bayan Mary was her name. I have to smile remembering her. Whenever you think of old flames or lovers, it is always nice that you can smile when you remember. Not like a few, where What the hell was I thinking? is the only thing that you really remember about them. I hope that, down the road, when I think of you both it is with a smile.”

Angela poked Bob in the ribs saying, “What did I tell you, he’s a gentleman. With a kinky side too. Just wait until he tells the rest.”

I continued, “Mary first asked if it would be ok for her hubby to be there. I thought about it before replying yes. We had previously talked of all the things we would like to do; I told her I very much like giving oral. Mary said what she most wanted was my big hard cock in her pussy as her hubby was small. I told her that although I loved licking a lady’s pussy more, I would be more than willing to fuck her too.

“Mary mentioned that her hubby would want to lick her pussy as I fucked her. It was possible his tongue might touch my cock as he licked. I thought of how well we had both sexted together. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I agreed with Mary that it might happen, it wouldn’t kill me if his tongue touched my cock as I was fucking her.

“Eventually Mary dropped a few more bombshells. She said that she definitely wanted me to fuck her, but she also liked to dress her hubby in her panties and watch him sucking a cock.

I thought long and hard on that one, telling Mary I needed to think that over and I would let her know. If she wants to watch him suck me a little. How bad can it be? Finally, I decided that with her watching that would be ok.

“Getting back to Mary the following day, we talked about meeting for a weekend. Mary assured me that I could fuck her first. She only wanted me to let her hubby suck me a couple of times over the weekend. She also asked if I would wear her panties for her, adding that she would love to see me suck her hubby as well.

“We had reached the point of fish or cut bait. I was telling Mary I would not be comfortable doing either of those. I was expecting our chatting to end but instead Mary began planning what weekend would work for all of us and whether I should drive to their house or have them come down to me. I ended up driving up to them, worrying all the way about just how it was going to turn out.

“It actually worked well. It was odd having a guy in panties suck me, but they both seemed to enjoy it so much it was hard not to let myself go and expand my horizons. Mary never pressed me to wear her panties or suck her hubby. We met several more times over the next few years. I don’t quite recall how we lost touch. I think it was more them just dropping off the map. After that I also met a few other couples online, with some of them the hubby sucked me.”

Angela said, “That’s a good place to stop for now. I have to pee. Bob why don’t you get another round of drinks” as she got up from the booth heading toward the rest rooms. As Bob got another round, I wondered if I had said too much or too little. Angela certainly seemed interested.

When Bob brought back the drinks I said, “You are a lucky man.”

Bob laughed and said, “Yes I am, I love seeing Angie being pleased.”

Angela sat in the booth next to me and said, “Now tell him about your sister’s girlfriends.”

I smiled saying, “There is not much to tell. It is kind of embarrassing. Growing up, my older sisters sometimes had girlfriends stay over a weekend. One day, one of them had left her clothes in the bathroom after taking a shower. Well, I started borrowing their worn panties when I had the chance.”

Angela chortled, “Borrowed. You naughty boy. I can’t believe that you never tried wearing them and only sniffed and jerked off with them. Or at least that’s your story” she said, laughing again. Angela put her hand in my lap. I could feel a surge of excitement running through me and my cock.

“Well, you never wore panties for that Mary but I am sure that you will wear them for me.” Angela gave my growing cock a gentle squeeze. I was looking at Bob who was smiling at me.

Was this as unexpected as when I chatted with Mary so long ago? Would I let Angela put her panties on me? It seemed harmless enough now.

I was about to say yes when Angela added, “Yes I am sure you will be wearing my panties and sucking Bob’s cock. You would not for Mary but you will for me.” I don’t know where she got her confidence, because I wasn’t at all sure of that.

Bob said, “Don’t push him Angie.” I smiled, silently thanking him for not having to make any decision right then.

Angela confidently said, “Of course he will” looking at Bob petulantly.

Turning to me she asked, “You saw our earlier post, didn’t you?” I had indicated that I had not.

Angie explained, “It was a posting for a cd or bi male to join us. I have wanted to see a guy, especially a Escort Mecidiyeköy guy in panties sucking Bob for a very long time. I feel sure that regardless of what you say now, back then you did wear your sister’s girlfriend’s panties at least a little bit.”

I could feel my face flushing as I said, “Well, I may have once or twice but it was weird enough just sniffing them to jerk off. I am just glad that I never got caught.”

Angela said, “You would’ve been glad if I caught you. Mmmmmmmmmm, just think of all of the naughty things I would have done to you.” I had not noticed, but Angie, continued massaging my cock. It was rock hard, at full length in my pants.

I looked at Angie. Her eyes were shining with excitement. Bob had an amused look on his face. I knew that I wanted Angie. She was beautiful, fun, a breath of fresh air. They were open with their desires. Could I be kinky with them? I was unsure how I was going to respond before taking a deep breath.

“Is this something that you want as well, Bob? I asked. When he nodded his head, I turned to Angie saying, “No promises other than that I will try. You can dress me in your panties for sure. If that feels too weird, I may just say thanks but no thanks and head home. The same for sucking Bob. That is, if we get that far, I will try. But will I actually do it? I just don’t know. I promise you nothing but to try. If that isn’t enough, well good luck to you both.”

Angie gave me a quick peck on the cheek saying, “That’s all I ask of you. That you try to please me. Just like I knew we would want to meet you when we chatted, I know that you will love wearing my panties and sucking cock for me.”

“Just like I know that you took time before meeting us to clean up.”

“Just how do you know that? I asked.

“Your hair was still a little damp when you kissed my hand. You also have sawdust on your boots. I can smell the sap” Angela said without any hesitation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she also knew her way around a chainsaw. I had my doubts about sucking cock but was willing to wait and see how it went. We arranged to meet Saturday at noon.


I was just about to leave on Saturday morning when the mailman came up my drive blocking my way. I got out of the car. He approached me with a package that I needed to sign for. So, I was running a couple of minutes late when I knocked on Angie’s and Bob’s front door.

When Angie opened the door and saw me, she half-turned towards Bob. That gave me a great view of her wide full ass. She was wearing a lacy black bra, matching panties and a garter belt with black stockings with her long hair falling over her shoulders.

“You lose, I told you he would show up” she laughingly said, adding, “Bob thought you would get cold feet and not show up. I knew you would. Are you ready to be my naughty cocksucker?”

I smiled as I thought back, remembering Mary saying something similar. Only then it was her hubby going to suck me. The worm turns I thought. I didn’t like the sound of that, but supposed it just might be true.

In just a little while, I was at least going to try. I could not think of anything to say with so many thoughts going through my head, just nodding. Angie took my hand, leading me to their bedroom. The bedroom was large with a makeup table for Angie in a corner.

She sat facing me and said, “Strip for me.” That at least I was not uncomfortable doing. Somehow, I have always been able to get naked in front of a woman without any embarrassment. I was semi-hard as I pulled off my underwear leaving myself nude as Angie watched smiling.

She pointed towards the bed saying, “Pick out a pair to wear, then come and sit with me.” I had not noticed but there were three pairs of panties laid out at the foot of the bed.

One pair was a red thong stringy thing. The pair next to it were a light blue bikini. The last was a white pair with a lot more material and wide lace at the waist. I was getting harder by the minute and picked the pair with the most material.

As I brought them over Angie smiled even more broadly remarking, “I knew you would pick my favorites. She turned to face the mirror, I sat on the bench beside her. Angie started picking up different lipsticks, considering the colors. She had rejected half a dozen before she picked up one that was a deep shade of red. “Perfect. Perfect slut makeup. You are going to be my slutty cocksucker, aren’t you?”

It was more a statement than a question as Angie reached down and wiped the precum leaking from my hard cock. She started to lick it, stopping to bring it up to my lips. With very little thought I opened my mouth, licking and sucking her fingers. Angie started applying the lipstick. When she finished, I thought I looked ridiculous but Angie seemed pleased.

“Stand up and let me slip these on you.” I stood with Angie holding out the panties and stepped into them. Angie pulled them up, my hard cock was just poking above the lace waist. Merter escort “Mmmmm you do have a big one” she said as she positioned my cock at an angle in the panties. My cock was throbbing as she rubbed her hands over my ass.

Angie got up and went to the bedroom door and called for Bob. Angie looked so sexy, it was like a dream or some porn model. Without me even noticing, Bob had stripped, laying naked on their king-sized bed. He had pulled some pillows down, laying in the middle of the bed with his legs hanging down.

His cock was hard. Somehow it pleased me to know that my cock was bigger. But then again, he was having his cock sucked, I was supposed to do the sucking.

Pride goes before a fall. I suddenly wondered if I was still going to go through with this. I was excited for sure, Angie had a hungry look, she was primed and ready. Bob was hard, ready to go with whatever happened.

Me, I suddenly thought of a roller coaster. The click, click, click as the tracked chain pulls the roller coaster car up to the apex before gravity takes over. Since I had knocked on their front door or even before, the click, click, click had been silently sounding, pulling me closer to the apex.

Gravity was about to take over. If I didn’t choose to stop, the decision will have already have been made. Without quite realizing how, I found myself kneeling on a pillow between Bob’s legs with Angie beside me with Bob’s hard cock twitching in front of me.

When Aggie whispered, “Just start slow. I’ll help. Just lick it up and down to begin.” I knew then that I had passed the apex. I willed myself just to do, not to think. I bent forward, running my tongue up and down his shaft. It surprised me how smooth his cock was. It was also hot, not burning hot, but like the wet, hot dampness of a woman’s pussy.

As I started sucking the head, I heard Angie in my ear, “Yes baby, suck it, just like you like your cock sucked.” Angie was rubbing my ass with her hand through the panties.

I started licking the shaft again with Bob starting to moan and grind his hips. I could not believe that I was taking most of his cock in my mouth. Sucking, licking as Angie as whispered in my ear. In the back of my mind, I wondered just what had changed but at the same time I was caught up in the moment. It was both weird and wonderful.

Angie said, “take as much as you can. Bob loves seeing lipstick marks at the base” she laughingly said. I sucked Bob as deep as I could before pulling back for a breath. As I looked down, there were lipstick marks at the base.

I thought in wonderment as I felt my cock throbbing against the panties. I like this, God knows why, but I want to make him cum. Angie was still whispering in my ear as I alternated between sucking the head, licking the shaft and going deep, sucking hard. Bob moaned loudly.

Angie pressed the back of my head toward his cock again saying, “Make him cum, baby.” She took one of my hands, together we cupped his balls as I sucked harder. I was sucking the head of his cock when I heard him grunt. I was quite stunned when the first spurts from his hot cock hit the roof of my mouth.

Angie said, “Take it all. Don’t spit it out.” I felt her hand still rubbing my ass as Bob’s cum was starting to run out of my mouth when Angie used her other hand to pinch my nose closed saying, “Swallow it all baby.” I couldn’t do anything but swallow his cum.

I was catching my breath trying to absorb everything that had just happened. While I didn’t swallow it all, it was more than I expected. It tasted not unpleasant but strange. I don’t know how I felt until Angie pushed me down on the floor kissing me, her tongue probing my mouth. She rose, taking my hand before pushing me back on the bed.

“God that was so hot, you made me so fucking wet” Angie said as she pulled off her panties revealing a smooth shaved pussy. She straddled me saying, “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.” I felt Angie’s pussy sliding over my cock. Her pussy almost felt like it was on fire. I imagined sinking my cock into burning lava. Her face was wet with perspiration, her eyes shining wildly as she rode my cock. My hands were wrapped around her wide hips and ass as Bob watched Angie fuck me. I lasted a long time. I kissed Angie when I started to cum.

Angie’s eyes widened as she shouted, “give it all to me.” She bucked even harder up and down my cock before laying against me panting whispering, “God, that was good.”

After a couple of minutes Angie rolled off of me asking Bob, “Ready for your sloppy seconds, baby?” Bob had been stroking his cock and positioned himself between Angie’s thighs before fucking her. We both fucked Angie once more that afternoon.


When I got home, I immediately wrote Angie an email telling her what an exciting time I had with them. Adding, that I hoped that she was half as much pleased as I was. I also hoped that they both wanted to meet me again.

I hit the send button before going to get a beer. I sat back relaxing, thinking about the experience. It was different from anything I had ever done before. That was for sure. If it was just Bob, I would not have any desire to suck his cock, or any other guys. But to suck for/with Angie, I definitely would. Definitely. How did that happen? I was considering that when my email pinged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32