Fun at Camp

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[All characters are over the age of 18]

Todd and Brad had been at camp for about three days and were sitting on the front porch, looking out over the lake and relaxing after having lunch. Neither was in that big a hurry to get back to fishing. They had been fishing just about non-stop since they had arrived and they had caught a ton of fish. Besides, the fishing usually died off for a couple of hours every afternoon. It was the perfect time to relax and enjoy being away from home and back at camp.

“Well Bro,” Brad said, standing up and stretching “I think I’m going to head inside and take a nap. What are you going to do?”

“Actually, I was thinking the same thing.” Todd said, also getting up. “But I think I’ll head down to the lake and take a quick swim first. It’s been three days since I could take a shower and a dip in the lake ought to be just what I need. I’ll probably be in after that though.”

“Well, make sure your quiet coming in.” Brad joked, turning towards the door as Todd started towards the lake. “I don’t want you waking me up in the middle of a good dream. It’s the only sex life I have up here.”

Todd laughed as he headed down towards the lake, peeling his shirt off as he walked. One of the things he liked best about being up at camp was the chance to swim naked in the lake. There was just something about swimming naked in the outdoors that never failed to turn him on. Whenever he and Brad swam naked together he had to be careful to keep his hard-on below the surface so Brad wouldn’t see it and get the wrong idea about why he was so hard. As he was stripping off his jeans he thought about that. Would it really be the wrong idea? More and more lately he had caught himself

checking Brad out when they were skinny-dipping. Was he any harder when they were swimming together than when he was out here alone? He wasn’t sure, but he thought that he might be. There was just something about seeing Brad’s naked ass and the quick glimpses of his cock that seemed to make his own cock throb. His cock was plenty hard right now as he stood naked at the edge of the water and Brad wasn’t even here. But he was thinking about him so maybe that explained it. “Fuck it. Who knows?” He said out loud as he headed for the water at a quick jog, his cock bobbing up and down in front of him.

He knew that the water was going to be cold and that the best way to tackle it was to run out and dive in. His stride lengthened as he hit the water and he quickly dove in. The icy water took his breath away. He pulled strongly and was soon about a hundred yards out in the lake. He tread water for a couple of minutes, catching his breath and feeling the water on his naked body. How his cock could stay so hard in such cold water was a mystery to him but it always did. He swam around for about ten minutes, feeling the water slide across his body. God, what a feeling. He wished that he could do this every day. He really needed to get up here more often. Finally, starting to shiver form the cold, he swam to shore and walked up onto the grassy bank. “I really should have stopped and grabbed a towel.” He thought as he grabbed his tee shirt and used it to half-assed dry off. Finally he lay back on the grass and let the sun finish drying him off.

The hot sun felt good on his body and he warmed up pretty quick. He lay there with one arm under his head as the other gently fondled his balls and rubbed his still hard cock. If there was one thing he liked more than swimming naked it was jerking off outside. The feel of the sun on his naked flesh, the breeze tickling his nuts, he always came hard when he got off outside. And with Brad inside taking a nap, now was the perfect opportunity. He took his hard shaft in hand and started running his fist up and down its length with nice slow strokes, the way he liked it when he could take his time. Brad would probably sleep for a couple of hours at least so he had plenty of time. Shit, here he was thinking about Brad again. Why was he thinking about Brad at a time like this? He was jerking off for Christ sake. He ought to be thinking about his girlfriend Wendy. Now there was a hot piece of ass. But every time he tried to form a picture of her in his head he wound up picturing Brad’s naked ass sliding through the water, or the way his cock and balls hung as he walked down to the lake when they were swimming together. Todd knew that he wasn’t gay and all these thoughts about Brad didn’t make sense. But he couldn’t get rid of them. His cock didn’t seem to care what he was thinking about. It was as hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum from its purple head like a river. Todd rubbed his fingers across the piss slit, smearing the clear fluid around the crown of his swollen cock. He was leaking so much that his cock was soon coated with the slimy fluid and his hand slid up and down its length with ease. He brought his other hand down and began to gently squeeze his nuts, sometimes slipping a finger down to tease his puckered asshole. Whenever he did this his cock would swell a little more and small waves of pleasure would spread across his body. Todd tried to push Zeytinburnu Escort his finger deeper into his ass, seeking more of these intense feelings, but he was having trouble getting it in there without a bit of pain. Finally he brought his finger to his mouth and coated its length with spit. It went in easily then and he was soon sliding it in and out as he worked his cock. His hand was moving in a blur over his dick now and it was sending him through the roof. His asshole was sending pleasure signals to his cock and it was responding. His nuts were pulled up tight against his body and his cock was so hard that he thought it was going to split. Todd finally gave in and let his mind wander were it would. Images of Brad’s tight body filled his head. His tight round ass. His long thick cock with its heavy low hanging balls.

He imagined himself on his knees in front of Brad, taking his hard cock into his mouth and sliding his lips down to its base. He imagined reaching around to take Brads ass into his hands and pulling him deeper into his throat, working his tongue around the shaft. When he pictured Brad shooting into his mouth he drove his finger all the way into his ass, groaned, and spurted all over his chest and stomach. He came long and hard, his cock spitting stream after stream of sticky cum into the air as his hand flew along its length. Finally, with his nuts empty, he pulled his finger out of his ass and lay there panting on the grass. God Damn, what a cum. He didn’t remember ever having cum that hard. He wanted to tell himself that it was the finger in his ass, or being naked outside that had cause him to cum like that. But he knew that wasn’t it. At least not all of it. He had to admit, at least to himself, that it was the idea of sucking Brad’s cock that had pushed him over the edge. Why did the thought of having sex with Brad turn him on so much? He wasn’t sure what the reason was, but he was sure that it was a good thing that Brad hadn’t seen that or known what he was thinking while he did it. He finally got up and went back into the water to clean up and then he was going to head to camp and take a nap.

Todd was right about Brad not knowing what he had been thinking about while he jerked off, but Brad had seem most of the show. He had gone inside to take a nap like he said, but it was just too hot in there. Finally after about fifteen minutes he decided to join Todd in the lake for a swim. Maybe the cold water of the lake would cool him off enough to be able to sleep. He stripped off his clothes, wrapped a towel around his waist. He headed out the door, grabbing Todd a towel on the way out. Walking down the trail he couldn’t wait to dive into the lake. Like Todd he loved swimming naked in the lake. He was thinking about how good it was going to feel when he came in sight of the lake and saw Todd laying on the grass slowly stroking his cock. He stopped about fifteen feet away and just watched for a couple of seconds, trying to figure out what to do.

He was going to say something; thinking about how funny it would be to watch Todd jump, but something cause him not too. He could feel his cock stiffening under his towel and realized that he was getting turned on. He had never watched another guy jack off before but had thought about it. This looked like the perfect chance to watch. So he crept quietly off the trail and carefully worked himself into a position where he could see everything that Todd was doing. At first he just stood there and watched as his friend slowly fisted his cock and played with his balls. He wasn’t sure but he thought that maybe he was playing with his asshole a little too. That thought caused his cock to throb under his towel so he let the towel fall and took his dick in hand. He started stroking himself, his eyes locked on Todd’s cock as it slipped in and out of his fist. He tried to match his pace to Todd’s and even reached down to play with his nuts too. Although he wasn’t gay, Brad thought he might be bi. A lot of his fantasies lately had revolved around having sex with another man. He’d learned a long time how good it felt having a finger up his ass and had even let a girlfriend stick a dildo up there one time. He had come almost immediately. They had broke up not long after that so he hadn’t gotten a chance to pursue it further. The feeling was incredible though, and he had been wondering how much better a real cock might feel. He’d never done anything to find out, but it seemed that the thought was always there now. Since they had been up here he had been wondering if Todd might be the one to find out with. They were best friends and had been all their lives. If he could trust anybody it was Todd. But this just wasn’t something that you asked another guy unless you were sure, damn sure, that he felt the same way. There were times that he was almost sure about Todd though. Sometimes he got the feeling that Todd was checking him out. There were times when they were undressing in camp or skinny dipping in the lake that he could feel Todd’s eyes on him. Yet he couldn’t be sure so….

Brads cock was fully hard Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan in his hand now as he worked it with his fist. He let go long enough to spit in his hand and then resumed the stroking that was giving him so much pleasure. God, Todd’s cock looked good as he stroked it and Brad could almost imagine how it would feel sliding up his ass. He wet his finger and started to work it into his ass. At almost the same time he saw Todd bring a finger to his mouth, wet it, and reach back down between his legs. He saw Todd’s hips lift into the air as he shoved the finger into his tight backdoor and heard him groan as it slid in. Soon, Todd was shoving that finger in and out of his ass as he jacked off his cock. The way he was moaning and fucking his hips forward to meet each stroke of his hand, Brad knew that Todd was close to cumming. Brad wondered what he was dreaming about out there as he jerked off. Was he pretending that it was a cock sliding in and out like he did when he jerked off or was he thinking about Wendy and imaging that it was her finger? Brad didn’t know but he hoped it was the former. He could help him make that dream a reality. Maybe he should start feeling Todd out on the idea. Carefully of course. Maybe they were both thinking about the same thing, but were both too nervous to make the first move. He’d have to give it some thought and figure out a way to test Todd without giving himself away until he was sure.

Suddenly Todd started slamming his finger into his ass and fisting his cock like mad and Brad knew he was about to cum. Wanting to cum with him Brad shoved another finger up his ass and pressed them both against his prostate. His knees locked and he felt the cum surge out of his nuts and rocket up the length of his shaft. The first spurt had just left his cock to spray onto the leaf covered ground when he saw Todd’s hips thrust up and then cum was pumping out of Todd’s cock in long thick streams to land on his chest and stomach. Brad’s cock continued to spray its hot seed out into the air as his eyes stayed locked on Todd’s spurting dick. Finally Todd’s cock stopped shooting and he pulled his finger out of his ass and lay on the grass. Brad quickly picked up their towels and worked his way back to the path. His own cock was hanging limp but happy between his legs, still dripping cum from it’s tip. He was going to wipe it off with his towel but instead he gathered it up with the tips of his fingers and brought it to his lips. He’d never tasted his own cum before, but today he wanted to. He sucked the cum from his fingers and found that it wasn’t as bad as he had thought it might be. He wished that he had more than the couple of drops that were left but oh well. Next time he’d cum into his hand so that he could get a really good taste. He was just about back on the trail when he heard a splash and knew that Todd was back in the lake, probably to clean himself off. He quickly wrapped his towel around his waist, stepped out onto the trail and walked boldly down to the edge of the lake. Todd was just coming up from underwater when Brad called out to him. “Hey Bro, how’s the water?”

Todd jumped and spun around and Brad thought it looked like he was blushing.

“God damn dude, you scared the shit out of me.” Todd sputtered, standing in water that was about chest deep. “I thought that you were going to take a nap?”

“It was too fucking hot to sleep so I thought that I’d come down and join you for a swim. You know, cool off a bit and then try again. I brought you a towel.” Brad held up Todd’s towel and then tossed it off to the side. “So how’s the water?”

“Fucking cold. What do you think?” Todd said as Brad unwrapped his towel and let it fall to the ground.

“Good.” Brad said as he started to wade into the water. “I’m sweating my ass off.”

“I know what you mean.” Todd said as he stood there and watched Brad ease into the lake. God, it was just how he looked in his fantasies; His thick cock hanging down and swinging back and forth as he walked. Todd realized that he was staring and quickly turned and dove into the lake. What the fuck was he doing? If Brad caught him staring like that what would he think? He tried to keep his eyes off Brad as they swam around but they kept being drawn back to him. It almost seemed like Brad wanted him to look. The way he would float on his back with his cock floating on the surface or the way he would turn his back just before he diving underwater so that Todd got a quick glimpse of his ass before he went under. And he seemed to be spending a lot of time wading in to stand in knee deep water, his wet body drawing Todd’s eyes to it like a magnet. He had to just be feeling guilty because he was thinking about Brad while he jerked off. Brad really wasn’t acting that much different but something just felt different. It must all be in his head. The only problem was that he was getting hard again. Every time he saw Brad’s cock or his ass his own cock got a little harder. It wasn’t long before he was as hard as he had been before. But with Brad there, there wasn’t anything he could Escort Zeytinburnu do but try and stay in deep water and keep some distance between them. But it almost seemed like Brad was following him around, trying to stay close. He knew it was crazy but that was how it seemed.

In fact, that’s just what Brad had been trying to do. He’d been watching Todd very closely when he dropped his towel and had seen Todd’s eyes drop to his cock as soon as the towel hit the ground. He had continued to give Todd chances to check out his body and he hadn’t seen him miss the chance yet. You could tell that he was trying to be discrete about it, maybe even trying not to look, but he always did. And once, when he had been swimming underwater near Todd he had seen the hard proof that something was turning him on. Todd was trying to hide it and keep his distance but Brad knew now, even if Todd didn’t. Todd wanted him. No doubt about it. But that still didn’t mean that he was going to want to do something about it. It was one thing to have fantasies about being with another guy; it was something else entirely to actually do it. So Brad was going to have to be careful. But he kept thinking about watching Todd jerk off and knew that that he wanted that cock. He wanted it in is his mouth. He wanted it in his ass. He just had to figure out how to get the ball rolling. In the mean time he stayed close to Todd and continued to flash him his body. Maybe if he got him horny enough….

By now Todd was sure that Brad was up to something. It couldn’t be coincidence the way Brad kept winding up next to him. And the last time he’d gotten a glimpse of Brads cock it looked like it might be getting hard. Of course it could be his imagination. Or maybe swimming naked affected Brad the same way it did him. He’d have to try and get a better look. He looked around and couldn’t see Brad anywhere. He started to turn around to check behind him when arms wrapped around his legs, skin brushed his cock, and he got pulled underwater.

The idea of dunking Todd had struck Brad as the perfect plan. It gave him a valid reason to approach Todd from underwater. And he couldn’t really dunk him without putting his hands on him. If he knew Todd, he’d never let himself get dunked without trying to dunk him in return. That could lead to a nice little wrestling match and who knew what else from there. He waited until Todd had his back to him and then ducked under and began swimming towards him. He was swimming fast because he knew that Todd would guess what was going on as soon as he noticed that Brad was gone. He could see Todd’s ass plainly in the clear water as he approached and could just make out his nuts between his legs. God he hoped this worked out the way he wanted it too. Brad was reaching out to wrap his arms around Todd’s legs from behind when Todd turned in the water and he was face to face with his hard cock. But it was to late to stop. He was going to fast. He crashed face first into Brad’s cock and his arms locked around his legs. He pulled back quickly, jerking Todd’s legs out from under him and Todd splashed into the water.

Todd came to the surface spitting water and wiping it out of his eyes. “You’ll pay for that,” he said, laughing and surging towards Brad, who was also wiping water out of his eyes. Brad pretended that he had been taken by surprise and let Todd grab a hold of him and push him underwater. Soon they were grabbing and shoving each other, trying to get the upper hand. Brad had felt Todd’s hard cock against his body several times and a surge of lust ran through him every time. He’d managed to bump his own cock against Todd a few times as well and his friend had to have felt it. In fact, he thought that maybe Todd was doing it on purpose, just like he was. Finally he couldn’t stand it any more. He had to know. He wanted more than just these little brushes against each other. He was burning for more. His cock was so hard that he thought it might burst. He wanted Todd and was all but 100% sure that Todd wanted him too. Brad steeled himself inside and decided to find out. He lunged at Todd, determined not to let go until he knew. One way or the other.

For his part, Todd was also ready to stop playing around and get down to business. He wasn’t sure when he had decided that he wanted to have sex with Brad, but he knew that he did. He wanted it more than he’d wanted anything in a long time. The image of Brad standing in front of him while he knelt and gobbled his hard shaft was fresh in his mind and he knew that he wanted to make it happen. He was going to make it happen. The next time Brad pushed him underwater it was going to happen. Brad might get mad, might even hit him, but Todd didn’t think so. He knew that Brad wanted this. He could see it in the way Brad had been looking at him; could feel it every time Brad’s hard dick rubbed against him. They both wanted this and he was too horny to play around any longer. The next time Brad grabbed him they were going to find out for sure. One way or the other. His mind made up, he just had to wait for Brad to grab him again. When Brad lunged for him, Todd was ready. He let Brad push him under but instead of trying to push away or come back up, he opened his eyes and looked for Brad’s cock. There it was, long, fat, and fully erect just inches in front of his face. He grabbed hold of Brads hips to hold himself in place and slid his mouth over the head of Brads cock.

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