Game Set and Match Pt. 06

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Tags: Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Threesome, Lesbian Non-Consent.


Words: 13,960


Please consider the preamble for Part 1 as an integral part of this episode. Also, as with most of my work, there is a lot of background and character building in the early stages. For this reason, some aspects of this part will be better understood by reading episodes in sequence.

In this chapter, Katie finds herself compromised by Sarah’s live-in lover.


Title: Game Set & Match – Part 6: Caught In The Act.

The cooling breeze played upon the two naked bodies as they dozed side-by-side, idly caressing each other in their sweetest of dreams. Suddenly Sarah’s eyes snapped open. Something had disturbed her sleep. Was it a sound downstairs? It sounded like the front door closing.

She sat bolt upright. “Oh Shit!” she gasped.

She listened carefully. “Shit. Oh no! Oh shit!” she cried, grabbing the cover and pulling it up over the pair of them as she heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Wha…” Katie groaned, sleepily. She had been completely gone, but not now she sat half-upright. “What is it?” she asked, pulling the covers up around her and watching in disbelief as the bedroom door opened.

She turned a questioning look to Sarah, only to see her bed-mate’s face filled with guilty horror as Daphne peeped in around the door. The tall blonde was struck dumb as her brunette partner stepped into the room to take in the scene.

“Sarah? What is she doing in your house?” asked Katie, looking confused.

“SHE?” Daphne echoed, clearly unimpressed. “Doesn’t ‘She’ have a name?”

“Daphne! I’m sorry,” Katie corrected herself to the intruder, then rephrasing the question to her bed partner. “Sarah? Why is Daphne in your house?”

Sarah appeared to be temporarily lost for words.

“Well?” Daphne asked, looking to her partner, straight faced, for a response. “Why don’t you tell her Sarah?”

“You tell her!” Sarah retorted, suddenly finding her voice.

“Why should ‘I’ tell her?” Daphne squealed, a hint of incredulity in her voice. “It was ‘you’ who brought her here.”

“I can’t,” Sarah whimpered.

“For God’s sake! Will one of you please tell her?” Katie yelled, looking from one to the other in frustration.

There was a brief delay before Sarah solved the mystery. “It’s her house,” she said at last, with a dejected air.

“Oh Daphne. Oh I’m so sorry. I just assumed…” Katie began.

“Ohhh,” the brunette laughed, in a mocking manner. “So… you’re sorry for having maligned me, but apparently not for jumping into bed with my girlfriend?”

“I… I don’t know what to…” Katie struggled for an acceptable answer, but Daphne smiled, interrupting again.

“I think, sweet thing,” she resumed, “what’s more to the point is, what are ‘you’ doing in ‘my’ bed?” she laughed. “No! Stop. Don’t answer that. I know what you’re doing, don’t I. You’re fucking my girlfriend. Silly me!” she smirked.

“I… I…” Katie faltered.

“I have to say I wasn’t expecting anything quite like this to come home to,” she announced, almost tongue in cheek. “although I could have hardly hoped for better, she smiled,” raising her eyebrows and looking lewdly at the girl.

To give her due credit, Daphne ‘was’ far more composed than most people might have been, having come home to find their partner in bed with another. Instead of screaming and shouting, she merely went on to ask, “So… I suppose you fell asleep then, did you?”

Katie began to nod, before realising that the woman was being flippant. Daphne was almost laughing, but Sarah knew her only too well. She realised that under the calm exterior there was either a storm brewing or a plot hatching, and judging by Daphne’s previous outward interest toward young Katie, she had to assume it would be the latter.

“So!” Daphne asked. “To what do we owe the pleasure of your company, young lady?” Daphne ‘looked’ happy enough, and Katie couldn’t really see why Sarah appeared to be so concerned.

“Well, we…” she began.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Sarah blurted out, not really thinking her defence through properly.

“Oh? Really? And what, precisely do you suppose it ‘does’ look like?” Daphne asked, smirking.

Sarah was lost for a reply.

“Oh, ‘do’ come on. I’m intrigued,” she laughed. “Tell me what I should think it looks liseli porno like, when I come home to find my live-in lover, asleep in our bed with cutest little minx at the tennis club? Please, do tell?” she laughed.

“What’s wrong. Did you have a bit of bad luck again, sweet thing?” she asked, addressing Katie. “What happened this time? No. Don’t tell me. Let me guess. You tripped again, only this time all your clothes fell off, and you fell into bed. My bed!” she added, pointedly.

Katie had to stifle a snigger, She was quite relieved that Daphne seemed to be taking it all extremely well, although she felt the woman was possibly being a bit mean to be reminding her of that previous occasion when she had turned her ankle.

“We got soaked on court and we came here to get dry,” Sarah explained.

“Didn’t you have a towel?”

“Our clothes were wet. We came here to use the shower.”

“There are showers at the club, aren’t there?”

“The water heater is broken. The engineer is coming on Tuesday.”

“Couldn’t you just dry yourselves and change?”

“Katie didn’t have a change of clothes. We came here to dry her clothes. They’re in the dryer.”

“Well… that explains the wet shoes on the mat, I suppose,” Daphne said. “So I’m guessing you both decided to jump into bed to keep warm then?”

“I’m sorry,” Katie told her. “I didn’t mean anything. I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know? What didn’t you know sweet thing? You didn’t know that Sarah was my lover, or that getting into bed with her might lead to you two fucking?”

“Please don’t,” Katie pleaded. “I’m sorry. I’ll go.”

“Oh no sweet thing. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to leave. No no no! You stay there. I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun,” she smiled.

“What?” Katie was stunned. “But… why…”

“Yes sweet thing. It’s OK. I understand. I know my Sarah is a sweet piece of ass. Why do you think I keep her?”

“Now just a minute!” Sarah objected, angrily.

“Oh, it’s OK Sarah,” Daphne soothed. “You know why you stay. We both know. You stay because the sex is good… and, you don’t really have any other choice anyway, do you my sweet. Who else would keep you for free,” she added, icily.

Sarah looked broken.

“No. You two stay there,” Daphne told them, turning back to leer at Katie. “I came home feeling horny anyway, so I’ll be perfectly happy if all three of us can have some fun time together,” she smiled. “You two just wait there. I’ll go and get changed.”

Katie’s jaw dropped. Daphne turned to leave the room and Katie turned to stare, open mouthed at Sarah, who immediately leapt from the bed the moment the door was closed, diving to grab the robes from the floor.

“Quick! Put this on, she told Katie, tossing her one gown while hurriedly struggling into the other.” We’ll go find your clothes, and you’d better get off.”

“Are you sure? I thought we were going to…”

“Yes! Quick! Before she comes back,” Sarah urged.

Katie slipped her arms into the white towelling gown and pulled it around her. It looked about ten sizes too big. It dragged on the floor and her arms weren’t long enough for her hands to reach out of the sleeves. She fumbled and fought with the garment, Sarah by her side trying to help as she rushed the girl, their urgency only exacerbating the problem.

In her hurry Katie couldn’t even find the cord to tie around her waist, so she just held it in place. Despite this, they headed for the door with Katie’s gown trailing on the floor, but as Sarah opened it, Katie tripped, her gown falling open as she put out her arms to save herself, tumbling headlong straight into Daphne’s arms.

“Going somewhere?” Daphne laughed delightedly, as the semi-naked Katie struggled to pull the gown back into place around herself.

“No,” Katie lied, nervously. “How did you get changed so quickly?” she asked.

“You do seem rather prone to falling over,” Daphne teased. She was also now wearing a similar gown, having taken just a matter of seconds in the spare room to discard her clothing, keen to return the exquisite young lady whom she hoped should have been waiting in the bedroom. In truth she had expected them to run, and had paused at the door for a couple of seconds, just waiting for them.

“I’ve never come across anyone who can get their kit off faster than Daphne,” Sarah commented, almost derisively.

“You look lost in there,” Daphne joked, lustfully. “Would you like me to come in there with you and help you find the way out?”

“No,” Katie squealed, pulling away and hugging the gown around her. “I just wanted the loo.”

“There’s one in there sweet thing,” Daphne pointed back toward the en-suite. “I’m surprised Sarah didn’t think of that, she’s used it enough times.”

Katie tried to dodge past, but Daphne put a deft arm out to catch her, pulling her in close and pressing her lips down on top of the small girl’s head. She hugged her from behind, wrapping both arms around to hold her tightly, inhaling mobil porno the scent of peach and strawberry in her hair, but there was something else too; faint traces of a sharp, heady jasmine and magnolia fragrance that she recognised. She used to use the very same one herself, before she could afford better.

She hugged the girl, rubbing her cheek lovingly against the top of Katie’s head and savouring the closeness of the exquisite little body. “Oh my. Aren’t you an eager beaver?” she laughed. “If I didn’t know better I might think you were trying to run off before the landlady gets her prize.”

“Prize? What do you mean, prize?” Katie asked, nervously.

“Oh, I do so love an eager little beaver, sweet thing,” she replied with a lascivious smile, explaining, yet not really explaining. “Come on. Back inside with you,” she told them.

“Shit!” Sarah said, under her breath.

“I suppose you wore that perfume for Sarah, did you?” she asked of Katie.

“What perfume?” the girl hedged, clearly embarrassed.

“The Agent Provocateur,” Daphne grinned. “I know it sweet thing. I used to use it myself. It’s very effective, isn’t it,” she smiled.

“What do you mean?”

Daphne laughed. “Don’t be coy sweet thing,” she smiled. “It worked perfectly, didn’t it? Now, why don’t you two jump back into bed,” she smiled. “You know… the way you were, all snuggled up together before I happened along and disturbed you.”

Sarah took Katie’s hand and reluctantly led her back to the bed. She dropped her gown beside the bed, stood naked for a few seconds defiantly facing her live-in partner, then resignedly climbed back into the bed, leaving Katie standing alone at the foot.

“Well?” Daphne asked, hand on hip. “Aren’t you going to show me too?” she smiled, lustfully anticipating the lovely young girl’s naked body. She waited for Katie to do the same, but she was disappointed. Sarah lifted the cover for her and Katie slipped the gown off, discarding it to the floor while remaining almost completely out of her line of sight. All Daphne saw was a half-second glimpse of her bare back, and one bum cheek.

“Ahhh well,” the lusty brunette sighed, “I would have hated to have missed the party anyway,” she reflected, walking slowly around to Katie’s side of the bed, studying the worried look on the young girl’s face as Katie’s apprehensive eyes followed her.

She sat on the edge and smiled, trapping the tiny blonde between herself and her live-in lover. It was a kind, friendly smile, and Katie was completely taken in for a few moments.

“I’m so glad you came back,” Daphne told her, her voice soft and warm. “You know, I’ve always admired you.”

Katie felt strangely inspired by the compliment, but still unsure. Julie had warned her about these two and their partnership where young women were concerned. She wanted to trust Sarah, but for all she knew, this situation could have been engineered between the pair of them.

“What do you want?” Katie asked.

“Oh, don’t be like that sweet thing,” Daphne smiled. “We can all be friends, can’t we? Hmmm?”

She reached out to stroke Katie’s bare arm with the back of her fingers, smiling invitingly, but Katie shied away. After the loving time that she and Sarah had shared earlier that afternoon, she now felt as if she had strayed from the fun park into the lion’s den, or should that be the cougars’ cage?

She turned to look at Sarah, a certain pleading in her face. “I don’t want to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“Do what?” Daphne asked, innocently, drawing her attention again. “I don’t mean you any harm sweet thing. You can leave if you like,” she laughed in a mocking manner.

She got up from the bed and picked up the gown from the floor, holding it up for Katie, and waited there to see if the pretty girl would be brave enough to get out of the bed again, stark naked, to come for it.

Katie considered the idea for a moment, but Sarah’s finger discreetly tapped her leg under the cover and as the girl turned, Sarah gave her a look of pathos, as if to say, ‘That might not be such a good idea.’

Daphne gave a slight, defeated smile, dropped the gown and climbed up to lie beside Katie on top of the covers. “Give me a kiss baby?” she cooed, smiling sweetly.

Katie cowered away, looking worried. “Please don’t,” she objected.

“Oh, come on pretty baby. Where’s the harm?” Daphne pleaded, her eyes wide with lust.

“I don’t want to do this,” Katie whined. “It doesn’t feel right.”

“It feels perfectly fine to me,” Daphne laughed. “Come on my pretty. You wouldn’t want me to tell on you, would you?”

Initially, Katie regarded the threat with blithe disdain. She knew that Julie wouldn’t mind. She had said so.

“You have to think about how all this looks sweet thing,” Daphne went on. “You’re two-timing on your girlfriend while she’s away on holiday, in my bed with my girlfriend. What on earth will people think when they find out?”

‘WHEN?’ Katie reeled in öğrenci porno alarm. She hadn’t thought of that. Suddenly she felt acutely compromised. It was one thing to have Julie’s approval to enjoy some naughty fun with Sarah, but she didn’t want sordid rumours going around the whole tennis club about it.

“Don’t be mean,” Sarah objected. “Don’t worry Katie,” she told the girl. “Daphne wouldn’t do anything like that,” she reassured her, “would you,” she added insistently to the older woman.

Daphne just smiled. “I’m not being mean,” she reasoned. “It’s you two! I only want a little kiss. Where’s the harm in that? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Katie considered her predicament. She hoped that Sarah might offer some moral support, although in truth she knew full well that morals hardly entered into this situation.

“Come on sweet thing,” Daphne almost pleaded. “What do you say? Hmmm?”

Katie looked to Sarah for approval. “I can’t decide for you my love, Sarah smiled. It has to be what you want. Only you can say.” Sarah seemed to be echoing Julie’s sentiments, which only made her dilemma harder. She thought back to what Julie had said in her text the previous night. ‘Do what ‘you’ want to do, not what you think others expect of you. I won’t mind.’

“Come on sweet thing,” Daphne cooed, shuffling up close and breathing softly in her ear. “It will be so good, you’ll see, and no-one else will ever have to know. It can be our little secret, just between the three of us.”

Katie tried to move away, but she was already pressed tight up against Sarah’s body, and as supportive as the lithe blonde appeared to be, she also seemed to be enjoying the closeness of her pretty young guest just as much as Daphne clearly wanted to.

“Is that what you told Lynne, just before Julie and I saw you all coming out of the showers together?” Katie asked, pointedly.

“That was different, sweet thing,” Daphne argued. “That was at the club. There were people around. There’s no-one else to see us here, is there,” she smiled. “What do you say? Hmmm?”

She raised herself up onto one elbow and moved in close, her face now in front of the confused girl’s, and she smiled down at her. Katie looked away, so she gently touched Katie’s cheek, with her lips. The pretty blonde didn’t respond – but she didn’t pull away either.

“Come on pretty baby,” Daphne breathed, kissing her lips softly on the side of Katie’s mouth.

She laid her arm across the girl, raising her hand to Katie’s chin and turning the head back to face her, looking down into the worried eyes and kissing the inert mouth once more.

Katie didn’t fight it.

Daphne’s arm hugged her through the covers as she kissed again, her fingertips reaching up and stroking the bare shoulder, caressing her, teasing her.

Inside poor Katie’s head there was turmoil; she was fighting her conscience. Julie had warned her about this, but she was tingling down there. She couldn’t deny that despite her worries, the situation felt exciting. She began to wonder what it would be like to let the two of them love her. She had been apprehensive about being with Sarah at first, but it had turned out far better than she had ever imagined. If Daphne was anything like as good in bed, she would be a fool to deny herself the chance.

She loved Julie, of that she was certain, and the last thing she wanted to do was betray her, ‘but Julie said it was OK, didn’t she,’ she reasoned. ‘She said I should do what I wanted, not what others wanted for me.’ She made a convincing case for herself.

“Where’s the harm baby?” Daphne purred again, like a little demon sitting on her shoulder whispering sweet temptations into her ear.

At last Katie responded, albeit subdued at first. “That’s right baby,” Daphne breathed softly. “Just a little kiss for me. That’s all I want. We don’t have to tell anyone. No-one ever has to know.”

They kissed for a minute, with Sarah watching, fascinated, while stroking the girl’s bare neck and shoulder.

“That was lovely,” Daphne told her, gazing down at the uncertain smile on Katie’s face. “You see? It didn’t hurt, did it.” Katie just shook her head slowly, her big doe-eyes gazing up at the predatory woman and looking for all the world like an innocent child. Katie accepted another kiss from the lusty brunette, lying there passively as Daphne’s hand strayed almost unnoticed from her face, the fingertips beginning to trace delicate wandering shapes across the top of her bare shoulder, for over a minute.

Daphne’s smile appeared almost loving as she gazed down at the girl who was now smiling too. “Can I watch you two kissing?” She asked of Sarah.

Katie looked at Sarah who shrugged, and they both smiled. Sarah raised her hand to Katie’s chin, turning the young girl’s face to her own, and they engaged in a long, slow kiss, their tongues wrestling sensually in each others’ mouths, moving gently together as Daphne gingerly eased the cover down slightly.

“My turn pretty baby,” Daphne purred in her ear, stroking the side of her neck gently.

Katie seemed a little happier now, but still not quite sure, as Daphne reached up to grip her chin gently, turning the girl’s head and guiding Katie’s lips to meet her own as she shuffled in closer than ever, their bodies now in close contact through the covers.

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