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Growing up, I’d always been close with my twin sister Dianne, though she hated being called that. Calling her “Di” long before Princess Dianne made the name famous, it suited her personality. Outgoing and vivacious with short fiery red hair, Di was adventurous almost to a fault. Not that I wasn’t, but I tended to be a little more reserved in comparison. The thing about having a twin sister had its good and bad points. She was both my best friend and confidant, meaning there wasn’t anything we didn’t openly discuss with one another growing up. Especially when it came to our sexual curiosities and awakening. The one bad thing was her constant reminder that she was my “older sister”, though I didn’t consider nine minutes difference between us as being worthy of the title.

After graduating high school, we had both made the decision to attend a particular university together, though it was a considerable distance away from where we lived. Once again fate seemed to intervene in our behalf however as our Aunt Maggie, mom’s older sister, and Uncle Pete happened to have a nice place near the university we wanted to attend. As we’d both hoped, Aunt Maggie suggested we move in with them the moment they’d heard we’d even applied. It would certainly save us both a great deal of money on the one hand, and on the other, we’d always had a great relationship with our Aunt and Uncle over the years. Perhaps it was a bit more intimate than might be thought appropriate in some cases as my Uncle had tutored me in much of my sexual knowledge and awareness, as had Maggie done for my sister. Talking to them openly and uninhibitedly about any curious subject either of us might have had, had always led to some fairly intimate discussions later on between the two of us. I don’t know how many times I had gone to bed thinking about my own sister, pleasuring myself to several orgasms and wondering, though in truth, aside from a few childish curiosities explored along the way, we’d never really crossed that particular line with one another. And Di had even admitted to me how she had often become aroused from our discussions as well, and though falling far short of actually admitting she even masturbated about anything we’d talked about or shared, the implication that she had was there.

The move was easy for us, though harder on mom and dad of course. Neither Di nor myself were currently involved in any relationships, anticipating that we’d each eventually find someone when school started. But again, with the closeness of our own relationship, neither of us was in any big hurry to begin dating again. Fate and Destiny would take care of that in its own time.

Pete and Maggie had a fairly large place, and though not exactly a mansion, they were well enough off to afford a grounds-keeper for the garden, as well as a live in maid that took care of much of the house-hold cleaning. About the only household chores either Di and I had was to maintain our own bedrooms, and do our own laundry. A more than reasonable request for the amount of money we’d be saving by living there rent-free.

Di’s room was located on the upstairs floor just down the hall from our Aunt and Uncles bedroom. Mine was on the ground floor, a much smaller room which was fine with me as I didn’t need all the space, nor did I need the oversized walk-in closet that Di had immediately fallen in love with either. Besides, the French-style doors of my room, exited directly out back towards the spacious swimming pool located just a few feet away. Ideal for those late-night swims I looked forward to taking, not to mention the Jacuzzi for sore muscles after my workouts. Ironically however, it was Di who was the first to try out the pool the night of our arrival, and in so doing, set the stage for what would eventually become the most interesting experience of our lives so far!

It was already pretty late. Most everyone had retired to bed earlier. I had decided to finish watching a particular TV program, intending a nice late-night swim afterwards when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye through the blinds in my window. As the glow from the TV set was the only source of light, I immediately switched that off now sitting alone in the dark watching the approach of my twin sister as she crossed the far end of the courtyard towards the pool area. As my Aunt’s home was in the shape of a horseshoe, it placed the wing of their rooms across the way and above mine. I noticed the lights in their bedroom were off, though the light from the full moon illuminated everything, particularly the pool area. I watched as Di cast a furtively quick glance in the direction of my bedroom before dropping the bathrobe she was wearing to the ground. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen her naked before, I had. But I had to admit: in the intimate light of the full moon, Di’s nude form took on a sensuality that was often described in books.

Her full breasts seemed to stiffen with the touch of the cool night air, the twin cheeks of her ass almost puckering as she began the slow cautious decent down the steps into the water as she allowed herself to become accustomed to the temperature. Watching her, I became curiously aroused, felt my prick stiffening as I absentmindedly, and without any real thought as to what I was doing, reached down inside the waistband of my shorts and repositioned it as it lengthened. I watched as Di smoothly rolled over onto her back, gliding effortlessly the length of the pool before turning once again, then just as silently cutting through the water face down in the opposite direction. So absorbed had I been in watching my sister swim, I was surprised to discover that someone else had taken notice of it was well. Above, on their private balcony overlooking the courtyard and pool area, stood my Uncle, and though partially hidden by the shadows, the nights illumination gave me a clear view from where he stood while looking down upon my sister’s swim. I couldn’t exactly blame him for doing so of course; I mean after all, I was doing the very same thing myself!

What I didn’t expect and found surprising, upon looking away from my Uncle, and back to my sister for a few moments, was when I glanced back to where he was standing. From my vantage point, it was easy to see he’d undone the sash on the robe he’d been wearing. It was open, and by the position of his hands, it was clearly evident as to what he was doing. Fascinated, I watched as he continued to stand there fisting his hard erect cock, that even from this distance was quite obvious. Amused, as well as excited, I found myself doing the very same thing now, taking turns watching him and glancing towards Dianne who was obviously quite oblivious to either one of us. When Dianne finally climbed up and out of the pool, I thought for sure that the show would soon be over. Even Uncle Pete seemed to gather himself, stepping back further into the shadows ensuring that Di wouldn’t inadvertently catch him looking down at her. And she did glance that way briefly, before glancing just as quickly in my direction as well before crossing to the far end of the pool, climbing the short flight of steps to the diving board. I thought briefly she was actually going to dive until she walked nonchalantly along the length of the board before sitting down, then laying on it with her legs dangling over the edge. To my continued surprise, I watched as Dianne gingerly spread her legs, slipping a delicate hand down between them and began a slow playful fingering of herself as she did. Glancing back up to where my Uncle had once stood, I fully expected to again see him fisting himself as he watched her. I was even more surprised to find that he had gone back inside. Perhaps some twinge of remorse had gotten a hold of him, guilt perhaps at becoming aroused while watching his own niece, especially as she was now openly masturbating while lying on the edge of the diving board for all the world to see, had they been looking.

I however had no such thoughts, having frequently masturbated in the past while conjuring images of my sister’s nude form, or recalling several of the intimate discussions we’d often shared. It was a night of continuing surprises however, each one becoming even more surprising than the last. When I again glanced back towards the bedroom balcony, not only did I again spot my uncle, but also my aunt! And neither of them was wearing anything either. My uncle stood, Aunt Maggie behind just off to one side. I watched as her hand fondled and stroked his rigid member, his hand likewise down between my Aunts legs as he fondled and played with her. Both were fully consumed while watching my sister as she had begun to even more vigorously pleasure herself on the edge of the diving board, legs spread obscenely off on either side as her fingers continued to twirl about her clitoris in what was becoming an obvious race to the finish line.

Though I had never seen my own mother fully naked before, just rare occasional glimpses of her as I’d caught her in various stages of dressing or undressing, now seeing my aunt so fully revealed made me realize just how similarly built the two of them were. I guess that large breasts ran in the family. Dianne certainly was, as was mom of course. But now seeing my Aunt’s clearly revealed breasts confirmed their similarities, as well as their subtle differences too. Maggie’s had a more mature look and shape to them of course, quite naturally so. But I found them equally alluring and provocative in their own way, as I had found my sister’s to be in hers. I found myself desirous of a much closer look, perhaps even a side-by -side comparison, though the likelihood of that happening at the moment anyway was being far remote.

I found the boldness of their secretive adventure quite exciting however, in ways I could have never imagined. I had always known of course that neither hard porno my Aunt nor Uncle were prudes, certainly not by their openness in conversations, and the frankness of their answers whenever asked. I also had already formed the opinion that they continued to share an active and exciting sex-life, though had never imagined experiencing that, even in this way, before now. I could feel my own orgasm approach, the pearly liquid of precum now oozing from the head of my cock in copious amounts, not sure in what direction to look or enjoy those pleasures when they came. On the balcony, my aunt continued pumping my uncles prick, faster and harder now as though trying to simultaneously achieve orgasm with my sister, as she too seemed to have let all caution go to the wind, now sitting up on the edge of the board, one hand pulling on and twisting a nipple, the other furiously frigging her clit in wild abandon. My own cock was on the verge of explosion, and it was just a matter of who I was looking at when I did. Even through the window, and at the distance that I was, I could clearly hear the audible sigh and deep throaty moan of Dianne’s climax when it came. Looking up back towards the balcony, it was clearly obvious by the way my Aunt was now holding my Uncle’s cock, that she was milking his semen from it in hard felt jettison’s of spunk as she aimed it through the open grates of the ornamental safety fence that surrounded the balcony. I saw him bracing his hands upon the railing, eyes still clearly focused down towards Dianne as she exploded, and as Maggie slowly coaxed the last vestiges of my Uncles cream from his prick.

The climax that surged through the length of my cock felt like it would rip the top of my head off. Collapsing back into my bed, I felt the streamers of spunk escaping my prick, showering myself while images of my sister twiddling her twat seemed to merge with those of my Aunt jacking off my Uncle. By the time I’d recomposed myself, once again looking out through the window, everyone had gone. Just as though the whole thing had been nothing more than a figment of my own imagination. Had it not been for the closing of the door across the way where I realized my sister had just entered back into the house, I might have actually wondered.


It was the sound of my Uncles car pulling out of the garage that was near me that woke me from my blissful sleep. A sleep that had been filled with images of the night before, though I had dreamed myself first licking my sister’s sweet cunt, then my Aunts. It was Sunday. I recalled my Uncle informing everyone of his golf date early in the morning. Glancing at the alarm on the nightstand, it was just seven o’clock, and I was famished! Making my way down the hallway towards the kitchen area, I stopped short at the sound of voices, obviously my Aunt and sister were already awake, enjoying a cup of coffee together as the aroma of freshly made coffee tempted me to enter in and join them. And I would have, had it not been for the question I heard Dianne asking our Aunt.

“So you and Uncle Pete watched me?”

For a moment, I was sure they were talking about something else, another place, and another time. Surely they weren’t discussing last night.

“Hell yes!” I heard Maggie laugh in response. “I was almost asleep when he came back into the bedroom and told me what you were doing! Like I said honey, your Uncle and I have this little game we enjoy playing, and we do it all the time. The fact that you inadvertently joined us, or helped us to enjoy you, in all fairness wasn’t something I was willing to hide from you either. And your Uncle agreed. He felt it was only right that we tell you that we watched, and more importantly, explained to you what we enjoy doing just in case there are any future encounters like the one last night.”

I heard Dianne giggle. “Well, I have to admit Aunt Maggie, I did wonder if I might get caught, though to be honest, I was half expecting it to be Brandon, and not either one of you!”

At the sound of my name, I took a half step backwards, worried now that I might be breathing too hard, and thus overheard. Not only was this conversation turning interesting, but it was evident to me now that Dianne had indeed half expected me to be watching her, and for all I knew, wishing it!

“So…tell me more about this game you and Uncle Pete enjoy playing!” Dianne pressed.

“Only if you stop calling me your Aunt Maggie!” My Aunt told her. “Just call me Mag’s or Maggie if you prefer. But Aunt Maggie seems so formal and impersonal, especially now under the circumstances.” Once again I heard Dianne laugh.

“Ok, Mag’s!” she again giggled. “But tell me more about this naughty little game of yours and Uncle Pete’s!”

Suddenly, I was just as interested in hearing about it as she was.

“Well, for one thing,” she began. “We promised one another a long time ago that we weren’t going to turn out like reklamsız porno a lot of old married couples. We wanted to ensure there would always be excitement and adventure in our sex-life. And as both your Uncle and I have expressed to you in the past in our conversations, we view masturbation as perfectly normal, certainly healthy, and it can be fun as well as entertaining without becoming boring whatsoever.”

“I remember,” Dianne offered, as did I. It had been my Uncle Pete who had first caught me stroking my dick behind the house while looking at some girlie magazine I had fished out of the neighbor’s garbage. At first I felt ashamed, dirty…and worse, scared that he would go in and tell my parents what he’d caught me doing. Instead, he had assured me that what I was doing was perfectly normal, that he in fact still did it frequently himself, and was also most certain that my own father, even my mother did as well. He then went on to tell me that anytime I wanted to discuss anything of a sexual nature with him that he’d do his best to explain it to me, and that I was never to fear his betraying our trust or confidence in anything we spoke of. He never did. Which is basically how things had evolved up unto this very point. I had also surmised that Dianne was getting the same sort of advice from my Aunt, which we confirmed early on was the case when comparing notes, and then entering into our own personal intimate little discussions.

“So, just how often do you do it anyway?” I heard Dianne asking.

“Oh, I’d say nearly every single day. And quite often, several times a day,” Maggie added. “But the whole point of the game is to do it without getting caught, though sometimes getting caught is also part of the game too. Adding in the element of danger just adds to the excitement. Then of course there is the idea of exhibitionism that I believe is in all of us, plus the aspect of voyeurism too. I like the idea that someone might be watching me, either secretly, or obviously. And I also like watching someone, whether it be your uncle, the gardener, our maid…or like last night, you.”

“The maid?” Dianne exclaimed in surprise.

Once again Maggie laughed. “Why else do you think your Uncle hired her?” she asked. “Lets face it, she’s certainly not the best house-keeper we’ve ever had, but one of the conditions of her employment was that she occasionally masturbate for us while we watch, though your uncle prefers to try and catch her at it. He even pays her a bonus to do it openly, with some chance of discovery, so she can’t just lock herself in her bedroom either. She has to do it where someone could actually see her doing it. She gets a bonus either way, though if she does it and isn’t seen, it’s not quite as much as if she gets caught doing it, and not as much as when she joins us while we all masturbate together.”

“And you and Uncle Pete do the same?” Dianne questioned.

“Pretty much yes. And part of the game is that we’re totally honest with one another about it too. Much like last night, and this morning.”

“This morning? You’ve already done it this morning? I thought you’d just gotten up when I did.”

Once again I heard Maggie laugh. “Oh honey, I’ve been doing it the entire time you’ve been sitting here!” she told her. “That’s the truthful part of the game I was telling you about. Later, after your Uncle gets home, I’ll tell him all about this. Tell him how we sat at the breakfast table talking about it, all the while I was touching myself without your being aware of it.”

“Until now you mean.”

“Yeah, until now.”

“And then you’ll tell him about that too?”

“Of course.”

“And you’ll tell him that I was masturbating as well?”

“Are you?”

I heard the sound of the chair move. More than anything I wanted to enter the kitchen and join them. But I also felt like that would disrupt everything, and besides, now I was curious as to when, if ever, that my Aunt and Uncle would bring me into their confidence as well. Additionally, I was also curious to see if Dianne might tell me about it, it had been quite a while after all since we’d really sat down and had a real good sexy discussion with one another. But after last night, and now this morning, I felt we were both long well over due.

“I guess you are!” Maggie shot back a moment later with an added giggle of her own.

“Let me watch you cum Mag’s” Dianne asked sincerely. “Before Brandon gets up!”

“We’d better hurry then, I have a feeling he’ll be up soon,” she added with a sly smile in her tone of voice. “And something else too, I’d be willing to bet he was watching you last night just as we were,” she added.

“Wondered about that myself,” Dianne admitted. “Maybe I’ll even ask him…later.”

With that, I soon tiptoed as quietly as I could back down the hall to my room. Gathering up what few dirty clothes I already had, I then decided to drop them into the washer on my way back to the kitchen, this time making enough noise to alert the two of them to my presence. Perhaps by that time they would have finished watching one another getting off, and even more importantly, perhaps even include me in their naughty little conversation.

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