Gang-Fucked For Fun!

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This story has some amount of setup. If you wish to skip directly to the sex, start at chapter two.

Chapter I

I thought back to the phone interview. The voice on the other end of the phones had been cool, feminine, and polite, and only really asked some basic questions about my appearance and willingness to participate.

Age? 22
Height? 5’7″
Weight? 130lb
Chest? 32B
Build? Slim, but I don’t work out much… if that’s what you mean.
Experience? Some, I guess. I’ve had a few partners.
How many? Three? Depending on what you count.
…You know you’re going to be getting fucked, probably roughly, by at least that many, right?

Yes. I understand. How much is the pay?

$800, at least. The more show up, the more you get. Send me a picture of you tonight, all of you, and get your STD test done. I’ll see you Friday for the action.

“God, Jess, have you ever even sucked a dick?”

“You know I have, Alexi.” I replied driely. I’d called her directly after getting off the phone with Ms Gangbang, as I was calling her in my head.

“Still, it’s only been one or two, right? And never more than one at a time for sure. There’s no way you’re gonna go through with this.” I could hear her smiling on the other end of the phone. When I’d told her, I’d expected her to try to talk me out of it, not tell me I wasn’t capable of doing it. In fact, one of the main reasons I’d called her was in the hope that she would talk me out of it.

“I’m always down to try something new. Plus getting $800 doesn’t hurt either.”

“Babe, since when have you always ‘been down to try something new’? You’re like the most uptight person I know. Where was this attitude when James broke up with you over your not wanting to do anal?”

“James was an asshole about it. No pun intended. And at least I’m not a total slut like you.” I teased.

“Yeah, well just call me after and tell me how it goes. Or call me before if you’re having second thoughts and want to talk about it.”

“Okay, thanks Alexi. Bye.” I set my phone down on the table and looked out the window. Talking to Alexi had really solidified it for me. I was gonna get gangbanged for cash.


Three days earlier, I had been browsing the ‘misc jobs’ section online, and found an add looking for a young woman “interested in participating in some safe, but extremely wild, fun.” I had responded more out of boredom and curiosity than anything. When the poster of the add got back to me, they were very explicit about what they were looking for. Apparently a local sex shop ran a side business connecting men who wanted to gangbang a woman with women who wanted to be gangbanged. The only caveat being that the (female) owner of the shop wanted to be able to watch from another room.
I was taken aback. I had no idea things like this went on, especially in my home town. I didn’t reply to the email for a few days, and had pretty much dismissed it, when lying in bed one night it popped back into my head. How exciting would that be, to be fucked by multiple men at the same time? All of us just enjoying each other and losing ourselves. My hand began creeping lower under the covers as I thought about it. The email had laid out answers to most of my concerns, really. Everyone would be STD tested, everyone would be screened by the owner of the shop (who said she had run these ‘parties’ many times before, without incident) and I could stop any time I wanted. In that moment, with my hand in my pants stroking my already wet pussy, there didn’t seem to be any downsides at all.
The next morning, I woke up immediately thinking about the ad. I ate breakfast and tried to get ready for work at a nearby drugstore, but I couldn’t get the ad out of my head. I kept imagining what it would be like to be taken by two, three, or even four men. Maybe women too. Maybe the owner would join in. No, the ad hadn’t said anything about that. Still, it was exhilarating to think about. At the last minute before I left, I sent a reply to the email saying only “I’m in”.
Work seemed to drag by, and on every break I checked my phone for a reply. Finally at lunch it came. I turned to hide the contents of the reply from my coworkers eating around me.

Hello Jess,
Glad to hear you’re interested. Please call me tonight and we can go over the details.


My heart was racing after reading those two lines. My lunch forgotten, I excused myself to the restroom and masturbated as quietly as I could until I had to go back to work.


And now here I was, standing at the counter of a local sex shop, waiting for someone after hitting the little chime that said “Ring the gong/To buy your plastic dong!” I smiled at it and waited patiently, looking at the merchandise all around me. I had been in a place like this before, but this one was much nicer. Everything was clean and organized. Much smaller but less dingy than the one James had taken me to after he had ‘decided’ he wanted to play with handcuffs, and then backed out entirely after I had expressed an interest in him being Bayan Escort Gaziantep the one handcuffed. Alexi could say whatever she liked about me being uptight, but at least I wasn’t as bad as James. Plus I was waiting to meet a woman who had organized a gangbang for me. James never would have done that. I laughed at the thought.

Just then, a woman came out from behind the curtain. “Sorry about the wait, you must be Jess. I’m Caitlyn.”

I don’t know what I had been expecting her to look like, but it wasn’t this. She was old enough to be my mother, with very short dark hair and a narrow face with intensely blue eyes. Pretty tall too, maybe 5’11”. She was wearing a long black coat, and looked like she had just come in from outside. Beneath the open front of her coat, I could see the shape of fairly large breasts over a thin waist. She was a lot to look at, and I felt almost as though I were meeting some character from an old noir film. I felt slightly inadequate wearing jeans and an old hoodie from a local sports team, my hair tied back in a quick ponytail. I shook her hand and she led me to the office.

“I have some bad news, Jess. Some jackass broke in last night and stole the money the guys had put down. I’ve been on the phone with them and the police all day trying to make this right, but the guys aren’t willing to pay double just because I got knocked over. We gotta call it off. I’ll give you $20 for gas money and I’ll let you know when we’re doing this again, but for now, it’s off.”

What she said hit me like a train. I wasn’t going to do this after all, at least not today. I felt relieved for a moment, then strangely sad. If I were being honest with myself, I had been looking forward to this all day. I had spent the afternoon washing up and shaving while humming to myself happily. It had sounded like fun, really. Once the offer to get gangfucked by multiple men was placed in front of me, I had discovered how much I really wanted to try it. And now it wasn’t going to happen. A week ago if someone had told me I’d be in this situation, struggling with a feeling of disappointment, I would have slapped them.

I looked up. Caitlyn was pulling out her wallet and looking for $20 to give me for gas money. Then I would drive home, sit around for the rest of the day masturbating, go to work tomorrow, and feel like I had let something pass me by. In that moment, I knew.

“I’ll do it for free.”

For just a second, Caitlyn lost her composure and nearly dropped her wallet.


“I mean it. I want to do this. If you can pay me something in the future that’s fine but I don’t care. I want this.”

“Look, if you’re sure, then we can go ahead with this. I’ll call them up and I’m sure they’ll be here within an hour. But I need you to be sure. I don’t want you backing out at the last minute.”

I looked her in the eyes and nodded, “I’m sure.”

Caitlyn left me downstairs in the basement while she made the phone calls in her office. I was in the room adjoining the room where the gangbang would take place. This must be where she watches from, I thought, noting the one-way glass wall in front of the couch I was sitting on. From where I sat on the couch, I could see all of the adjoining room. There was an old, ornate looking dining table in the middle of the room, and a few chairs around in different positions. Again, I didn’t know what I had expected, but this seemed alright.

“They’ll be here in a bit. Do you need anything before then?” She had entered from the door behind me.

“No, I’m ready to go. 100%.”

Caitlyn moved beside me onto the couch. She had taken her coat off and was wearing a dark, tight, long sleeve shirt which did nothing to hide her impressive chest and piercings.

“Want to see them?” I must have been staring.

“Shit, sorry… Uh… That’s okay, I’m fine.” I looked back out straight ahead through the glass.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No. Not really…” I looked up into her eyes.

“Well we have some time, so if you’d li-“


The chime upstairs rang. Caitlyn swore and left without saying anything else. She came back down a few minutes later and told me two of the men had arrived, and two more would be arriving soon. It was time to begin.

Chapter II

I leaned naked against the table in the room downstairs. I looked over at the mirror wall. I wasn’t sure if Caitlyn would be watching yet, but I was feeling excited and blew the wall a kiss anyways, being sure to show off my tits a little as I did. Might as well make it a show for her, if that’s what she wanted. After a few more minutes, the door to the room opened and the four men entered.

They were all four naked. Two looked like they were in their thirties, one with dark hair and one brown, one was a bit older, with blond hair, and one was about my age, and blonde. They walked in single file and stood against the wall, all looking at me intensely. I returned the look. All four were fit, and the oldest one in particular had a huge cock. He began stroking it when he realized what I was looking at. It seemed to swell slightly more in his hand as he did so. I licked my lips and wondered what they were waiting for.

“You may begin.” The voice had come from a speaker in the ceiling I hadn’t noticed before, and was unmistakably the cool, calm voice of . The men came to me at her prompting.

Hands grasped me and lips kissed me. I was so caught up in the moment that I felt lightheaded, and had no idea who was where for the time being. I relaxed in their arms, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation of hands on my back, ass, breasts, and neck. Before long, someone reached down and ran two fingers along my pussy. I moaned softly into someone’s neck, running my hands along the muscles in his back and shoulders. The hand at my pussy began slowly rubbing my clit. I opened my eyes and looked down. The well-hung blond man was kneeling beside me with one hand on my ass and one on my pussy. The dark haired one was the one I had been holding onto in front of me, and I let go of him to stroke his cock and the cock of the older of the two blond men standing beside me.

The kneeling man quickly slipped a finger, then two, into my pussy. I gasped a little at the sensation. He removed them as quickly as he’d inserted them and stood up, pressing them into my mouth. I shut my eyes and tasted myself on his fingers, licking them clean. I had never been into stuff like before, I thought, but right then, in that moment, I loved it. I knew then that I was going to let them do very dirty things to me.

Without any prompting from them, I slid to my knees and took a cock in my mouth. I wasn’t sure whose it was, but it was long hard and that was good enough for the moment. I softly rubbed his shaved balls with one hand while I reached the other up beside me, making the universal motion for ‘give me something to jack off.’ Before long, my request was fulfilled. I switched enthusiastically between sucking the two cocks until a third joined. It was the well-hung blond. I could barely fit his entire dick in my mouth, and he laughed a little as he saw me struggle with it.

“Enthusiastic little thing, aren’t you?” He spoke slowly, in a deep voice with a slight scandinavian accent, “Caitlyn tells me you’re even doing this for free, is that right?”

I nodded as best I could around his cock.

“Do you like getting fucked by strangers? Does it make you feel like a slut?”

I nodded again, more enthusiastically.

“Take my cock out of your face and tell me what you like.”

I obeyed, looking up at him through glistening eyes, “I like being a slut for strangers. I like feeling them touch me and fuck me.”

Without saying another word, picked me up and set me on the table. I spread my legs wide, slowly move three fingers in and out of my pussy, and looked around to see who wanted me first.

My heart nearly stopped.

I knew the youngest blonde one. I had been so busy looking at their cocks I hadn’t even recognized him out of his work uniform. It struck me that he had been hanging back, and that this must have been why. We worked together. Not often, but I knew his name, Jeremy, and we had definitely talked before. I felt like I should have been mortified, but I was already sitting in front of him, legs open, mouth smeared with precum, eyeliner running, and it just felt like it didn’t really matter that I knew him. I shrugged internally.

“Get over here and fuck my wet pussy, Jeremy.” He didn’t need anymore than that. Stepping forward, he pulled me right to the edge of the table and entered me. I gasped a little, bit my lip, and looked right into his face, resolving to look him dead in the eyes the entire time. I wasn’t going to shy away from this. I wanted it and I wanted him to see it in my face.

“Fuck me you piece of shit.” I had no idea where that had come from. Again it was something that just came out. But he seemed to take it to heart and began thrusting forcefully.

“What was that, slut?” He asked between breaths.

“I said fuck me, asshole, not this soft shit.” At that, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, fucking me harder while he did. I moaned and clawed his back, playing it up a little for fun. Soon he began to breathe more shallowly and sounded like he was going to cum. One of the other men, the other blond one, made a motion for him to pull out.

“Let someone else have a go before you finish inside her.”

Jeremy grunted and nodded a little before pulling out and beginning to finish on my chest. I pushed him back with one foot, dropped off the edge of the table, and landed on my knees just in time to catch his load in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his dick and tasted my pussy juice and his cum go down my throat. The men clapped and cheered a little.

“It’s nice to get someone this enthusiastic.”

“I can’t believe she’s doing this for free!”

“You can tell she’s really into this. You’re a natural, girl.”

I wiped my mouth on my arm and began to get back onto the table, when the dark haired man grabbed my wrist, flipped me over onto my knees, and entered me from behind on the floor. I happened so fast I barely had time to react, and in the next moment, the older scandinavian man kneeled in front of me with a grunt and began facefucking me with his oversized cock. They had really turned it up a notch at my prompting, and decided to give in to the motions of the two of them, letting them rock me back and forth as they fucked me from either end. I could see the other two out of the corner of my eye, jacking off to me getting used like this. Again it struck me how much had changed in the last week. I never would have believed I could end up in a situation like this and be truly enjoying the new experience. I had my first orgasm of the night off those two cocks pounding me from either end.

Soon the dark haired man in my pussy came was replaced by the brown haired one. The older blonde one still had not cum, amazingly, and stood up be be replaced by Jeremy, who was hard again by now. I was beginning to feel it in my knees and palms when the brown haired one behind me pulled out. I made a noise of disappointment, until I felt a hand wipe some of my pussy lube onto my asshole. My eyes opened up wide and I pulled my mouth off Jeremy’s cock.

“You ever had anyone here before?” I could hear him ask behind me.

“No…” I paused, considering, before turning to look at him over my shoulder. “But go for it.”

He took his thumb and pressed it into my ass, slowly. I gasped and someone filled my open mouth with a cock. I began sucking hungrily as I felt the man behind me pull his thumb back out and position his dick right at the entrance. I closed my eyes and let the man in front of me fuck my face while I concentrated on the sensation at my asshole. He pressed in. I gasped around a cock, pushed it out of my mouth, and squeezed my eyes shut. It hurt. He slowly, ever so slowly, pushed in further and then pulled almost all the way back out. He repeated it twice more before the pain started to subside and the pleasure started to dominate. I moaned a little and felt the tears in my eyes drip down my face. I looked up and into the mirror.

I was a mess. The mascara I had so carefully put on this morning was a wreck, running down my face in streaks. To add to it, the man I had pushed away from my mouth during the anal must have cum on my face when I did so, because I had a huge amount of cum around my mouth and dripping off my chin. I winked, remembering who was on the other side of that mirror.

“Do I look like a slut to you assholes? Do I look like a fuckslut? Fucking give it to me.”

The man in my ass picked up his pace in response, and my arms gave out, dropping my face to the floor. I could already tell I would be sore everywhere tomorrow. Eventually he slowed, and grabbed my upper arms, pulling me upright against him. He stood and moaned and shut my eyes and the sensation of his cock buried in my ass. I opened them and there was the older blonde man standing in front of me, stroking his huge cock. I looked down. My arms were locked behind me by the man fucking my ass, and my breasts were red from being grabbed and pinched. I couldn’t see my pussy due to the arch in my back, but it felt red and swollen and dripping wet. I smiled at the blonde man, knowing what I must look like to him. “Come and get it.”

His was the cock I had wanted from the start, and now I was going to get it while having someone in my ass simultaneously. As he entered me, I felt more full in each moment than I thought possible. I thought I would burst with these two massive cocks inside me, but I didn’t, and soon I was bouncing on the both of them, moaning loudly and unable to form a coherent thought. Orgasm

? Check.

I heard the man behind me grunt and cum into my ass. He pulled out and I was being held only by the blue eyed scandinavian in front of me. His face was contorted and I realized he was about to cum too. I leaned forward and bit his neck, feeling him cum inside my pussy as I did. He made a small sound and set me down on the ground. Semen leaked out of me and onto the ground.

I looked up. “Is that really all you guys got?” I panted.

“This slut is fucking insatiable. Someone get their cock in her.” Someone said.

Soon Jeremy and the dark haired man were around me and I was sucking their cocks. I nearly had Jeremy to completion again when a voice interrupted over the speakers. I hardly recognized it at first, the tone being so different from her usual cool demeanor, but it was Caitlyn.

“Someone get that fuckslut on the table and fuck her throat.”

I didn’t wait for them. I stood up with what energy I had left and laid back on the table, as I’d seen done in some porn videos before. I drapped my head off the edge of the table and soon Jeremy was in front of me, ramming his cock down my throat while someone leaned over ate my cum-filled pussy. I grabbed Jeremy’s balls as he throat-fucked me and felt him start to cum immediately. He pulled out and came across my chest and face. I looked up to see who was brave enough to eat my pussy after so many loads, and was surprised to see it was the scandinavian man. I gave him a little thumbs up and dropped back down over the edge of the table. Nobody came to my mouth, and I just relaxed for a little while, feeling his tongue pleasure me slowly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32