Gasping for Air

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Iron Author Air Deprivation

Gasping for Air

“Hey, Enora…”

The red fox dug through the chest set against the wall, bare knees pressed into the carpet of his bedroom. Wearing nothing but his boxers, he hummed quietly to himself as he rummaged right to the bottom of the chest, putting aside a dildo and coil of rope with half a mind to give at least one of those toys a shot later on that night with his casual girlfriend, Enora. An anthro snake with brown and cream patterns streaked across her skin, reminiscent of a python, sprawled in just her underwear across his bed, demonstrating her flexibility as her body contorted in a way that a mammal would have found vastly uncomfortable. Ren pricked his ears and tilted his head, pulling a piece of gear that would have made an uninitiated fur blush and hide their muzzle.


She feigned ignorance, magazine propped up on her slim stomach. Ren hid his smile.


The snake sighed and flipped her magazine closed.


“Look what I found.”

She half-propped herself up on the bed, dark eyes alight with sudden curiosity. Ren held up his find for her like a trophy, the latex dully gleaming, likely not having been cleaned in quite a long while.

“What is it?” She asked, looking over the piece of latex in his paws. “Is it a mask? You know we’ve tried those before, right?”

“Yes, true,” he said, turning it over in his paws for a better look himself. “But this one covers your whole head and, look…”

He turned it, showing a hard, circular section that would rest over the ‘snout’. Peering closer, Enora blinked and ran her fingers over a series of small indents in the plastic.

“Are those holes?”

“Yep!” Ren grinned. “But this one as breathing holes that you can close too. Just this little button here…”

Demonstrating with a tap of the button, a cover snapped over the air holes from the inside with a decisive click. One more tap of his finger opened it again, allowing air to flow freely through the mask. Enora gave a low murmur of appreciation, leaning over the edge of the bed to get a better look still.

“Of course, it’s safer to use with someone else,” he added with a little shudder. “It may be hot for a while if you couldn’t get the holes open again, but it would…”

He trailed off with a loud gulp, casting Enora a sheepish look.

“Sorry, I know that isn’t exactly the hottest thing I could have said.”

Enora chuckled and rested her head on his shoulder, eyeing up the mask curiously.

“I Cami Halısı get what you mean, don’t worry about it. But…” She smirked, eyes shining. “Do you want to try it out now then?”

Ren cocked his head, whiskers twitching.

“Don’t you want to give it a go? You loved having the other mask on before.”

Enora shook her head, plucking the mask neatly from Ren’s paws and turning it over to see where the zip and buckle would pull it flush with another’s neck, sealing off all air.

“I’m shedding, it’ll be a bitch to get off again,” she said with a shudder. “You know how I peel. It’ll come off in those annoying little bits until everything comes off at once.”

“Ah, yeah,” Ren grimaced. “That was interesting waking up to that the first time.”

Enora smirked and blinked as innocently as a snake could.

“Hey, I just wanted to see your reaction. Now…” She advanced, black tongue flickering from between her lips. “Come here and let’s see just how well this still fits you.”

Sitting obediently still, though not without a shiver of anticipation, Ren lifted his head for Enora to slide the latex mask over his head. It covered him as securely as a hood, the loose neck falling down over his Adam’s apple. The fox’s tail wagged, the white tip flicking back and forth, and he whined softly as his vision was obscured. There had never been eye holes in the mask, but it only served to add to the sensation of confinement, his world blocked out while hers rapidly expanded.

Whimpering, he shifted his weight, breath already coming in shorter pants. Enora ran her paw down his upper back, scratching his shoulders until a little of the tension slipped from his back.

“There, there,” Enora whispered soothingly. “You’ll be having fun very shortly, kit.”

Ren grunted, sitting up a little straighter and pushing his shoulder blades back. His chest lifted proudly and he licked his lips as the hood shifted over his head, rounding out shapelessly so that he could have been any kind of fur beneath the gear, not allowing any discernible features through. Enora left the breathing holes open for the time being, running her finger over the button just to make sure they were working correctly. Gulping, Ren tried to pin his ears back, but only succeeding in trapping them against the latex hood as Enora secured it smoothly to the fur of his neck, forcing him to breathe through the holes and the holes alone. The snake murmured her appreciation, the bed creaking as she pushed her weight back, perhaps to survey her work and ensure all was fitting correctly.

Ren did not know. He could not see. Hell, even his hearing was muted by the mask. He caught his breath, cock swelling in his boxers from even the brief stint of confinement.

“Up now.”

Following her lead, he took the paw that was pressed into his and allowed Enora to guide him up onto Cami Halıları the bed. She laid him back and tugged down his boxers

“My, my, maybe we should have gotten this mask on you sooner, foxie…”

Ren would have protested at the name, if he’d been in any position to do so. His cock jutted up obviously from his groin and he panted quietly as she wrapped her paw around it, her scaled skin slightly loose in evidence of her soon to come shedding. Stroking his length as if she had all the time in the world to enjoy and tease the comparatively helpless fox, Enora chuckled as he rocked his hips up from the bed. Digging his short claws into the bed, he fought not to react, grunting softly as he rocked up into her skilled paw.

And then her free paw was on the mask, cutting off his breath with a tap of the button.

The fox lunged for it, eyes bulging as his body reacted in the only way instinct knew how: find a way to breathe. Whimpering and gasping, he clawed for the mask, suddenly desperate even as his shaft throbbed, pre-cum drooling copiously from the tip.

“Uh-uh,” Enora said, grabbing his paws as he reached for the mask. “Don’t make me tie you up, Ren, you gotta be good and not fight it.”

Ren’s eyes watered within the mask, lips parted in a muted howl that could not be spent without the luxury of breath. He wrenched his paws free of hers, fumbling for the straps that closed the hood around his neck, panic taking over the erotic edge pulsing through his body. Tongue slapping wetly against the side of her muzzle, the snake grumbled her disapproval. Perhaps she would have shown greater concern for her boyfriend if his cock had not been still hard in her paw, evidencing his desire even as he struggled to slip completely into the right frame of mind to enjoy the attention.

Enora rubbed the top of the hood, letting him feel her touch through the latex.

“Fine then, Ren, we’ll play it that way. Throw your head all the way back so I can see if you want to stop, okay? I don’t have the squeaker today for you to hang on to.”

Flicking open the breathing holes again, Enora quickly grabbed a length of rope — Ren really was one for just leaving bits lying around all over the place — and slipped it around his paws. She forced his torso up from the bed by wedging her knee into the small of his back, making quick work of tying up his paws. Able to breathe again, Ren did not protest, dragging in gulps of air while he knew he had the ability to. He did not make the sign that they’d agreed would call an end to any fun that otherwise rendered him mute.

“Good fox,” she breathed, pumping his cock once more with his paws bound and ready. “I know you’ll enjoy this.”

Ren wouldn’t have disagreed even if he’d had the voice to be able to. As she stroked his length, he anticipated the rise of her paw to the mask with a tingle that ran through his whole body, fur standing on end across the back of his neck. He pulled against the bonds around his paws, but there was nothing he could do — or really wanted to do — to stop Enora from shutting the breathing holes once more and rendering his world one of gasping once more.

Twisting and writhing within the limits of his movement, Ren’s chest heaved for breath that he simply could not drag into his lungs. Dimly, he kept himself aware of keeping his chin tucked down close to his chest, afraid to have the restraining ecstasy cut off by their accidental safety signal if he lifted his head up too rapidly.

And, all too quickly, he could breathe again, gasping for breath as his head spun. Enora’s paw still moved on his cock, slick with the amount of pre-cum spilling forth, and he yipped, bucking up into her paw in a wordless beg for more.

Pleasure washed over him as her paw picked up the pace, masturbating him as if she was trying to get him off straight away, but then she shut off his air again and his world rocketed into air deprived ecstasy. His muzzle pressed into the side of the mask, unable to even pin his ears back as the rope cut into his wrists. She held him without air for longer than before, drawing out the moments of air loss until his vision swayed, cock throbbing with such need that he could have ejaculated right there and then.

Balanced on the precipice of climax, Ren came back slowly, only aware that he was able to breathe after he’d inhaled several times already. Dragging the tips of her fingers up his length, Enora lazily circled his cock-head as the fox squirmed for release.

“Are you close?”

Ren nodded quickly, electric feeling racing through his nervous system. That was all the notice Enora needed to send him spiralling over the edge. Without allowing him time to completely regain his breath and senses, his ability to breathe was cut off for a final time and there was no going back from the cliff-edge of orgasm. Ren tried to howl and failed, pain searing through his lungs as she pumped his length for all she was worth, skin pulling back and forth with the rise and fall of her paw. His vision greyed out within the dark of the mask, eyes rolling into the back of his head, and then the fox’s mind fell prey to the whims of his body.

He could not make a sound as he climaxed, but his cock spurted, a thick rope of cum jetting up over his stomach. He felt it splash down into his own fur, but Enora kept him gasping until the last drool had trickled from his shaft and his lungs burned for oxygen. On the edge of blacking out with that faint hint of nausea pricking on the outskirts of his senses, Ren finally found himself able to breath, drawing in lungful after lungful to soothe his burning lungs.

It had been worth it though, oh so very much.

Stroking his side gently, running her fingertips through his fur, Enora murmured to him as she slowly unbuckled the mask, allowing him out of the headspace one strap and zip at a time.

“We’ll have to use this mask again, kit…”

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