Gavin and Sally

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This story’s characters are all aged over the age of consent, non are under 18 years old. There is no force or coercion. Every action is consensual.


It was a Thursday night, the rain fell steadily in large thick drops, hitting the pavement and bouncing up again as the click, click of a pair of low heels rang around the street. Sally Roughton trudged through the rain, she was wet, no she was soaked through. No! she was drenched because her car had broken down and she had chanced getting home before it rained. At 42, she should have known better. Murphy’s law had kicked in and the heavens opened just as she turned the corner of the street furthest from where she had left the car. She was cold, wet, tired and hungry. Her little brother had better be home with a meal waiting or..

“Or What?” she thought, what on earth could she do to her brother? He was his own master and seldom listened to her suggestions, or rants as he called them.

At 35 he was a grown up, “allegedly” she thought, but his behavour at times was juvenile to say the least. Like his offer to fix her car, which he’d promised to do last weekend and failed to do. Why? because he was too hungover to do it. Which was why she was walking home, in the rain without a coat, drenched. She pulled her arms tighter across her chest, feeling her stiff nipples rub against the thin blouse under her crossed arms.

“Bloody Gavin!” she raged, crossing the empty road towards her home.

The small two bedroom bungalow was unlit and she knew that meant Gavin was out. She slid her bag off her shoulder and searched inside for her keys. Finding them in the damp interior of her beloved bag she began to gulp and sob. Reaching out she inserted the key, but was surprised to find the door unlocked. Cursing under her breath at Gavin failing again to lock up when he went out, she struggled through the door. Pausing to kick her damp ruined shoes off, she shuddered with cold and walked across the hall.

Walking along to her room she passed Gavin’s door,which was ajar and she could hear a rustling noise inside, she paused and listened, shivering with cold. As her hand reached for the door knob, it suddenly swung back and Gavin stood there, naked before her. Her eyes drifted up and down his naked frame, then her eyes dropped to his flaccid cock, amongst a mass of dark curly crinkly hair. In the warm air of the bungalow it must have been seven or eight inches, hanging semi hard, smooth and uncut.

“I… I.. I..” Sally finally managed to look Gavin in the eyes,

“Hey Sis you’re soaking, what happened?” He asked with a trace of real concern in his voice.

“My bloody car broke down is what happened; because you, you twat, didn’t fix it like you promised.” She yelled angrily, reddened and again began to blub.

“Jees Sis, sorry, look let me run you a bath, get yourself out of your stuff and get in and warm up.”

Gavin wheeled past her, and stepped into the bathroom, she heard the water start and Gavin came back out and pulled her after him.

“Right come on get this lot off, bloody hell you weren’t joking were you, you’re drenched through.”

Before she knew it Gavin had her skirt, blouse and hold up stockings off, then he unhooked her bra, leaving her small 32A breasts bare, her nipples again tightening and puckering. He knelt before her and peeled her knickers down, struggling as the wet fabric clung to her skin. Lifting one of her feet slightly he pulled one side free and she stepped out the other. She was so cold, confused and mesmerized.

Gavin steered her to the bath and helped her in. He had judged the temperature correctly and she gratefully sank down into the water. Gavin placed a towel behind her head and handed her a flannel. She just lay there in the warm water and finally relaxed. Gavin brought the chair over and sat beside her, smiling.

“What?” She said glancing at him, feeling his gaze on her, she felt embarrassed and shyly crossed her arms over her small breasts.

“Nothing, except, I’ve never really seen you naked before this, you’re really sexy, you’re body’s pretty perfect.”

“Thanks Gav, I’ll take that as a vote of confidence, wanna do my back?” She said, feeling something like genuine affection for him, which she couldn’t remember ever feeling before now.

She uncrossed her arms and splashed them into the tub. As she sat up Gavin removed the towel and took the flannel from her. Dipping it in the water, as she scooted forward, he rubbed soap on it and proceeded to give her back a firm scrub.

“Ohh! Gav that’s nice, mmm, you might just get the job.” She wiggled in response to his sensual scrub, he smiled and kissed her shoulder, she blushed.

“I do this better than fix cars, here.”

He passed the soap and flannel to her.


“To do your front, whatever else I doubt you want me messing around with your boobs, big sis.”

His face was lit up with pleasure and she felt a surge of love for this big smiling man standing before her. His penis was level görükle escort with her eye line and she admired the soft smooth skin, hanging down in front of her. It suddenly twitched and she was sure it was firming. She giggled again and looked up into his big blue eyes.

“What the hell, here get on with it, I’m bloody exhausted.”

Sally lay back and Gavin expertly replaced the towel behind her head,

“Arm!” he demanded, she raised one to him and he washed it firmly, but gently.

“Other arm!” She complied.

“OK, deep breath and relax.”

The warm soapy flannel was wrapped around his hand as he washed her neck, chest and breasts and down her flattish stomach to just above her navel. He rinsed and cleaned the soap away, taking great care to ensure all the soap was off her breasts, several times. Sally lay contented and definitely aroused.

“Mmm, little brov, that’s nice, wanna finish the job?”

She slid down the bath to cover her stomach and the underside of her breasts.

“Sure lift a leg,” he grinned.

She languidly lifted her left leg and he gently soaped and rinsed it, as she let it fall back she raised her right leg and he repeated his ministrations. When he finished she raised her left leg again and winked at him.

“OK, I think we’re done,” he said and dropped the flannel over her crotch area, which lay just below the surface. Standing he took the chair back to its rightful place and made for the door.

“You finish up in here and I’ll put the kettle on, I think Hot chocolate is called for, do you want milky or half and half?”

“Milky, but first finish the job.”

Saying this Sally reached for the towel behind her head, sat up, threw it at him then stood up. He gazed at his naked sister and grinned. Walking back he took the proffered flannel and soap, bent and rinsed the flannel and began soaping it. Taking his time he looked in awe at his big sisters luscious body, the skin smooth and shiny, her face clear of makeup or artifice.

Her eyes bored into his and he thought he saw a deep abiding love reflected back towards him. He grinned as he studied her small perfect breasts, high up on her chest, with their nipples firm and pointy. His gaze slid down her body, the flat stomach, curving out to her hips, the tangle of pubic hair and then the long, perfectly toned legs.

“Bottom first,” she said and turned away from him, leaning forward slightly to present herself to him.

He saw the perfect globes of her cheeks and the gap between revealing the outline of her crease and a wild profusion of hair on her pussy. He soaped her bottom with the flannel then let it drop in the bath.

“Oops, clumsy me, never mind, this’ll do,” he said and slid his hands over her cheeks, feeling the delicious curve of her buttocks as she swayed slightly at his touch.

He enjoyed the feel of her smooth butt in his hands, and briefly slipped a hand between to wash her tiny puckered anus and the back of her pussy lips, feeling her begin to gyrate on his soapy hand. Frightened of pushing things any further, he moved his hand back onto her bottom.

After a while he reached down into the bath to retrieve the flannel and rinse the soap off her bottom. As he bent he kissed her soapy perfectly shaped cheeks and sighed. He knelt as she spun slowly until his eyes were level with her pussy. She was unshaven and he marveled at the silky plume hiding her secret places. He leaned forward and kissed her mons, before bringing the soapy flannel up to her mound and gently washing her.

Finishing he stood and looked at her hungrily,

“Why don’t you go and boil some milk, big boy,” she said, looking meaningfully at his cock, watching it stir and straighten further. In her mind a voice was saying “yes please”, but she pushed the thought away.

“I’ll finish up here and join you in the kitchen.”

She blew him a kiss and he grinned and slipped an arm round her waist. Pulling gently he drew her towards him, kissing her lips lightly he nuzzled into her ear.

“Do you want… marshmallows in it,” he whispered in as deep a voice as he could then he kissed and sucked her earlobe.

“Oh God yes, yes, yes,” she gasped.

“OK, I’ll get them out for you, ” he said and slapped her bottom as he released her.

Grinning he blew her a kiss from the doorway, she pouted in response.

In the kitchen, Gavin had two mugs ready with the chocolate powder, he was standing over the stove carefully watching the milk warm. Sally walked in, naked, he smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“Watch what you’re doing Gav!” she warned, nodding at the saucepan,

“Wouldn’t want you spilling hot milk on your meat and two veg,” she giggled knowingly.

“Could be right big sis, but there’s a hell of a distraction in the room.”


“You! That is some body you have there. I’ve never, ever realised my big sis is such a hottie.” he smiled.

“Rubbish, there are far better looking women than me around.” She said and bursa escort bayan looked down at herself.

“Don’t!!” said Gavin as he took the milk to the cups and began to pour and stir.

Expertly he whipped up the chocolate and placed the pan in the sink, switching on the cold tap and filling it up. Turning back he sprinkled mini marshmallows into the foaming chocolate. Impressed, Sally clapped and sat at the table, watching as Gavin sat opposite.

“Don’t what?” she said picking up on his comment.

“Don’t put yourself down, trust me sis, you look great, terrific, girls half your age would die for a body like yours.

“Flabby tummy,” she said pointing down her front.

“Not! it’s perfect, if it’s saggy, it’s because you’re not sitting straight, like mum used to nag you about.”

Sally smiled as she thought of their mother, she nodded in agreement.

“OK, I look a bit okay, I’ll give you that. You’re not so bad yourself, that’s quite some pistol you’re packing there.”

“I thought women weren’t that interested in all that, surely it’s all emotions with you girlies.”

“Yeah right! That’s a nice sized salami Gav, even I, as your sister, find it perfect.” she grinned, “what’s it like when.. you know?”


“You know, how big is it when you’re hard?”

“Sal, you can’t ask me that, that’s embarrassing.”

“What! you’ve been naked since I got home, you’ve washed me and touched me in some very private places, how could that be any more embarrassing?”

“Where you embarrassed by me being nude?”

“Yes… at first, now not so much. I am finding it a bit arousing, which is way too weird to think about.”

“You like me naked? cool, I definitely like you naked, so hot.”

“Not that hot, you’re still pretty “relaxed” as far as I can see.” Sally raised an eyebrow.

“that’s because I feel embarrassed about being naked in front of you.”

“What? well why didn’t you get dressed then?”

“Because you were so cold and wet and miserable, I thought it was better to get you warm and dry, well warm and bathed.”

“Hmm, well I liked you undressing me, thank you for that and for a perfect bath, I feel warm and dry and cosseted.”

“Good, I hoped I’d gone a little way towards making you forgive me for not fixing your car. I am truly sorry about that, I am Sal.”

“OK, don’t worry, after the bath and the chocolate you’re forgiven, but I need to get it fixed and soon.” she looked at him with a grin.

“Right, well I’m not working tomorrow, so I’ll take you to work then sort out the car. If you phone me when you finish I’ll come pick you up.” Gav moved his hand to take Sally’s. she held it tight.

“Thanks little bruv, I was so mad at you earlier, but you’re ok, you know.”

Gavin nodded,

“And you are the sexiest woman I know, bar non,” he said with a grin.

Later they sat in the lounge and watched telly. Gavin had cooked a shepherd’s pie with three large portions of fresh vegetables, which they had with a shared pint of beer. Sally insisted on washing up and Gavin had put the pots and pans away. Sally hinted that was only so he could look at her rear end and he nodded his agreement.

About 11, Gavin yawned and said he was off to bed, Sally nodded and watched him leave. She smiled at the recollection of her day. Later she tidied up and went to bed. Sitting in her room she giggled, took her phone and strolled into Gavin’s room. He lay half asleep and mumbled something unintelligible to her, she grinned, put her phone by the bed and crawled in with him. Spooning into him she placed an arm round his waist and felt his hand clutch hers.

Both their alarms were set for 6:30 and they went off in unison, uncannily they had both chosen the same tone. Surfacing from their dreams they were still spooning, but now Gavin had his arm round her and his semi hard cock was pushed between her legs against her warm hairy pussy. They lay together and slowly disengaged. Gavin hopping out and heading for the bathroom.

“Hey Gav, nice stiffy, suits you, ” she said, as he grinned and waved at her before disappearing through the door.

He came back a few minutes later and she swung her legs out of bed,

“Nice pussy sis, very warm and welcoming,” he said and avoided her lazily swung arm. She grinned and made for the bathroom.

“Bagsy the shower first OK?” she yelled from the bathroom.

“OK, I’ll make breakfast, you fancy mushrooms on toast?”

“Sounds great, any tomatoes?”

“Sure, want eggs too?”

“Oh! poached would be nice.”

“Done! see you in fifteen.” He said and slid into his jeans and t-shirt.

Twenty minutes later Sally walked into the kitchen, clipping her watch on her wrist. Gavin not only had breakfast ready but even had time to move his car to the driveway.

“Hey little bruv looks great and certainly smells good enough to eat,” she pecked his cheek and as she sat he slid her chair under her.

“Maybe I should get wet more often, if bursa escort this is the result.” she glanced at him and saw his smile.

“Eat up sis, we need to go soon if you’re going to be on time.”

They ate in silence then as Sally left to finish off, Gavin stacked the dishes in the washer and placed the grill pan and saucepans in the sink, ready to wash later. Sally came into the kitchen ready to go.

“Right let’s rock and roll.”

Gavin grabbed his keys and swept an arm towards the door. As they left he unlocked his car and locked the front door. Twenty minutes later he dropped Sally at her office, leaping out the car and opening her door, offering his hand to help her out, and then he drove off.

“Morning Sal!” a colleague shouted, “Who’s the hunk?”

“My kid brother so hands off, if you know what’s good for you,” she laughed.

“Hey we’re friends, we share,”

“Not my brother, he’s all mine, I like to keep him working hard, he owes me big time.”


“Let me tell you about Gavin…”

They walked into the building together.

Gavin found Sally’s car where she said it would be and unlocking it flipped the release allowing him to raise the bonnet. Quizzically he began to move through the routines they had taught him at the garage he had worked at in his teenage years. His skills allowed him to work out the problem and after a visit to a local spare part franchise he felt satisfaction as the car started and purred like a cat full of cream. Feeling good he drove to the service station and filled the tank. He returned to the spot where his car was parked to make sure all was well with her car.

He drove his car home then walked back and returned in Sally’s, parking behind his own car. He patted the roof of Sally’s car before going into the house. He stripped off and showered again, then tidied up his straggly almost beard. Looking hard he realised it wasn’t working, so with a sigh he began to shave properly.

Finally satisfied he felt and saw his clean shaven face. Making sure the basin was tidy with no hairs or soap residue he bounced into his room, dressed in a new t-shirt and clean jeans and went to wash up from breakfast. He spent the day tidying up and doing some washing. Having it all clean, dried and tidied he settled down with a coffee and daytime TV.

Sally phoned at 4:30 and he jumped into her car and went off to pick her up. The journey was slow with traffic backing up in all directions, he arrived about 5:30, he texted her and drove round the block, as he came back round the final corner he saw her smiling and waving, he pulled over and she jumped in.

“Hi Gav, you fixed it then?”

“Don’t sound so surprised,” he said grinning, ” I have a certificate you know.”

“Yeah, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen you fix something, cool.”

“OK, traffic’s bad, going to be about 40 to 50 minutes, you ok with that, or do you want to find somewhere and eat out?”

“Let’s go home, but pickup a takeaway, or have you got stuff in?”

“I can do something or we can pickup a takeaway, which would you like?”

“Well since you fixed my car, why don’t I treat you to a takeaway, Indian, Chinese or Pizza?”

“Indian, I fancy Lamb Rogan Josh, with Pilau Rice, Sag Aloo and a Naan bread, you?”

“Chicken Jalfrezi, the Rice and Aloo Gobi, can I share the Naan with you?”

“Yeah of course, that’d be perfect, I’ve got beer in the fridge or do you want something else?”

“Beer’ll do fine, I’ll ring ahead when we get out to the dual carriageway, then we can just stop and pickup.”

“Perfect sis, I’m hungry just thinking about it.”

They drove in companionable silence, the journey slow, stop start, all the way out of town. Every traffic light turned red as they approached and seemed on a shorter phase than their opposite number.

“Gav, yesterday when I was coming in, all the lights were off and your car wasn’t outside, why was that?”

“Ahh, well my car was round the back, as you know, but I was in my room, so I didn’t need any other lights on.”

“OK, but your room light was off and I heard you, and you were naked, why?”

“Sal, please don’t make me lie to you, just leave it, please?”

“Come on Gav, we’re family you can tell me, I won’t be shocked, or disgusted, what were you doing?”

“Huh!, Guess?” he said loudly as a car tried to cut in from the outside lane.

He hit the horn and flashed the other car, but it accelerated then cut in harshly in front of him. The driver braked hard causing Gav to brake harder and then moved off again. Gavin flashed him again and they saw the finger come up in front of his rear view mirror.

“Wanker!” Gav yelled, raising a single digit to the windscreen.

“Whoa big boy, let him be, he’s a nothing, don’t rise to it, all he’ll ever be is an arsehole, you’re better than that.”

Her hand touched his thigh and he felt her gentle squeeze.

“Sorry sis, you’re right. Look if I tell you what I was doing, will you promise not to get mad at me?”

“OK, but now I’m really interested, this must be good.” She nudged him gently.

“I guess you know that as a guy I masturbate a lot?”

“Who doesn’t, but go on.”

“You mean… Oh God, that’s a turn on, no, no it’s not.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32