Generation Gap

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William Corry’s wife gave birth almost exactly nine months after they were married. It was never clear to either of them whether the conception took place before or after the ceremony, from a contraceptive failure or the forgetfulness of being tired and happy. But they were very content with the result, though they had intended to wait a while.

They did wait almost five years before trying for a sister for Robert, but Esther Corry died in an auto accident when she was five months pregnant. William did not think that he could care for a child by himself, but he did.

While he never remarried, he did come close a couple of times. And, in honesty, he slept with more women than that in the next dozen or so years. Maybe paradoxically, he was concerned about setting a good — or discreet — example for his boy, so all the bedroom activity was at her place or in motel rooms. Though by the time Robert was out of high school, he probably knew what was going on.

When the parents of his boy’s girlfriend Holly called William that summer to talk about the plan to have her go off on vacation for two weeks in the woods with his son and him, he figured that Holly and Robert had been happily screwing for a while whenever they got a chance. And while he assured her parents that the two of them would be put in separate bedrooms at the cabin and that Holly’s room had a door that could be locked from the inside, he did not mention that the rooms were adjacent. Or that he wasn’t planning to watch for wandering in the night.

On the trip out into the country, Holly rode on the seat beside him, helping to navigate. You might think that she would want to be in the back with Robert, but after all they were going to have two weeks together. He saw that they had already gotten in a little fooling around in quick moments while they were loading up. And it did make it easier for him not to have to fiddle with the maps while he was driving.

After they got there and after they ate dinner, the three of them sat around talking about a lot of things. Holly said that the long trip, or that and a grease-fire they had passed, had given her a headache. And later he could make out from a half-glimpsed half-heard conversation she Ankara travesti had with his son that she wanted him to postpone his advances for a while.

Robert took it philosophically, it seemed (they had two weeks together, as we’ve said) and he went to bed early. Holly stayed and talked with him for a while. Only a few minutes after Rob’s door closed that night, however, she moved up to him on the couch and reached out her arms.

“I want you very much,” she said to him.

He pulled away and said:

“Holly, I am much too old for you, as you have to know. This sort of thing would never work. You are much better off with someone your own age.”

“I don’t want someone my own age, I want a man! And I don’t care if it won’t really work, since I don’t want to marry you, I just want to fuck you!”

He began to wonder if there was such a thing as committing adultery on your son.

He tried to stop her by being practical, which was a mistake. “I don’t think we can. I didn’t bring any contraceptives. I had no reason to think I would use them.” There were a couple in his suitcase, actually. There always were.

“Oh, that’s all right. My mother put me on the pill when I turned fifteen.” Holly said.

It says something about her parents that they would speak to William about protecting their daughter’s virtue, yet encourage her in this way to give it up. Although he remembered now that it was Mr. Gosse who had spoken to him. Her mother plainly had a different attitude.

William tried to say no, but between his own horniness not being relieved lately and the temptation provided by a willing and aggressive teenage girl, he didn’t hold out long. Soon they were in Holly’s bedroom and she had locked the door behind her.

She unbuttoned his shirt and nuzzled his chest hair, telling him how erotic it felt and how it made her hot. He held Holly and he put his hands up her back under the checkered shirt she wore. Her tongue shot into his mouth, and he moved his hands around to cup her breasts. His thumbs slid over her nipples, which were pressed solidly against him. Her tongue quickly withdrew when she gasped, then just as quickly returned.

He held Holly’s body Konya travesti a little away from him and opened the front of her shirt. He spread it wide and took it over her shoulders, then dropped it to the floor. His hands returned to her breasts, then he bent to pull one nipple with his lips. He turned to the other one and she held his head there.

Holly’s hands opened the belt on his pants and lowered them. Her right hand grazed the bulge in his shorts and she sighed as she did. He stepped from the pants and set her on the bed. He cast aside his shorts and he opened her jeans to tug them off.

He lay beside Holly and her fingers grasped his erection. Her hand looked so tiny that it hardly seemed to go around. She raised her hips when he touched the waistband of her panties and he slid them off easily.

He put his hand between her legs and he found that Holly was wet and ready for him. But her reaction to his touch made him want to touch her more, so he did.

She spread her legs wide and whispered: “I want you!”

He moved over Holly and touched his erection to the moist opening.

He realized then that he had guessed wrong about the relationship between Holly and his son, that Holly’s mother had guessed wrong about her, and that he was very wrong in his assumptions about Holly.

Holly was a virgin.

Was is the word, because he discovered that she was in the process of making her no longer so. The membrane ruptured easily and he sank into her deep and fast. Right after the shock of first penetration, Holly gave a long moan of pleasure and she contracted her internal muscles. Then he slowed his pace, putting a hand down to touch her clitoris with each stroke out and to pull his shaft against the roof of her vagina each time he went in. He tried to make the experience as intense and as long-lasting for her as he could.

Holly was tight enough that he thought he would have trouble delaying his orgasm by very much, but he managed to do it. He rolled onto his back and took her with him, still buried deep within her and drilling. He could keep going in that position forever; in fact he always got tired of it and switched before he reach a climax, so he didn’t know İzmir travesti if he could come that way. Her legs could not wrap around him as they had at first, and he had liked having her do that. But it was easier now to stimulate Holly by playing with her nipples.

After he was back on top, twenty minutes later, they reached a peak together and he sprayed deep into her newly-opened tunnel. They lay together for a while. Holly told him that she had used her hand and sometimes her mouth on Robert before this, but she had promised to go all the way with him while they were up here. But she was a bit frightened of full intercourse, and decided she wanted to have her first man be someone with more experience with women. Moreover, she found chest hair (Robert had none as yet) to be a great turn-on. And having a man old enough to be her father was another one, somehow. He never asked, but Holly may have been fantasizing about sex with her father.

When he rose to gather his clothes and go to his own bedroom, Holly also got up to set her clothes aside and unlock the door for him. She put on a filmy blue nightgown and matching panties then.

This is how she was dressed when his son walked into her room at dawn. She woke at his kiss to see him shrug off his bathrobe and stand naked before her. Holly threw off the covers to welcome him into her bed. Robert took down the panties and he was soon pounding into her, as his father had done a few hours before. William was at least right in thinking that Holly would leave the door unlocked for the teenager. She told William about it in great detail later.

For the next two weeks, they spent the days in fishing or hiking. A little while after the lights were out, Robert each night went from his room to Holly’s. A half-hour after he had returned, Holly came to wake William. His forty-year-old body made slow love to hers, using practiced technique to replace his son’s 18-year-old energy. Frankly, that this was her second time for the night probably made it easier to keep up with her also. Each night Holly returned to her room afterward, to greet his son again with the first light and to have her passion satisfied for the third time.

Holly agreed that it would be best to have nothing to do with William after they got back to the city. She is still seeing his son, though William wonders how he is doing with such a strange girl. Robert still knows nothing of the true situation in the cabin, especially on that first night.

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