Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 09

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How The Three-Way Partnership Began

Jackson could feel the rhythmic beat of the music throbbing through his chest. Looking out at the dance floor, he felt a corresponding throb lower down as he spotted the petit blond swaying and grinding under the colorful strobe lights. Mickey looked like he was having a good time out there, and his ass looked particularly luscious tonight.

Making his way through the bumping and grinding, all-male crowd, Jackson got his fair share of appreciative glances and gropes– 6’2″, leanly muscular with curly brown hair and trimmed goatee, his expressive brown eyes clearly showing his excitement even to those who weren’t in a position to see, and feel, the impressive tent pushing out the front of his jeans.

Keeping his eyes glued to the object of his lust, Jackson worked his way through the throng to press his swollen basket between the small, firm globes. Reaching around the smaller man’s body, he wrapped his arms around the blond’s shoulders as he lowered his head to a shell-like ear. He knew the volume of the music would keep his words from carrying, so he didn’t bother to lower his voice as he said, “Hey, babe! Feel like helping me out with this?” Jackson ground forward, emphasizing his point.

* * * *

Troy had just gotten into the grove of the music when someone grabbed onto him. Normally he would have shrugged off such uncalled-for familiarity — they guy hadn’t even bought him a drink yet! — but the deep, sexy voice, combined with what felt like at least 8 fat inches, make his hole twitch and his dick lurch. Grinding briefly back to show his interest, Troy reached up to hold on to one of the stranger’s hands as he steered them both towards the restrooms.

* * * *

Jackson was surprised — Mickey would usually turn around, make a joke about Jackson’s overheated libido, and demand that they dance for a while. He’d certainly never shown any interest in having a quickie in the men’s room. ‘I guess he’s feeling extra horny today,’ Jackson thought with an anticipating smile.

Once inside the crowded, dimly-lit, cubicle filled room, the smaller man wasted no time elbowing his way to the handicapped stall, their timing coinciding perfectly with the pair who were just leaving the extra-large space. The lighting inside the stall was even worse than the rest of the room — the overhead bulb had burned out, and it was only the light coming in from above and below the partitions and door that kept Jackson from losing his partner in the gloom.

Pressing his tongue past a pair of open, lush lips, Jackson wasted no time undoing Mickey’s fly and pushing down the tight pants, while Mickey’s small hands unzipped and fished out Jackson’s swollen cock. Jackson felt another jolt of surprise as he felt a condom being fitted over his hard, leaking tool — he and Mickey never used protection with each other — but as the rubber was unrolled down his hard length, he decided that Mickey must be acting out some sort of fantasy.

* * * *

Troy had been in such a hurry to catch the big stall before someone else did, he hadn’t even taken a moment to check out his other catch. All he knew about the guy was that he was tall and hung.

All things considered, that was almost everything he needed to know. ALMOST everything — it was time to find out if Mr. Bold Approach knew how to use that impressive tool Troy had just got to feel up.

Troy reluctantly let go of Kayaşehir Escort the meaty club he’d been fondling and turned around, pushing his pants all the way down his legs as he leaned over the cum-coated toilet-bowl. ‘I wonder if anyone ever uses this place for anything other than fucking?’ he wondered to himself.

Bracing himself for a hard ride, it never occurred to him that they’d forgotten to lock the door.

* * * *

In the gloom of the handicapped stall, Jackson could just make out the pale, twin globes that were his target. Reaching down, he caressed the soft, firm cheeks, running his hands up and down their smooth skin before dipping a finger in the valley between them. He heard Mickey let out a groan as his fingertip found the twitching hole.

“Oh, baby, you’re so hot tonight, aren’t you?” Jackson moaned as he reached into his pocket for the small packet of lube he’d brought with him. Quickly spreading the gel on two fingers, he pushed both in at once, feeling too hot to take his time getting his partner ready. But Mickey seemed to appreciate that, letting out another loud groan as he pushed back on the thick invading digits.

Jackson grabbed his gloved hard-on, getting it into position as he moved his buried fingers back and forth, spreading the lube and opening up his lover’s ass as thoroughly as his urgent lust would allow.

With the dexterous skill that made him so good at sleight-of-hand, Jackson instantly replaced his fingers with his cockhead, pressing the sensitive knob into the welcoming sphincter. A vague thought passed through his mind, that it was a shame that the lighting wasn’t better — he always got a kick out of watching his dick slide into a hot ass, and Mickey’s was as hot as they come.

Jackson tried to go slow, to gradually feed his throbbing cock into the slick male cunt in front of him, but there was just something so wrong, so sexy about fucking in a nightclub restroom, he just couldn’t keep from grabbing the slim hips in front of him and yanking the smaller man back against him — an action which was enthusiastically seconded by Mickey himself.

* * * *

The fuck started with a fast, pounding rhythm, both men so eager to reach their climax that they didn’t even try and draw out their sexual encounter. Troy was impressed, though, at the way the man behind him managed to insert some technique, even at this pace; twisting his hips to maximize penetration and friction within Troy’s tight-gripping anal-passage.

‘If this guy is this good in a quickie,’ Troy thought, ‘he might be worth taking home for a more thorough workout later.’

“Oh, yeah, fuck that ass! Fuck that sweet ass!” he cried out, pumping back to meet the hard strokes.

* * * *

Jackson frowned, his fast-thrusting hips still picking up speed as his blood-deprived brain struggled to tell him something. Something about what he’d just heard. The words had been fine, but there was something about how they’d been said…

A sudden lightening of the gloom in the cubicle interrupted his sluggish train of thought as a smallish figure strode into the stall.

Jackson’s mind seemed to fuse as it tried to accept what his eyes were telling him — not unlike the way it had just-barely missed what his ears had noticed a few seconds before.

Standing beside him, arms akimbo, was Mickey! Jackson could just make out the disapproving frown on his boyfriend’s Kayaşehir Escort Bayan face as he continued to pump and pound away inside Mi…

Jackson’s head whipped forward and down, finally realizing that the voice he’d heard a moment ago was one he had never heard before. “Who…?”

Still unable to stop his rutting body, he turned back to Mickey, reaching out one hand to grab his shoulder as the 5’6″ blond turned to walk away. “Mickey, wait!”

Worry fought with rising pleasure as Jackson felt his orgasm rushing at him, the stranger beneath him still working that hot, tight butt in perfect counter-rhythm as his thrusts continued to gain momentum; his cock not caring in the slightest that there was anything wrong, that it was fucking the wrong hole, so long as it got to shoot a load off.

Only semi-aware of his actions, Jackson pulled the struggling Mickey closer, his hand instinctively reaching into Mickey’s pants to grab at the cut, 6 and a half-inch piece they contained. Mickey was strong for his size, but Jackson was bigger and stronger, and he knew just how to push Mickey’s buttons; nibbling on the graceful neck as he stroked along Mickey’s swelling prick, Jackson moaned as he felt his cum start to shoot into the condom.

* * * *

Troy was only dimly aware that another man was in the stall with them — he was too busy watching the stars burst inside his eyelids as his now thoroughly-battered prostate sent shocks of pleasure up and down his spine; his throbbing, dribbling 7 inch cock encased in his white-knuckled grip as he jerked violently at it.

“Awwww, FUCK!” Troy’s cum rocketed out of his shaft, adding a new coat to the tacky porcelain lid and splashing back onto his bare legs. “‘C’mon, give it to me! YEAAAAAH!”

The cock inside of him seemed to double in size, a sure sign that the other man was getting his nut, the extra fullness adding to Troy’s pleasure and prolonging his orgasm.

With a muttered curse and a grunt, the tall fucker pulled out of Troy’s gaping asshole. Troy himself seemed to blank out for a moment, unable to move — even falling over seemed like too much effort.

As the pounding in his ears subsided, he heard a fresh set of moans coming from behind him. Slowly turning around, he could just see a fair-haired man leaning against the side of the stall while Big Bold knelt in front of him, sucking him off.

Troy leaned on the opposing wall as he gingerly raised his pants back up — they were tight enough to press against his tender ass-ring, even though he didn’t fasten them just yet.

Licking his lips, Troy couldn’t decide if he was turned on or pissed off — on the one hand, it was definitely exciting being this close to a blow-job, even if he wasn’t part of it; but on the other hand, this new blond was quite obviously poaching HIS trick.

Still mulling this over, Troy moved closer to the action, placing himself beside the newcomer. Up-close, Troy could see that he really was quite a looker — in Troy’s own league, even — about his own height, with a smooth, boyish face framed by light-colored, tousled blond locks; eyes closed in a frown of pleasured concentration as Big Man slurped and sucked away.

The other blond’s eyes popped opened just as Troy leaned in for a closer look, their eyes meeting briefly before Troy suddenly found himself grabbed by a pair of slender arms and pulled in for a burning, Escort Kayaşehir hungry kiss.

Then a large, slightly calloused hand grabbed onto Troy’s reviving member, while a smaller hand wormed its way behind him to probe and stroke inside his still-dilated hole. Returning the favor, Troy first reached for the other blond’s cock, slicking his fingers with the abundant saliva and pre-cum that coated the shaft before reaching behind and working a pair of fingers into a tight, but welcoming, sphincter.

Troy’s other hand joined the stranger’s other hand in Big’s dark, curly hair, first guiding it up and down, and then sideways onto Troy’s swelling prick. The two smaller men only broke their clinch to snatch short, panting breaths as they were alternately fellated. During one of these brief breathers the two gaspingly exchanged names, and Troy found out that the guy on his knees was named Jackson when Mickey let out a breathy, “Ohhh, Jackson, suck that hard dick! Suck!”

It was a good — very, very good — twenty minutes later when first Mickey and then Troy unloaded into Jackson’s gobbling mouth, the bigger man trying his best to swallow every last drop that blasted out of their engorged pricks. Then it was Mickey’s turn to lean against a handy wall while Troy helped Jackson work his way into the well-spread, freshly lubed, eager boypussy.

# # # # # #

Later that evening Troy found himself at Jackson and Mickey’s apartment. It turned out they all went to the same university — Troy was studying engineering, Mickey was a theatre major, and Jackson was in journalism.

Jackson and Mickey had met in high-school, somewhere in Suburbia.

The first time Jackson made a move on the other boy had been just after their school’s talent show when they were seniors — Jackson with his young-magician-kit, Mickey as part of the school’s dance-troupe. All through the weeks of rehearsals, the two had traded covert glances as they passed each other, getting on and off the stage.

Flushed with pride at having won first prize, Jackson had taken the cute, tights-showing-off-his-ass-to-perfection blond aside and asked him if he’d like to go get a soda. They both had each-others’ dicks down their throats by the end of the night, and became steady fuck-partners by the end of the following week.

Mickey had begun posing as Jackson’s assistant as a way of hiding the true nature of their relationship, and had slowly began to take a more and more active part in the magic show as they started getting invited to entertain at parties and school functions.

They had both come out to their families as soon as they had finished moving in together, at the beginning of their first year at collage. Mickey’s parents had been upset, but not surprised. Jackson’s family still wasn’t speaking to him, mostly.

Troy was surprised to find himself not only listening to their stories, but volunteering details about his own background — a city boy, his parents had been shocked the first time they’d come home one evening to find their darling baby-boy on all fours with the high-school quarterback scoring up his behind. His parents later sat him down for a talk about safe sex, and that was the last time any of them mentioned what had happened — although his mother tended to nag him about once a month to find a nice boy and settle down. “I can’t help but think that she knows exactly what I’m like — after all, I inherited the ability to hold my legs up in the air from somewhere,” he chuckled, demonstrating that very talent as Jackson worked a 10 inch vibrator into him (it was Mickey’s turn on Jackson’s cock).

Watching the buzzing length push into Troy’s seemingly insatiable sex-pit, Jackson started getting an idea.

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