Geran and Nicole Ch. 06

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This chapter has very little story development and a great deal of explicit sex. It contains a wife having an affair with her husband’s knowledge and approval, exhibitionism, voyeurism, incest, and nonhumans. All 18 or older. Votes / kind or constructive comments welcome! Back to the plot in the next chapter.


Nicole’s First Date – part 2

I was trying to prepare myself for another man’s hand on my boobs. I was wondering if he would be gentle or rough. Would he like the way they felt? How many other tits had he felt? Why was this so important to me? They’re just tits! Stop obsessing about second base. He may not want to. I could still screw up and make him want to leave without so much as a goodnight. No, I’m not screwing up anything. He’s getting bare breasts!

We got out of his car and quietly slipped up the stairs to the fun room. I turned on enough lights to see clearly but still dark enough to pass as romantic. I always liked this room. Geran and I used it growing up and it had great memories in it. It was quiet up there and a little awkward at first as I made us some drinks. I’m fond of rum and Coke and I made him one as well. Vince got the stereo going on a romance music station and then excused himself to use the restroom. I wondered if he really had to pee or if he was adjusting himself.

I quickly got my phone out and turned it on. I texted Geran “F.R.O.G.” (Finished Room Over Garage) and switched it off again. I knew Geran had set up lots of hidden cameras in this room to record us having sex. If he got the message he would start recording so we could watch this later. I made certain the sofa was clear of remotes and game controllers. I fluffed the pillows and threw a comfy blanket over it.

Vince came out of the bathroom. His shirt was now untucked giving him a much more casual look. I sauntered over to him letting my hips sway and ran my hands over his chest and stomach with them meeting at the top button on his shirt. I began unbuttoning them nervously, not looking at his face in case I would see disapproval there. Once it was completely unbuttoned I slid it off of him, folded it carefully and placed it on a chair.

When I turned around I decided impulsively to give him a little treat that might make up for flashing my ass at the theater. I gave him his drink and while looking into his eyes loosened and removed my tie. I held it at arm’s length and dropped it on the ground and watched his eyes drift to my exposed cleavage. My breasts weren’t visible, just a nice deep cleavage. I put my arms over my head and worked my hair a bit like I’d seen porn stars do. It was a nice erotic effect I thought. HOLY SHIT! I saw his bulge twitch! He was getting aroused just looking at me! My confidence shot up into the clouds. I couldn’t believe it and was super excited. I decided to press my luck further.

I asked huskily, “I’d really like to dance with someone. OH! Fuck! There’s a handsome stranger! How about that dance before you hit the road, Stud?”

He smiled and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and started swaying me to the music. The first dance was pretty mild. I loved his bare chest and was constantly running my hands over it and his arms finally moving to his broad back. He was a lot taller than I was, but then again most people were taller than I was. It gave me a better view of his chest.

We were still getting used to each other and it seemed any break in the action seemed to reset and cool us down. I was confident we would get back to where we were quickly.

The second dance he pressed against me and I could DEFINITELY feel his erection pressing into my belly. I had my head pressed against his formidable pecs feeling very comfortable and aroused. I was breathing in his essence. His killer cologne and a slight sweaty musk scent were intoxicating to me. Unmistakably male. I briefly wondered what his dick smelled like. I wondered if I’d get to find out tonight.

I always loved dancing and this time was no different even though there was only the two of us and it was basically just slow swaying. It felt as though time had stopped and there were no other priorities. We had forgotten about him leaving after a couple of dances and me getting back to Geran. I lightly kissed his chest and ran my tongue over his nipples. He tasted really good.

A few dances later I raised my face up towards his, silently letting him know what I wanted. His lips met mine and our tongues began their own dance. I have no idea how long we made out. Eventually he led me to one of the sofas where he sat down and then pulled me onto his lap so I was sitting perpendicular to him. He pulled me closer and I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh. It felt big. It felt really big and very hard.

He turned my face towards his and the kissing started again. I don’t know how much time passed this time either but I was very surprised he hadn’t tried to feel my tits. One hand was on my back and the other was caressing my thighs. He started moving his mouth and began görükle escort kissing and licking my neck. It felt soooooo good. I was caught off guard (AGAIN!) when he moving up and let his tongue slide over the outside of my ear. I moaned softly and dug my fingers into his back.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Shit, Vince that feels incredible.” I sighed.

He continued like that for a few minutes and then moved his tongue into my ear canal and started tongue fucking my ear. I was moaning quietly and then I climaxed.

“Vince, you’ve got to ugh ugh ugh stop oh mmmmm doing that aaahhhhh oh yeah fuck FUCK shit please Vince! Aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh yeah yeaaaaahhhhhhh yessssss yessssssssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS please DON”T STOP!!” I slowly realized his hand was sliding up my thighs across my flat belly until he was cupping and gently caressing my breasts. My nipples were super erect. My pussy was dripping. His tongue felt SO FUCKING GOOD on my ear. He definitely knew by now I was a moaner and I was loud. I hope it was a turn on for him. As far as I knew most guys love moaners.

I felt his fingers work their way to the three buttons on my vest and slowly unbutton each one. His hot breath whispered into my ear, “Nicole, I’ve wanted to see these incredible tits ever since I first saw you. I’m going to see them tonight whether you want me to or not.” His whispering and tongue brought me to another orgasm. I wasn’t trying to hide them anymore. They were getting too intense. I was still moaning, groaning, grunting, sighing and just letting my body take over.

He unbuttoned the last button. “Tell me what you want me to do Nicole.” He demanded.

“Vince, ung oooohhhhhh I want yes yes yes I want you to strip my top AAAAAAAHHHH and look at my breasts!! Oh fuck fuck fuck I want you to feel them yeah right there and suck them!! Shit shit shit. PLEASE!!” I gasped frantically. His tongue and hot breath were driving me insane. I was climaxing heavily. My nymphomania was going bugfuck. I loved every second of his incredible teasing of my body.

I felt my vest yanked off of me and was now sitting in his lap with just my skirt and thong (I had kicked off my shoes when we walked in). Using all my willpower I shoved myself off of him and stood in front of him posing with my hands running through my hair and over my body. “Do you like what you see Lover?”

“Fuck yes! They’re amazing!” He gasped staring at my bared breasts.

“Do you like my dark areolas? My thick, dark, erect nipples? They want to be sucked sooooooo badly.”

His eyes were still glued to them. “Nicole, I love your nipples. I want them now. I need them.”

I was super excited he liked my body. It was very important to me that he found me arousing. I made my voice husky and asked, “Do you want to feel them and suck on them?” I drew out words to make it as sexy as I could. I was moving seductively running my hands over my breasts, through my hair, over my face. I bit my lower lip seductively.

“Please! I can’t leave here without fondling, groping, sucking on those incredible tits.” Vince exclaimed. I knew I had pushed him as far as I dared. Anymore and he’d jump me. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing but I was enjoying being in control for a little while. And I had managed to get my body under control and ready for the next round.

“I should make you beg me. But I won’t because I want it as much as you do.” I strutted back over to him and straddled him shoving myself all the way against his crotch. Spreading my legs like that caused the zipper on my skirt to ride up to my waist so now all of my legs were exposed and he could see my thong covered pussy grinding against his hard on. He could also see my thong was soaking wet from my juices and I was getting his pants wet as well. I could smell my juices so I know he could even without his special senses.

His hands and mouth attacked my breasts and especially my nipples. He was very excited and while he wasn’t rough he wasn’t exactly gentle. He was squeezing them and tweaking my nipples, rolling them in his fingers. He put one in his mouth and licked, sucked, and gently nipped it. This time I let him know what he was doing to me. “OOOOOOOHHHH FUCK VINCE! I’M CUMMING!”

He actually stopped with a shocked look on his face. “Seriously? You climaxed from that?!? You’re joking!!”

I kissed him for a few minutes and rubbed my boobs across his bare chest. Breathing heavily and leaning into him I gasped “That was at least my tenth or twelfth climax so far. My ears and nipples are hypersensitive. I’m VERY orgasmic and very multi-orgasmic. I’m blessed with a nympho’s body. Seriously, I have the true condition of nymphomania. I also have nearly four times the nerve endings in certain parts of my body.”

He leered at me which made me feel wonderfully dirty. “Which parts?”

I smiled at him and presses my forehead against his. “Well, my ears obviously, my nipples, my clit, the entire interior of my vagina, my lips and tongue and mouth are about double nerves, my neck is double, bursa escort bayan my inner thighs are almost four times, and my belly button. So you see I can become jelly in someone’s hands very easily. Add that to my ability to climax both easily and repeatedly I can have more fun that any girl alive. Oh, and with the added factor of WHAT I am, my stamina and constitution allow me to handle the intense orgasms without passing out or worse.”

He took a minute to look at my topless torso, my exposed spread legs, and my thong covered crotch. “You are the most amazing girl I have ever met. Get ready for round two!” His mouth reattached itself to one of my nipples.

I moaned and exclaimed, “Hmmmmm, want me to say it again pervy? Of course you do. FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! Time for me to play with my toys too!” I shifted myself around so I could lick his nipples and chest. That put my ears in range of his skilled tongue. I was moaning uncontrollably and grinding and thrusting my pussy on his cock. It dawned on me I was going to fuck him tonight. Actually it dawned on me that I WANTED to fuck him tonight. That revelation stunned me. I never thought I would have such feelings and desires for anyone other than Geran.

I quickly dashed away the tears and let my libido explode within me like a roaring wildfire. I knew what I wanted tonight and I knew it was going to happen. I felt like sex and lust incarnate.

I reached around and found the zipper and unzipped it fully and pulled my skirt off and threw it on the floor. I shoved myself away from him again and stood in front of him with just my thong on. I moved over to the other side of the sofa and lie down on my back and spread my legs obscenely. Loving his eyes on me. “Get busy.” I whispered sucking my finger at him.

He lunged forward and slid my thong to the side and began licking and fingering me like he was born for it. My moans could probably be heard several houses away. I stopped counting my orgasms. I let him lick my slit and keep me in orgasmic bliss for a long time. Finally I pushed him out from between my thighs. “Enough! Please enough! Let me have some fun too,” I gasped coming out of a climax. “Stand up, Vince.”

Vince stood and I took a moment to admire his bare chest. I got unsteadily to my feet and ran my hands over his chest and arms. After a minute my hands found his pants, unfastened them, and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor in one swift movement. “Fuck, your cock is beautiful! It’s huge! Look at these balls too.” I shoved him back on the sofa and dropped to my knees in front of him. I grasped his huge pole in my hand and lowered my mouth on it. It was larger than Geran’s. About 10 or 11 inches long and VERY thick. Luckily, I had practiced MANY hours on Geran’s cock so I knew Vince was in for a surprise.

I licked and kissed his dick getting it nice and wet and then looked into his eyes. I winked at him, maintained eye contact and slowly slid his meat into my mouth and then throat until my nose was touching his pubic bone. His eyes were huge as I kept his dick nestled in my throat letting my neck muscles massage it. I kept it in place for about two minutes and then pulled back. Now he was the one moaning and groaning and swearing. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked at Vince, “Still think no one can deep throat this beautiful dick?”

“You are incredible!” He moaned.

Now I got serious and began really working his cock over. He smelled wonderfully musky and slightly sweaty. I know it’s offensive to some, but for me it’s addictive. My other hand found its way to my clit and started furiously rubbing it. The louder his moans got the harder I sucked his cock. Eventually he said those magic words, “Fuck fuck fuck Nicole I’m going to cum!!” I knew he was giving me fair warning to move if I didn’t want a mouthful of cum, but I love cum and kept up my pace until I felt his balls tighten and his hips begin to jerk. He came spurt after spurt after spurt into my mouth. It was an incredible amount of jizz. I swallowed everything except the last two spurts which I opened my mouth to show him his yummy cum in my mouth. I then swallowed it and showed him my empty mouth smiling.

I stopped frigging myself and slid my body up and over his until we were face to face and wrapped my arms around his and began making out again. I loved the feeling of our bare skin touching although I really wanted my thong off now. I wanted to feel his eyes on my hot wet pussy. I lost time again while we were sliding our tongues on each other. I made up my mind for the final part and stood slowly.

I turned away from him and slowly slid my thong to my feet keeping my legs straight and spread and bending at the waist until my forehead was almost on the floor. I loved the expression on his face as he stared at my dripping wet slit and swollen clit. I straightened up slowly, walked over to my oral sex eating place on the sofa, lay down and spread my legs very wide running my hands up my inner thighs.

I caught his eye, “Please spread me wide open with that luscious bursa escort big cock of yours. I want to feel it stretching me and going in so deep it pushes its way through my cervix and I can feel it thrusting into my womb.

Please Lover. Fuck my pussy and fill me with your jizz. I want to feel you cum in me as deep as you can.”

He worked his way up my sweaty body licking as he went until I felt the head of that magnificent tool touching my labia. “I’m SUPER wet but you’re bigger than I’m used to so go slowly.” Over the next few minutes I felt it stretch me open, hit my cervix, smash through, and felt his balls hit my ass. I had another man inside me besides Geran. I came instantly and wrapped my legs and arms tightly around him. The pounding started and put me into multiple orgasms. “Fuck! Vince you’re very big and thick! You’re stretching my pussy so wonderfully. I feel so full of your cock!” I exclaimed between my moans and grunts.

His cock was rubbing against my clit with every thrust. His hands were all over my body arousing all my nerve endings. We alternated kissing, moaning, occasional screams, and he couldn’t resist tongue fucking my ears just to hear me scream through super orgasms.

I have to admit, from what my girlfriends told me about how long their boyfriends last, Vince had incredible stamina. He fucked me missionary for a LONG time making me cum over and over and over. I started begging him to cum in me and eventually I could feel his climax building up. With a roar he slammed his cock into me as far as it would go and I felt him filling me with his thick cum. I was learning he came a LOT as he kept spurting into me.

He lay on top of me kissing my shoulder and neck panting with his cock lodged inside me. It felt amazing. After a while he pulled out of me and sat on the sofa looking at me spread wide beside him. We stared at each other’s nude bodies lusting after what we were seeing. The post-coital bliss was relaxing and recharging. We kept running our hands over each other’s sweaty bodies. There was no part of my body he was ignoring. Vince’s hands were EVERYWHERE on me. I was cooing and making silly, horny, girly noises. He was kissing different areas of me.

I just HAD to give Geran a small peek so I reached out with my mind. *Geran! I DID IT!! We had SEX and at this very moment his cum and his dick are INSIDE ME!! See you soon!*

I gently pushed him away. “I need a short break. You want a snack?” I got up and headed to the kitchenette. I could feel his hot cum running down my thighs.

“Something light. And something to drink, please?” He was watching me closely. I made certain the right parts were bouncing and swaying when I moved. I grabbed a couple sandwiches Geran and I had left in the fridge earlier today from a video game challenge (I beat his ass thoroughly!) and two large bottles of Gatorade.

I sat on the sofa with my left leg curled up under me. Vince’s goo was dripping out of me. It felt good. I handed him a sandwich and a bottle. We began eating and drinking and catching our breath. I liked looking over his naked body. “You work out a lot, Vince?”

He took a bite, “Yeah, every day. I’m able to bench a ton and a half now. I don’t want to look too bulked up though.”

I let my eyes travel over him, “You look amazing! Just the right amount of toned definition.”

“Thanks! Although your body is exquisite!” He was checking me out thoroughly and starting to get aroused again. “Thanks for the sandwich and juice, too. It was a good idea to take a little break. Your eyes are a very bright blue, by the way.”

We finished our snacks and I drained my bottle and what was left in his. I stretched and wiggled around some. Then I slid up on the sofa so I was kneeling on it beside him. The sofa was soaked with my juices and his cum. I imagine the room smelled of perfume, cologne, sweat, and sex. I put my arm around his shoulder and licked his ear. I said softly into his ear making my voice breathy so as to stimulate and tease him. “Vince, I had an incredibly awesome time with you tonight even though I never in a million years thought we would fuck on the first date. I am VERY glad we did. I have no idea what time it is but I know Geran was expecting me home hours ago so you are going to have to take that massive cock of yours and go home.”

He turned and we kissed passionately for a while. He pulled back and sighed, “Yes, you’re right. And your entire body is amazing.” We were both sweaty and as he pulled back I slid a little so I was staring right at his cock. It was fully erect again. It also had the unfortunate result of putting my overworked ear next to his mouth. He took full advantage of it and I had his glorious tongue fucking my ear again. The orgasms if anything were more intense.

He began whispering hotly into my ear. “Nicole, you love having me inside you. The fact that I’m “The other man” makes you hot. You can’t wait to show Geran your slutty used cunt; your manhandled breasts; your whole body that has been felt up, looked at, lusted over. You can’t wait to show your husband what a dirty fucking slut you are. You can’t wait to let him smell the sex on you. Make no mistake Nicole, you are sweaty and smell like you’ve had sex all night. You look like you’ve been fucked silly. And you are still the most beautiful girl on the planet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32