Getting a Confession from Isabella

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“Okay, I’ll fit you in, but hold please,” I said, before covering the speaking part of the phone and looking at Lana. “It’s Mr. Wilson; how does Friday at 4:00 work for you?”

“I’m down on my knees under your desk eating you out, and you asked if I want to meet with him on my Friday?” she asked, taking a break.

I rolled my eyes and let out a deep breath before uncovering the phone. “I’m afraid Friday is booked now, but can we fit you in next week?”

I tried to do my job the best I could, but she made it rather tricky with her constantly needing to get me off or herself.

‘I made a desperate plea, but now I have to deal with it,’ I thought, before I picked up the phone again. “Hello, Lana Robinson’s office.”

I twitched and sweated and tried to comprehend everything her clients said and everything else, but I found myself on the edge of the edge. Nevertheless, it was still worth it. I didn’t know how much pleasure I could take in such small periods, but I had to deal with it.

Then I hung up the phone. “Holy shit, Lana!” I yelled, hitting my desk. “Are you ever not horny?”

“Hey, shut up, Elexis,” she whined, getting out from under the desk and standing. “You’re making double the money that you were before, and you’re getting pleasured every single day. I’m not paying you to gripe.”

“That’s what I mean, every single day, Lana. Believe it or not, you shouldn’t shove sex down someone’s throat. It’s been a month now, haven’t you even tried calling Isabella? She calls all the damn time and wants you to call back. What the hell do you think that means? She wants to be back together, Lana,” I explained, before a gap. “You know what I think?”

“What, Elexis?” she asked, crossing her arms.

“I think you’re selfish. That’s why she broke up with you because you make everything all about you. Don’t you remember all the times you bitched about me losing appointments? I was trying to make them, and it’s next to impossible with your going to town on me. I can’t dictate when people call, so I have to answer the phone. I don’t know what things were like with you and Isabella, but if it was anything like you are here, then she was right to break up with you.”

“Well, it’s not like I come to your apartment to fuck you, and I’m getting over a breakup too. What do you want from me? So I like you, what’s the big deal? Do you think I only see a pair of tits and a twat when I look at you?”

I looked at the phone as it began ringing again. “I have no idea, but I’m saying you’re burning me on this deal,” I replied, before picking it up. “Hello, Lana Robinson’s office.”

“Hello again, Elexis, it’s Isabella.”

I covered the talking part again. “It’s her, you hot to trot tart, would you please take this call?”

“No, but I’m gonna go meet Mr. Wilson at his office.”

“You don’t want to let him schedule an appointment, but you’re just gonna go over there unannounced?”

“Are you trying to talk me out of it? Don’t you want a break from the evil cunt that wants to have sex with you all the time?” she groaned, grabbing her purse. “We’re gonna have to talk when I get back. I’ll be back; tell Isabella I’ll call her tomorrow,” she told me, before leaving.

I let out a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Isabella, she just left.”

“Okay, do you know when she’ll be back? I never get a call back from her, and I’m starting to think she blocked my cellphone too.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Isabella, but I can’t make her call back, and I can’t speak to the theory of her blocking your number. I’ll tell her again that you called, okay?”

“Okay, thank you, Elexis,” she responded, before hanging up the phone.

I did the same and covered my face. “So, the dumb hussy doesn’t want a relationship with the woman that wants to get back together and would rather just have me be her sex slave while I try to do my fucking job? Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s been thirty-one days since I took the deal, but at least eight of those were on the weekend. Believe it or not, no matter good you are at fucking; it becomes too much after a while.”

I took the time with her away to catch up on work again.

After an hour, Lana wasn’t back yet, but I heard a knock on the door. “What, does she have clients coming unannounced too?” I wondered, before getting up and strolling to the door.

I opened the door and saw her. “Isabella, what are you doing here?”

“Let me guess, she’s still not here, right?”


“Would you mind if I waited for her to come back?”

I bit down on my bottom lip and felt my skin cringe. “Um, okay, I guess. I don’t know how long she’ll be out, though.”

She came in anyway and sat down on the guest couch we had there. I went back to my desk and tried to do my work. Needless to say, I had awkward feelings coming out of the wazoo immediately. I did my best not to make eye contact with her, but even that only did so much.

“So, is Lana at least treating you better now, Elexis?”

“Yes,” I answered, escort failing to look at her.

“Are you uncomfortable because of the situation? I might’ve made a mistake; I shouldn’t have broken up with her. Somehow, I think she knows that. So, she’s punishing me by not returning my calls.”

“That’s possible,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Well, it’s either that, or she’s seeing someone else.”

I rattled a tad, and it felt like my heart just dropped too.

“Elexis, would you tell me if Lana is having sex with someone else? Could you at least just be straight with me?”

I swallowed and wiped my forehead. I had to look at Isabella at least for a second, but she saw me. I heard the floor creak, but I didn’t lift my head. I tried to ignore her the best I could, but then I saw her hands land on my desk.

I sighed. “Yes, Isabella?”

“Elexis, I’m not trying to accuse you of anything, I swear, but every time I call, you sound vague at best. You don’t want to give me any details about what she’s doing or when I might get a callback so that only leads me to think one thing: she’s seeing someone else, but you’re covering for her. You don’t have to say anything, just look at me and blink if it’s true.”

I calmly brought my head up and looked at her. I failed to blink, though.

“Well, you know me and know that I was happy with her, but I just wanted something that she didn’t want to give me. So, I broke with her, and-“

“Isabella, I don’t need you explaining anything to me; either she’ll call or she won’t. We both know what a floozy she is, and you knew this was a possibility when you broke up with her. I feel for you; I do, but-“

“I’ll cut you off too, Elexis,” she whined, leaning towards me. “I know she’s fucking someone,” she divulged, before a gap. “Judging by your gulp and the fear in your eyes, you already knew that. I’m not blaming you, but tell me who it is. I’m not planning on killing them, but I should at least know who my competition is. I came here last week after you didn’t answer that phone and couldn’t get Lana to answer her cellphone either. I looked into her office and saw her at her desk and sitting on her chair. She was looking down at someone eating her out and saw two feet sticking out the front of the desk. So, it was, in fact, someone. At least you weren’t here at the time, but you must know who it was. Has anyone been visiting her here lately? Old girlfriends, and maybe thankful clients?”

I stayed silent for a moment and broke eye contact. I couldn’t tell her it was me licking her twat then, any other time. I had no idea that she knew that Lana was fucking anyone, but she was hot on my ass to find out then.

“Really? You still won’t give me a single word?”

“I’m sorry, Isabella, maybe you should just let her go. If you know for sure that she moved on, maybe you should do the same. Find someone else, and forget about Lana.”

“You don’t think she’s worth fighting for, Elexis?”

I sighed again and covered my face.

“Okay, but let me ask you something.”

“What?” I pondered, uncovering my face.

“We broke up because she absolutely refused to have a three-way with me.”

I closed my eyes for a few seconds. “Okay, is that supposed to be jaw-dropping?”

“Don’t you want to know who I wanted to do it with us?”

I hit my palm and groaned. “Who, Riley Reid, or Melissa Moore? Do you have connections to make that happen, Isabella?”

“I can see I’m pissing you off now, so I’ll get to the point: it was you,” she confessed, leaning back up again.

I felt like she blew a microchip or two in my brain. So, I stayed silent and tried to comprehend that the best I could.

“It’s true; I wanted to get into your panties, but I wasn’t about to throw our relationship out the window, so I pitched having a threeway with you. It’s not like you wouldn’t be interested; I’ve personally caught you checking us out like fifty times. She was deadset against it, though. She wouldn’t even tell me why, so I broke up with her. I didn’t want to put you in an awkward spot by asking you out because she’s still your boss, but fuck it,” she said, coming right back to me again, grabbing my arms and kissing me.

I kept my hands on the desk, and I couldn’t stop her. She pressed her lips onto mine hard and showed me some passion right out of the gate. I didn’t know how to respond, but to be turned on by it being wrong.

After a minute, she parted her lips. “Holy shit, you’re even sexier now, Elexis. If she’s fucking moving on, then I will too,” she made clear, before climbing onto my desk. “If you don’t tell me who been under her desk, then fine, I’ll play dirty too,” she warned me, before pushing her lips on mine again while holding my arms.

Just like Lana, she found my weak spot, which was spontaneous sex, but that time, I knew it all too well, so I melted right away. Therefore, I couldn’t stop her to save my life. She just kissed me how Lana did so many times before and made me tremble.

My bursa eve gelen escort pussy leaked out quickly, and after a minute, I even felt my juice dropping off my chair. So, she pounced on me, but didn’t just begin feasting on me just yet. She just kissed me for over three minutes and tightened her grip on me too.

Then she abruptly let her lips drift again, but brought her hands down to my blouse. “It’s not like you’re stopping me. You can tell me I suck; I don’t mind,” she offered, undoing it.

Before I let a single word out, she got all the buttons undone; she pushed it off me too. She wasted no time bringing her hands to my bra and taking it off me. She took it off me too, tossed it, and failed to even give me tits a glance before grabbing them.

She stayed on her knees and let her tongue out to my left nipple. My eyes widened as much as possible, and my jaw nearly dropped too. From one second t the next, I got the serene pleasure of her wooing me in that way.

She kept her eyes on me as she unexpectedly just made her move, and all I could do was accept it. She slathered my nipple ever so slowly and looked at me like nothing else mattered.

I vibrated and gave her all the eye contact she could take as well. I leaned back as far as the chair would go too, but she followed me. She also kept my boobs in her hands so that she could please me properly.

I could see her ex-girlfriend in her more than anything else, but that was a good thing. I tried to take it all, but my defenses went down even faster than with Lana. She didn’t even mind that I didn’t feel her head; she accepted it and fucked the shit out of my nipples.

I let my bad breath come at her nonstop, but she didn’t seem to mind. She had her crush and worked it out on me. She just knew that Lana was with someone else, but had no idea that it was me.

‘Yes, I can’t imagine you doing this now if you knew that I’ve been doing it with Lana lately.’

After a few minutes, she lifted her mouth. “Oh, shit, you’re not seeing anyone, are you?”

“No, I’m single.”

“Good,” she replied, pulling me towards her. “At least I’m not having you cheat,” she added, before kissing me and going back to my boobs again. “Any woman should feel more than lucky to have access to this rack,” she complimented me, before licking my other nipple.

She even had me stand and helped herself to skirt. She undid it, and it dropped. Once again, she didn’t waste any time pushing down my thong to my knees. She felt my drenched pussy and fucked my nipples like nobody’s business too.

“Oh, yes, that is good, Isabella, you do have the gift,” I moaned, feeling her head. “You have flexible fingers and one slick tongue too. I hope you get a woman that truly does appreciate you. A woman like you doesn’t come along every day.”

She failed to give me any response and kept her pleasuring going. She surely knocked down almost everything off my desk, but she made sure not to push off my computer though. She was a horny female, but a responsible one.

She jolted a bit too and made the desk quake. So, she went out on her adventure and proved that she was having fun. I kept my hand down on my sides because I couldn’t force myself to do it, so to speak.

‘Shit, Lana is a hussy, but I feel like I’m cheating on her. It’s not like I ever needed to find someone else, but I don’t know what to do here. Isabella is hurting and has a crush on me too. How can I deny her? I have been vague at best with her and not telling her that Lana has been seeing someone else.’

I just stood there with a leaking snatch and hotter than hell nipples, all thanks to her mouth. Her tongue attacked my nipples, going back and forth nonstop for over ten minutes. The phone rang several times, but I never felt the responsibility to answer it.

“Maybe Lana was right,” Isabella suggested, raising her head. “Maybe you are a bad assistant, not answering the phone,” she added, before kissing me and sitting on my desk. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell her; the last thing I’d want to do is prove her right,” the boss’s ex-girlfriend said, prior to pulling me on top of her. “Let me feel you, Elexis,” she begged me, wrapping her arms around me. “Oh yes, that’s soft and silky flesh you have here,” she moaned, brushing her face right over my tits.

Then I couldn’t help, but feel her head. I let her go on whether it was completely wrong or totally right, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She felt to be as good feeling as I could ever imagine. Her skin was perfect too, and I didn’t know what to think about her.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes, she cut the feel short, but jumped to a different one when she kissed me again. Our boobs clashed again, and she helped herself to feel my slit again, but she couldn’t see it then.

I grabbed her shoulders and held her tight as she made me jolt endlessly. Even after she stopped kissing me and stared at me, she pushed all my vibration buttons görükle escort and taped them down too. After another moment, she assaulted my nipples, but in a good way.

“Oh, Lana messed up big time, I don’t know how I’m worth breaking up with her, but maybe she robbed herself.”

“Something like that, Elexis, but don’t sell yourself short. Have you looked at yourself naked lately? You’re a stunning young woman,” she praised me, before licking my nipples some more.

We didn’t speak for a few more minutes as she made me feel even better than Lana did. I could only figure it was because Isabella truly had feelings for me, and she wasn’t just looking to get herself or me off.

She proved to be one sexy lady that cared about the recipient of her pleasuring. I didn’t get much from Lana, but as I got it from Isabella, I loved it and cherished every second of it too.

“I’m a beautiful young woman, and you’re smoking hot older lady, Isabella.”

“Thank you,” she added, before grabbing my laptop and gently pushing me off her.

She put it down on the floor, but then lied down on my desk and whatever papers I still had on it. I took off my panties and calmly got back up on the desk with her. I got onto my knees and let my pussy right over her mouth.

She felt it with her right hand first. “Oh, you have such a nicer bush than I imagined. Yes, I’ve imagined you naked several times, especially since I broke up with Lana. I’m just glad I got to see your bush before she did; that wouldn’t be fair, now would it?”

“No, Isabella,” she muttered, lowering my twat a bit more.

From one second to the next, she began licking my pussy and made me rattle too. So, I had the desk quaking a bit myself, and whatever she wasn’t lying on went off the sides. I looked right at her, but grabbed my boobs for leverage.

I felt her slick tongue inside my slit somewhat to a shallow degree, but she still knew how to use it. She let it drag all over my pussy walls in there and got the direct reaction she wanted: my juice coming out nonstop.

“I guess I can always print out all those papers again; no client would want them all crumbled with my juice all over them too.”

“Again, don’t sell yourself short,” she told me, wrapping her arms around my legs and placing her hands on my thighs. “Any man or woman would love the scent,” she made clear, before licking my snatch again.

I replied to that by moaning and shaking again. I couldn’t look at Isabella, but she didn’t seem to mind. She fucked me like she did for Lana and made me feel like the sexiest woman in the world. I kept my hands on my tits too, so I kept myself upright.

She was breaking down my defenses like they were made of glass, even though Lana had helped me build them up quite a bit over the past month. She let her tongue dive a little deeper into my cunt, and made me tingle all over.

She made the love form, and I didn’t even know what to do with it then. She was a goddess as she was beyond sexy, but sweet as well. She was just the opposite of Lana in the personality department, which took a toll on me too because she was dynamite of a woman too.

So, to state it without speaking, I dropped my hands down to her head. I felt her sweaty forehead and caressed it slowly. We looked at each other, but didn’t speak again; we let the intimacy speak for us.

I continued to move my crotch somewhat, but she followed it effortlessly, though. She was out on a mission to make me squirm, and she was gonna make it happen in the sexiest way possible. I was her rocket and already felt the need to take off too.

“Oh, yes, you sexy woman, that’s good. Fuck, lick my clit for me so well that I scream and alert everything on the building what we’re doing in here.”

“Oh, aren’t you a feisty one?”

“Yes, and I would’ve jumped at the chance to get into your panties, Isabella; you’re one ravishing chick. Stick those fingers in there deep for me too; if I’m gonna soil everything, then make me soil everything.”

She smiled at me again and fucked the shit out of me. In less than five minutes, she had me shedding tears and wanting to scream too. Nevertheless, I still knew the precautions and wasn’t about to let anyone know that we were fucking.

I also gave her the show of my boobs flopping around too as I could hold still. She gave me quite the thrill ride and surely meant for it to be just pleasurable for us both. She had no intention of just stopping at her choosing; she wanted to please me and make sure I was satisfied too.

Even though I let out a lot of juice to her face, I was still more than ready for more. I wanted all she desired to give me and more. With every passing second, I felt myself melting a bit more. I breathed as heavily as possible, but broke eye contact countless times too.

She still didn’t care; she was too busy eating me out to care. She kept her hands on my thighs, but still managed to let a couple of fingers in there. She let them thrust a bit, but also massaged me in there as well.

“Yes, yes, yes, just like that, Isabella. That’s the spot, use those fingers and that tongue on me too. You have me moaning and begging for more too, so I hope you know how to deal with me now. You lit the sexy fuse, so when I blow up, I hope you like it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32