Getting Daddy

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I would be lying if I said that my family wasn’t well off. My dad, Peter, played the stocks and made a killing in the housing market crash a few years back. We were pretty comfortable in the past but we now lived in what could rightfully be called a mansion: ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, library, home office, several living rooms, a gym, you get the point. My mother, Carol, wasn’t too thrilled because she was attached to our old bungalow. Mom actually had to travel about an hour now to get to her office where she had been a family doctor for the last 15 years, or to visit her sister and mother; a fact that she mentioned nearly every day. My dad, however, was very proud of himself.

As for me, I’m Olivia, and I was pretty happy here. I didn’t really have too many friends at my old school or neighbourhood. Since moving to this private school in 2010, I have only made a couple of girlfriends, but I wasn’t really big into socializing.

Another thing I was happy about was the home gym. It was really a full-sized gym complete with hot yoga studio in which I spent a great deal of time. My mother hardly ever came down to the gym, in fact, she hadn’t been down here since the first week the equipment arrived. It showed. She was short and pudgy, and getting pudgier by the year.

My dad on the other hand, was very fit. He wasn’t a body builder but certainly had respectable muscles, especially for being in his early 50s. He was tall and skinny with short white hair that he usually combed backwards. By day, he usually wore a grey suit complete with tie, but in the morning it was a pair of tight-fitting Lululemon athletic pants and a tank top. At night he usually wore a pair of grey sweat pants or just boxer briefs.

I was always aware of the bulge in his boxer briefs and it usually disgusted me; however, it seemed like the moment I turned 18 I no longer cared. In fact, I enjoyed watching his walk around, watching his heavy family jewels shift side to side. It made me wet. I was still a virgin at 18 and had no prospects and no access to any substantial masturbation tools, but when I did masturbate my mind went from my faithful fantasy of Chris Brown and his long shlong to my dad and what I would bet my life on was a weapon of mass destruction.

Every morning I would meet dad down in the gym. I ran on the elliptical machine while he lifted weights, but at least once a week he’s do cardio next to me and we chatted the entire time. It was the usual fatherly questions like: did I have a boyfriend, how was I liking school, how were my new friends, what I was going to do after high school. I didn’t mind the 101 questions because I was mesmerized by his masculine voice. It was sexy, like the rest of him.

Today was Sunday and my mother was out with her sisters and my grandmother for their weekly brunch. Dad and I had just finished working out and I changed into a two piece bikini to relax in the hot tub that exited off the gym. I was in there for five minutes enjoying the hot water and bubbles, and hornier than ever, before my dad entered the room. He was wearing a pair of red box-cut speedos which made my jaw drop. He couldn’t have looked sexier. The pouch in the front was certainly filled to the point of breaking. I could see his soft penis, long and resting on top of a pair of apparently large balls. My body became flushed and I literally orgasmed right then.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked, stepping into the churning waters.

Still recovering from the spontaneous orgasm, I sputtered, “yeah, sure.”

We continued chatting, now about the business he was starting. He was going to be investing other people’s money in the stock market now, which was in addition to his own investments and in addition to the property flipping business he started last year. I became aware that his eyes were constantly resting on my ample-sized cleavage held tentatively by last summer’s bikini top. I was a full double B now. I made eye contact with him and he smiled.

Then, after a couple minutes, he stood up and exited the hot tub but not before I caught a side profile of a rather large, erected penis straining against the material of his speedo. He quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist and said, “That’s enough for today, I am still hot from my work out.” He left the room.

I waited a couple minutes before following. I stopped at my parent’s bedroom door and listened. I could hear my dad moaning. I was pretty sure he was masturbating görükle escort and I wanted desperately to open the door, crawl onto the bed and sit right onto his manhood and ride him until we both orgasmed. Instead, I continued to my own room where I let my fingers bring me to climax no less than three times to my dad’s face.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Mom came back in the early afternoon just to make dinner, watch TV for five hours and go to bed. Usually dad stayed up long but tonight he followed mom. I suspected why, too. Dad kept ogling me the entire night. I kept staring at the bulge in his blue boxer briefs. He was so hard that his penis made its way down this let and was sticking out a good two or three inches out of the bottom of his boxer briefs. Our eyes met a couple times and once he even squeezed his rock solid dick, I could see pre-cum oozing onto his leg.

I waited ten minutes then walked toward my parent’s bedroom where I found the door open a crack. I peaked in to see dad rolling a condom onto what can only be described as a can of pledge. It was at least 10 inches long and very fat.

“I hate wearing condoms,” my dad groaned.

To which my mom responded, “Well, it’s the only way you’re going to get any tonight. I am on my period and I don’t want to get pregnant.”

Followed by dad saying, “I hate this band too, they are so dry.”

“Well, I am allergic to that spermicide they put in the regular ones. You’ll have to deal big boy. You want to fuck me?”

Dad just climbed onto my mother and I started in amazement as he pushed his pledge can into my mom’s hairy vagina. He sank in all the way to his softball-sized ball sack. “Ugh,” they both let out.

I watch dad fuck my mom for 15 minutes. I watched him pulled this his huge gorgeous cock out then thrust back in. I was mesmerized by the way his balls moved, I could see each ball bouncing inside his sack while the sack itself kept smacking into my mother’s ass. Finally he shoved hard and roared. I came with him.

He rolled off my mom, who was already pulling the covers over her, and looked directly at me before getting up off the bed, his long cock dangling between his legs with a over-filled condom still fitted tightly over his penis. He walked into the bathroom and immediately returned, turned off the lamp and climbed into the bed.

With the show over, I decided to return to my own bed but has I passed the door to my parent’s bathroom, the one that exits to the main hall, I noticed the door was now wide open. I went in. Sitting underneath the nightlight was dad’s condom filled with what looked to me a quarter cup of his spunk.

Still incredibly horny, I quickly picked it up and ran back to my room. It was still warm. I retrieved a sample with my finger and placed it in my mouth. It was salty but tasted great. I fingered myself while doing this. I was just about to dump the whole thing in my mouth then I decided to try something else. I spread my legs wide, placed a pillow under my lower back, and held my pussy lips open as much as I could before shoving the condom into my snatch, open end first. With both hand, I squeeze the contents into my steaming hole. Then I masturbated like I never have before. I climaxed over and over. My cum was mixing with daddy’s. It was so hot.

In the morning I was sure dad noticed the condom was gone.

I came home from class to find my dad in his grey suit, waiting by the door. Today I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could see the clear outline of his hanging cock. Fuck. I wanted to reach out and grab it.

“Hey baby, can you help your dad pick up some clothes?” he asked. I agreed and we were on our way to Holts.

First we stopped at Diesel where dad tried on several pairs of jean, making sure to model them for me. I was pretty sure he wanted me to take note of how well his filled the jeans, both the front and the back. His ass was smoking. After making several purchases there, we moved onto Abercrombie and Fitch, more specifically, their swimwear. I spent 30 orgasm-filled minutes watching dad show off his assets in no less than 20 pairs of speedo and sungas, as I learned the box-cut variety were called.

He was clearly doing this to show off. I loved it but my pussy needed attention now.

He bought all 20 pair which I got to see each one every morning for 20 days now that we had a post-workout hot tub routine which always ended with dad leaving bursa escort bayan with a massive erection that he didn’t even bother hiding now.

Every night I watched dad fuck mom avec condom. Every night he left the condom for me to do with what I pleased. And every night I made sure it went right into my hot box where I made sure our orgasms were well mixed before falling asleep.

On night 20 I went to watch my dad fuck my mom again but dad had a bit of a twist. They were now facing the door. For the entire fuck dad and I never broke eye contact while my mother moaned, “Oh god, Peter, so good. You’re so amazing lately,” completely obvious. I fingered myself right in the open and this time when dad came it was like electricity between us. I let out a gasp that was muffled by dad’s roar. His eyes bore into me as he came into his condom.

Once back in my room, I fucked myself so hard with dad’s cum-filled condom I was sure I would have woke my mom up.

The next morning dad and I worked out together like nothing happened but this time I was presented with a buck-naked stud of a man who climbed into the hot tub with me. “I hope you don’t mind, hun, I ran out of clean bathing suits.”

We sat in silence. Dad was smiling at me and I could tell he was playing with himself under the roaring bubbles. I decided I needed to touch him. He must have had the same idea because we both moved closer to each other at the same time. I looked up at my dad’s still wrinkle-free face, his short white hair was wetted down, his green eyes staring into mine.

Nervously, I moved my hand toward his thigh. Contact. He smiled at me again. My hand continued a couple inches until it came into contact with his thick, long cock. I grasped it but could barely close my fingers around it. It was so big. He moaned and smiled down at me, this time placing an arm around me.

I jerked his cock up and down under the water for 4 or 5 minutes before dad stood up. His cock was now in my face and I instinctively opened my mouth and he instinctively guided his hot prick into my mouth.

“Oh, yeah. Suck your dad’s cock, baby.” He pushed about 6 inches into my mouth then pulled out before pushing it back in. “So good. Daddy loves your pretty little mouth. Grab daddy’s balls, baby.” I did.

He fucked my mouth forever. It was long enough for the timer to stop on the hot tub.

“Daddy’s got a big one. Do you like it?” I moaned a yes. He continued to fuck my mouth. In and out. In and out. My jaw was getting sore but the pleasure was unreal. “Daddy’s going to cum, baby. Do you want to drink your dad’s spunk? ”

I didn’t have time to answer before he swelled in my mouth and I was inundated with copious streams of his seed. I swallowed. I kept swallowing. I wanted it all.

“That was amazing, baby.” He pulled me out of the now still water and placed me on the ledge, leaning me against the wall. He then proceeded to spread my legs and go down on me. His tongue was darting in and out of my pussy while his thumb massaged my clit. He was full on devouring my flower as I came and came again.

After my third orgasm he stopped and stood up. “Did you like that, baby? Can we do that again tomorrow?” Of course I agreed.

Every night for the next month dad fucked mom while I watched, filled his condom and left it for me to dispose of. He never stopped wearing the condom even when mom was between periods. ‘He didn’t want to take chances’. Every morning dad would feed me his spunk then eat me out. It was beautiful.

He never asked me what I did with the condoms, but when I showed the first signs of morning sickness he brought me to a nearby clinic to confirm that I was pregnant. I was nearly two months pregnant, so the first load must have did the trick. He just knew that it was his and was very pleased with himself.

My pregnancy caused a huge rip in our household. I told mom it was a boy at a party but it was the last straw that my mother could take and she filed for a divorce which my dad happily granted. The joke was on her because she had made my father sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married, as she, the doctor, made more than him at the time.

Dad and I continued our morning routine and every night I still found a condom filled with cum for my masturbatory use. Only now my pussy was ready for the real thing. I longed to feel my dad pound my pussy for all that it is worth, like he fucked my bursa escort mother, only without the condom.

I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and spent a lot of time in bed. Thank-fully I finished school before I started to seriously show. Dad worked from home a lot, which allowed him to dote on me. It also allowed him easy access to my mouth, which he used more than he did the telephone.

The day I went into labour was the day when dad found out that my hymen was still intact. It was because of this that he asked the doctor for a caesarian section. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 7 lbs 6ounces. I named him Peter, ‘after my dad’.

It took about six weeks before I felt healed enough to return to my exercise routine. We placed a bassinet in the gym so that we could exercise then proceed to the hot tub. It was in that hot tub some 6 weeks after giving birth to my dad’s child that I lost my virginity, finally, to my father.

With me leaning against the wall and having freshly enjoyed good eating out, he spread my legs and directed his can of pledge, his massive baby-making pole, toward my pussy. He pushed a little and was met with resistance. I have never had anything larger than two fingers inside me.

Correction, two of my dad’s large fingers were now probing me, followed by a third and then a fourth. It hurt but felt good. I looked down to see dad’s cock bouncing up and down in eager anticipation for a long-awaited reward.

Once sufficiently administered to, dad replaced his cock at the entrance to my womb and push. He pushed harder and harder until his head popped in. It was tearing me apart. It was amazing.

His cock met resistance from my incredibly still intact virginity. “Daddy’s going to take your virginity now, baby. Do you want to give it to your daddy?”

“Oh, yes, dad, please fuck me.” He pushed easier now and my pussy spread apart the further he entered me. Inch by inch stretched its way into my love tunnel. Fuck his cock was huge.

“Daddy’s at your cervix now, little girl.” He pushed again and was inside my womb.

His lips quickly found my mouth; another first. This was the first time that we kissed as lovers. It was sensuous, intoxicating. He continued to saw in and out of my pussy, slowly, with his harpooning cock while he tenderly sucked on my tongue. His hands kneaded my breasts and arms as be continued to move in and out.

“Fuck, baby, daddy loves you so much.” His raspy words filled my head. “Do you like it?”

I was seeing staring, “Oh, god, yes. Fuck me you stud.”

“Do you want more babies with daddy?”

In ultimate ecstasy, I groaned, “Oh yes, as many as we can make. Fuck me. Ugh. Harder. Cum inside me, knock your little girl up again.”

That took us both over the edge. One final plunge and his cock expanded and released his spunk legitimately inside my fertile, teenaged womb. “That was amazing, baby. Daddy’s little girl was so amazing to daddy. I’ve waited so long to do that.” He kissed me down my neck, “I wanted to do it months ago but then you became pregnant.”

His cock, still deep inside me, became hard again. He started sliding in and out once more.

“I was hoping that you were putting daddy’s little presents to good use.” He fucked me harder now. “Part of me fantasized that you were drinking it, savouring it, loving it.” He picked up the pace even more, “But part of me, the bigger part,” he indicated his penis and seemed to flex it inside her, “was hoping you were doing exactly what you were doing.”

We were both grunting and sweating as he pounded my pussy faster and faster. “I was hoping you were planting my seed in your fertile field.” I felt his balls smacking me ass, just like I wanted to feel, just like when he was fucking my mother.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh.” Was my response, I was cumming non-stop now.

“Just like daddy’s planting more seed now. Ugh!” he roared and slammed hard, burying his now jumping cock to the balls, his cock chugged and chugged until it softened and he pulled it out.

I was pregnant by the end of the month. This time we were please to find out that we were having twins.

After giving birth to Emilie and Max, dad and I decided that we would move across the country and start fresh. Our happy family of five picked up and moved clear across the country.

There was never one day when dad’s cock started the day off right and ended it with a bang, literally. Sarah was born the year after we moved, followed by Charlie, then Holly, then Matthew and Stephen. All healthy, normal babies.

At the time of this story I am pregnant again and dad’s looking into buying property somewhere in Costa Rica, a nice big property where we can continue to expand our family.

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