Getting His Attention Ch. 02

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(Thank you to Tiamo15 for inspiring this series.)


Carl was dancing on clouds when he walked into school. Not only was the snow melting, but he walked into school having a new girlfriend. Amy was his at last and as he walked to home room, he was being watched as he usually was. Normally, he hated being the center of attention. However, since he now had a hot as hell girlfriend, he didn’t mind it at all. The previous night with Amy was full of surprises. One of the biggest was being with her in her bed when her parents arrived home. Both of them were eighteen, but her father was a traditional one and it took a bit of conversation before he understood that his little girl was old enough to make her own decisions. Still, he gave Carl the evil eye for a bit before Carl admonished him that he had nothing but the best of intentions for his daughter.

During Chemistry, Amy moved her seat to be Carl’s partner. There were some classmates who were a little critical although most of them saw it happening, especially after her accident the previous day. As they worked on their lab, they kept it business, even when Amy almost made the same mistake as the previous day. As they headed out of the class towards lunch, Amy slipped her hand into Carl’s. Carl felt like he won the lottery as they walked hand in hand to the lunch room.

One of the football players saw them and was about to approach when one of his buddies grabbed him. Carl watched as he calmed down. It was as if Carl’s luck had changed overnight. As they sat at their normal table, Amy slid her chair right next to his instead of their usual seating. Her friends soon arrived and smiled. As they started their girl talk, Carl started to feel a little out of place until Amy’s hand found its way into his and he felt much better.

After school, she waited at the entrance to the school as he pulled up in his car. As she slid into the seat, she leaned forward with puckered lips. Although he felt eyes on him, he didn’t hesitate to lay a kiss on them before they drove off. It was a nice ride back to her place. As he pulled in front, she looked at him and smiled before opening the door. He waited a few moments before watching her motion for him to follow.

As they entered the house, Amy turned towards him with her smile. His arms found her waist and they started to kiss deeply in the entry way until they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. They both turn to see Amy’s mom looking at them.

“Mom, what about Yoga?” Amy asked.

“No class today. So you want to play a game?” she replied.

The lovebirds followed her mom into the kitchen where she opened the pantry door and took out Scrabble. As they set everything up, there was gentle conversation about school, life and whatever her mom asked about. There was a slight pause before she spoke something more invasive.

“Do you plan to marry my daughter?” she asked.

“Mom!!!” Amy shrieked. Carl laughed before answering.

“If she wants me to. We just started going out.” Her mom looked at them.

“She’s loved you forever though. She talked about you all the time as you two went to school.”

Amy started to cover her face bashfully as Carl started to gather his tiles.

“I love your daughter madly. I always have even if I never told her. I was always too shy.”

“So was she,” her mom replied.

It was a few hours before her dad arrived home from work. He looked and saw Carl before he grimaced at him.

“Did you sleep with my daughter today?” he asked gruffly.

“Dad!!!” Amy shrieked again. Carl smiled.

“No, sir. We came in and played Scrabble with your wife.”

He smiled.

“I know she’s your girlfriend now. But remember she’s been my daughter forever and I am always here for her.”

“I believe that, tuzla escort sir,” Carl said respectfully.

As Carl left before dinner, he didn’t mind the fact that Amy and he didn’t get to spend alone time together that afternoon. As he reached his house, he saw a text message on his phone. It was from Amy and it said she loved him. Carl sent back a sappy reply before he walked into his house. As he plopped his backpack next to the couch, he noticed how quiet the house was. Carl’s mom worked for the state and usually didn’t make it home until late. It was then he had a naughty idea. He called Amy later.

“Hey, babe,” Carl started.

“Hi baby. I miss you.”

“I miss you, too. I had a wonderful idea when I got home.”

“Whisking me off to Vegas?” she asked. Karl laughed carefully before replying.

“I need a better job first to fuel your co splay habit.” Amy started laughing.

“Good point, lover,” she said.

“Did you want to come over my house tomorrow afternoon?”

“Hmmmm. Sounds like a great idea. Are you sure you want me over there?”

“Of course, plus we have more privacy.”

Carl heard her pause at the other end of the line before Amy spoke again.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“You already know, sweetheart,” Carl answered.

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t change your mind,” Amy said before giggling.

It was at that point they said their good byes and Carl attempted to sleep. However, sleep proved to be elusive thinking about Amy and her questions. All he could think about was getting his arms around her again; tasting her kiss again, feeling her again….the thoughts were overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Amy looked in her dresser for what she wanted for the next day. She wanted to wear something Carl would love and something he would never forget. When she found what she was looking for, she laid it out before lying down. As she looked at her ceiling, she smiled as she thought about Carl. She thought about his arms, his smile and most of all, his cock. She was super horny and it took everything she had not to touch herself before sleep finally overtook her.

Carl went by her house first thing in the morning as they agreed upon. As Amy walked up, Carl noticed nothing different until she leaned in close. Her eye shadow was teal colored as were her fingernails. Carl smiled thinking she remembered until she sat down. As they kissed, Carl remembered that they had to get to school and started to drive. Once they reached the school, Carl was about to let Amy out at the front door.

“Can I walk in with you, sweetie?” she asked.

Carl parked his car and walked over to her door to open it for her. As she stood up, he noticed her boots before he looked up and saw her smile. She nodded at him. He held out his hand and they started to walk towards the front door. As they walked towards her home room, the eyes that seem to haunt Carl seemed to not be an issue. Carl walked with his girlfriend to her home room and was about to let go when she turned towards him and kissed him on the lips. She then smiled at him before she let go and walked in. Carl stood there for a moment before he headed to his home room.

All throughout the day, Carl could not concentrate. All he could think about was Amy. It seemed like forever until he was in Chemistry sitting next to her. By then, he noticed that her top was also teal. Teal had always been Carl’s favorite color and the fact she wore it just for him made him so happy. However, he stayed in check because of the location. It was at lunch that Carl snuck a kiss before they sat down to eat. As her friends arrived, their hands were connected under the table.

As they slid into his car to go to his house, Carl was nervous. He was unsure what to do as they both left his pendik escort car. His nervousness started building as they walked to the door. As Carl slid his key into the lock, Amy was right next to him. The door then opened and Carl allowed Amy to go in first. As she entered, Carl’s head went down to check out the tight jeans she wore. She stepped in a few steps and turned before Carl’s eyes could return up towards her face. Amy smiled.

“How many times have you checked out my ass before now?” she asked in a sultry manner.

Carl swung his head from side to side.

“I never counted, baby,”

He then moved in close and slid his arms around her waist. In the movie Princess Bride, the two main characters were joined at the end in a deep kiss that was said to be the best in all time. As Amy and Carl touched lips, the world around them seemed to stop and time stood waiting for them. It was slow. It was sensual. As Carl squeezed Amy against him, all he could think about was that she was his. She was in his arms and he never wanted to lose that feeling. Amy pulled back from the kiss and smiled as he held her.

“I miss this,” she whispered as if someone was overhearing their conversation.

“I miss you,” he replied as he held her there before he remembered where they were. “Did you want something to drink?”

“Sure, how bout another kiss?” she asked as they kissed again. It was then Carl took Amy by the hand and led her to his kitchen. As he pulled out two coffee mugs and the instant cocoa, Amy watched. She admired the calmness Carl seemed to exude. As he started to mix the drinks, she thought about how to talk to him about some of things she was thinking about. Some of her thoughts were pretty petty, but there were a couple that she feared losing him over. It was while she was in thought that Carl smiled at her knowingly. He cleared his throat.

“What’s on your mind, sweetheart?” he asked. She thought for a moment.

“Do you remember yesterday when Mom asked about the marriage question?” Carl stopped.

“Um….yeah,” he responded as he started fidgeting before taking a drink of cocoa.

“I’m sorry she asked you that,” she replied. “Both of my parents are so traditional. Mom and Dad wanted so much for me to do certain things just because of our Asian culture. They don’t understand that…”

Carl cut her off with a chocolaty kiss. Amy enjoyed it as Carl slid his arms around her again before he looked into her eyes.

“I don’t mind your parents asking me things like that. It took five years for me to finally be with you. And having you let me into your life makes it worth it. I don’t know what the future holds, but right now, I’m holding my world in my arms and that’s perfect for me.”

Amy smiled again, her brown eyes shimmering as she started to tear up a little.

“Did you want to show me your house?” she asked.

Carl stood up and took her by the hand. They walked hand in hand slowly through the living room and up the stairs before turning into Carl’s room. For as long as they have been friends, this was Amy’s first time in his room. She looked around and saw the different anime posters on the wall. She also saw his vintage collectable action figures still in boxes by the bed. She also saw something else that caught her attention. It was a small wooden frame on his night stand and inside was a picture of her and him from eighth grade. She wore her glasses and had her hair in a pony tail. Her arm was around Carl and Carl was looking away shyly. As she looked towards Carl, he had the look of uneasiness on his face.

“When did you get this picture?” she asked.

“My mom gave it to me the summer after. She had it framed because she loved how cute we looked together. I never moved it from that spot. I dunno. Maybe…” aydınlı escort

It was his turn to be interrupted by a kiss as Amy planted one on him. Before he could react, her hands reached behind him and pushed him against the wall. She then looked up in his eyes, a wicked gleam crossing them.

“What time does your mom come home?” she asked.

“Around seven.”

“Whatever we want to do, we need to do it soon because Mom’s gonna want me home for dinner before then,” she said as she undid her jacket and let it drop to the floor. The teal top she wore for him took his attention before she pulled the neck down and had her breasts exposed.

“Please, baby, kiss them,” she moaned.

Carl started to kiss her left nipple as she pressed his face against her. He pushed her forcefully until they both fell onto his bed. Carl began to rise up to remove his shirt before Amy slid her hands underneath again. She gently pinched his nipple which startled him.

“What?” he looked at her as she smiled.

“I read it somewhere,” she responded before she softly bit it. He felt a shock flow through his body as her little bites became kisses. She then kissed back upwards towards his lips before they exchanged tongue licks. As Carl’s hands started to slide into the front of her jeans, Amy already had them unbuttoned.

Amy then looked at Carl and pressed her lips on his again. She then slid out from his grasp and began to slowly slide out of her clothes. Carl soon followed until both were naked. As they both met in the middle of his bed, they started to make out again. Amy slid Carl onto his back as she started to kiss down towards his waist. Carl watched as Amy kissed a trail downwards until she kissed right past his cock and started to kiss his inner thigh. Carl started to moan a little as Amy started to slide her tongue underneath his cock to his sensitive skin underneath. Carl started to say something before Amy made a death grip at the base of his cock. Carl moaned a bit before Amy looked up at him.

“I’m going to learn how to drive you crazy. Then I’m gonna slay you like a dragon,” she said. Carl winced at the Sweet Pea reference as her lips encircled his head. Carl could feel the gentle suction as she slowly lowered herself a few inches down his shaft. Carl watched as she practiced on him, a woman with only one experience attempting to teach herself how to fellate her boyfriend. As she started to bob her head up and down, Carl started to encourage her softly. He told her how sexy she looked with him in her mouth and how much he loved what she was doing. When he started feeling close again, she placed another death grip at the base before she looked at him.

“I watched some videos last night,” she confessed. He smiled at her. She slowly slid onto her knees until they were on either side of his hips. She rose up and started to rub his cock against her trimmed pussy. As she guided him towards the entrance, she whispered.

“I love you, Carl,” she whispered as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. They both moaned at the same time as she took a moment to get used to what she was doing. In her mind, she wanted to please Carl. She wanted to give herself to him any way that she could. There was a bit of submissiveness inside her as she started to rock her hips.

“I want you to fill me, Carl,” she said as she rode him. “I want you to empty your cock inside of me. I need it.”

Carl was about to speak when he felt his cock want to explode. “Amy, I’m gonna…..”

“Cum for your sweetheart, baby. Cum for me, please.”

Carl felt himself explode inside of her. She stayed on him for a few moments more before she slid off of him, his messy discharge leaking a bit from her pussy. She lay on the bed as if asleep. Carl slid over to kiss her and she seemed to awaken.

“You are too good for me, sweetheart,” Carl whispered as Amy closed her eyes in contentment.

“I love you, Carl,” she said.


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