Getting Mum Blacked

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My name is Joe. I’m 20 years old and I’m a total pervert. My reason for saying this is because I have an obsession with interracial porn. It started when I was watching porn one day and found an interracial gang bang video. I watched a white MILF get absolutely owned by huge black cocks and I was mesmerised. Ever since. I have only ever searched for interracial porn since that moment.

My obsession began to involve my mother. She is 5,7 in height, bleach blonde hair, firm and ample breasts, gym toned body, slender legs and a total MILF. She would often wear a sundress around the house, showing off her slender legs. She rarely wore a bra at home so she would often have her cleavage on display, causing me to get aroused.

When mum was out I would often sneak into her room and go through her drawers and look at her sexy underwear. She had lots of it, as she worked in an office. She would wear stockings with suspenders under her skirt which went just above her knees. Her black laced bra would just be visible through her white shirt. High heels clopping out the door would signal that she had left for work, allowing me to invade her drawers.

One of her drawers would be filled with sex toys. I was disappointed the first time I found it that there was no BBC dildo in there. Just normal vibrators and normal dildos which were normal sized.

Mum hadn’t had a boyfriend for a while, so I often wondered if she was seeing someone discreetly, although she never went out of the house at strange hours and was always home after work. I however would leave an hour after she came home. I worked as a pizza delivery driver. This was the only time that’s she could have somebody around so I would take a detour past my house occasionally, hoping to find a car outside.

But still never any luck. It seemed she had a very inactive sex life which only fuelled my desires to see mum with a big black cock or at least know about it. I don’t know why it turned me on so much but I did know that the contrast between black and white was a very attractive sight.

One morning I was awoken by the sound of mum getting up and going to the bathroom to shower. As usual I took my chance to peek through the key hole. I could just see her taking off her clothes but as usual there wasn’t much to see. The shower was out of sight from the key hole but it was worth a peek to see if I could catch her undressing.

I hid back in my room as she went to get changed and ready for work. I played with my self until I heard her leave the house and went about my routine of peeking in her drawers.

I was watching a porno of a hot MILF being fucked by black cocks and thought to myself “How can I get mum to fuck a black guy?” I wondered. I spent the rest of the day thinking about it.

Mum came home on time as usual. She got changed into one of her sexy sundresses and came down stairs. Sometimes I wondered if she knew how much it turned me on wearing those dresses. She would bend further than necessary and show her cleavage or very close to her arse cheeks.

I was driving to work when I heard somebody on the radio win a trip to Jamaica. Mum and I hadn’t been on holiday for a long time. She often said she’d love to get some time in the sun. I felt like I was onto something here.

After my shift delivering pizzas I went home and started to think more about how I could get mum some black cock. I’d have to get her into somewhere where there will be black men. Somewhere that she could be dressed sexy, not that it was hard for her, even at 40 years old she was a stunner. Then it hit me, Jamaica.

Of course, its full of black men, she could have a holiday, she’ll be dressed sexy and will no doubt attract many black men. All she’d have to do is talk to a few black men to get her wondering about it. I searched the internet for holiday prices in Jamaica. I had some money saved up from delivering pizzas and this was well within my price range. I started to book the holiday and would give it to mum for her birthday as a surprise.

Two weeks later I got mums gift ready. She came home from work and as she stepped in through the door I pulled a party popper and shouted surprise. She squealed and laughed.

“Oh honey! you scared me!” she said giggling.

“Sorry! I got you something!” I said as I passed the envelope to her.

She had a confused look as she opened it.

“This is a holiday to Jamaica!” she said in a mixture of confusion and excitement.

“Yes that’s right! Its for me and you this summer! I thought since you work so hard and we haven’t had a holiday for a while then maybe this is a good time to have one!” I smiled.

“Oh honey! this is fantastic thank you so much!” she screeched as she jumped on me to hug me “But why Jamaica?” she asked.

“Well! I hear there is some nice beaches there and its great weather! Its perfect for you!” I replied.

“In any case I cant wait!” she screeched.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. But I was excited anyway. We finally get a holiday, mum will be looking incredible, görükle escort black guys will be hitting on her and my perverted fantasies may come true.

Two months later, we were boarding a plane to Jamaica. Mum was wearing a tank top with a bikini top underneath and some very short shorts which were complimenting her arse. I was glad she was looking so good.

The plane journey was shorter than I expected, but then again, I did fall asleep. As we were making our way through the airport at Kingston I kept looking at every black man we passed, checking out their crotches to see if any of them had bulges visible. We had arrived out of the holiday season so as it wasn’t to busy, so not many men to check out.

The bus to the hotel was full of tourists. It was also hot and sweaty.

“Its so hot! I cant wait to jump into that pool!” said mum.

We headed into the hotel and checked into our room. We were sharing a twin room which had a balcony overlooking the beach.

Mum got changed into a bikini and we headed down to the hotel pool. She had sandals on and just her bikini which was making her breasts look like they would burst out at any moment. her bottoms were riding slightly up her arse crack, exposing her cheeks more and more as she walked.

We got to the pool and found a sunbed each. We lay our towels down and got comfortable. I scanned the pool area to see if there were many black guys around. Unfortunately there was just the bartender. All the other people were white tourists. The hotel was surprisingly empty. There was only a few people in the lobby and hardly anybody walking around.

I decided to see if the bartender would be an interesting encounter.

“Mum would you like a drink?” I asked.

“Ooh yes please! I’ll have a rum and coke!” she said.

I walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender to notice me.

“Yes sir! What can get for you?” the bartender asked.

“I’ll have two rum and cokes please!” I said.

“Certainly sir!” replied the bartender as he started to pour our drinks “Is this your first time in Jamaica?” he asked.

“Yes! I’m here with my mother! that’s her over there!” I pointed “I brought her here for her birthday!” I said.

“Tell her happy birthday from me and this drink is on the house!” said the bartender.

“I will! Thank you very much!”

Hopefully the barman had noticed how hot mum was and would be eyeing her up.

“Here you go mum! I told the bartender you are here for your birthday and he gave us this on the house! he also said happy birthday!” I told mum.

“Oh! How sweet!” she said.

I looked at the bartender and he wasn’t even looking this way. How could you not when the most beautiful women in the Caribbean was sat right here in a sexy bikini.

The rest of the day was very uneventful. I had no luck in getting mum to speak to a local black gentleman.

That evening we retired to our room after a meal in the hotel restaurant. Mum showered and changed into a pair of her panties and a tee-shirt. I went to bed in just my boxer shorts and I was soon fast asleep.

The next day we headed out to the markets to see the sights. I hung back while mum asked the market stall guys how much things were. This was quite successful in getting her to talk to the local men.

“Excuse me! how much this necklace?” she asked the guy at the stall.

“Two dollars! but for you pretty lady only one dollar!” the man said.

“Oh! thank you! you are so kind!” she replied.

The day was pretty much more of this. Mum wasn’t really flirting back with the men but at least it was a start.

We went back to the room for the afternoon and prepared for the next day, we were going to the beach.

We left the hotel after our breakfast and walked down to the beach. Mum was just wearing a bikini again and sandals. She looked amazing as she walked down the road.

We arrived at the beach which was a bit crowded. Perfect I thought. Mum however had other ideas.

“It’s a bit crowded here shall we move on?” she said.

I agreed and just followed her where ever she wanted to go. We kept walking to beach after beach but she wasn’t keen on any of them.

“What’s wrong with this one?” I asked.

“Well! It’s just a bit crowded!” she said.

“But there is only a few people on this one!” I said, confused.

“Yes! There’s too many people!” she said.

“Too many people for what? We are only sunbathing!” I said, still confused.

“Well! You see! The thing is! I was hoping to sunbathe topless!” said mum, quietly.

“Oh! Ok!” I stuttered.

“Is that ok? I know it must weird to see your mummy topless!” she said.

“Oh! No It’s fine! honestly I don’t mind! It’s your holiday so you do whatever you like!” I replied.

We kept moving from beach to beach until eventually we came to a cove. It was completely empty. We walked to an area by some rocks where we could have some cover if anybody came along. I would have preferred to bursa escort bayan be out in the open but I could hardly openly object.

We put our towels down and I laid down and watched out the corner of my eye as mum pulled the string on the back of her bikini top and dropped it onto her bag. She had the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. They were firm and bouncy with a good size nipple which had erected in the warm air.

“I don’t think anybody will be coming along here anytime soon!” I said.

“Mm! Hopefully not!” said mum.

“What if somebody comes along who is also topless?” I asked mum.

“Well I’m sure it will be fine!” she replied.

After an hour of sunbathing and rubbing sun cream in our selves, I was beginning to get a little erection. I needed to go and walk it off and remembered there was a drinks stall further back up the beach.

“I’m going to get a drink from that stall back there! Do you want anything?” I asked mum.

“Yes please! Just a bottle of water!” she said.

I left her to go and get a bottle water and to rid myself of this erection. I walked for ten minuets to get to the stall. There was a few black men and women on the beach but none were interested in coming to where we were camped. I took the bottle of water back to mum. I felt the hot sand in between my toes as I walked around the corner of rocks that separated one beach to the other. I looked up to see that mum was no longer alone.

Mum was sat up on the towel, still topless and talking to an early thirties black man who was laid on the sand next to her. I hid behind a few rocks and watched for a few moments, desperate not disturb them. He was a handsome man, he had a chiselled torso and toned arms. He wore small shorts which looked way too tight. His hair long and braided and had beads on the end of each strand.

Mum was giggling and twirling her hair in her fingers. The muscled and toned black man was stroking her shoulder occasionally as her spoke to her. I kept behind the rocks and watched until mum started to look this way. she must be looking for me, wondering where I am.

I decided to head back so as not to arouse suspicion. Mum smiled at me as I walked over to her and her new friend. As I got closer I could see how well toned the man was. I could also see a huge bulge in his small and tight shorts. I almost regained my erection right there on the spot.

“Hey Joe this is Leroy! he was just telling how this beach is actually a nudist beach! Isn’t that funny?” she said, giggling.

“Hello Leroy!” I said to him.

“Hey man how are you?” Leroy said in a Jamaican accent.

“I’m alright!” I said as I gawped at him.

He turned back to mum and said “Well Rose I got to go! hope I see you tonight!” he said.

“Maybe! I’ll think about it!” said mum as she waved him goodbye.

Leroy left the area to me and mum.

“He seems nice!” I said to mum.

“Yeah he is!” She sighed.

“So what’s happening tonight?” I asked.

“Oh he just invited us to a bar and restaurant that he owns! It has a karaoke night tonight!” she said.

“Cool! Can we go?” I asked, hoping to get her closer to Leroy.

“I didn’t think you would want to!” she said sounding surprised.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well! I didn’t think you’d want you mummy hanging out with a random black guy I met at the beach!” she said.

“Like I said before! It’s your birthday present! I’m not going to stop you if you want to have fun! besides you wont be alone!” I said.

“Alright then lets go!” she said after a moment of thought.

We got ready to leave the beach. Mum put her bikini top back on and asked me to tie it up. I purposely tied it tight so that her boobs bursting out of all sides.

We returned to the hotel and showered and changed. I wore a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. Mum wore one of her sundresses she usually wore at home with high heels. She looked impressive, just what I wanted. It was entirely possible that mum could get some black cock tonight if not soon. All I had to do was push her into his arms.

We arrived at the bar and sat down at a table. Leroy saw us and came over smiling.

“Ah Rose you came! come this way I have a special table for you two!” he said gesturing towards the stage.

We got up and followed Leroy to a both by the stage and he got us two drinks on the house. We ordered food and watched performers on the stage do magic tricks. After our meal Leroy came and sat with us.

“So how long are you here for?” he asked us.

“Two weeks! Joe bought me tickets to come here for my birthday a couple of months ago!” Mum said.

“That is a generous gift! you must be happy to have a son who cares so much for you?” Leroy said

“Yes he is an absolute darling!” laughed mum.

I needed to leave the two of them alone so they could be a bit more flirtier with out me there. I saw a arcade section in the corner and saw an opportunity.

“Hey mum I’m going to check out the arcades over there!” bursa escort I said as I got up leaving her no chance to object.

I started to play a space shooter game which had a good view of mum and Leroy. They were still flirting and laughing and touching each others arms. Leroy kept bringing more drinks in which was even better for loosening up mums inhibitions. I had a few my self and decided to head back over to the booth.

“Hey! I hope you’re not getting mum too drunk!” I said as sat down.

“I think she has done that herself!” said Leroy laughing.

“I’m not that drunk I’ve only had a couple!” said mum, being careful not to slur her words.

I wanted to give them a chance to get closer. I could tell Leroy was interested in her. I needed disappear for a little while, so I came up with a plan which was probably a waste of time but I thought I’d try it.

“Hey mum I’m going to go and checkout the sports bar around the corner! there is a football match starting soon and I wanted to watch it! will you be ok with Leroy?” I asked.

“Oh sure don’t worry! I’m sure Leroy can look after me!” she said.

I was hoping so. I headed out the bar and stood over the road outside another bar waiting for them to leave. I could see in the karaoke bar and could see mum and Leroy get up and dance. It was filthy dancing. The kind you see in nightclubs. Mum was turning into a slut with all that drink she had. It was hot and sexy and I was loving every minuet of it.

After a short while, the two of them left the bar and headed into the street. I stayed out of sight but watched closely as the two of them embraced each other and kissed with immense passion. Their hands ran over each others skin and pressed against each other. They pushed their tongues into theirs mouths as Leroy ran his hands down mums back and grabbed her arse under her dress. This only increased the passion.

Suddenly, mum pulled away from Leroy. They were talking but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Finally they kissed again and parted ways. I was hoping that they wold go somewhere to fuck. Nevertheless, they went their separate ways and mum will not be experiencing the pleasures a big black cock can give her.

I entered the hotel room to find mum in bed asleep. I quietly got undressed and started to climb into bed when mum made a moaning sound.

“Mmm! Leroy!” she moaned.

I smiled and instantly gained an erection and left for the bathroom to relieve myself.

The next morning I woke up to find mum already dressed.

“Morning honey! we can go out as soon as you are ready!” she said.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Leroy is taking us to a beach that is impossible to get to by land! he is taking us for a ride in his boat to get there!” she said.

“Oh cool I’ll get ready!” I said as I stretched and yawned.

The good news was that they were still hanging out together. It was still possible that they could hook up.

We met Leroy down at the pier. He was wearing a pair of skin tight shorts which outlined his huge cock. He was shirtless and preparing the boat to leave. Mum was wearing her bikini again and smiled as we got to the boat.

“Morning Leroy!” she said as she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Good morning Rose!” said Leroy “Hello Joe! how was the game last night?” he asked

“It was great thanks!” I said smiling.

We boarded the boat and Leroy took us to the spot he wanted to take us. Leroy and I were both keeping a close eye on mum because her boobs were bouncing with the waves as we rode over them.

We slowed down as we reached the beach. Leroy jumped out and we passed him our things and carried them through shallow water to the sandy beach. there was nobody here. Rocks formed a semi circle around the sand making it inaccessible to any one without a boat.

We set up our towels and lay down. Mum removed her bikini top showing her perfect breasts. She began to rub sun cream on her self and Leroy and myself did too.

“You know normally I come here nobody is here! Its great if you want to sun bathe naked!” suggested Leroy.

“Are you trying to get me naked Leroy?” mum laughed.

“I can be forgiven for wanting that! you are so beautiful!” Leroy commented.

“I’m not sure my son would want to see his mother naked!” she giggled.

“I don’t mind mum if you want to! there is nothing weird about being naked! in fact I’d be open to it myself!” I said.

“Hmm! I don’t know! Maybe if you two do then maybe it wont be so bad?” she suggested.

I hadn’t planned on this. It kind of back fired since I wont be able to hide an erection which is inevitable.

“Well I don’t mind that!” said Leroy.

“Sure! why not!” I said with uncertainty.

We all stood up and started to remove our clothes. Mum pulled on the bikini bottoms and bent down without bending her knees, almost putting on a show. Leroy pushed his shorts down and out sprung his huge black cock. I turned around because I was a little embarrassed since my cock was nowhere near as big as Leroy’s, I also had an erection and it still wasn’t as big as he was soft.

We lay on the towels for while. I kept my knees up so I could hide my erection until it went away. Leroy just lay there with his cock resting over his hip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32