Girl Interrupted

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Knock, knock.

“Oh great, who in the heck is here?” I mutter to myself as I hurriedly jump up from the bed where I had been lying and throw on a robe so I can answer the door. “Damn people” I say under my breath as I tie the pink knee length robe to cover my naked body. I hear another knock “I’m coming!” I yell so they won’t knock again and mutter to myself, ,”Well I would have been if you hadn’t shown up.” I’m definitely not happy that the day I had decided to masturbate all day was also the day someone decided to come visit. Everyone knew DH was going to be gone and I had no plans with anyone. “Who in the hell is it?!” was the words I was muttering angrily as I stomped to the door.

I pasted on a slightly tired smile and opened the door. “Oh, J, it’s you, DH isn’t here, he was going to the football game today, I thought you knew.” J stood there a step down from me and I still had to look up, damn I keep forgetting how tall he is.

“Oh, he never told me, he must have forgotten. We had plans to go play some basketball. When will he be back?” J said looking kind of forlorn and kind of cute. I felt bad that DH had stood him up; though I’m sure it had just slipped his mind.

“He won’t be back till around 6, I think. Its 3:30 now, um, why don’t you come in and you can wait for him?” I moved out of the way so J could come in the whole time berating myself in my mind for not asking him to leave. My mind kept going back to the fun I was having in my bedroom. Looks like I’ll have to wait on all that, damn.

“Why don’t you sit down and grab the remote while I get dressed, I wasn’t really expecting company today. I’ll only be a few moments.”

“Okay,” J said as he made himself comfortable on the couch. “Are you sure you don’t mind me staying?”

“No, it’s no problem, I’m sure DH will feel like an ass when he realizes what he did. It’ll be fine. Want something to drink?”


I turned without thinking about the location of the fridge and opened the door and bent over without bending my knees to grab a bottle of juice on the bottom shelf. It didn’t occur to me what I had done until I stood up and I froze. I knew for a fact that from his vantage point on the couch J was able to see everything I just did and that he would have seen right up my robe as I bent over. I know this for a fact because I had done it to DH many times before.

Maybe I was lucky, maybe he didn’t see, yeah, maybe he turned blind in the last 30 seconds. I closed the fridge door and decided to handle it the only way I knew how. To act like nothing had happened. I turned around and froze at J’s look, damn, ignoring it was not going to work. I recognized that look, it was lust and desire and surprise all rolled into one. Okay, I need to focus, just give him the drink and I’ll go get some clothes on and we’ll forget this ever happened. Sure, that’ll work.

“Is apple juice okay?” I ask him as I walk toward him slowly making sure not to wiggle my hips or act provocative in anyway, just get to the bedroom and by the time you get back he’ll have forgotten this.

“Yeah, thanks Sweet,” he says huskily as he takes the drink from my hand and stares into my eyes. Damn, I never noticed his eyes before, look away, I have to look away! Our fingers brush and at first I jump and then realize how foolish I must have looked.

“Sorry, must have been static electricity” I say softly and then I retreat quickly to my bedroom refusing to look back at him. I get into my room and I lean against the door as I close it. Oh my God, what is going on? J’s attracted to me? I’ve never thought of him that way. He is very handsome, but he’s married! Damn, so am I! What the hell is going on? I need to get these thoughts out of my head.

I look at the bed and the vibrator that I had been using just ten minutes before is still lying there. I was really close before and if I finish quickly he’ll have no clue and I’ll get these thoughts out of my head. I grab the vibrator and I lean against the door just in case, of what I’m not sure, and I slide it in my puss that has gotten even wetter since I first left the room. I switch it on and I bite my lip to keep myself quiet as I fuck my puss with it, damn it feels so good. My mind slips into fantasy as it normally does and suddenly its J I’m fucking as I cum. Oh….relief, now I know I’ll be good. And I set down my vibe that is now soaked and I reach for the towel to clean up the proof between my thighs of what I have just done.

A soft knock on the door I’m leaning on. “Sweet, are you okay in there?” J asks from the other side of the door.

Oh God, what did he hear? I think as my eyes go wide and I squeak out “Yes, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? It sounded like you fell against the door.”

“I’m sure” I say and then I don’t know what possessed me, but I opened the door and looked up at him. I was just leaning against it to, um, grab this towel.” I say as I hold up the towel to escort bayan show him. He doesn’t look at the towel though; he’s looking at my breasts that are showing because I had somehow untied the robe while I was masturbating. How the fuck did I do that? I grab the lapels and quickly close it wishing the ground would swallow me whole at that moment.

“Weren’t you supposed to be getting dressed?” J said as he looked over behind me at the bed.

“Yes, why?” he couldn’t’ see the vibrator, could he?

“Then, why is your vibe out on the bed?”

Please would lightning just strike me down NOW! I turned red from the tips of my toes all the way to my hairline. I was wishing for a tsunami to sweep through and save me or a forest fire to start, but no such luck. I closed my eyes as I composed myself as much as I could and when I opened them I refused to look up.

“Um, uh, I, uh, was just putting it away. I had it out before you came and you know what, it’s none of your business.” I said the last part as I looked up at J and what I saw made me shiver. His smile was overshadowed by the desire clearly showing in his eyes. I knew how a man looked when he wanted me and J seemed to want me more at that moment than anyone I had ever been with. I went to close the door, “I need to get dressed.”

“Okay, Sweet, if you say so, but one thing.” He said as his hand rested on the door showing him to be clearly stronger than I was as I waited for him to say what he wanted to say. I looked up at him expectantly.

“If you want a man to believe what you say, you shouldn’t masturbate against a door while he’s in your house and then call out his name as you cum.” He smiled as he said that and just stood there as I gasped.

I had been so sure I had been quiet, but I had been busted. Damn, where is that tsunami? A tornado? Nothing? Why am I stuck in this situation and wanting to kiss my husband’s friend when I should not be? I refused to look at J.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think you misheard, I hit my toe on the dresser and you must have thought you heard me say your name. I didn’t.” I looked at him stubbornly and yet almost pleadingly as I hoped this would end the discussion and he would leave so I could get dressed.

“Oh, I don’t think so, Sweet,” J said as he opened the door completely and I backed away from him as he advanced on me. “I think that you were masturbating as you thought of me, that you came with my name on your lips, that you want me.” He backed me into the wall next to the bed, my hands up in front of me in a feeble attempt to hold him off as he placed his arms on either side of me. “Just admit the truth, Sweet” he whispers as he looks at me and I stare stubbornly back at him.

“No” I say as I draw myself to my full height as I look up at him and then away, “You have no proof.” He tenses and at that moment I realize that I have given him an opening and yet I’m not sure for what.

“You want me to find proof?” He says almost laughing as he looks down at me.

“Yes” I say, the dare clearly in my voice believing he had no proof to find.

He leans forward and I freeze as I watch him advance, my eyes focus on his lips as he draws closer and my eyes close. He doesn’t kiss me, he whispers in my ear “Don’t move, I’ll show you my proof”

My eyes fly open and I watch his arm move down the wall, lower till it grazes my outer thigh and I jump. “I said don’t move” he says again and I nod as I focus all my senses on what his hand is doing. My breathing quickens as I feel him slide his hand up my thigh, underneath my robe, sliding across my inner thigh and I jump as he encounters my cum that is still there from when I came. He doesn’t stop there, he goes even higher to the apex of my thighs and his hand slips into my wetness and I moan as his fingers slide so easily into me.

He withdraws his fingers and leans his head back as he looks at me and brings his fingers up to his mouth, “this is my proof” and he licks his fingers as I watch him. Something in my look must have shown him something for he stopped and he offered me his hand soaked with my juices. Without thinking I took his fingers into my mouth, my eyes staring back at him as I licked and sucked them clean. As His eyes darkened at that moment I knew there was no turning back.

J grabbed my hands in his and held them against the wall as he leaned forward and kissed me. My eyes closed and I moaned into his mouth, losing myself in the kiss. Whatever resistance I had had when I had backed away from him was gone. All I could think of now was how much I wanted him. I had never thought of him that way before and yet now that was the only thing on my mind. He stopped kissing me long enough to untie my robe completely, it fell to the floor and I was naked in front of him.

He looked at me as moved me toward the bed “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure”

“Good.” He said as his arm wrapped around tuzla genç escort my waist pulling me to him, his other hand at the nape of my neck as he holds me and at first we do nothing. He leans his head down to my hair and breathes in deeply as we stand there. My eyes close and I’m nervous about what we are going to do, but he makes me feel safe and I relax and finally I tilt my head back to look at him. My eyes close as he moves so quickly, his lips on mine and he kisses me hard and deep, leaving me breathless and yet I want more.

My hands are around his waist as he presses against me and his hands go to my bottom and pull me against him, lifting me as we kiss. The kiss breaks and I lean my head back farther as he starts to kiss my neck and I melt against him wanting more as he slowly kisses down to the valley between my breasts. He sinks lower in front of me, my hands go to his shoulders to hold myself up since my knees have gone weak. His soft kisses on my chest continue as his hands slide up to cup my breasts, caressing them, holding them as his mouth moves from one to the other.

My nipples grow hard beneath his touch, tightening and are so very sensitive as I moan and whimper. He teases them by lightly tracing them with his tongue before he takes them in his mouth. He doesn’t realize what he’s doing to me as he tweaks one nipple between his fingers and sucks the other into his mouth. My hands tighten on his shoulders and I cum gasping as my whole body quivers. My head leans forward and I watch him through half closed eyes knowing he’s just getting started.

He looks up at me as he starts to kiss even lower and sinks to his knees before me. The bed is right behind me and I lean against it spreading my legs slightly for him as his mouth brushes the lips of my puss and I gasp as I hear and feel him moan at the contact. I was so wet already from cumming and his mouth opened to taste me as my hands went to his hair and I lifted my leg to wrap around his shoulder to spread myself wider for him. His tongue slips into my puss, tasting me and moves up to my clit as I moan.

Already so sensitive and swollen from my masturbation from earlier and my all consuming arousal that now I feel every touch and caress. His hands spread my lips leaving my clit open for his tongue to lick, flick and tease and I cum so quick and hard it surprises me as my hands tighten in his hair. I pull him toward me as my cum gushes out of my puss and into his mouth. He seems to not be able to get enough of my taste and keeps sucking my juices as I writhe on the bed gasping in moaning.

I’m laying on the bed completely now as I wrap both my legs around his head as he makes me cum over and over again, drinking all the juices that flow from my puss and making me moan and scream in pleasure as he keeps licking and sucking. Finally I can take no more and as he raises his head to look at me I tell him “My turn” and I unwrap my legs from around his head.

He lets me pull him onto the bed and then I roll him onto his back as I climb on top of him, my breasts dangling in his face. I lean down and kiss him as I slide down his body till I get to the front of his pants which are already tight and I caress him through the material teasing him as I look at him. His eyes haven’t left me, they seems to be memorizing every moment, every detail.

I unfasten his pants and pull the zipper down, but I can’t wait to pull them off before my hands delve inside his boxers and bring out his hard cock, mmmmm, it looks so good and I lean forward just to take a taste and as I look in his eyes my tongue flicks the tip and swirls around it. He moans and closes his eyes and I smile. I slide his pants the rest of the way down and come back to what I want. My hands skim up his inner thighs taking my time as my fingers caress his balls and then move up to hold his cock. I slide my hands up and down very lightly and then tighten a bit as I lean forward.

He can feel my breath on his cock as my hands move up and down on him, and then I move even closer letting my tongue touch and taste him, licking up and down the shaft, but refusing to take him inside my mouth. I move lower lifting his cock up a bit as my mouth moves down to his balls and I lick and suck them making him arch his back and moan in pleasure. I love hearing him as he moans, knowing how much he enjoys it and yet how sensitive they get.

His hands go to my hair, sliding into it as I pleasure him and he pulls me up and away from the delightful torture and to his cock that is aching to feel my mouth. I let him guide me at first, but then his hands loosen as my tongue touches the tip. I look up at him as so slowly I let his cock enter my mouth; I watch his eyes close as my mouth wraps around him and my tongue moves beneath as I go up and down on his cock, going deeper each time. His hands tighten in my hair feeling me go up and down on his cock, my eyes close and I moan as I enjoy tuzla kendi evi olan escort the taste and feel. My one hand is wrapped around the base of his cock while the other is cupping and massaging his balls as I suck him.

I feel his body start to tense and tighten as he gets closer and he moans “Here it comes, baby” and I keep going and my tongue flicks the bottom of his shaft over and over again. He starts to cum and my mouth tightens a bit and his hips move as he holds my head and starts to fuck my mouth as his cum spurts out and I moan at the taste. He keeps cumming as he thrusts in and out of my mouth and I swallow it all, every last drop until finally he relaxes and his hands fall from my hair.

I look up at him marveling at how sated he looks and I release his cock from my mouth. My hand goes to my lips and I feel a drop of cum that must have dribbled out and with my thumb I wipe it off and as I look up I see he’s watching me as I can’t resist licking it.

I crawl up and curl against his side as we both recover and he wraps his arm around me. I lay my head on his chest and my hand also as I close my eyes. Damn………

I’m not sure how long we lay there on the bed, me naked and he still wearing his shirt; I hear music coming from the side table and I jump. It’s DH calling and without even thinking I get on my knees and reach over top J as I grab the phone. Thank god my breathing had finally slowed, damn, why did he have to call now? “Hi honey, how’s the game going?”

“It’s over, we won”

“Oh, that’s great DH, when will you be home?” Yeah, how long do I have to clean up, I raise my hand to my head as I realize what I have done and who I’m naked and leaning over. I look over at J and he smiles weakly at me and his hand slides up to my back, stroking it.

“Well, the guys want to go out for dinner and since we don’t have any plans, would that be okay?” He sounded so hopeful that I smiled at how cute he was and then I gave a warning look back at J because his hand was starting to travel lower and lower and I really didn’t need any distractions.

“We didn’t have any plans,” I said as I reached behind me to grab J’s hand and stop it from going any lower. Oh, I can feel myself starting to get horny again, how did he do that? “What time will you be home?”

“Probably about”

“ohhhhh” I gasp into the phone because J has leaned forward and sucked my nipple into his mouth and his tongue, wow, I need to focus, DH is on the phone!

“Sweet? Are you okay?” I’m not sure what came over me, but I let him continue, my hand holding his head in place as I answered DH.

“Uh yeah,” I was just distracted by your friend sucking on my nipple, nothing much. No! I can’t say THAT to him, yeesh. “I just hit my toe on the dresser and it hurt” I added a bit of whine to my voice to make it believable as I moved and was now straddling J, my knees sinking into the bed on either side of him.

“So, um, what time will you be home?” I asked, keeping my voice as level as possible.

“About 10:00 I think, is that okay?” Oh, God, anything is okay as long as J keeps doing what he’s doing

“Sure, honey, just call me if you decided to stay out later, okay?” Yeah, and so I know when to send J home.

“Sure, I love you, Sweet”

“I love you too, see you tonight.”


I was never so thankful to hang up on anyone in my life. I grabbed J’s hands and leaned in to kiss him as I pinned him to the bed. “Just what did you think you were doing? What if he had caught on? What would I have said then?”

“You could have just said you were playing with your toy and he could have listened, that would have been fun.”

I just stared at him “Oh my God, you’ve lost your mind. You know that? And we’re through here. I don’t need to get caught and I should never have done this in the first……place.” I almost didn’t finish that sentence as his hands grabbed mine and he made me sit up on him and moved me so I could feel his hard cock at the entrance to my puss.

“No, I don’t think we’re through yet, Sweet, not at all.” I look at him, my stubbornness keeping me silent as I kept myself from sinking down onto him, knowing I would be lost as soon as he was inside me. He watched me, his hands holding my hips so I couldn’t get off of him and yet he just waited. After a bit when he realized I was not going to bend and just give in he kept one hand on my hip and slid the other down my leg and slipped it in between us.

His fingers soon found my clit and it didn’t take much for him to make me jump and gasp. My absolute unwillingness to give in was soon waning as his fingers teased and tantalized, leaving me wanting more. I moved lower as he backed his hands away from my puss and I felt him position his cock at the entrance to my puss and my eyes flew open, when did they close? And I rose back up, he wasn’t going to win.

The tip of his cock grazed my clit and I moaned, oh damn, that feels so good. He kept doing it over and over, making me moan as my hips started to move wanting more. Oh, I want more, please give me more.

“What did you say, Sweet, what do you want?” He asks me as he stills and I moan in frustration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32