Girlfriend and Her Sister Ch. 01

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Character descriptions! (Love it when the writer is too lazy to integrate this into the story!)

Me – Matt, 20, 6’1, thin but not scrawny by any sense of the word. Pretty good looking although I do say so myself. Nice big 8 inch long, think cock. (Yeah yeah whatever you say!)

My girlfriend – Cara, 20, 5’4, hot as fuck. Huge, perky GG tits, sexy big round ass, nice thick thighs, tiny little 32 inch waist. Long dark hair, very pretty face. Dresses sexy but not overly slutty.

Her sister – Beth, 18, 5’3, also hot as fuck. Big perky FF – G tits, just as sexy not quite as big but still big round ass, gorgeous thick thighs, even smaller 30 inch waist. Short dark hair, also a very pretty face. Her body is basically Cara’s but a tiny bit smaller everywhere. Dresses like a complete slut. (Acts like one too.)

This story kicks off when Beth decided she wanted to join the same university as Cara and I (where we met). She didn’t get any on campus accommodation sorted in time, luckily Cara and I had decided to get a student house together that year. We had originally planned to live without anyone else, however Beth’s situation was pretty desperate and we had a spare room so we let her have it. Cut down on the rent a bit too to split it between 3 of us.

We soon regretted this decision as Beth more often than not, being a massive slut, had a new guy over almost every night. It was about a month into her moving in that she came to us with a problem she was having. What I heard next was ataşehir escort possibly the most surprising thing I’ve heard.

“I can’t get laid anymore. I mean I can but I’m running out of people to sleep with.”

Turns out that she’d been getting through guys as fast as possible, sometimes a whole sports team in one night.

“You’re such a slut” replied Cara.

“I know” said Beth as she pushed her big cleavage together and winked at me. Needless to say I was horny for the rest of the day.

We didn’t hear any more about Beth’s lack of sex (or perhaps too much) for another couple of days.

That is until the three of us went out together. Now this wasn’t unusual, we often went out but what happened at the end of the night was.

I was ready first, mostly because my going out outfits were pretty much the same as my casual outfits.

Cara appeared next. She wore a tight black top that showed a little cleavage but hugged her body tightly, showing off her tits really well, and a tight red skirt that stopped about halfway down her thigh. She also had on a pair of black tights (I have a massive nylon fetish so this really worked for me).

Beth appeared last. Holy shit did I get hard faster than I ever have before. (It didn’t help that Cara was already grinding her sexy ass into my hardening cock.

Anyway Beth came out wearing a similar top to Cara’s, except it showed off way more cleavage and was somehow even tighter, and a tiny tight black ataşehir escort skirt that barely covered her ass. Obviously she also had on some black tights.

We were about 4 shots into the night when Beth went to the bar to get more drinks. Cara and I went to find a seat. Unfortunately we could only find 2 chairs so we decided to save both and then Cara could sit in my lap when Beth got back. However when Beth did get back she didn’t wait for Cara to get up. Instead she sat on my lap, facing me, legs either side of me. She put her arms round the back of my neck and pulled herself into my body. Her big tits were mashed into my chest and her pussy was now grinding on my hard dick. I put my hands the only place I could. On her incredible thighs. I looked over at Cara for help but she seemed even more turned on by the scene than I was. In fact she even put a hand up her skirt to rub herself through her tights and panties. This was all the permission I needed. Permission from my girlfriend to fuck her little sister. I started stroking Beth’s tights covered thighs, getting higher up the more I stroked. Beth then pulled my head down into her massive tits. As she did I could hear her and Cara now making out. Beth then tensed up and moaned loudly into my ear. Had she just orgasmed while grinding on my dick and kissing her sister?

Turns out she had.

Needless to say we were back at our house pretty sharpish.

Now was when I could take charge. I got the two of them anadolu yakası escort to stand next to one another. I started off by kissing Cara passionately, feeling her hands all over my body as I groped her huge tits and ass. I then did the same with Beth, pulling her body close to mine as I had with Cara. I then had them make out with each other. I was a little surprised at how eager they were to comply but I wasn’t complaining. As my girlfriend kissed her sister deeply I stood behind Beth and reached around her. I groped her big perky tits hungrily as I grinded my cock into her ass. I stripped off all my clothes and unleashed my big hard dick. I sat on the couch and had them sit either side of me, their nylon covered legs touching mine. I started stroking both of their legs as I made out with them in turn. They took turns slowly stroking my cock as the other played with my balls. I then pushed Cara’s head down to my dick and she inhaled it hungrily. She gave me the best blowjob of my life as I made out with and groped Beth.

Cara brought me to the verge of cumming before stopped and giving Beth a turn. I guided Beth’s mouth to my cock and she sucked on it eagerly. I pulled on her hair as she sucked, making her moan. Just as I was nearing completion both of the sexy sisters kneeled on the floor in front of me. Cara jacked me off into Beth’s mouth. I moaned in ecstasy as I came into Beth’s mouth. She caught as much as she could but this particular orgasm had to be the most intense of my life. She pulled back as I kept cumming. I covered Beth’s face then kept cumming as Cara pointed me at her. I covered her face too. Rope after rope of hot sticky cum covering the two sexy sisters’ hair and faces. They made out once I was finally spent, sharing both their spit and my cum.

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