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Guy waited a couple of minutes.

He didn’t make a noise, he just listened.

Then he heard the shower.

Still no lock, though.

Grinning to himself he slowly made his way towards the bathroom.

A small voice in his head tried to advise him not to go in there.

But the rest of him didn’t care to listen.

He got this far, might as well keep going, he thought.

Worst case she’d throw him out. Best case… More fun to be had.

As silently as possible, he opened the door.

Inside he found Lou standing beneath the showerhead, her backside towards the door. The shower itself was pretty spacious, almost taking up half the room, with a glass wall and door separating it from the rest.

As quickly as possible Guy got rid of his clothes, and stepped towards the showerdoor.

When he pulled it open, Lou spun around, startled.

“What… What are you doing?” She cried out, her hands flying towards her breast and between her legs.

Guy just looked her in the eyes, and asked “Should I leave?”

He practically saw Lou’s mind racing.

After a second or two, and a quick glance to his nether regions, Lou answered weakly, “N-no, you don’t have to. The shower is big enough for two…”

And with those words she stepped aside a bit, making space for him beside her.

She then turned around towards the water again, slightly blushing, as Guy noticed.

Internally he was almost laughing, but tried his best not to let it show on the outside. He was fascinated at how shaken Lou seemed. The very woman who used to boss him around, make him feel less about himself for quite a while, and who constantly would make him feel small, was now acting like a shy girl in front of him.

Guy stayed where he was for a few moments, taking in the sight of her backside, water streaming down her curves.

Guy stepped forward so he stood right behind her. Then, without warning he put his hands on her hips. Lou jumped slightly, looking back at him, asking “What do you think you’re doing?” She found him not looking her in the eyes, his gaze fixated on her ass.

Instead of an answer he let his right hand wander down, gently stroking her cheek.

Lou turned her head around again, letting it happen. She let her own hands wander over her body, feeling the warm water and his hands on her.

Guy´s second hand now also moved downwards. He was basically cupping her asscheeks.

Then he started to squeeze. Lou let out a small shriek in surprise, but she kept her gaze on the wall in front of her. Guy grinned, taking this as a silent sign to keep going.

He began kneading casino siteleri her ass, squeezing, pulling, playing with it.

His dick, already semi hard for the past few minutes, was now fully erect. But he just ignored it, focussing all of his attention on her gorgeous behind.

It was almost not noticeable, but Guy could have sworn that Lou’s breathing got heavier.

Continuing to fondle her cheeks, he slowly made his way down. One of his hands stroked her outer thigh, the other still on her ass. He circled around a bit, getting closer to her inner thigh. He let both hands wander down her outer thigh, then circling back, sliding back up to her ass, but making sure to let his fingers reach her inner thighs.

Lou gasped slightly. Guy repeated the motion over and over, careful not to let his fingers go too far into the middle. Every now and then he just very lightly touched the outside of her pussy, making her take in a deep breath.

He loved playing with her. And she seemed to love it as well, as he could feel her being wet without touching her pussy directly. The water couldn’t wash away the traces all around.

After a while he noticed her not only breathing heavier, but also ever so slightly pushing her ass into his hands. As soon as Guy noticed, he pulled back his hands a little. Still touching her, but enough to make the touch feel lighter. And as he predicted, almost unconsciously she pushed herself back again. Guy kept very slowly pulling back while playing with her butt, and again, she followed.

His hands wandered down once again, meeting at her inner thighs, a few centimeters shy of her pussy. He slightly pressed against them. Lou immediately understood, spreading her legs apart. Guy let one hand slide upwards, caressing her back, and also applying very soft pressure between her shoulder blades. Again, Lou understood, and leaned forward, her hands now on the wall to keep her balance.

And with one swift motion Guy´s hand slid down her ass, between her legs. Lou squealed as his hand now fully rested on her pussy. He just held it there, sending jolts through her body.

She noticed that he just kept his hand there. He didn’t move it at all.

Lou waited for a moment, but when it was apparent that he wouldn’t do anything, she started moving around, rocking forwards and backwards.

She rubbed herself against his hand, covering it in her juices. Guy noticed how focused she seemed. He moved his hand very slightly, a motion that wasn´t lost on Lou, as she immediately followed. He repeated this a few times, always with her following his movements on the spot. güvenilir casino Then he pulled his hand away completely.

Lou unintentionally whimpered, which turned into a surprised moan as Guy immediately put his hand back, letting his middle finger slide inside her pussy.

He didn’t bother going slow, as she was soaking wet already, and his fingers were perfectly lubed thanks to her. His finger pushed in and pulled out, while his hand went back and forth. His other fingers rubbing the outside and her clit, his middle finger explored her insides.

Lou´s moans got louder, more intense. Although she got herself off earlier she was already on the way to her next orgasm. For a moment Guy thought about denying her, but he decided against it. He kept fingering her pussy, letting his other fingers caress her clit. His other hand was still playing with her ass, squeezing and pulling.

“Oh god… yes. Yes! Keep it up, I´m close,” she moaned over her shoulder.

Guy increased the speed a little, letting a second finger plunge into her.

This pushed Lou over the top, and she came all over his hand. He felt her pussy contracting around his fingers, squeezing them while they were still slowly pushing in and pulling out.

He let her ride her orgasm out on his hand, then after a while as it stopped he pulled away.

“That.. wow…,” she panted, still facing the wall.

She took a few breaths then turned off the water, keeping her hand on the faucet for a bit to steady herself.

As she finally felt in the condition to stand up straight again, she wanted to turn around to face Guy. But he had other plans, and his Arms wrapped around her body.

One hand immediately started playing with her breasts, while the other one slid down her belly.

“Wait, please, I just came…” Lou protested weakly. But Guy´s other hand had already reached her still drenched pussy, and started massaging it lightly.

She gasped and could only let it happen. She was very sensitive right now, but too weak and still too horny to stop him.

As his hand cupped her breast he pulled her closer. When Lou felt his lips on her neck she groaned, tilting her head slightly to give him better access.

Guy kissed her neck up and down, letting his lips wander from her shoulders up towards her ear. Lou moaned, pressing herself against him more. His hand caressed her breasts, and when he kissed her right below her ear he pinched her nipple, making her cry out in delight.

Lou moved her body rhythmically against his, the rhythm being controlled by his other hand on her pussy.

He rubbed it canlı casino on the outside, letting his fingers slip through her lips just enough to reach her clit. Lou felt another orgasm well up inside of her already.

His lips and his hands were attacking all of her soft spots. But this time, instead of just letting him have his way, she moved one hand behind her, grabbing his already rock hard cock.

Still in rhythm with his movements she started stroking his shaft, letting her palm slide over his head, and back down.

She heard him groan slightly, then felt his lips on her neck with more vigour.

Guy was still determining the pace, and while he enjoyed her hand on his cock, he doubled his efforts on her breasts and pussy.

He repositioned himself slightly, so he was able to slide two fingers into her while massaging her clit with his thumb. He knew immediately that he hit the right spot, as Lou tilted her head back, while pressing herself as much as possible against him, moving her hips in tandem with his fingers. Her moans got louder, her hand jerking him off more frantically. He understood that she wanted him to come too. And he wanted the same.

So with one last push he gently bit her neck, pinched her nipple, and plunged his fingers into her pussy. This was all too much for Lou, and without a thought about the neighbours she screamed out her orgasm. Her body jerked around uncontrollably, and she almost fell backwards if Guy had not braced himself. He held her upright, his hands still not letting up.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh God, OH GOD!” Lou screamed, not able to break away, having her orgasm go on, and on. Her hand was still on Guy´s cock, jerking him erratically. That and her whole body going through an orgasm right against his was enough to finally push him over the edge as well. While still holding and assaulting her weak spots Guy groaned loudly, shooting load after load of his cum on the shower floor and wall.

He finally let up, and let go of Lou, who grabbed his Arm for stability as she lowered herself to the floor. Heavily panting she was on her hands and knees, trying to regain some composure and catching her breath.

Guy was also breathing heavily, stepped around her, and turned up the water again to wash the last bits of semen from his dick.

He then walked out of the shower in silence, took a nearby towel, and dried himself.

Lou was still on the floor, too weak to stand up yet. She looked at him, but he pretended not to notice.

As he finally dressed himself, he went to the door. “Wait…” Lou weakly cried after him. “What… How do we…” she stammered for words, but didn´t find any.

Without turning around, Guy said, “I am free in three days. If I see you, I´ll see you. If not… “

He let the words hang in the air. There was no need to say anything more.

Lou understood that he gave her a choice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32