Giving What I Need

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I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, her hands running down the sides of my body. Up and down, her soft fingers in control, my goose bumps appearing.

“Shhh,” she whispers into my ear, her hot breath against my neck. “I promise it will be okay.”

I nod. I trust her.

I’ve never done this before, never touched another woman like this. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years, but now I just want to make sure I do this right. I have no idea what to do. She knows that. She knows I’m scared. She knows how badly I want her.

Her lips kiss down my neck, biting me softly right where my ear meets my jaw. She knows that’s my weakness. Biting me lower, lower…

“Open your eyes.”

It’s an order, not a question. I told her I’m a good listener.

“Good girl.”

My eyes hold her gaze. I want to be her good girl. I want to prove to her I’ll be good for her.

She kisses my nose, then drops to my nipple. She kisses in circles, just too soft so I’m waiting for more, and she knows it. Without warning she bites, hard, hard enough to make me moan out in pleasure and arch my back to shake her off, causing her to stop.

“Be. Good.”

I settle back down.

She kisses me again, biting my nipple hard, switching back and forth. She keeps my gaze, and forces me to look at her. I try to keep still; all I want is for her to touch me. My clit is throbbing; she knows how badly I want her already. It’s been too long of waiting. She knows, which is why she won’t give bursa yabancı escort it to me. She switches her attention to my collarbone, biting back and forth, giving me hard kisses. She stops. I moan in desperation.

“Be patient baby.”

I feel her kiss down my body, in between my breasts, down to my belly button. I breathe in sharply; she’s getting so close. I’m scared again. My body tenses and she feels it.

“Let me make you feel so good. I know this is new. Let me show you.”

She brushes against my clit with her left thumb, once, but with pressure. My body arches, and I jerk away. Whenever things feel good, my body doesn’t know what to do. I panic, reaching for her other hand.

She looks deep into my eyes, almost taunting me to move again, and I know what the possibilities are if I do. I stare back, and will myself to stay still. She seems content with my effort, and touches me again, her thumb rubbing my clit in small, slow circles. My legs spread wide now, my back arching off the bed. She knows how close I already am, I’ve wanted this for too long.

She moves her thumb in faster circles now, as I softly scream out, trying to keep still, my body fighting with my mind. I want to cum, I need to cum.

She lets go of my hand and I feel a finger circling my pussy, and slowly siding in. In and out, she slowly moves, all the while her thumb makes circles. It’s too much. My body writhes, and I try subconsciously to roll away. It’s just bursa sınırsız escort too much.

She stops, immediately, which turns my screams of pleasure into frustration, with myself and with her for pausing. She shifts her body now so she is straddling my thigh, so I can no longer move away. She’s not as happy now.

“I told you to stay still. You told me you were a good girl. Fucking prove it.”

I want to prove it.

She touches my clit again, but this time it’s faster. Moving her thumb in quick little circles, this time pumping two fingers in and out of me. I try to move, but she knows that her holding my thigh down is the reminder I need to be her good girl. My moans get louder and louder, I’m begging her for release. She laughs as her thumb picks up speed, moving the hood of my clit back so she can be directly on it. I scream at this touch, my senses overflowing, it’s too much, but I take it. I’m her good girl. I’ll take it all.

She keeps her fingers inside my pussy, moving them right against my g-spot that she somehow magically found. The sensations are too much, the attack on my clit, the fullness and sensitivity inside.

“PLEASE MAY I CUM?!” I scream. My rule was that I have to ask for permission.


I beg again. “PLEASE.”

“I said no. Be a good girl and take it.”

I silently nod my head, my back arching and my nipples on fire as she leans forward and bites them each one more time. Her finger moves görükle escort faster on my clit. Her fingers pump in and out. My body is rolling, writhing, needing. It’s a sensation I’ve never felt before. It’s too strong, and she senses my panic. She kisses me on my forehead.

“Do you want to cum?”

I scream in agreement. She knows I want to cum, making me be her good girl and submit to the feelings running through my body is all I’ve ever wanted.

“Speak. Use your words baby. What do you want?”

“I want you to let me come. PLEASE!!”

I’m out of breath, my body taking the assault, back arching, I’m making incomprehensible, high-pitched sounds.




She picks up speed, sliding her fingers in and out of my sensitive pussy, her other hand flicking my clip up and down, in circles. She leans forward and sucks on my lip.





I can’t breathe, the world is spinning, and all I can think of is release. I need it. I need it now. But my need to not disappoint her is stronger.




I hold my breath, arch my back, and get ready to let go. I need her to let me. I need zero.

She jumps off of my thigh, her hands suddenly off of my pussy. I scream in frustration.

“You really thought I was going to let you cum that easy? You’re my good girl, and you’re going to learn how to listen to what I want too. You’re gonna earn it.”

She gives me a kiss on my nose, and walks out of the room. But as she does, she grabs something out of the drawer next to her bed as I try to regain my breath, and somehow dull the fire that I feel spreading all over me.

Rope and a vibrator.

She turns around to see my smile, but scared eyes. She knows that’s exactly what I want. She always has.

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