Gloria Meets Roger

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Debbie wasn’t home. She was out with Mickey and Roger. I went over to meet them, at Roger’s place. It was a nice place, and they were down at the steam room when I got there. No surprises there, they were all naked, and Debbie was sucking Roger’s dick while getting fucked by Mickey.

I was a bit surprised by that. I thought Mickey was somehow better than that. Clearly I was deluding myself, but it made me realize I was seeing him a bit differently. Maybe I liked him. Roger looked at me as I came in. As always he had something clever to say, and the sight of that dick of his made me shake.

I urgently needed my breasts suckled. It had been too long, and the fucker I had just left didn’t do the honors a second time.

“Someone needs to help me.” I took my clothes off as I walked in, and at the sight of my breasts Mickey almost pulled out of Debbie.

He waved, and motioned to Roger. “You need to drink some of that milk. Shit makes me hard as a bone.”

“Is that so? Come over here.”

He pushed Debbie off his cock, and sat me sideways in his lap. It was sweaty and hot, and he quickly fixed himself to my left boob, and started stroking it. Softly, then more firmly, as if he was trying to see how much discomfort I could take. The milk started spraying out, and he started to suckle me hungrily, gulping and sweating .

As he breathed his hard, massive cock bounced. I pulled away, and mounted his cock. He was seated on the bench, I sat facing him, on his cock, and he suckled me as we fucked. Each stroke filled my cunt deeply, and as he suckled me my pussy contracted and got wetter.

I felt like I was high, between the fucking, the sucking and the heat. Roger was really good. He fucked me back hard, and he managed to suckle my left, then right breast empty. I could tell he liked me, as his cock almost seemed to get harder and harder. My clit was hard and rubbed against the base of his cock in front, and I started to get really excited. My first orgasm weakened me, and Roger had to catch me to make sure I didn’t fall.

He looked me in the eye the whole time, and I couldn’t bear to look back at Mickey to see how he was responding to this. As if he knew Roger motioned to Mickey and Debbie. She was sucking Mickey off now. His eyes were closed, and his dick was hard as rock.

It was beautiful. Debbie’s nipples were hard, her ass was in front of me as she knelt over Mickey, and I couldn’t resist – I leaned over there to finger her. She tensed slightly and continued. She was all business. I used my thumb, and pressed on the front of her pussy, on her G spot.

She rolled her hips and backed into me. I kept the pressure, going in and out, and she responded, getting wetter and wetter. Roger came up behind me and entered me from behind. I gasped, and backed into him. He spanked me. I got so wet.

I sighed. He spanked me properly, then harder, then brutally, like he meant it. My finger popped out of Debbie. I needed a spanking. I needed a master to own me and take me. Each stroke was a sign of affection, and made me melt. I shouted.

“Roger do this properly, I need it!”

He reached around me and spanked the front of my pussy. He spanked my hard clit. I almost fell over. It was such an intense feeling. He pinched my left nipple and twisted it. I came so hard, I squirted everywhere for two minutes. I almost blacked out. It was an amazing feeling.

Being dominated, that feeling of a man having power over me, was a better high than any dick. It just had to be the right man. Roger’s thrusts sped up. He put his hands over my shoulders and used them to mount me. Hard. He fucked me like a man possessed, driving deep into my pussy, and with each stroke removing my memories of Tony or anyone else. I got wetter at the feeling of his power, and he flooded me with his cum, biting my back as he came.

“Debbie I need to talk to you.”

Debbie and I were washed up and in the kitchen.

“Tony wants me to be his messenger girl and fucktoy. I don’t know how I feel.”

“Did he tell you to fuck anyone? What did he tell you to do?

Who did you fuck this time?”

“He told me to pick something up from a guy, and to do whatever I needed to do to collect it. Dude just fucked the shit out of me, and didn’t even give me everything I wanted.”

“Well that’s not Tony’s fault. You probably liked it.”

She was right. I was just ready. Always ready for a hard dick or a hard tongue. Always. There wasn’t much more to say. I left for Tony’s place, pussy throbbing and mind full of questions.

Tony was warm but curious.

“What else did he say?”

“Nothing Tony”

“How many times did you fuck him?”

“Why does that matter?”

“Because you’re here with a short count, and I bet if I check you’re still dripping cum from that episode!”

His shouting was making me wet. I wasn’t listening as closely as I should have been.

“Well at least I got something. He was fine.”

Tony was getting more agitated. He reached into Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort his drawer and pulled out a couple of pairs of handcuffs.

“Gloria, I think you need to experience something. “

I was soaking at this point. Was he going to handcuff me? Was he going to own me? Would he twist my nipples and eat my pussy?


Tony called in one of his workers, who rushed in.

“Show her your cock!”

Manuel dropped his pants to reveal a wall of flesh. As big as a coke can and longer, It looked like a weapon.

“Gloria, every time you come with a short count, you’re going to get it from Manuel. “

I laughed. “I would love to get it from Manuel.”

Manuel stirred and started rising. His cock was like an independent being.

Tony laughed. “It’s as I thought. You just love to fuck. Maybe you only fuck Manuel if the count is complete…”

Manuel was fully hard now. I was possessed. I knelt before him and sucked him.

He was uncut, and sweaty, and powerful. He was a mechanic, and had the hard, lean body of a man who did physical labor and didn’t have much time to eat. He held the back of my head and forced me on to his cock. I loved it, I tried, but it was too big to take. I gagged. I couldn’t put it all in my mouth.

He pulled me up, and turned me around. He was in my pussy. I screamed. I had never had something this big inside my pussy before. He was hard, and it felt like he was growing. It was fantastic. He ravaged me, scratching my back, and squeezing my breasts from behind. I leaked everywhere.

Tony’s office was covered in milk, and as he fucked me I must have called out to every coach or saint I knew. Manuel was rearranging my pussy, in a good way, and was making me remember him while I blacked out at the same time. All of a sudden he stopped, pulled up his pants and left. I collapsed on the ground.

“Tony what?”

“You don’t get to cum until you do your work!”

Tony was a real bastard sometimes.

We spoke about the job. I was to get past security with these clients of his, and then persuade them to pay what they owed. My reward if my amount was reached was time with Miguel. My pussy twitched as I thought about it. I didn’t even know what his voice sounded like, but his cock…it spoke all the words I needed to hear.

It wasn’t that I was addicted to cock. That was a simple way of saying it and not true. I needed work. I hadn’t seen my kid in a while. I just had this feeling like I had to have it. When I needed suckling I needed it. When I needed to touch a cock. I needed it. When I needed to be filled I needed it. I needed the variety, and I loved knowing that the world was full of different dicks I could have. I didn’t need the money or the fame, just the joy of being properly fucked. Sometimes by two men. On that exact note I looked at Tony. He was really serious.

I went out to Woodlawn with Tony to meet. Ahmed. Ahmed was an old customer of Tony’s and had recently started paying slowly. Tony was not impressed. Ahmed made lots of excuses, and promised to pay next week. Tony asked for what Ahmed could do today. Ahmed owed Tony one hundred thousand dollars, and Ahmed claimed the best he could do was fifty thousand.

Tony offered to hold on to Ahmed’s car. Ahmed started yelling at Tony. Ahmed then looked at me. If I can have the nun, Tony. I will give you all the money.

Tony bristled.

“Fuck you Ahmed”

“Tony be professional. She may be interested. At least ask her if I can fuck her.”

I coughed. Ahmed was tall, bronze, with short hair and the cocky demeanour of a man who usually has his way. He wore a blue t shirt and jeans. I couldn’t make out a print on him, but he talked a mean game.

“Maybe she would be interested if she saw Ahmed’s body.”

Ahmed looked me in the eye. He started taking his clothes off. Shirt first. Hmmmm, six pack muscles there. Then his jeans. He was a hairy fucker, but fine. Big, heavy, swinging, cut, red, dick. Fuck. I felt that twitch. I needed that dick in my ass, in my pussy, in my mouth. In me. I needed to drink his cum and feel him in me.

“I think Gloria is interested.”

Ahmed laughed, and Tony sighed.

“Gloria should take off her holy clothes.”

I stripped for Ahmed. First showing him my flat stomach and plump, milk filled breasts. He stared at me. I then removed my skirt (I wore no panties) and my shoes.

We were all over each other. He had a large sofa to the side in his office, and in no time my legs were around his waist, and that hammer of his was in me. It was hard, my pussy was so wet, and his kisses were hungry yet comforting, like he had wanted me for a while. His strokes were deep and confident and fast, and we ended up in a good rhythm.

He was tender with my neck, and I knew he would need guidance. I motioned to my nipples, and as he started fondling them I started leaking milk. He got more excited and started drinking from them, filling Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort him self. I got wetter. His strokes got longer and longer, and he almost pulled his cock out of me before slamming in deep in the next stroke.

“So Tony thinks he can use you against me. You will love me before I am finished. You will love me..”

“Ahmed just fuck me.” I clenched my pussy on his dick. This was taking too long.

“You will love meeeeeeeeeeee”

Ahmed blasted my pussy with his seed. It was too short. There was a lot of cum. He collapsed on to me and then got up to light a cigarette. Nice cock but control issues.

I got up. Went into the bathroom to wash my pussy and freshen up. My nipples were sore, and my pussy was too. But I was happy. When I got done I left, and Tony and I got in the car. As we sat he worked some of the bills loose out of an envelope in his pocket and gave the bundle to me. I was grateful. I thanked him. It was ten thousand dollars.

He was happy he had gotten his money. I was happy I was going to get to fuck Manuel.

The drive back was a blur. We were going back to Tony’s, I was going to get to see Manuel.

We got to the office, and he came out. Tony excused himself. I think he got a bit jealous. I didn’t care. I was dripping wet. As Manuel walked in, I could sense his curiosity about me. I couldn’t help myself. I felt nervous, but horny. I had been stewing in my desire for hours. At the same time I needed to know he was interested in me. That he wanted me. That he wanted to take me.

And fuck me. Manuel wasn’t tall. Maybe 5 foot 8. He was broad shouldered, and looked like he was carved from white pine. Just thick and hard and cut. Tight butt, flat abs, broad shoulders. He approached me and smiled. Pearly white teeth.

He was wearing jeans and a t shirt. The shirt came off. Wow. His pants came off. He was not wearing underwear. His cock started getting hard. My legs felt week. He was gonna fuck me with that? I gave him a hug. He embraced me. And kissed my neck. And pulled my scarf off. Then my cardigan, then my shirt, and then my bra. I stood there topless before him.

He took off my skirt. I didn’t wear panties. And I was wet. He knelt before me, and sucked my pussy. Really sucked it. Licked it. Drained me. Popped a finger in my asshole. Made my legs shake. Sucked me. I could barely stand. I collapsed. He caught me. Put me over his shoulder, and took me to Tony’s desk. He laid me on my back, with my feet up. He stood between my legs, with his cock hard as a bone. He slapped my clit with that dick of his. Softer, then harder. He slapped it.

Then he put the head in my pussy. I bolted and sat up. I could almost feel his life force. He was so strong. So free of doubt. He pushed harder into me. My pussy was full. Packed with Manuel.

Manuel was very young, and as a manual laborer much harder than the men Gloria usually dealt with. It was a turn on to feel such muscle and such hardness, from his arms, to his abs, to his ass, to his cock.

Gloria was overwhelmed with sensation, and she felt each stroke intensely, as Manuel passionately fucked her with deep hard strokes. He sped up, and maintained an intensity of strokes that Gloria felt almost unable to handle. He had a very big cock, almost too big, and at the speed he was going, as hard as he was going,

Gloria could barely stay coherent. She started to buildup to an orgasm, and came hard, squirting over him. He continued to drive into her, making it more intense and making her cum harder and again and again. Just as she thought it was over, she could feel him tense up and speed up. His cock exploded into her, and she could feel the hot blasts all over her cervix as he came, filling her with his seed. He bit her neck as he came, grunting as he pulled her waist to fill her properly. He didn’t go soft, and he stayed inside her even after he came. She could feel every breath of him, and with every breath of hers she could feel the weight in her pussy.

As she sat on the edge of Tony’s desk, with Manuel standing in front of her, she noticed movement behind Manuel. It was the cleaner. She came in with a mop, in a blue blouse and dark blue pants. She looked at Manuel’s bare behind, and smiled a smile of familiarity, not the look of surprise Gloria would have expected.

Gloria motioned her over. She hesitated, but then Manuel spoke. He had a calm, deep voice.

“Mira, get over here now. Come join us. “

She walked over. She was a lithe, slender young woman, maybe 19, with broad shoulders, long legs, a tight waist, and very large breasts which weren’t immediately obvious because she was tall. As she approached them she looked at Gloria hungrily, and as she came to them Manuel pulled out of Gloria.

“Suck all this out for me, would you?”

The look of hunger in Mira’s eyes was almost tangible. She squatted and latched on to Gloria’s pussy, and started sucking and drinking the juices out. She licked the Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort labia, pulled through the thatch of pubic hair, and thrust her tongue deep into Gloria’s pussy. She drank deep. Gloria could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. ?Mira’s eyes were closed, but she opened them and looked into Gloria’s eyes.

Her eyes were hazel, and her skin caramel. Her hair was thick and black, and came to her shoulders. Manuel tugged at Mira’s collar with an impatient familiarity. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly, and dropped it to the ground.She wore a sheer black bra with cutout nipples. Really expensive, not what you would expect a cleaner to wear.

Her nipples were dark and thick, and long. She removed the bra, and removed her pants. She stood in her black thong, and as Manuel pulled it down Gloria could see her pussy. She had waxed, and was glistening. Eating Gloria out had been as good for her as it was for Gloria maybe…

As she stood before Gloria her pride in her body was obvious. Manuel stood behind her and bit her neck, kissing her, stroking her. Her nipples hardened, and her areolae puckered as she got more turned on. Manuel got really close to her, and Gloria saw Mira tense as she felt Manuel’s cock. It was a familiar friend, but a friend she respected.

Manuel pushed Mira forward, so her mouth was in Gloria’s pussy. She started licking Gloria slowly. At the same time he pushed his hardness into Mira. Mira tensed and then relaxed as she backed on to Manuel. She absorbed every inch, and then continued to suck Gloria’s clit.

?She was gorgeous, with perfect skin and an athlete’s body. She and Manuel were clearly very familiar with each other, and she handled his hard thrusts without missing a beat as she sucked Gloria off. Manuel and Gloria both played with Mira’s boobs, Gloria from the front and Manuel from the back. Mira got more excited, and as she backed on to Manuel he started pulling her hair. Hard.

He used her hair to hold her in place for each thrust. Mira went mad, fucking him harder and harder, and as she was about to come she pulled off from Gloria and held the table, and Manuel pounded her doggy style while holding her hair in his fist. Her eyes were closed, and Gloria could see she was in ecstasy.

The dick was too hard, too thick, too strong,too long for Mira not to be. Mira came violently. Once, then twice, while Manuel kept his pressure on her pussy until he came himself, flooding Mira with his semen. At his last thrust Mira fell to the floor, curled up in a fetal position.

“Manuel you’re going to hurt someone if you fuck them like that. What the fuck!” she smiled at him.

Manuel smiled back at them both, and then walked away. He walked out and slammed the door.

Gloria lay back on the table, felt her sore pussy ache, and then started as Mira started sucking her pussy again, probing and filling her with that tongue. She leaned back. By this point her breasts were engorged and leaking milk. Mira sniffed and looked up at Gloria. She smiled, and slowly licked up Gloria’s stomach, and then latched on to Gloria’s left breast while squeezing the nipple on the right.

She fingered Gloria while sucking Gloria’s breast. Milk flowed into Mira’s mouth as Gloria found sweet release. Mira drank and pumped and sucked, lulling Gloria into a trance, as pussy and breast were all stimulated. She moved to the right breast when she had emptied the left, sucking Gloria dry. Gloria was so wet. She loved having her nipples sucked but she really wanted to cum.

She pushed Mira’s head down, and Mira obliged, sucking Gloria’s pussy, and stroking her g spot soft and then hard, until the ridged area rose and hardened, and Gloria’s g spot popped out under pressure from Mira’s hard, probing, insistent finger. As Mira stroked Gloria, Gloria could feel the pressure build, and she squirted loudly and explosively, arching her back. Mira lapped up Gloria’s pussy juices, and kept sucking as Gloria came.

When Gloria finished they both rested, but she couldn’t help herself from stroking Mira’s massive breasts. They were firm and perky, with big hard nipples. She rolled over and sucked at Mira’s breasts, stroking her pussy and kissing her neck. Mira responded to her, and they kissed. A woman’s body was so different from a man’s . It was softer, and more familiar yet different from a man’s body.

Mira opened to Gloria, and Gloria lapped her pussy and stroked her clit, welcome after Manuel’s brutal hammering. Mira’s pussy was hot, like it had been used in some industrial process, and Gloria’s lapping cooled it down. Mira moaned softly as Gloria tended to her, and rubbed her breasts as Gloria buried her head in her pussy.

When Mira came it was gentle, like she washed in on a wave. She didn’t mind being eaten out, but there was something about the fire of being filled with a hard cock that brought her out of her shell. Having it sucked wasn’t the same, much as she liked it. Gloria could tell that Manuel had created a real fan here.

As she bent over sucking Mira she heard Tony walk in. She turned smiling, to see Tony standing in his socks, with a massive erection. “I don’t think you miss me”. Mira stiffened, and smiled. She really wanted to be fucked again. Tony was older, smaller and softer than Manuel, but he had a good sized cock, was a considerate fuck, and was here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32