Go Canada Go

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‘Damn it! When did she start looking so good?!’ he though to himself as he watched his best friend, Jaylie bend over to get two beer from the fridge.

“Ready for the game?” she asked, handing him a beer and heading into the living room.

She was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, that clung to her tight, round ass. The hockey jersey she wore did nothing for her figure, but for some reason she looked so sexy in it. His groin began to stir in his jeans.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” he smiled, as he took a long swig of beer.

“Krisa will be here shortly, she stopped for another case of beer,” Jaylie told her friend Dave as the puck was dropped.

‘Mmm, mm, mmm he’s fine!’ she thought, as she glanced at Dave right before the second face off.

It was late August. The weather was still hot and Canada was playing the United States for the World Cup of Hockey. Everyone knew Canada was going to win, but it was fun to watch the game nonetheless.

Five minutes into the gave, Krisa came through the door with the beer. Dave had only met Krisa once before and was shocked when Jaylie met her with a soft peck on the lips.

“Take your jacket off, I’ll put the beer in the fridge,” Jaylie said.

“Hey Dave,” Krisa said, taking her jacket off and sitting down on the couch.

Krisa was the opposite of Jaylie. Jaylie had long, light brown hair with deep blue eyes and a bright, flashy smile. Krisa, had short, spikey black hair with dark chocolate eyes, and full, Bayan Escort Gaziantep luscious lips everyone wanted to taste.

Like Jaylie, she was about 5’7″ and weighed about 125 pounds. The only big difference between the girls was their chest sizes. Jaylie was a 38B, where Krisa was a 36DD.

Dave couldn’t take his eyes off either lady.

“I’m back,” Jaylie said, giving Krisa a beer. Just as she sat down, Canada scored the first goal of the hockey game.

“YEAH!” they all screamed in unison.

Krisa playfully slapped Jaylie’s leg, but she left her hand there, on her friends upper thigh instead of moving it.

Slowly, her hand crept up Jaylie’s leg, before resting on her groin. Just as Dave looked away to focus on the TV, Krisa whispered in Jaylie’s ear.

“We haven’t fucked in a while. I’m wet, baby girl, I’m all wet for you.”

Jaylie’s face was on fire as she felt a common wetness forming between her legs. Krisa arm slowly and gently slid over Jaylie’s chest. She felt her nipples grow hard at the touch. She hadn’t been fucked in weeks, and she needed it so badly.

With the girls unaware of it, Dave was seeing and hearing all of this, and his cock was rigid and straining against his pants. Moments later, the phone rang and Dave went to the kitchen to answer it.

“Mmm, baby!” Krisa growled as Dave walked out of sight. Slipping her hand between Jaylie’s thighs, she began rubbing and massaging her pussy. Jaylie was so wet and needed to cum so badly.

She grabbed Krisa by the back and pulled her closer, kissing her frantically. Reaching down, she unbuttoned her pants as Krisa slipped her hand in.

“What about Dave?!” Krisa whispered.

“Well…OHH!!!” Jaylie moaned as Krisa began working her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

“We can stop….MMM…UNH!!!…or we can fuck him too!”

“I’m not stopping, Jay, I’m going to fuck you until you scream and moan for me!”

Reaching down, both girls slid Jaylie’s pants off her, leaving her in a black g-string. She quickly threw her jersey off, and Krisa went to town sucking and licking her tits. Her nipples were rock hard and every swirl of Krisa’s tongue made her clit throb harder.

“What the fuck?!” Dave gasped as he walked into the room. His cock had deflated a bit while on the phone but it was rock hard now!

“Dave…Fuck us with your hard man cock!! Fuck us good!” Jaylie screamed as Krisa began to gently bite her nipples.

Dave wasted no time getting naked. His cock sprang out of his boxers as he pushed them down. Jaylie was sitting on the couch as Krisa kneeled infront of her. Moving behind Krisa, he thrust his hard cock up her tight, wet pussy.

“DAVE! OH MY GOD DON’T STOP!! HARDER!!! Fuck my tight little cunt. Make me your bitch, your dirty little slut! Fuck me Dave, fuck me!!” Krisa screamed.

Moving her head down, she began to lick Jaylie’s hot pussy. She was so wet and Krisa kept licking it up and drinking it. Slowly, she slipped two fingers into Jaylie’s cunt as she fucked her clit with her tongue.

Moaning and screaming, Jaylie had her first orgasm of the night. Climbing down, she slid under Dave and Krisa, and began licking his cock as it penetrated Krisa’s twat. As they moaned, Jaylie’s mouth found it’s way to Dave’s balls, sucking them one by one. Her clit was throbbing again, and she needed cock.

Moments later, Dave began to cum, he pulled out and shot it over Krisa’s ass, and a bit on Jaylie’s face. Jaylie grabbed him and kissed him and Krisa began licking his cock to make it hard again.

In what seemed like seconds, Dave’s cock was raging and ready to go once more. Jaylie couldn’t wait to feel it rip through her tight cunt. As Dave began pushing his cock into her cunt, she began sucking and biting Krisa nipples, while plunging two fingers inside of her.

She moved her head down and began lapping at Krisa’s clit. Dave was thrusting in and out, making her scream. Just as she thought he was about to cum, he removed his cock and rammed it up her tight asshole.

“DAVE! Oh My God! I’ve never felt like this before! Don’t stop baby, oh, HARDER!” she screamed as he tore through her tight ass.

Krisa was bucking under Jaylie’s tongue, moaning and groaning as she began to orgasm all over Jaylie’s face. Moments later, Dave started cumming in Jaylie’s ass as her cunt spilled with cum.

The game wasn’t near over and there was still plenty of beer left in the fridge. This was going to be an interesting hockey game. Go Canada Go.;)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32