Good Dick

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She watched the new neighbors move in. A light-skinned complexion woman moved back and forth to the U-Haul, barking instructions without carrying anything. She looked like a control freak; two large dogs raced into the apartment behind her. A tall, dark brother followed behind her with an arm full of boxes. His skin was dark chocolate with a sculpted physique. He looked like he spent his nights in the gym; she imagined him hung like a horse because he had no belly fat. She hoped he was not the help. She would name him Richard for now and fantasize about him when she made love to her boyfriend tonight. Sex was just sex with her boyfriend. There was no ass spanking, bending over the bed, fucking on the door, calling to Jesus, or submitting to his will. That is what she wanted more than anything, someone to dominate her. She responded better to an Alpha. It was in her nature. In short, she needed some good dick.

After a week, she started a conversation with him in front of her door. She was waiting for him to come out. She heard his door close. He was standing there talking to the dogs. She stepped out the door. “You have nice dogs.”

“Thank you.”

“There is a nice park about 2 miles down.”

“You like dogs?

“Love them.” Her body moved closer to him of its own volition. She wanted to rub her warm skin up next to his. Her panties were soaking.

He moved on down the road with the dogs. “See you later, “he said and nodded.

That night when her boyfriend ate her pussy, she imagined that it was her neighbor, and she was giving him head. She licked around the tip. The head bulged out like a cobra. She sucked on it and seduced it Avrupa yakası escort bayan to spit at her. Then she took the length and girth in her mouth to see how much she could get in. Men loved women who gagged and spit. She let him feel masculine by her choking on his maturity. Then she showed her pleasure side to prove she belonged to him. She ran her tongue down the length of the vein bulging down the underside of his dick, watching his reaction. Her eyes were humble and meek; his eyes reflected fire and desire. She went down on it again. This time she stopped halfway and jerked him off with her mouth. He came quicker than she hoped, and she pulled all the juice out of him until it puttered like a motorcycle out of gas. He curled into a fetal position. She had done her job well. She smiled and opened her eyes to see her boyfriend watching her with all her cum on his face.

“Good afternoon,” she said when she saw him out the window. She was starting to feel like a starker.

“How are you?”

“I am good. Do you or your lady smoke weed?”

“I do, but my girl does not”

“Me and my boyfriend smoke. You are welcome to come over.”

“Thanks, I will remember that.” He walked off. She watched his firm back and tight ass down the hill.

“He would never come to join them,” she said aloud without thinking who might hear. She had to think of a better plan.

The next day she pulled up in front of her home and saw him taking bags out of his car. When she stepped out, he turned to her.

“Good afternoon, he said.”


“Do you want to smoke?”

“Why not,” she said Escort Ataköy and followed him into his apartment. He put his stash jar on the table, opened a game cigar, and rolled a nice blunt. The weed smelled exotic; he passed the blunt to her. She lit it and pulled deep; she coughed, exhaled, and got it under control. Her body relaxed. She started talking about her dreams and her passions. She could hear Bob Marley chanting, “I want to be loved.” He listened to her and gave his opinion. When the blunt finished, she got up to leave. He stuck his hand out.

“I am more of a hugger, “she said.

“So am I.” He opened his arms, and she stepped into them. She held him like she was saying I want you so bad. His hands dropped to her ass, and he cupped it. She could feel his dick growing hard. She reached down with one hand and traced the outline. It was like she dreamed. She kissed him long and hard as if to say you do not know how long I have been waiting for this. For a moment, she feared his girl would walk in. She trusted that he would keep her safe. She unzipped his pants and eased down to her knees like in prayer; she took his manhood out and kissed the tip. It stood at a half salute. She would make it stand at full attention in her mouth.

She enveloped the head in her mouth and slid over the rest of it like a snake swallowing dinner. She stopped halfway and stroked it like warm and wet pussy. His grip tightened on her. Then he pulled himself out. He was going to take control, and her panties got wetter.

He dropped his pants and stepped out of them; he pulled her over to a plush and fluffy rocking recliner. Şirinevler escort He unfastened her pants and pulled them down. She stepped out of them. He positioned her in the chair in a doggy style. He entered from the back, and she cried out. He straddled the chair. The harder he pushed, the more momentum the chair rocked. She could not believe it. She was getting fucked. She felt like his dick was somewhere in her stomach. He hit places that made her want to pee on his dick. His balls slapped against her pussy lips until the tingle became numb. She thought she heard a key in the door and wanted to stop, but her body would not let her. He stopped and pulled her out of the chair. She stood beside him, awaiting further instructions; he paused as if he heard the noise too. Her legs were wobbly. She needed to sit down.

He sat in the chair, turned her around, and she sat her soaking pussy down on his love muscle. It was at its full potential. Now she was doing the fucking. She pretended he was a horse, and she was riding over beautiful mountain hills; the sun was materializing. She felt free. That weed was good; no one came in the door. She was being paranoid. He changed positions again. He pulled her back into the chair to lay beside him. She was facing the door, and he lay behind her.

She pushed her ass back into him, and he slid in. He wrapped his arms around her legs like he was cradling a baby. It felt more like a wrestling move she saw on tv called the hucklebuck. He had her where she could not move. She was at his mercy. He started fucking her slowly, and she watched the door for his girlfriend. She could not move; he started banging her like a jackhammer. She came repeatedly. She felt drained and helpless. Then he exploded. The ride was over. Instead of exiting, she waited for it to start again. He stood up and pulled her to him for a long hug. She put on her jeans and tiptoed to the door. Silence followed her, but she knew there would be more rounds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32