Good Fortune Ch. 05

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Diana turned off the car and unbuckled. She picked up the invitation again to reread it, though there wasn’t anything on it that she didn’t remember – – perhaps she was just reminding herself of how much she was looking forward to this evening’s events and the company of her coworkers. Anna had sent invitations in the mail a week and a half in advance. They were getting together on a Saturday night and this would be the third time that all three friends were able to make it together. The first time was the fateful night stuck in a hotel when an excess of free time and some naughtily interpreted fortune cookies led to their first night of passion together. They had met at Anna’s house a couple weeks after that where a game of strip wii finally culminated in some of the best oral sex any of them had ever had.

A couple weeks ago Anna and Paula had gotten together at a time that Diana was unfortunately unavailable. She was intensely curious afterwards, and in a fit of lack of self-restraint she had called Paula, knowing that she could tell a good story. Nor was she disappointed when Paula described how she had cuffed Anna to the bed, slowly eaten a number of sweet substances off that taut body, then drove Anna over the edge with a combination of an anal plug, a sizeable dildo, a vibrating butterfly and passionate kissing. She remembered begging off the phone conversation abruptly so she could masturbate as she pictured the event in her mind’s eye.

Today’s invitation included a line with the letters “BYFT.” An asterisk pointed toward the explanatory note: Bring Your Favorite Toy(s).

Diana had met with Anna once as well at a time that Paula had been unable to attend. That had been at Diana’s house. Diana had invested in a new toy which they could share: a strapon cock which she had worn and used on Anna. They had loved it. It also explained the handwritten note on the bottom of the invitation. “P.S. Don’t you dare come without the strapon!” The toy in question was resting neatly near the top in her handbag. Her favorite one-person toy was her rabbit. She had made sure there were fresh batteries in it. There was no telling what would actually happen tonight. Once passions began rising everything else might be forgotten. They may or may not use either of the toys, and that was fine with Diana since enjoying the sexual company of her friends was the best part of getting together.

She got out of her car parked along the curb and was closing the door when she saw Paula’s car driving up. She decided to wait for her friend before going to the door. She had decided on a blue jean skirt with a button up blouse with a light floral print. Her taste in clothes was more subdued than Paula’s more flamboyant choices. Paula was wearing blue jeans and a loose fitting red pullover blouse. The blouse could not conceal Paula’s full breasts. She soon joined Diana and they gave each other a quick hug on the front lawn before walking to the front door chatting about the pleasant weather. Diana surreptitiously glanced at the bulky handbag that Paula had brought wondering what all she had in there. Somehow she could picture Paula having a number of toys to play with.

Paula pushed the doorbell button and moments later the door opened. The room behind it was dimly lit and their hostess apparently hidden behind the door. Diana stepped far enough in to give Paula some room before turning to greet Anna. Her eyes adjusted quickly and it was immediately obvious why Anna was hiding behind the door: she was dressed only in her underclothes! Anna was wearing a matching bra and panty set with tiger stripes on them. Anna was 5’3″ with shoulder-length mousy brown hair. She had the cutest petite figure with pert breasts, the nipples already poking against the fabric. She looked a little embarrassed and nervous, but her voice was under control as she shut the door saying, “So good to see you and I’m so glad you could make it.” She gave a little “Mmm” as she gave each of her friends a quick hug and peck on the cheek. She looked at Diana. “Open the bag, please. She stepped forward and peeked in. It must have been a little too dark to see details because she reached in and began pulling out the top item, which happened to be the strapon, far enough to see what it was. She replaced it and looked Diana in the eyes and said with a wink, “OK. You can stay.” She then looked at Paula’s bag and then to Paula before saying, “I can’t imagine what you didn’t bring with a bag that size.” Paula shrugged her shoulders with a lop-sided grin.

Anna stepped back and looked back and forth between her two friends, who were obviously eyeballing her mostly exposed little body. “You are both overdressed. I would appreciate it if you would strip down to your bra and panties.” Paula and Diana glanced at each other with raised eyebrows and smiles. While her two friends began complying, she went on, “Yes. I’m a little self-conscious about greeting you like this, um, mostly undressed. I just thought that since we’re probably going to take it all porno off later it would give us a head start. And it would also be a turn on, especially if we look without touching for a while. And, I just like looking at you guys because you’re both so pretty.” Both ladies complimented Anna in turn. “I had thought about greeting you nude, but, I guess, I’m not quite ready for that. Maybe next time.” Anna was glancing back and forth at her friends whose outer clothes were now resting neatly on the couch. Paula was wearing a red bra and thong combination that went well with her blouse. If she didn’t shave her privates her bush would definitely be visible around the thin coverage of the thong. Diana was dressed in white: both bra and panties were frilly and patterned in such a way as to be almost see-through. Well, they were see-through in most places except the nipples and crotch. They both looked stunning. Anna gave them each another quick hug. Paula tried to wrap her arms around Anna for a more intimate hug, but Anna squirmed away and wagged her finger at her friend, “Uh, uh, uh.” Then she led her friends to the kitchen.

They sat at the kitchen table where Anna had set out a fruit salad. A bowl of uncut fruit decorated the center of the table along with a couple candles that provided most of the light except for a little bit that seeped around the closed drapes in the windows. Paula picked up a banana from the bowl and gave Diana a provocative look. They passed the salad dish around and served themselves. Anna began the direction of their conversation at the first lull after the ‘formalities’ of serving the fruit. “There are so many things I don’t know about you two, and which I’m sure you don’t know about me. But I’m really not in the mood to think about anything besides sex at the moment.” Both her friends were smiling and looked as though they agreed. “So I thought maybe we could talk about some of our sexual experiences from before we met each other.” Diana raised her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side in a manner that expressed her interest and intrigue with the idea. Paula just let out a “Woo hoo,” to express her agreement.

“Anyway, I thought we might start with the first time we ever had sex. And I’ll and start.” Anna proceeded to tell them about her college freshman experience with a really cute sophomore in the back of his father’s mid-size car. It was cheap, it was cramped, it was uncomfortable, and it was special for being the first time and with a guy she really wanted to be with. She figured out later that she hadn’t had an orgasm – – when she finally had one a couple years later and knew what it felt like. She finished with a bit of a dreamy look in her eyes, then looked at Paula, “What about you?”

Paula had finished her salad and was filching from the dish on the table one piece at a time. The question caught her mid-filch, but she stuck the grape she’d been after in her mouth and began telling about how she snuck out the window of her bedroom while she was in 10th grade and walked to the home of a boy whose parents had left for the weekend. They’d romped on his parents’ bed several times that night. He was a couple years older and it was known he’d been around the block a time or two sexually. She’d developed fairly early, and probably would have had sex earlier if she’d had opportunity. It was the first time for her, but she made up in energy what she lacked in experience. She knew they’d never get together again – – he just wanted to add another virgin to his quiver. But it was fun for her nonetheless.

Diana then recalled her first time. She had been one of the taller students in her class until the latter years in high school, and a little gangly and awkward, so she hadn’t taken many of the early approaches seriously. She had waited until her junior year in college. A guy in his mid-twenties that worked on campus had gradually convinced her that she was desirable. Finally one evening he invited her to his place after dinner and they’d screwed the night away. They’d stayed together for a while; she practically lived at his place the rest of that semester. Her grades fell apart. The guy lost interest in her, probably because he had his eye on someone else. It was sad overall, but the first-time sex was more than she’d imagined.

With the ice broken they went on to recount some of the favorite times they had sex, describing unusual locations, embarrassing interruptions, best climaxes, funniest occasions. They all were alternating between looking in each other’s faces and glancing appreciatively at their mostly exposed bodies and nicely rounded breasts and cleavage. Paula was telling about a particularly hot encounter she’d had when she abruptly stopped and smiled at Anna. “What are you doing with your hand?” She noticed that one of Anna’s hands was not only under the table, but had begun a rhythmic movement.

In a somewhat uncharacteristically spontaneous act Diana leaned to the side bending her head down and looked under the table. “Why, she’s japon porno got her fingers in her panties.” Diana sat back up. Anna looked as though she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar – – she hadn’t even realized she was rubbing herself. Diana continued, “I believe we need to find out what Anna had in mind next otherwise she may kick us out and finish the job herself.”

Paula was up in a moment and walking over to Anna. “Up young lady. It’s time to find out why you had us bring our favorite toys.”

Anna recovered in a moment and stood gracefully. “Yes, I agree it is time to move along to our next, and much anticipated, activity. Please get your bags and bring them upstairs to the bedroom.” Her friends dutifully traipsed to the living room where they’d set their bags, and most of their clothes, grabbed the bags and quickly followed her upstairs.

They could smell a light fruity scent as they neared the bedroom, the source of which was identifiable as a scent bowl in which the wax was melted by a small light underneath it. The room was dim. The scent bowl provided some of the light as well as the closet light which provided indirect lighting to the rest of the room. The bowl was on the far end of the dresser near the wall. The dresser had been completely cleared, and now, arranged on the end nearest the bowl, were what must be Anna’s favorite toys. They appeared to consist of primarily smaller vibrators of several shapes and sizes, and a couple small dildos. Pointing to clear space on the rest of the dresser Anna requested, “Now if you will, please display your favorite toys for all to see.” She glanced at Paula, and her packed bag, cleared her throat, and continued. “Uh, Paula. Maybe you should just put out your most favorite toys, because I’m not sure those will all fit.”

As it turned out Diana had only brought her strapon, rabbit and one smaller vibrator so Paula was able to spread all her toys out with room to spare. Paula possessed a large variety of dildos which consisted of the bulk of the selection. They were in varying sizes, colors, textures and firmness. She had a couple vibrators, her butterfly, and she’d also placed her hand/ankle cuffs toward the back of the dresser. What was new was what appeared to be the longest dildo Anna had ever seen until she realized it had a penis head on both ends: a two-headed dildo. Nice.

“Diana. Paula. We’re overdressed for the occasion.” She was already reaching for her bra strap as she was talking and her bra was quickly flung in the corner with panties following. Anna’s eyes were locked on her friends the whole time so she could see them undressing. It amazed her how exciting it was each time to see her friends nude in front of her, and how beautiful they each were. Diana was 5’8″ with a well-toned body from her home elliptical. Her blonde hair was in a bob, and despite being the oldest, her medium-sized breasts had little sag to them. Paula was 5’6″ and her brunette hair hung to her mid-back. She had the fullest figure with nicely full hips and the fullest breasts of the three of them. “Please feel free to grab one toy for starters. I have of course laid dibs on the strapon, so anyone reaching for it will have to fight me for it.” Paula pretended to reach for it for a moment, but smiled and withdrew her hand as she perused the selection.

“Which one do you want to start with?” Diana asked Paula.

Paula responded thoughtfully, “As much as I would like to feel your rabbit inside me, I think I’ll warm up with something smaller. Maybe this.” She took a smaller metallic vibrator from the pile.

As Paula began turning toward the bed Diana stepped in close, one hand encircling Paula’s hand that held the vibrator, the other hand reaching behind Paula’s back for a hug. Diana pulled Paula in close and kissed her firmly on the lips. “Here, let me take that.” She leaned in and kissed Paula again, this time with her mouth open as her hand removed the vibrator from Paula’s loosening grip. “Lay down on the far side of the bed,” she whispered, her lips only an inch from Paula’s. Paula unquestioningly crawled across the bed and lay on her back.

Anna was watching the interplay between her friends with as much interest as she could while also trying to don the strapon. Since her friends had crawled across the bed, it was easier for her to sit down near the dresser where she also found several types of lubricants. She felt her vagina, and though it was moist she thought a little lube might help ease things along. She smeared some lube on the anal plug, then bent over the bed and inserted it, closing her eyes with the intensity of the sensation. When she opened her eyes she saw Paula smiling at her. Paula’s knees were raised and spread, and Diana was seated between them, her legs under Paula’s and stretched out along Paula’s sides. Paula was gently caressing Diana’s legs as far as her hands would reach without sitting up. Diana was slowly teasing Paula with the vibrator.

Anna next lezbiyen porno lubed the pussy plug. She decided to sit down for this operation. She thought the anal plug was in as far as it would go, but she moaned as it pushed more firmly inside her. She paused a moment before inserting the wider plug in her vagina. It also felt very good, and she remembered how Diana’s face had contorted with the intense sensations when she had fucked Anna with it. Anna then carefully sorted out the remaining straps to make sure none were twisted before she tightened them.

She stood up and turned back toward the bed as she continued pulling on the straps to make sure they were as tight as she could get them. She saw Paula cooing with pleasure as Diana vibrated the toy on one of Paula’s nipples, the other hand rubbing gently up and down over Paula’s pussy. As she watched she saw Diana switch hands, so that now one hand gently massaged one of those beautiful boobs, and the other teased the vibrator around Paula’s pussy. Anna couldn’t see Paula’s privates from her angle, but she saw Paula tense as the vibrator either touched a sensitive part, or at least drew near to it.

Anna crawled over so she could see what was going on, her artificial cock dragging on the bed. She couldn’t resist the call of Paula’s boobs so she turned and set her lips on one of those already engorged nipples and gave it a firm suck and lip squeeze, her tongue playing across the tip of it. She felt it firm up in her mouth as she heard Paula’s gasp and felt one of Paula’s hands on the back of her head, Paula’s fingers briefly grasping, then tracing through her hair.

Diana was enjoying her view immensely and was getting very turned on even though she wasn’t being directly stimulated at the moment, except for Paula’s hand rubbing up and down her leg. It had struck her as funny, and sexy, to see her pretty, petite friend crawl across the bed with the above average cock dangling down. She winked at Anna when she peeked to see what was going on around Paula’s pussy. Diana had purposely held off on directly hitting that clit which was now more easily seen poking out from among the folds of flesh. But she had known instinctively that Anna was going for one of Paula’s nipples – – that’s what she wanted to do. So just as Anna’s lips made contact, she buzzed the vibrator right on Paula’s clit. Paula’s knees clamped for a moment as she simultaneously gasped in pleasure.

As much as Diana was enjoying this she knew she’d have to change positions if she was to receive any stimulation herself, or if she were to be able to put her lips on any of Paula’s inviting body parts. Diana scootched back carefully so she wouldn’t fall off the back of the bed, and when she was far enough she brought her knees under her and leaned forward toward Paula’s pussy. When she looked she saw that now Anna was engaged in a very intense French kiss with Paula, and one of her little hands was freely roaming Paula’s expansive chest. Paula had one hand behind Anna’s head, and the other was reaching under Anna’s body to pull on the strapon cock, perhaps willing it to enter her body. Diana, her weight on her elbows, used one hand to gently spread Paula’s pussy lips on which she could now see, and smell, the glistening moisture of excitement. She flicked the vibrator back on and gently inserted it into Paula’s pussy hole. Diana could hear Paula moaning into Anna’s mouth through their kiss. She gently removed it and rubbed it against Paula’s clit. Paula’s body wobbled from side to side as she tried to amplify the pleasure. Diana reinserted the vibrator in Paula’s hole, this time bending her head down so she could gently kiss that sensitive clit. She soon felt both of Paula’s hands on her head, and her unmuffled breathless pleas to not stop. Diana complied by continuing to lightly run the tip of her tongue around the tip of Paula’s clit. She was pleasantly surprised by the next sensation, which was a hand between her legs rubbing her own pussy.

Anna had been almost lost in the glorious kiss with Paula, her hand roaming Paula’s soft, full breasts. She had felt the bed jiggle as Diana changed positions and a brief glance had shown her what she was looking for; Diana with her knees on the edge of the bed. Up to this point her friends hadn’t been in a position where she could use her strapon on them. Reluctantly she had broken off her kiss with Paula and backed off the side of the bed. She had circled around until she was standing behind Diana and gently slid one of her hands between Diana’s legs. She purposely pressed her middle finger on Diana’s clit as she drew her hand back and used the same finger to separate Diana’s fleshy folds to find her pussy hole. Diana’s knees inched further apart to allow more space for the hand. Anna found what she was looking for and inserted her finger to find that Diana’s pussy was wonderfully slick and ready. Without hesitation she used her other hand to lift the strapon cock to the hole, and when she had the head poised in position she leaned in and pushed the cock inside her friend as far as it would go. She knew that first push was probably a little rough on her friend, but she knew the cock would quickly be adequately lubricated so that her continued thrusts would be nothing but pleasurable.

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