Good Lovin’ Cum Again

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As so many of you know, giving up a fetish or secret desire is not easy. As a straight man in a committed relationship, I was, for the most part, sexually content. However, my mind wandered to a time when I had my needs met by an older gentleman who administered punishment and saw to my sexual release.

Walking into his house was a feeling unlike any other. The moment he’d close the door behind me I was ‘boy.’ It did not matter what I did for a living or whether I graduated from college or whatever. I was there to endure a punishment and training. Training for what, you ask? Beats me. The degradation and pain I’d experience was suspended from reality.

I never walked away from his home feeling less of a person or shameful. There was a time I became a little worried because he told me of his continued conquests with young, gay males even after I committed myself to him. I worried about contracting a disease but my concerns were assuaged my Richard’s promise to me of never endangering me to anything.

My letters to him revealed no interest in handling or even seeing his cock. I have no interest in that. He was so accommodating and sensitive to my desires by sparing me the unpleasant task of servicing his cock.

Once my journal revealed interest in submitting my body completely, Richard initiated the act of penetrating me. For the next six months I felt I’d surrendered completely and we were mutually satisfied. My anus seemed to adjust in no time to being sodomized yet staring into my blindfolded dark made me feel like each time was the first. The pain, the shame, the guilt and the overriding naughty pleasure of submitting and being taken from behind never escaped me. I was always present and savored the sound of Richard reaching a climax.

The only time he spoke of seeing other men was moments after he locked the chastity device onto me. I remember vividly he said there were to be no others than him. No men and no women. He reminded me as a Dom, he would still seek out other boys. I nodded in approval because that was his right and it established his control over me. Richard even told me about another man he punishes a few times a year. Richard told me our sessions might overlap and if I was to become jealous or cop an attitude I would be sent home. That was the worst sort of punishment because, after all, how could he punish me without getting aroused? Send me home. And I admit I was starting to feel envious of this other man. I never foresaw a day when I’d be jealous of the other man.

Most of our sessions were silent of words. The half hour duration of my whippings very little was said. Even during penetration neither of us spoke. On occasion Richard would offer flattering words of encouragement. Once he told me his penetration of me was the best he’d ever experienced. I don’t know if I was the only one who’d heard that compliment but I really took it to heart. A handsome seventy year-old man with years of men after men.. that is really saying something. He said it was his long-time fantasy to dominate a straight guy completely. He’d been with closeted homosexuals but that was different he assured me. More than once I mentioned the idea I might be gay or even bisexual but Richard insisted I was not. My need to be with a woman never went away and I had fallen in love with Mari. There was never mention of Richard after I stopped seeing him. I did not see what good could have come from talking about all that.

This is not to say I stopped thinking about him.

Life with Mari had its challenges. Within a month of our courtship her demands of me became burdensome. Even the sex became less passionate as her conditions grew. Still, I tried to be an accommodating boyfriend. I even began attending church with her although I hadn’t sat through mass since my grandmother’s death five years ago. Mari and I did not live together yet she had my key and I had hers. It was not unusual for her to be at my place when I arrived home from work. Dinner was usually ready and cooking is something she does very well. One recent afternoon I called her cell from my work. The tone of her voice let me know immediately something was up and that sinking shot of guilty adrenaline ran through my brain. “Where are you,” I asked. “I’m at your Yenibosna Escort place. When will you be here? We need to talk.” My blood nearly boiled as I made my way home. What could be bothering her now? I walked through the door and set my bag on a chair. Next to the desk in the living room was my opened safe. The safe was more a fire-proof box with a lock than anything. The safe contained letters, a flash-drive and my journal and a couple kinky items. Everything I would consider a secret had been opened and read. The key was even well-hidden but it was obvious no boundaries were regarded in Mari’s search for answers. “What the fuck is going on here? ” I demanded. “If this is to work between us, you need serious therapy.” seethed Mari. “I need therapy? You’ve invaded every private space of my being,” I fired back. “I cannot be with you anymore unless you get therapy for your sick, perverted habits. There are therapists who can change you back to normal.” Mari tilted her head in a condescending way — appearing to be concerned but really just telling me what to do. “Get out! I want you out of here before I call the police,” I barked. She and I were both in tears of anger as she slammed the door behind her. But not before she said some vicious, unforgivable words. I put everything back into the safe and just before I locked the top I pulled my collar out from beneath the loose papers. I stared at it for a while and then broke down in tears. I don’t remember how long I cried but soon it was dark and the realization set in: Mari and I were through.

That night I sat on my bed and examined the collar. Then I put it around my neck and fastened it. I tugged a little at the D-ring and then stood up to examine myself in the mirror. I removed my clothes and felt a draft caress my cock. I became aroused at the sight of myself in the dimly lit bedroom wearing nothing but a collar. My hair had grown to my shoulders and I impulsively grabbed the scissors and began a drastic trim. Then came the clippers. For some reason I fitted a half-inch attachment onto the clippers and proceeded to shave my head. I gathered a heap of hair and dropped it in the trash. Once again I returned to the mirror, fully erect. I got dressed and made the drive to Richard’s house. It was a Friday night and I had no idea if he was even home. I soon found out he was not.

I sat on one of the many stairs leading up to his hillside house and an hour or so later he returned. He was not alone. He walked up the stairs with another male and I became a little nervous.

“Gregory!” he exclaimed. I nodded to him and the other man. “Come inside, please.” he said as the two approached. However, the fleeting look he gave me when he passed by was not exactly welcoming.

He spoke as though we were long-lost friends. He opened a bottle of wine and we made small talk before his friend decided to leave. To an observer, nothing was amiss. But to me, there was major tension building and I nearly left the moment the other guy did. Richard made sure I did not follow his new friend out. I knew the two did not return to his house just to talk over a bottle of wine.

The door closed and Richard slowly turned to me. “I’m glad to see you, Gregory. I like your hair.” I half-smiled and nodded. “Look, I don’t know why I returned here tonight. I guess I’ll go,” I said with resignation. We both turned toward the door and Richard opened it for me. “Be careful on the stairs there, boy.” I stopped mid-stride and did not turn around.

It seemed like a minute before Richard spoke. “I want you on your knees begging my forgiveness, you hear me, boy?” “No, no. Do it right. Get inside and show me what you’ve learned!”

Without a moment to spare I returned to his living room and removed my clothes. I set the collar on his piano and dropped down onto my knees. Richard approached me after taking hold of the collar and gently fitted it around my neck.

“I am sorry, Sir. Please accept my forgiveness.” I pleaded.

He said nothing as he brushed the hair clippings from my ears and neck.

I offered one more ‘please’ for good measure.

Richard was behind caressing my lower back and buttocks. His hand cupped my cheeks as a finger rubbed my hole. I was confident Yenibosna Escort Bayan he was going to accept my apology.

“You ran off that day. You made me lose my composure that day. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Sir, I am truly contrite for doing that to you. I deserve no mercy but I beg of you to forgive me.”

It was an over-dramatic approach to groveling but it seemed appropriate considering I was on my knees naked.

Richard brought the blindfold over my head and fastened it into place. He adjusted it around my nose and said,

“I also demand an apology for running off my date tonight. I was sure to get a blowjob!”

I let out a nervous laugh and said, “I’m sorry for ruining your date, Sir.”


“And your hopes of getting a blowjob?” I asked with uncertainty.

I felt Richard’s hands feeling my ears and jaw muscles. Then he gently cradled my newly shaven head in his hands.

“How sorry are you, boy? Open your mouth boy.”

I hesitated and Richard asked me again. “How sincere are you boy? Open your lips.” Still, my mind raced and then his right

hand slapped me very hard and my jaw fell open. Without wasting a moment Richard’s cock was at the back of my throat.

This is not what I wanted.

Richard fucked my mouth for five minutes. I wasn’t required to do anything but kneel there and take it. He gave every sign he was about to climax and then held me still. My mouth filled with semen and I began to cough. I swallowed in order to catch my

breath. Richard pulled out and tidied my face with his finger and let me clean it off.

“I know you didn’t expect that, boy, but you are forgiven. On your feet.”

The salty, minty taste of semen remained on my breath no matter how many times I swallowed. My mouth was slick and when I asked Richard for a glass of water I was denied.

I was escorted to his den like before and chained against the wall.

Master Richard went into the kitchen for several minutes and then returned to punish me with a whip. Richard was thorough. He whipped the soles of my feet in a painful demonstration of his power over me. I was surprised at the unbearable pain that can bring.

Master Richard caught his breath and released me from the wall before sitting in a chair.

“Boy.. the last six months have been difficult without you. I think you already know this.”

I nodded and looked toward the ground. “Me, too,” I replied.

“I think you should go,” he said in a whisper.

I began to well up but fought the tears. I did not expect him to say that. There was a disappointment in me unlike anything I’d ever felt.

I snorted the tears but could not hide the fact I was crushed.

“Boy, my heart cannot take another six months of wondering.”

Once again, I nodded. Then I entered the bargaining phase.

“I would do anything for you, Sir. I would make it up to you if you gave me the chance.”

Master sat silence and also stared at the floor. He took a deep breath and nodded deliberately but said nothing, I waited for some sign he’d changed his mind.

“Boy, if you are to be mine, it must be completely. When you’re not here, you must be reachable at all times and able to drop what you’re doing for me.”

My face lit up as he spoke. Briefly my eyes met his and darted back to the floor, side to side as I welcomed his change of mind.

“You are not allowed to wear clothes in this house. You are to be stark naked at all times. Slaves do not own clothes so the fact I let you go outside in clothes is a gift to you; a gift from me.”

Master Richard stopped mid-sentence and tapped my erection. I got hard in the few seconds it took to realize we were back in business.

“Your body says ‘yes’ but does your mind?”

“Oh, very much so, Master Richard. I accept the role as your slave.”

“Are you sure?” he said with a lilt.

“I am.. more than any other time in my life am I sure.”

We both sat there with smiles before Master stood up and raised my blindfold back over my eyes.

“On your knees, Boy. I’ll be back in a minute.”

My cock was at attention and could feel a draft as Master opened Escort Yenibosna the door and walked to the kitchen.

A faint noise could be heard and soon I realized he was preparing something – perhaps tea. The click of the stove turning off was obvious. Master was approaching but went into the bathroom for a moment. I was keenly aware of every sound and each footstep. There was silence and then very purposefully Master entered the room. He pulled the D-ring tight and clipped his leash to it. “On your feet!”

I stood up and followed him to the bathroom. He maneuvered behind me and forcefully guided me to the bathtub and I instinctively stepped inside.

“Squat down, Boy. I’ve made something for you.”

Now my mind was wandering. I had no idea where this all was going.

“A straight boy always returns. I knew you would. No matter what piece of ass shook in front of you, I always knew you’d return.”

Masters tone had changed so much since I committed myself to him. He had that way of changing the scenario quickly.

“Feel this,” he said as he placed a paper cup in my hand.

The paper cup folded and dropped from my grasp.

“I thought about you every day and I masturbated with thoughts of you every day. I’d save my cum in a paper cup and set it in the freezer. The next day I’d drop the frozen jiz into a bowl and start over with the paper cup. It added up quickly. That bowl filled up twice with my frozen seed. But I knew it wasn’t in vain. Now you’re back and I’ve warmed it to a nice consistency for you.”

I looked around somewhat panicked as Master reached for a sixteen ounce glass. As it approached my face I could feel the warmth.

“Open up, boy, I want to consecrate your words of commitment to me.”

The smell was similar to warm brie cheese. I could not see it but knew it was directly under my nose.

I swallowed my own saliva then opened my mouth.

For the next minute, Master held the cup as the semen filled my mouth and oozed down my throat. Over and over and over I swallowed until he’d gradually inverted the cup. My head tilted forward as he slowly pulled away the cup.

My hand held the side of the tub for balance as the other clenched my erect cock,

“Hands off, boy!”

I steadied myself with both hands just as I felt Master’s hand palm the top of my head.

“We aren’t through.”

The moment he said that his hand lifted from the bristle of my newly shaved head. As though I was being baptized, a steady stream of liquid dribbled onto my scalp. Master was carefully pouring the warm contents of the other glass onto my head and over my ears. It seemed like a gallon as I felt it run down my neck and forehead and onto my shoulders and chest. Some was now dripping down the muscles in my back and between my butt cheeks.

“You’re going to be dealing with a lot of this from now on, boy. I hope you grow to enjoy it; to crave it.”

Now I was full of emotion. I was completely humiliated, angry, relieved but mostly aroused. I cannot explain the conflict of thoughts within my head.

Master’s hands cupped against my skin in an attempt to keep the fluid up against my head. His slathered hands rubbed my entire head as though he was a fortune teller. Slimy fingers traced the ins and outs of my ears and the folds of my eyelids.

I was covered in six month’s worth of salty semen.

“Oh my little bitch,” Master whispered. “I’m going to fuck you until I impregnate you.”

My cock was twitching with anticipation.

“Master Richard: May I have permission to cum, please?”

“Yes. Do it now,” he demanded.

As quickly as he finished speaking my cock was in my right hand. Master helped guide my cock over a glass and caught my semen as I came. He pumped and pulled long after I’d finished. He was sure to catch every drop. I was surprised to hear him raise the glass to his own lips and taste my jiz. He swallowed and sighed with satisfaction.

The cup was set on the tank of the toilet.

I nearly fell back to rest against the tiled wall but Master grappled my shoulders and brought me up against himself.

He lifted me to my feet and hugged me like a long-lost friend.

“I love you, boy. Please don’t ever leave again.”

I responded quickly.

“I love you, too, Sir. I’m not going anywhere.”

And so this was how life was to be:

A straight man living the role of a gay, subservient houseboy. How did this happen?

I don’t know and I don’t ask why. It just is.

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