Good Neighbors Ch. 045

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It was the morning after, and my neighbor was sleeping soundly next to me. It was a beautiful night. She was collared and we celebrated by having a wonderful dinner and having some time together. As I rubbed her hip and inhaled her scent, I thought about what we did. She had become such a wonderful submissive over the last few months among other things. In my mind, a part of me was counting the cost of what we did the night before. Even though I spent way too much, having her in my arms in the morning was so worth it.

As I leaned in to kiss her neck, I could feel her start to stir. I moved her hair to one side and kept kissing her neck until I heard her moan softly. She started to turn towards me before I kissed her lips. On one hand, the act of waking up with a gorgeous woman in the morning was a welcome start to the day. It was when she kissed back that I started to think about my departed wife again. It wasn’t a grief thought, but one of her approval that I was happy. I kissed her lips again.

We started to kiss tenderly at first before our mouths open and it became more passionate. I let my hands reach forward and tease her nipples a bit before I could feel her recoil slightly. I kissed down her neck and started to kiss her nipples better, knowing they may have been a little sore from the clamps last night. I could feel her hands wrap around my head as I did so. I tried to comfort them as much as I could before I started kissing back towards her lips.

My hands went back to her hips. I remembered the way my hands held them during some of our activities the night before. Her body flexed towards me almost on instinct before eskişehir escort our lips met again. The kisses remained deep. My hand found her privacy, and she moaned into my mouth to show her sensitivity. I pushed her gently so she was laying on her back before I started kissing down her body towards the target. It was when my lips kissed the tip of it that she moaned louder.

I started to gently kiss her folds. She responded with an assuring moan before she started to rub her sore nipples. Feeling encouraged, I started to kiss her pussy deeper. My lips stabbed between her folds as her nectar began to flow for me. I felt energized, like her essence was spiked with three Red Bulls. I kept licking her, savoring every drop. It didn’t take very long until her hands reached down and went through my hair to guide me. It was then I heard the words I wasn’t expecting.

“May I cum, Master?”

I nodded my head and kept licking and sucking until her body arched for me. I watched her as her body relaxed for me. It was then I pushed her legs upwards and started to lick towards her bottom. I was not able to give it the full attention I was intending to the night before. In fact, taking her ass the night before felt more like an afterthought. I started licking it as my fingers began to work on her clit more. She started moaning again, realizing that I wanted more than the first dose of her essence that morning. As my tongue started darting in and out of her dilated hole, her hand slid down and started to rub her clit for me so I could concentrate on her.

I started to pull back long enough to start teasing eskişehir escort bayan her ass with my cock. It was already at attention without any extra help. I slid just the head inside her as I heard the intake of her breath. I grabbed her ankles and looked down into her face. It was a mixture of blissful approval and hesitation because she realized I wanted her fully that morning. I slid in partially before pulling back to ease her into it. She started rubbing her clit a bit more vigorously. I bottomed out inside her and started to stroke more deliberately.

“Where would you like it this morning, my pet?” I asked.

Between moans, she said, “Anywhere, Master. My body is yours to use as you wish.”

I started to slam into her ass. My intentions were to anoint her pussy that morning. My explosion almost arrived without warning as I was just able to pull out leaving a little remnant inside her ass before the remainder splattered on her pussy. I moved to her side and started to kiss her again as we recovered. She looked into my eyes and smiled before speaking.

“A girl could get used to this treatment, Romeo.”

I laughed a bit as we kissed once more before slipping out of bed to the shower. The shower was pretty tame by our usual standards considering all we did the night before and that morning. As we headed to the kitchen in robes, we started talking about what to do that day. I had another tele-conference that morning. She had some paperwork to deal with involving medical claims for her late husband. I offered her the chance to bring her stuff over so we wouldn’t be apart too long.

“I escort eskişehir appreciate that, Romeo. There’s a part of me though that feels better when I handle his stuff over there. It’s probably one reason why I still want to keep the house. Does that make any sense?”

“It does. You’ve been with him so long. That house is a part of you.”

“I’m glad you see that. I do wish sometimes I could wake up with you every morning. We always end up in each other’s arms in one of our beds anyway.”

“Maybe one day we’ll figure out a solution. For now, I need to give you this.”

I walked over to the kitchen island and pulled out the other package from my friend. I handed it to her before she opened it. It was the simple black collar I bought along with the fancy necklace. She looked up at me and smiled.

“This one is cute,” she said. “Is there a time to wear this one versus this necklace?”

“Both are up to you, Amor. To be honest, a collar is just a mark of sorts. You wear it when you want to in my eyes. I am not one of those that demands you wear them all the time.”

She reached behind her and undid the clasp on the necklace. She then slipped the collar around her neck and looked up at me. I smiled when I saw it on her.

“This feels different, but in a good way. Missy never had one of these?”

“She thought it looked too cheesy. That’s why she chose the one she wore.”

“Well, I disagree with her. This feels like the one you wear when you’re being practical to me. May I have a kiss before going back over, Master?”

I leaned in close and kissed her deeply before she tied the robe up and slipped on her sandals.

“Until later, Master.”

It was after she closed the door that I felt a longing. It was at that moment that my phone rang. I looked at the caller-ID and saw my business partner’s number. I thought to myself how much I was looking forward to seeing her later before I hit the answer button.

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