Good to be Home

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It was a long day at work, all you really want to do is drink a large glass of wine and take a hot shower.

The past few days of working overtime have really started to wear on you. You take a large glass from the cupboard open the refrigerator and grab your favorite wine. As you pour your glass, you start to feel some tension releasing from your body. “Mmmmm” that taste great as you drink half the glass in one swallow. “Maybe I better bring this bottle with me” you say to yourself as you grab your glass and the bottle of wine and head to the bedroom, you can already feel the warmth of the wine flushing your cheeks. You start to undress while walking to the bedroom, ready to feel the warmth of a hot shower on your weary body.

As you walk in the bedroom, you see me sleeping. My body is tight and muscular and tanned from working construction all day in the summer sun. As you continue to undress and drink your wine you stare at my shape hidden under the white silk sheets. You walk over quietly and slowly raise the sheets to find me naked. “mmmm” you whisper as you look my body over, seeing my strong leg muscles and firm abs. You sip more wine, and walk away to the bathroom.

You softly close the door and light several candles, you finish your glass and fill it again. As you turn the water on to the shower you start to feel more relaxed. The steam from the warm water fills the room, you sip more wine, and step into the shower.

“Aaaahhhh, just what I needed” as the water splashes across your body. You let the water cascade over your head and all around your body. The droplets of water feel like little pebbles of bliss hitting your skin. You grab your sponge and soap and start to clean your body, first your face, massaging the stress away, then your neck, you gently rub your neck and shoulders. You are amazed at how sensitive your nipples are to your touch as the soap moves across your breasts (could it be the wine? Or the water?).

You reach outside the shower and consume almost a full glass of wine. (definitely the wine)

You put your right leg on the foot ledge of the shower and methodically start to soap and massage your calf muscles and thighs, then the left leg. The warm water massaging your back and buttocks as you clean. The water feels nice running down between your legs. Your hand moves up your thigh and your fingers brush softly against your pussy. You start to slowly massage your mound “mmmm” you are surprised at how aroused you are. Your fingers gliding over your very engorged clit. Massaging tuzla escort your clit you cant believe how wet and warm your pussy feels, you insert a finger…..then two as your hips widen and gyrate with the movement of your hand and fingers. Your left hand caresses your breasts and you start to pinch and rub them harder. Your breathing becomes faster as you pull your wet fingers out of your love hole and focus on your clit. Rubbing it up and down, faster and faster, pinching and pulling it. Your legs begin to shake as the first wave of ecstasy escapes from your thighs. “Mmmmm-ungh…..aaahhhh” you softly moan as the mixture of water, wine and your masturbation combine to a large climax.

As you slowly regain your composure your thoughts bring you to the man that lays asleep in the other room. You turn off the shower and dry off, drinking the last bit of wine you exit the bathroom and head straight for the bed.

You kneel down beside the bed and gently remove the sheets from my body. Your hand softly caressing my upper thighs, your warm hand grasps my semi erect penis and you begin to slowly stroke it. I begin to stir, as you feel the blood pulsing into my cock. It feels very warm and soft to the touch. You love the way it makes you feel as you bring my cock to its full salute. You caress it softly, up an down and begin to massage my balls with your other hand. You see a shiny glimmer of precum starting to escape from the tip as you lower your tongue and mouth over the head. “Mmmmm, Hey baby! I didn’t know you were home” I sleepily say as you look up at me. And lower your head down my shaft. “ahhhh, God baby! I love when you wake me like this!” You crawl onto the bed and in between my legs, my cock still in your mouth as you start to piston up and down on it. I spread my legs and raise them slightly as you massage my balls and suck me deep into your throat. “MMMMM Fuck! Look at me baby!”

You take my cock out of your mouth and smile at me ” Hi Baby! I missed you today.”

“I can tell, I missed you too.”

You begin to work on my cock again, stroking it with your tongue and hand, sucking the head inside your mouth and then sliding down its shaft. Slowly at first then faster, my hips move with your rhythm as I put my hand in your head. I start to fuck harder as your sucking and swallowing of my cock increases. You rub the spot between my balls and assholeas it sends shivers up my body, My balls tense up and I begin to shoot a warm load of cum in your throat “AAAAHHHHH, Fuck! Yes Baby! Suck My cock!!” You engulf my tuzla escort bayan cock with your mouth and proceed to swallow every drop you can. My body is shaking, my muscles twitching as finish me dry.

You slowly crawl up my chest and we kiss hard! Our tongues wrestling like two snakes. Your lips taste sweet and salty from the wine you were drinking and from my cum. My hands massage and caress your lower back and buttocks, squeezing them and pulling you closer into me. Your legs are straddled over one of mine and I can feel the heat and wetness from your pussy on my thighs. I roll you over onto your back, and grind my thigh into your mound. I begin to kiss you ears and neck. My hands all over your body. You can feel the warmth of my hands on your arms, shoulders, then your breasts. My hand massaging and caressing your breasts. I lower my head and circle your right nipple with my tongue as my fingers pinch your left. “Ooh, mmm” my mouth kissing and sucking your nipple as my hand now caresses across your belly and then down to your thigh. The feel of my hand all over your body brings you waves of excitement and anticipation. I softly kiss your belly and nibble on your belly button. Then I move my head down and begin to kiss your hips and thighs.

You spread your legs and allow me to crawl between them. I start to bite softly at your skin and lick at your innermost upper thigh, I slide my tongue slowly across your pussy lips to the opposite thigh. You gasp, and raise your hips to meet my tongue only to find that I am teasing you.

I can smell your sweet pussy and my my mouth begins to water in anticipation of being able to taste you, I tease you more (or am I teasing myself) until my mouth finally lands on your awaiting lips. My tongue softly begins to lap at your pussy, as I bring my fingers to each side of your lips and gently spread them apart giving me the direct access I crave. My tongue darts deep inside your pussy and I hear you moan as my tongue starts to fuck your sweet hole. My nose rubbing against your clit as my tongue explores deeper inside you. “MMMm Yes baby! Lick my pussy baby!” You moan.

” Baby, you taste so good, your pussy is sooo good”

I start to dip my tongue faster and deeper inside you, Your hips meet my thrusts. I then move to your clit. It is large and sensitive to my touches. I begin to lick slowly at first, then faster………..faster………faster, until your moans of delight fill the room, I suck your clit deep into my mouth and flick it even faster with my tongue. Sucking your escort tuzla clit brings you closer to climax, You grab the back of my head and shove my face deeper into your pussy, your hips thrusting upwards, your legs closing like a vise around my ears. You start to buck and convulse wildly as I stick a finger inside your wet pussy and continue to suck your clit. I take another finger and start to tickle your asshole. “MMMMMMM YEEESSSSSS!!!!” My tongue and fingers working as one, sending wave upon wave of pleasure through your body. You begin to shake, to convulse as you start to cum. You violently start to fuck at my face until your pussy and clit become to sensitive to the touch. You push my head away from your clit.

I lay my head on your thigh and listen to your breathing and watch your pussy pulse from climax, a little stream of milky white cum oozes out onto my finger as I pull it out of you dripping hole. I suck it off my finger not wanting to waste a drop.

I slide up along side you, and we kiss. Our bodies at ease and relaxed, except for my now erect cock.

You can feel its warmth upon our leg and feel it pulsing with excitement. You reach down and grab the base of my cock, ” Mmmm I want you inside me “

I climb on top of you, your legs spreading wide , to welcome me. I grab my cock and begin to tease your pussy. Rubbing the head up an down the soaking wet slit of your pussy, You arch your back and thrust your hips into me trying to drive my cock in. ” Don’t tease me baby, Fuck me with that cock of yours!”

The head is now very slippery and wet and pops just inside you with ease, I stay here for a moment, enjoying the pleasure on your face and the feeling I get when I first enter you. You wrap your legs around my waist and force me to plunge my cock deep inside you. “Aaaaah, Damn Baby, your pussy feels so good, It feels like it is on fire”

We start to move rhythmically, your hips thrusting up to match my drives. My cock driving deeper and deeper into your belly. I pull my cock out until only the head is inside you and THRUST it hard and deep. My pelvis meeting your pelvis. We do this for several minutes. Each thrust deeper. The muscles of your pussy start to milk at my cock as it glides in and out. Our moans and grunts of pleasure become louder and more rapid. I feel your nails digging into my buttocks. Sweat is forming on our bodies, lubricating our movements even more. “Unghnn Oooooo” I thrust deep inside a you and begin to shoot my seed. The hot liquid fills your insides, your pussy contracts and you begin to cum with me. Our bodies moving as one. “Oh God Yes!” you scream as your pussy milks my cock of all its juices.

I collapse next to you my cock still inside your love grip and we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32