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Excuse me in advance for typos.

Every character is 18.

This story was submitted a few weeks ago and someone else’s off topic story was posted under my title with my tags instead. I changed the name of this submission to avoid confusion.

It took a few weeks to get it removed so I’m hoping that this story posts properly. If it doesn’t I probably won’t submit another story.

Anyway… here goes.


Lost in thought, admiring my full belly and milky tits, I think about the last few years and smile.

Families are close in our town. We live pretty remotely and it wasn’t until a few weeks after my 18th birthday that I learned just how close we all were.

“Come sit on my lap Grace,” Daddy asked patting his lap.

“Yes Daddy,” I replied meekly.

Girls in town are raised to revere their Daddies and I was no different.

I climbed up on his lap and his big strong hand grabbed my right hip to steady me.

“Your mother told you things were going to be changing for you didn’t she?”

“Yes Daddy. She wouldn’t say how though.”

“That’s because it’s up to Daddies to teach their little girls about becoming a woman.”

“Did your mother tell you some things that will be required of you now that you are 18?”

“Yes Daddy. She said I have duties now that all girls are required to do.”

“And what are some things Grace?”

“Mother said I am to keep myself shaved bare down there and to never wear panties anymore. She said I need to be ready at all times. She wouldn’t say why though. Or what for.”

“You are being a very good girl Grace. And as I mentioned it up to Daddies to teach their girls about being a woman. Mothers prepare you.”

“Ok Daddy.”

“Are you scared Grace?”

“No Daddy. Should I be?”

“No, no Grace. Daddy was just checking.”

It was then I noticed Daddy gently slide his hand up my thigh a bit.

“Grace. Show Daddy how well you listened to your Mother. Spread your legs and lift your dress.”

It felt strange to do that for my Daddy so I just barely parted my thighs and only lifted my dress a little.

“More Grace. Spread your thighs all the way and lift your dress so Daddy can see your little girl spot.”

I did as I was told and a cool draft hit me there and made me tingle.

“Very good Grace. Daddy needs to feel now to see how well you did getting your pretty little peach smooth.”

Daddy very slowly moved his hand closer to my girl parts and I felt something start to throb.

“This is your pussy Grace. Your tight little cunt and you will need to let Daddy inspect you anytime I want from now on. Do you understand?”

There was no way I was going to disappoint my Daddy.

“Yes Daddy, but why? Is there something wrong with me?”

“Absolutely not. On the contrary, everything is just right. You have done a very good job Grace. Your little lips are so smooth. Do you like Daddy touching you here?”

He was tracing my lips with his finger and it felt wonderful but when he licked his finger and parted them it was as though electricity ran through me.

He was barely touching a spot down there and I felt my thighs quiver. It was then I felt something hard digging into my bottom.

“Take your dress off Grace.”

His voice was firm and so I did what he said without hesitation.

Daddy groaned deeply and I was immediately concerned.

“Is there something wrong with me Daddy?”

“Good lord no Grace. Your titties are even better than I anticipated and I can’t wait to see them full.” He took them in his hands as if to ascertain their weight.

“Full Daddy? I am glad you like them.”

Daddy didn’t respond other than to lower his lips to my nipple and slide his finger between my lips.

The sensation of Daddy touching my girl parts made me shake and I could feel it getting damp down there.

“Daddy. Something is wrong. I think I’m starting to pee myself. It’s getting moist there.”

“Yes it is Grace and that’s a good thing.”

“It is?”

“Yes Grace. It means you are ready to become a woman and you are ripe for seed.”


“No more questions Grace. Hop off Daddy’s lap. I’ve seen you naked. Now you need to see me naked.”

The thought of seeing my big strong Daddy naked made me feel even wetter and the feeling in my bottom began to intensify.

“Daddy’s going to show you his cock baby. You need to get used to seeing it because you will be seeing it a lot from now on.”

Before I could even say anything, Daddy held what was, presumably, a very large cock.

It looked huge to me as Daddy started to stroke it.

“Wrap your little hand around it Grace. Feel how hard you make Daddy. I can’t wait until your celebration when I can finally be inside you.”

His cock was indeed hard, stiff, and veins were prominent.

It felt warm in my hand when I realized what Daddy had said.

“Inside me Daddy? There is nowhere that would fit.”

“Oh yes it will. Often. Move your hand up and down my shaft Grace.”

“Yes Daddy. Like this?”

“Yes, nurdağı escort just like that.”

It was then Daddy started to tell me about our town.

“Did you ever notice how adult daughters are so close to their Daddies Grace?”

“Yes Daddy. It’s because Daddies are the best.”

“You are very good at stroking Daddy’s cock so far Grace. I have to sit down or I’m going to cum thinking about tomorrow.”

“OK Daddy.”

“Come sit in my lap again and I’m going to try not to fuck you right now.”

I had no idea what he meant but my pussy was wet, my nipples were hard, and I wanted Daddy to touch me again.

“Grace, girls are close to their Daddies here for a slightly different reason.”

“When a girl turns 18 she gets a celebration party. The celebration coincides with the first time she is fertile after her birthday. Do you know what fertile means?”

I didn’t want to sound stupid by saying the wrong thing so I just replied no.

“Fertile means when a woman is ready to make a baby. This is your time.”

I didn’t understand.

“Tomorrow, at your celebration practically the whole town will be there to watch you.”

“Me Daddy? Why? It’s just a birthday.”

“Not just any birthday Grace. Your breeding birthday. Tomorrow, hopefully, my seed will take its place inside your womb.”

“What do you mean Daddy? I don’t want to be bred.”

“You will be bred. Whether you want it or not. It’s your duty.”

Strangely, the tingling in my pussy got stronger and I could feel wetness seeping from me. I tried to cross my legs to stop it but it only made it worse.

“Tomorrow at the community center Daddy is going to fuck you in front of everyone. I’m going to slide my hard cock into that tight little pussy and fill you with my cum.”

“You will like it and you will always give me your pussy whenever I want. From now on.”

I wasn’t sure what was going on and I couldn’t wrap my brain around what Daddy told me next.

He said all little girls get bred by their Daddies for the first time. After that, girls can choose to stay with their Daddies forever or marry another man. Either way they must always fuck their Daddies whenever it’s requested of them.

“I can’t wait to fuck you tomorrow baby girl.”

Daddy rubbed my pussy and proclaimed that I wanted to fuck him too.

“You’re so wet Grace. I have to taste you now.”

He lifted me off his lap and spread my legs wide when he sat me down on the sofa.

I was nervous. I couldn’t truly comprehend what was happening to me; to my body.

Daddy lowered his lips to my pussy and traced my little cleft with his tongue.

“God Grace. You taste so good. Daddies aren’t supposed to do this. We’re supposed to wait. I just can’t help myself.”

Daddy put his tongue to work licking just the outside of my pussy and I could feel something, a fire, building inside me.

“I’m going to suck on your little clit now Grace. It will feel intense. Just let go and enjoy it.”

I didn’t get a chance to respond before Daddy was sucking my clit.

When I say it was an explosion of my senses that’s not an exaggeration. Sound seemed muffled and I was only laser focused on what was happening to me. It was as though there was only that moment and the world stopped around me.

Daddy continued to suck and lick my little pussy until my body stiffened and it felt like I would explode.

“That’s it baby girl. Cum for Daddy.”

I learned then that if that was cumming; I never wanted to stop.

“Clean yourself up Grace and get in bed. You will need your rest because I’m going to fuck you as hard and as many times as I can the next few days. You’re going to take my seed this first time.”

A simple yes Daddy was all I could muster. My whole person tingled. Inside and out.

When I finally got up the strength to get up and make my way to my bathroom realized just how wet I really was as my cum started to coat my thighs.

I cleaned myself as best I could and climbed into my bed unable to fathom what my life would be like from that point on.

Mother woke me the next morning to get me ready for my celebration.

I was so tired that the whole process is a blur. It had taken me forever to fall asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about my Daddy’s mouth on my pussy.

I remember Mother proclaimed I was ready as she wrapped the silk robe around my shoulders.

“You are going to do great little one. I’m so proud of you and I know you are going to take your Daddy’s cock and seed so well.”

She rubbed my slight belly after she tied my robe and led me to the car.

Mother escorted me into the center and I remember the parking lot being full of cars.

Daddy was already there standing at the foot of a large bed in the center of the room.

I had never been in the building before and it was immediately clear that the building was there for the sole purpose of watching Daddies fuck their daughters.

Daddy gestured for me to join him and Mother undid my robe.

It nurdağı escort bayan was all so surreal. I stood naked in front of a room full of people I had known my whole life.

They were sitting at the bar, on sofas, chairs immediately surrounding the bed, and other smaller beds around the massive room.


Daddy’s voice brought me back to earth somewhat. I started towards him. People were talking although I heard no actual words.

I put my hand in Daddy’s and he wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear.

“I can’t wait to be inside you. Fill you with my cum. I love you Grace and I’ll always take care of you. No matter what path you choose. Do you understand?”

I nodded as my Daddy led me to the bed and, instinctively, I lay down.

“Good girl Grace. Let Daddy taste you.”

I let my legs fall open and Daddy climbed between them.

“You are already getting wet Grace. You want my cock. Don’t you,” he said as he rubbed my juices all over my pussy.

“I don’t know Daddy. Will it hurt? Your cock looks so big.”

“I’m not going to lie Grace. It will hurt some. At first. But I have a feeling your little pussy is going to like it pretty quickly. I get the feeling you have a greedy little cunt.”

There were no more words from me as Daddy started to suck my clit. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and I was getting wetter by the second.

I was lost in my own pleasure. Nothing existed except me and the feelings and my Daddy.

When I began to cum Daddy lifted his head and shoved a finger inside me.

“That’s it Grace cum for me. You’re squeezing my finger so tightly with that hot little cunt of yours I have to stick my cock in it now.”

Daddy flipped me over, pulled me to my knees, and shoved my face in the bed.

“I’m sorry Grace. I was going to take you slowly but I can’t wait. I’ve got to fuck you.”

With that, Daddy crouched behind me and mounted me like an animal.

The pain was unbearable as he slammed his cock into me. I wanted it to end.

“Your sweet little pussy is so fucking tight Grace. I’m going to fill you so full.”

It was just then it started to feel good.

Daddy rutted me like a beast and I felt an orgasm start to build.

“Daddy. It’s happening. I’m going to cum.”

“Good girl Grace. Cum on your Daddy’s cock.”

My muscles clenched and I clamped down on my Daddy’s cock.

“Here it is Grace! Take all my seed deep inside. Your Daddy is going to enjoy breeding your little pussy.”

Daddy slammed into me and I felt his warm cum shoot into my fertile womb.

I suddenly realized there were people surrounding us because they began to applaud. I started to lift myself when Daddy pushed me back into the bed.

“Stay just like that Grace. Give your Daddy’s seed a chance to work.”

I must have dozed off because Daddy lifted me from the bed and carried me naked to the car. There was barely anyone left in the club and I was dazed. Dazed and happy.

“All the other Daddies said you did an amazing job and they wished they got to fuck your pussy like I do. You make me so proud Grace.”

When we got home Daddy carried me to his bed and slid his hard cock in my still sloppy pussy.

He went slower that time, easing in and out of me. My nipples got so hard and Daddy acknowledged them by starting to suck on one.

I could feel my orgasm building again, it was different though. It was slower but my whole body tingled more.

“I can’t wait until these luscious titties of yours are full of milk Grace. You are going to taste sweet. I just know.”

The thought of my Daddy drinking from my nipples sent me over the edge.

“God baby girl. You milk the cum from me with this tight pussy of yours. It’s like your womb is sucking me in.”

Daddy grunted as he filled me once more.

We fucked everyday, many times more than once, until Mother came to me with a test a few weeks later.

“You’re late Grace. I just know you’re pregnant. Pee on this.”

It wasn’t long at all before the test showed positive.

“I just knew you would take right away. You have a greedy little pussy.”

I was so happy and couldn’t wait to tell Daddy.

Mother drove me to Daddy’s office right away and I couldn’t help but smile.

Before he could say a word I rushed over to him and hopped on his lap. I straddled him and kissed him hard.

“What do I owe this visit to baby girl?”

I could barely get the words out.

“I’m pregnant Daddy! Your seed took and I’m going to have your baby! I’m going to have the biggest belly for you!”

I felt Daddy’s cock get hard right away and he kissed me so passionately.

“I just knew I would breed you the very first try you hot little minx. I can’t wait to fuck you with that growing belly and tits.”

Daddy slid me back on his lap and unleashed his cock.

“Hop on baby girl. Your Daddy needs to fuck you right now.”

My pussy was already so wet. It started the moment I learned I was pregnant.

As escort nurdağı I slid down I noticed Mother come around to stand beside Daddy and watch me stuff his cock in my pussy.

“Aren’t you proud of yourself honey? Knocking her up on the first try?”

“Oh yes I certainly am. I’m more proud of Grace though and her fertile little cunt.”

I didn’t really pay attention to wait they were saying I just kept plunging Daddy’s cock deep inside. I knew he wasn’t going to make me more pregnant but the thought of his baby growing inside me made me want his cum that much more.

“Daddy. Ugh Daddy. I’m gonna cum! Fill me up.”

I bounced down hard on his cock and rocked; grinding my clit into him.

“Fuck baby. Your little cunt is like a vice! Take this Grace. Daddy’s gonna fill your baby maker again.”

“Watching you fuck your Daddy so well makes me so happy Grace. I’m going to help you through this all and I just know this baby will be beautiful and loved.”

“Thank you Mother. I’m so happy! I can’t wait to get all big and fat and to show off to my friends whose Daddy’s didn’t breed them yet.”

I stayed there for awhile until Daddy’s cock got soft inside my pussy and hopped off. His cum was seeping from me and I felt so complete.

“Let’s go Grace. I can’t wait to tell everyone!”

My parents and I walked to the outer office and Daddy called to everyone to join us.

“Guess who has successfully bred their baby girl on the first try? This guy!”

The room erupted in cheers and applause and we were crushed by hugs. People rubbed my belly and patted Daddy on the back.

Mother took me the next day to get new clothes right away for when I got bigger and nursing bras for when my titties were full and heavy.

Some of my friends got bred and we talked with each other often about how fast our titties were growing and who had the biggest bellies.

The girls whose Daddies hadn’t bred them yet were keen to learn what being pregnant our Daddies babies was like.

Daddy rubbed my belly with lotion every night and we always ended up fucking. I loved his cock inside me and knew there would be no other man for me. I only wanted Daddy cock.

I was about 4 months along and really starting to show when my Mother was killed in a car accident. It was even more important to me that I took care of my Daddy’s every need from then on. To be his wife and be bred as many times as I could.

Daddy and I were both sad and I did my best to comfort him. We snuggled a lot more and almost always ended with his cock in me. I felt safest there.

He would rub my growing belly and nurse on my titties even though he said my milk wouldn’t come in for some time. I loved how it felt and wondered what it would be like for them to be full and dripping milk.

When we went shopping everyone would stop and rub my belly. Daddy’s would comment on how sexy my tight little body looked.

I hadn’t gotten bigger anywhere else. I was only titties and belly.

One Daddy stopped us and seemed sad. I’ve was the first to express saddens when approaching us.

“MAN! You are one lucky son of a bitch. Seeing a girl stuffed full of her Daddy’s seed is literally the sexiest thing I can think of.”

Daddy thanked him and the man went on to tell us why he was so sad.

“I only had boys. Lord knows I tried. We had seven. Seven boys. Can you believe it? I’ll never get to find out what it feels like to fill my daughter with cum watch her belly and titties get big like your girl. Just jealous is all.”

Daddy expressed sympathy and I couldn’t imagine what that was like for him. I knew how happy our growing baby made him.

When we went to the city Daddy like to rub my belly in front of everyone and call me his baby girl and I would call him Daddy.

It was fun to watch everyone wonder if that was just the way we were as a couple or if it was Daddy seed in my belly.

I was about seven months pregnant when Daddy couldn’t wait to fuck me and took me on the side of the road in some bushes.

We were on our way back from the city and Daddy had been rubbing my huge belly the whole way.

“You are so sexy little one. I love watching people see us and wonder. Daddies watching, wondering, what it would be like to fuck their seed into their own daughters.”

Daddy dipped his hand into my slick pussy and I wanted his cock inside me.


“Yes little one? You want your Daddy’s cock don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy. I can’t wait to get home.”

“Neither can I.”

Daddy pulled to the side of the road and turned the car off. He came around to my side of the car and helped me to my feet. It was getting harder for me to stand being so front heavy.

“Come on sexy Mama. You are going to take my cock here and now.”

He led me in the woody area and had me hang on to a tree and pulled my hips toward him. I wasn’t sure if we could be seen from the road and I didn’t care. I needed him inside me.

“You are so wet Grace. I love this little pussy of yours and can’t wait to watch it stretch for our baby like it does my cock.”

Daddy slid into me and with only a few pumps I came all over his cock. It was exhilarating fucking my Daddy on the side of the road where anyone could see us. When he talked about my little pussy stretching I couldn’t take anymore. I came so hard cum spayed from my pussy like never before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32