Graduation Day Ch. 02

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So I had at least one comment saying that the first chapter of this story was misplaced as an erotic coupling.. trust me, I know what’s up. The Erotic stuff should start comming in Chapter three, but I didn’t want to leave everybody hanging as far as the setting goes. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

It had been 5 months since Erin McCarthy had chewed him out on the front porch. Jacen was now in college, and was truly enjoying his time there. Both Luke and Jacen decided to go to college together, and also be roommates, so it was practically like being at home. Luke had gotten in on an academic scholarship, and Jacen had been given a full ride for wrestling.

Luke had blossomed during his time there. He had grown from 5’9 to 5’11, and had started taking better care of his body. He had never really reached out to any girls in High School, but it seemed that he couldn’t get enough of them now. “Making up for lost time,” he would say, and then grin. He was out doing that tonight, on the other side of campus. The latest ‘victim’ was majorette for the marching band and Jacen had to admit she was cute, in a skanky way.

Jacen, however, was not girl-hunting. He was in his dorm studying, as was his custom. He was happy for Luke and somewhat envied him. As much as Jacen tried though, he could not get his mind off of Erin, and how she had yelled at him for admitting his true feelings for her during his valedictorian speech. Something about it didn’t feel right. She had been far too angry at him for her feelings to be legitimate. Hell, Dan, her boyfriend and former High School quarterback, had asked her to be his girlfriend during halftime of the last football game of their Junior season, over an intercom, in front of thousands of people.

‘So why did she have such an averse reaction to my confession? And if she really despised me that much, wouldn’t she have avoided me by going to another college?’ Jacen wondered to himself for the umpteenth time. Knowing he wouldn’t find the answers, he shrugged, and returned his attention to his studies.


Halfway across campus, Erin shivered, and wrapped her arms around herself, slightly chilled by the evening breeze. She was going over to Dan’s for a study date, although she doubted they would study much. They never did.

‘It seems like all we ever do is fight,’ she thought to herself. It was true. Every encounter they had with each other in the last three weeks had been verbally abrasive, and it usually left Erin in tears and Dan furious. Erin loved Dan, with all of his faults, and wanted him to be happy in everything he did, but recently, it felt as if her affections weren’t returned. She wasn’t really sure if it was the fact that they were in college now that changed their relationship, or if they were just growing apart, but she knew that she didn’t enjoy the change.

The wind picked up a bit, and she shivered. ‘I ought to hurry… I’m freezing,’ she thought, hurrying across the street, and into Dan’s dorm tuzla escort building.

It took approximately five minutes for the elevator to reach the ground floor, and the abnormally long time gave Erin time to think. ‘I wonder if it’s me who is the problem?’ she thought to herself. Dan often blamed her for one thing or another, and while she knew deep down that he was a jerk, she also knew that he could be a good guy, and it was the good guy in him that kept her hanging on to their fragile relationship.

The elevator finally made it to the bottom floor, so Erin stepped inside once the doors opened. She pushed the button for the 12th floor, and leaned against the wall of the elevator, crossing her arms over her chest and waiting patiently. It stopped again on the fifth floor, and a guy got in with her, who was apparently going to the 111h floor.

She snuck a glance at the guy in the elevator with her, who was currently engrossed with something on his cell phone. ‘Don’t I know him from somewhere?’ she asked herself as he put his cell phone away and gave her a small smile. She glanced away, but noticed him do a double-take with wide eyes out of the corner of her eye. She smiled inwardly and silently congratulating herself. ‘You still got it,’ she thought, allowing a small smile to cross her features.

The other individual in the elevator was far from elated. Luke had recognized her on the second glance, and felt his eyes widen. Quickly composing himself, he stared straight ahead and tried his best not to look at her.

Jacen had told him all about Erin bitching him out back home. From what Luke understood of it, she had not only been rude and condescending, but had passed along a threat to him as well. Luke was no fool, and knew that Dan could tear just about anyone’s head off if he did indeed want to, except maybe Jacen. Jacen would never fight Dan, though, so there hadn’t been anything Jacen could do but watch Erin walk off his porch and into the night.

“Um, hi, you’re Luke, right?” He heard her ask to his side. Luke cursed silently, and turned to her with a smile.

“Yeah, that’s me. Have we met before?” he asked, praying that she would end the questions there, but knowing she wouldn’t.

“I don’t think so, but I remember you. We went to the same high school together.”

“That’s right! Goodness, you’re Erin McCarthy, I remember you now.” he said, putting on a small smile, wishing that he could turn into a puddle.

She smiled back at him, apparently not noticing a lack of empathy. “Yeah.. so, how are you liking college so far?” She asked, her smile melting Luke’s defenses. God, he could tell why Jacen was in love with her.

He shrugged. “Well, it’s better than high school, that’s for sure,” he replied.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open on the 11th floor. “Uhm, this is my stop… I’ll see you around, Erin.” he said, stepping out of the elevator and ducking around the corner.

She smiled as she watched him go. ‘It’s weird to think that pendik escort a year ago, he was a complete nerd,’ she thought, shaking her head as the doors slid closed, and the car continued its assent to the 12th floor.


Erin stepped out of the elevator and onto the carpeted floor. As soon as her feet touched the ground, something in her woman’s intuition pinged, and she knew that something was not right. She walked to Dan’s room, trying to maintain as calm a front as possible. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door to his room, considering the ramifications of kicking in the door to figure out what was wrong.

She didn’t have long to wait, though. Dan opened the door, shirtless, and somewhat drunk looking. Erin knew that when he was drunk, bad things tended to happen, especially to her, but figured that if he was sober enough to get to the door, he should be alright.

“Hi, Dan.” She said quietly, looking up into his eyes, which were currently unfocused and looking at the wall behind her.

“Hey, Errin.” He slurred, opening the door for her and closing it behind her.

She crossed the floor over to the table in the center of the room and set down her books, knowing she would spend her time looking after him. He was leaning back against the door, probably trying to balance. She sighed, and moved over to the door to help him over to the bed.

“Come on, Dan.. Let’s get you over to the bed.” She said quietly, lifting one of his arms around her shoulders to give him support as they moved to the bed.

She sat down on the bed, and helped Dan lay back. “I donn’t think werrre going to study tonnight.” Dan slurred, his eyes struggling to focus on Erin’s face. She sighed, and looked away. Then something caught her eye. “Dan… whose purse is that over on the window?” she asked.

Suddenly, the closet door on the other side of the room burst open, and a scantily clad female popped out, lunging for the purse. “Thatss minne.” She said, slurring her words as well.

The girl in her panties and bra was more intoxicated than Dan, if that was even possible. She had trouble standing still, and was swaying dangerously when she could. Her short black hair was a mess, and she reeked of alcohol from across the room.

Erin glanced down at Dan, who was now sitting up, looking a bit more sober. Actually, a lot more sober.

Dan looked guiltily up at Erin. “I wish there had been an easier way to do this… Erin, this is Mandy. She is my girlfriend.” he said, no longer looking at Erin, but at the floor.

Erin opened her mouth to say something, but stopped. She smiled weakly at Mandy. “Hi, Mandy, I’m Erin. Can I have a minute with my ex, please?” she asked, barely containing her tears.

Mandy shrugged, and tottered off in the direction of the door, looking more than a little unstable. Dan watched her go, refusing to make eye contact with Erin.

Erin sighed, and crossed her arms over her chest. “Why like this, Dan? aydınlı escort Couldn’t you have at least dumped me without showing her off?” She asked softly, her tears falling.

Dan glared at her. “She makes me happy, Erin. All you ever did was talk about what our lives were going to be together, and how I was partying to much and not focusing on us. I never meant to break up with you like this, but I can’t say this is how I wished things had happened, because they didn’t happen that way.” he said, narrowing his eyes, his voice growing louder with each phrase.

Each of Dan’s words hit her like a bullet. He was furious with her, and it seemed like it had been a long time coming. “You acted like everything was always okay and that you actually cared about me; was that all pretense?” She asked, her voice matching his.

He nodded. “For the most part. I liked you in high school, but up once we got here, its like you became some sort of clingy housewife who thought we were married. I never loved you, and I don’t want to be tied down to you.”

“You know, some guys actually like the idea of being tied down to me.” She said, raising an eyebrow. Both of them knew who she was talking about, and when they were dating, had agreed to not speak of it. However, now that they were over, she thought she could do as she pleased.

Dan felt differently. “Are you talking about Jacen Michaels?” he asked, his hands clenching into fists.

She put her hands on her hips and stared at him defiantly. “Yes.”

Dan shook his head. “That dweeb was a horny, washed up nerd who wanted nothing more than to get into your pants. He probably forgot all about you when we all came here. His best friend is a fucking stud, so why wouldn’t he be?” Dan laughed. “Every guy wanted you, but you never gave anything to anyone. You bitch.” he growled, turning away from her.

“What he did was not horny sounding at all! You were in the bushes, you know that what he said was legitimate! He actually cared, unlike you. And he was right, all you people have ever used me for was an attempt at sex.” Her tears were flowing now, and the sobs began to roll.

Dan smiled evilly. “Now you get it! Way to use that brain of yours. Now get out.” he said, pointing to the door.

Erin stormed over to the table, and snatched her books up off it, hustling in the direction of the door, when Dan’s words stopped her in her tracks.

“Oh, and if you go near that dweeb… I’ll still rip his head off.” She turned around to him, her face a mixture of outrage and disbelief. She hadn’t planned on it, and had only brought him up to piss Dan off, but the fact that his threat was still standing was shocking to her.

Dan gave her his evil grin again. “You ruined the last few years of my life… So I’m going to return the favor.” he said.

Erin was furious. She hated him, hated his guts, for being so cruel. She knew that he was a bully, but he had always been sweet to her, and it was infuriating to know that it had only been to get in her pants.

She turned, grabbed the doorknob, opened the door, stepped through it, and slammed it behind her. Mandy was nowhere to be seen in the hallway. ‘Probably good for her… I need to go apeshit on someone.’ she thought.

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