Grandpa’s Guide to Girls Pt. 03

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Ben and his Grandfather Frank are not just family – they are friends. That’s why Ben turned to his Grandpa Frank when he needed advice on how to relate to girls. Ben was interested in what Frank said; you will be too. All characters in this three-part story are adults 18 years old or older.


The next time I saw Grandpa, he knew immediately why I was there.

“So, you and Beth had sex, didn’t you?” Grandpa asked. “I can see it in your face, Ben. Feeling proud of yourself? You should. It’s a big deal. Did everything go alright?”

“Everything went great, Grandpa!” I said. “It was amazing!”

“I can confirm that it will continue to be amazing,” Grandpa said. “I’ve been having sex since I was your age, and it’s just as amazing today as it was the first time I did it.”

All I could think about was Beth. I remembered every detail about the way she looked, the way she felt, the way she sounded, and even the way she smelled. I couldn’t imagine a finer girl, and I felt very proud that she was my girlfriend.

“What do I do next, Grandpa?” I asked.

“There is no wrong way to have sex, Ben,” Grandpa said. “I imagine that Beth will be happy no matter what you do, but the way to make her as happy as possible is to keep finding new ways to have fun. Introduce her to something new, enjoy that for a few dates, then introduce the next new thing. There are an unlimited number of ways men and women can have sex. Find out what she likes most.”

Grandpa could tell I didn’t understand what he meant. “Ben, I imagine that a guy your age has seen porn on the internet. Look at what the actors do, and find something that looks interesting. You and Beth and beginners, so the obvious thing is for you to try different positions. You used the missionary position the first time, right? Try others. I particularly like the cowgirl because the view is so good and all the best parts of her body are easy to reach. A lot of people swear by doggy style.

“If you go online, you can find free copies of an ancient sex manual called the Kama Sutra. Look at the drawings of the positions there. A lot of those positions seem awkward to me, but others are very nice. I am particularly fond of one they call the Lotus. That’s where you sit on the bed cross legged, and the girl sits on your lap facing you.

“Try a lot of positions with Beth, and find out which ones she likes most. I guarantee that she’ll like it if you try new things. She’ll understand that you’re looking for new ways to make her happy, and I’m sure she’ll find interesting ways to show her appreciation.”

“That sounds great, Grandpa, but there isn’t enough room in my car to do a lot of positions,” I said. “We can barely do the missionary position in my cramped back seat.”

Grandpa smiled. “I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve got a solution for you,” he said. “Follow me.”

Grandpa led me to the van he kept parked behind his workshop. He and Grandma like to go camping, and they use the van to haul their stuff around. It’s a nice, big van with a lot of cool features. The stereo is awesome. Grandpa opened the back door of the van and pointed to the cargo area. “When you fold the seats down, this space is big enough for a double bed,” Grandpa said. “Does this look big enough?”

“It looks perfect, Grandpa. Does this mean I can borrow your van!?”

“That’s what it means, Ben. Make sure you clean it inside and out before you take Beth anywhere,” Grandpa said. “I’ve got plenty of cleaning supplies in the workshop. I’ve also got some wax; this van hasn’t had a good coat of wax for a couple of years, and I’m sure Beth would rather ride around in a vehicle that looks sharp.”

I noticed that the floor of the cargo area was made of steel. It did not look comfortable. “I’m going to need to put down something soft if we’re going to have sex back here,” I said.

“I thought of that,” Grandpa said. “Watch and learn.”

He went back into his workshop and returned with an armload of stuff. He threw something made of plastic in the back of the van. “This is the air mattress your Grandma and I use when we’re camping. It inflates in a jiffy.” He showed me an electric air pump that plugged into the cigarette lighter. He hooked it up, and very soon the mattress was inflated. It was as firm as the mattress on my bed, and I realized that if I got a couple of blankets, the air mattress would be perfect for me and Beth.

“I can’t thank you enough, Grandpa. This is awesome!” I said.

“If you think it’s awesome now, just wait until you and Beth try it out,” he said.

I decided I wanted to start cleaning the van right then. Beth and I were going out that night, and I wanted it to be ready. Grandpa decided to help me, so he started vacuuming the interior while I got a bucket of soapy water to clean the vinyl seats and surfaces.

“Ben, there’s one other thing I want to mention before you have a chance to get something wrong,” şişli escort Grandpa said. “Now that you and Beth have room to spread out, there’s no reason you can’t give her an experience that all women love. Sooner or later, you need to eat her pussy. You need to do it often, and you need to do it well. It’s not complicated. All it takes is a little practice and a lot of enthusiasm.”

“I’m not sure how to do that,” I said.

“You’ll figure it out. Just go slow,” Grandpa said. “The reason I mention this is because a lot of guys don’t like to eat pussy. For some reason, there’s something about a nice wet pussy that they find to be unappetizing. Some guys think it’s not sanitary.

“Ben, do not make that mistake. Never, ever, ever give Beth the impression that you are reluctant to go down on her. Do everything in your power to let her know that you think her pussy is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted, and that you can’t get enough. It takes a special kind of stupid for a guy to avoid eating pussy. It only goes to prove what I always say: Fifty percent of guys are in the dumb half.

“So don’t be dumb. When it comes to treating women the way they want to be treated, there is nothing more important than going down on them.”

“OK, Grandpa,” I said. “I can do that.”

“See that you do, Ben,” he said. “There’s one thing you may not have thought about. One of these days you are going to want your girlfriend to give you a blowjob. If you spend enough time eating her pussy, she will eventually figure out that she ought to return the favor.

“Never, ever pressure a woman to suck your cock. Some girls just don’t like doing that, and there’s no point trying to force it to happen. I guarantee that you’ll meet plenty of women who love to suck cock and who won’t need to be persuaded. The most persuasive thing you can do to get a blowjob is to let your woman know you love eating her pussy.”

We spent more than an hour cleaning Grandpa’s van. He got tired after we started applying the wax, so he went to take a nap while I finished up. The van looked really nice by the time I was done. Just before I went home, Grandpa came back with an armload of blankets. “These are the blankets your Grandma and I use when we go camping,” he said. “They should do the job.”

I worked up a sweat working on the van, so I took a shower and put on nice clothes for my date with Beth. I realized that my parents would think it was funny if they knew I was picking up Beth in Grandpa’s van, so I decided it made sense for me to drive my car to Grandpa’s place, park behind his workshop next to the van, and then return it after the date was over. If I left home and came back in my car it would avoid a lot of awkward questions.

Grandpa was there when I came to get the van, and he made a useful suggestion. “Ben, I had an unpleasant experience when I was your age,” he said. “My girlfriend and I went out parking, and we were in the middle of having some very nice sex when a cop came up to my car and knocked on the window. That really spoiled the mood. If you need a private place to park, come back here. Park behind the workshop. Nobody will disturb you.”

“Thanks, Grandpa! We’ll do that tonight!” I said.

Beth was impressed and a little puzzled when I picked her up. “Where’d you get this great van?” she said. “It’s nice.”

“My Grandpa loaned it to me,” I said. “If you think it’s nice here in the front, just look and see what’s in the back.”

Beth turned around and saw the air mattress. “Oh my God, Ben! That looks fantastic! How’d you get a mattress?”

“It’s an air mattress my grandparents use when they go camping. It’s nice. Wait until you try it.”

“I can hardly wait,” she said, giving me a smile so sexy I started getting hard. For hours, all I could think about was having sex in a real bed. I was thrilled that it was about to happen.

We told our parents we were going to see a movie. Naturally, that was a lie. I drove straight to Grandpa’s place and parked the van behind his workshop.

“Where are we?” Beth asked.

“This is my Grandpa’s property,” I said. “He said we could park here so no one disturbs us.”

Beth looked surprised. “You mean, he wants us to have a private place to make out?”

“That’s it exactly,” I said.

“Wow. I think I like your Grandpa,” she said.

“You have no idea,” I said, deciding it was not a good time to mention that Grandpa was the one who bought our condoms.

We climbed in the back, and Beth stretched out on the mattress. “This is great! Just great! Tell your Grandpa thanks from me.” She rolled over on her side and looked into my eyes.

“What would you like to do now?” she said, smiling.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I took Beth in my arms and gave her the most passionate kiss I could. I hurried to remove her sweater, then unzipped her skirt. I paused when I saw she was wearing a matching lace bra and panties. I spent a few seconds admiring the way she looked.

“You make me feel beautiful,” Beth said softly.

“You look so nice I don’t want to take these off,” I said.

Beth laughed and stripped off her bra, followed by her panties. “There. You don’t have to take them off. Get out of your clothes, Ben. Now!”

It was the first time we were completely naked together. “This is a lot nicer than the back seat of your car,” she said as we embraced. Feeling so much of her bare skin at one time hadn’t been possible in the cramped confines of my car’s back seat.

Beth felt my erection, and she rubbed her abdomen against it. I reached down and caressed her bottom, pulling her body closer. I tried my best to touch her everywhere at once, kissing her breasts and climbing on top of her.

At some point I remembered what Grandpa had said about how important it is to go down on girls. Now that we had enough room, I thought it was a good time to do that for Beth. My cock was so hard that I was anxious to have sex first, then eat her pussy afterward, but I realized that I’d probably enjoy it more if I ate her out before I made her all wet and messy.

So I rose up on my arms, spread her legs, and moved down between them. “Ben, what are you doing?” Beth asked. I figured that the easiest way to answer that question was to show her, so I began kissing the soft, smooth flesh of her inner thigh. That must have shocked her, because I heard her take a sudden deep breath.

She didn’t say anything, so I kept kissing closer and closer to her pussy. I’d loved the way Beth smelled the first time we had sex, so I particularly enjoyed how fragrant she was when my face was between her legs.

Beth seemed tense. I tried to get her to relax by stroking her legs. That seemed to work; her muscles relaxed, so I resumed kissing her closer and closer to the fleshy outer lips of her pussy. The pink flesh of her inner folds glistened with moisture. She looked delicious. I wanted to dive in and taste her.

But Grandpa advised me to always go slow and gentle, so I very gradually began kissing around the outside of Beth’s pussy. She was panting. I got the feeling she wasn’t quite sure about what I was doing, but that she wasn’t going to tell me to stop. I didn’t worry; Grandpa said women love it when a man goes down on them, so I was confident Beth would feel that way.

Beth’s pussy was surrounded by coarse fur that was several shades darker than the brown hair on her head. I used both hands to spread her lips and pull the hair out of the way, then licked her pussy from the bottom to the top.

“Christ! Ben!” Beth exclaimed. I think I must have gone too fast, so I backed off a bit and just kissed her inner flesh as softly as I could. She gradually relaxed, so I resumed licking and nibbling everywhere except her clit, which I wanted to avoid for a while. I realized I must be doing it right when Beth let out a long, low moan.

“Ohhhhhhh . . . Ben . . .” she said in the sexiest voice I’d ever heard in my life. It sent a thrill straight to my cock, which became so hard it hurt.

I went on, and on, and on, and Beth seemed to get more excited with each second that passed. She covered her face with her hands and rolled her head from side to side. I particularly liked the way she made sexy little sounds the whole time.

I wasn’t sure if Beth would climax just from feeling me go down on her, but she ended up having the strongest orgasm I’d seen from her so far. “Oh . . . my . . . God!” she said as her body shook. I felt the muscles in her vagina contract around my tongue. She became so sensitive after she came that I had to stop touching her for a while.

I put on a condom as Beth recovered, then moved to lie down on her in the missionary position. At that moment I thought that it would be nice to try another position, but Grandpa told me to introduce new things slowly, one at a time.

“I hope you liked that,” I said when we were face-to-face.

“Ben, you were wonderful. That was quite a surprise,” Beth said.

I aimed my cock for the entrance to her pussy, then eased the tip inside. As before, Beth was very tight, so I tried not to go too fast. I pressed forward a tiny bit, pulled all the way out, then pressed forward a tiny bit more. Soon, the head of my cock went all the way in. Beth had a strong reaction, gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut. Her body went rigid.

I paused for a moment. She was so tight! I eased in and out, using the smallest movements I could, and I gradually felt her body relax again. Soon I was going in deeper and deeper, and Beth began moving her hips up and down, matching my motions. I felt her put one hand on the back of my head and pull me in for a kiss. It was wonderful. I could tell I was doing a good job pleasing her. It made me feel proud.

I went deeper, and deeper, and eventually my cock was going all the way into her pussy. She was so tight that she winced a little at first, but that stopped eventually when she stretched to accommodate me. I don’t want to suggest I’ve got a gigantic penis – I’m average at best – but we hadn’t had a lot of sex, and Beth had been a virgin the last time we were together. It was no surprise that she was tight.

It must have started feeling really good, because Beth began moving up and down energetically. I felt her wrap her arms around me as she got increasingly excited. It was wonderful in every way. I tried to move slowly and gently, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop myself from going faster and faster.

Beth climaxed – again! I wasn’t sure that could happen a second time, but it did, and I felt like I must be a great lover. Her second orgasm wasn’t as strong as the first one, but it lasted a long time, and she made wonderful moaning sounds that told me she enjoyed it. Feeling her pussy clench my cock started my own orgasm, and I finished by pounding into her pussy as I came again and again and again.

The first time we had sex, my cock didn’t get soft after I came. That wasn’t what happened the second time. I began getting soft quickly, so I pulled out before I could slip out of my condom. As we laid side by side, Beth looked into my eyes.

“I’m so happy,” she said.

“I’m glad,” I said. “I’m happy too.”

We held each other for a few minutes, saying very little, until we both noticed I was hard again. Beth liked it when that happened. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and stroked me up and down as she asked me to get another condom. We had sex again, and this time I didn’t feel such an urgent need to cum, so we did it slowly and gently for a long, long time. We both had orgasms which were nice, although not as strong as the ones we had earlier.

You can probably guess what happened next. We hugged and talked for a while, and eventually I got hard a third time. Beth acted very surprised.

“My boyfriend is a stud!” she said, laughing. I put on another condom, and we had a session that was even longer and more relaxed. We didn’t put our clothes back on during the breaks, and I enjoyed being able to get such a long, relaxed look at Beth’s wonderful body. I loved every inch.

After I dropped Beth off at her home and I drove back home, I felt like Beth and I were having the same kind of sex as adults. I didn’t feel like a dumb kid who didn’t know how to please a woman. Grandpa deserved most of the credit for how well things were going. The advice he gave me was some of the best I ever heard. I realized that although I liked my Dad and he liked me, I wouldn’t have gotten such practical advice if I’d gone to him instead of Grandpa.

Grandpa predicted that after Beth and I had sex a few times, we’d want to do it a lot. That turned out to be true. We couldn’t get enough. We found all kinds of excuses to get away for a little while so we could go have sex in the back of Grandpa’s van. As our senior year progressed, Beth and I had so much sex I felt we were the luckiest couple at our school. I knew that lots of other students had sex, but I didn’t think many of them had such a nice place for it. I believed I was dating the girl who had to be the best, sexiest girlfriend around.

Our nicest encounter didn’t happen in the van. We went to our Prom, of course, and most kids went to an all-night party called Afterprom. We told our parents that we’d attend the Afterprom, but instead we spent the night in a motel room rented by . . . wait for it . . . Grandpa. When we got there, the lights were out and the room was lit by more than a dozen candles. Grandpa left an ice chest full of snacks and drinks, including a big bottle of champagne. And I mean real champagne – not the alcohol-free sparkling grape juice you sometimes see. It made us feel like we were enjoying adulthood.

The night in the motel provided a particularly nice surprise. I’d been eating Beth’s pussy on a regular basis for months. She picked that night to return the favor. I got a blowjob. A real blowjob! When it was over Beth knew she’d done great. I’ll never forget the proud expression on her face. She looked up at me and smiled as little drops of cum dribbled down her chin.

I thanked Grandpa for his help over and over and over. “Glad to be of service,” he’d say. “At my age, I’m not good for much anymore. Thanks for the chance to do something useful.” I hope you realize Grandpa was bullshitting me again. He was one of the sharpest guys around, and he did all kinds of useful things right up until the day he died. When I get old, I want to be like him.

He continued giving me advice. The most important piece came when I realized I was in love with Beth.

“Of course you love her. What’s not to love? She sounds pretty loveable to me. You’re a nice guy, she’s a nice girl. It would be surprising if you two didn’t love each other after what you’ve been through together.

“There’s nothing wrong with love, but you need to realize that being in love with Beth means you have to be extra responsible with her. The danger is that you two might decide that you never want to be apart, and you might start thinking of ways to stay together after you graduate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32