Groom My Wife – Please????

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Simon and Chrissy had been married for a few years now, he was now 46, she had reached the grand old age of 26, and they most of what they wanted. Foreign holidays, flashy cars, a nice house, all were in place. However, something troubled Simon.

He’d been suspicious for a while now, the constant text messaging, giggling when no one was near, the disappearance of an ipad, always somewhere for Chrissy to be. He couldn’t prove it easily, but felt she was cheating, somehow.

Unsure, and wanting to know, he started investigating as best he could, and bought a replacement ipad, managing to log it onto her account, thus able to read the emails and texts that seemed so frequent and secretive.

What he found was astonishing to him…….

Chrissy was 26, a 5 foot 4 blonde with legs to die for, a cute tight ass and great 34DD rack. She looked way younger than her years, in fact, there was barely a change in her since they met when she was 18. The one thing she wasn’t, was sex mad. That was less frequent than he was used too, and Chrissy didn’t seem all that fussed about it to be fair, needing some real coaxing to enjoy it. What he found seemed to turn that on its head.

The texts began a few months before, seemingly pretty innocent if a little flirty, but it wasn’t with one person, it was a guy that she previously worked with, and his wife. They had started after a Christmas party, and not a no hold barred office party, but a meal in a restaurant and few drinks afterwards. Initially, they were conversational, friendly, a little flirty, complimentary…. ‘hey gorgeous, nice to see you last night…. Blah blah’.

Then they morphed into more temptation, more innuendo, ‘bet you’d look great in tight dresses’, ‘I was hoping you’d come today, everyone got soaked at the park and if you’d both worn a white t-shirt, I think I’d have blown a fuse’, and even from his wife, texts asking what she likes in bed, how she likes to dress, what does she fantasise about, with the two girls getting pretty open and dirty minded at times.

Then the photos started………. A few from Mike and Lisa, mainly of Lisa dressed in a hot dress, or modelling a particularly high pair of heels, asking Chrissy’s opinion on the outfit, or suggesting how hot they’d look if they went out dressed the same, or how a certain dress/heels would look great and show off her tits/ass/legs well.

Chrissy, having started off being friendly, was developing an obvious ‘girl-crush’ on Lisa, and enjoying discussing each other’s secrets, and also getting hints all the time from Mike that he was very interested too. She started responding to the photos with those of her own too……… Simon couldn’t help being turned on by photos of his wife in new dresses he never knew she had, or new 5-inch stripper heels, sometimes even underwear shots.

The texts became a mixture of texts and emails now, more frequent, a deluge. The photos became more risqué on both sides, and the conversations more sexual in nature. One time Lisa sent a set of photos to Chrissy where she told her that Mike had bought a cute French maid outfit for her, and made her wear it one night at a hotel, at one point daring her to walk the corridor from one end to the other and back late at night dressed in the full works — outfit, stockings, heels — and followed up with a set of pics that blew Simon’s mind, and he found himself jacking off over his wife’s new friend, ignoring his jealousy. Chrissy had responded asking all about the evenings fun, what had they done, where did they go, and most importantly, what did Mike do to her after her ‘walk’, and then sending some pics of her own wearing her own French maid outfit and heels.

That was just what Mike and Lisa wanted, and Porno they encouraged Chrissy to get more and more revealing with every photo, sending more and more of Lisa, flashing her body, illiciting the same from Chrissy, she was getting into it.

The more they challenged and tempted her, the more Chrissy was sucked in. Soon there were more fetish outfits, more underwear shots, and as Chrissy found herself responding in type, the tops came off for Lisa, and suddenly Simon is seeing his wife posing topless for her sexy friends, and then baring that gorgeous ass, before one night, the ‘sexy secretary’ theme of the fun turned into ‘secretary shows pussy to friends, and touches herself up’, with Chrissy’s flushed face letting them all know that she had come.

That night, Simon found himself totally unable to get rid of his stiffness, going to bed, he led next to a sleeping Chrissy, his cock as hard as a scaffold bar. There was no hiding it, no ignoring it, and a wank wouldn’t be enough, having been reading what Chrissy had been telling her friends about what she wanted them to do to her, to each other, how she wished she was there being licked and doing the licking, the sucking, the fucking.

He decided he must not tell her he knew about the emails, the photos, he didn’t want them to stop, even though he knew that this was leading somewhere he wouldn’t want it to go — his beautiful wife being defiled by her friends — but he couldn’t help himself, he wanted to see where it went, but he’d be there along the way, encouraging it and watching it, wanking along with it if necessary.

He rolled over, started touching her, stroking her, pulling her back towards his cock until he was firmly pressed against her ass. His cock screamed out for her pussy, and she woke as her nipples hardened to his rough fingers stroking and pulling them. She ground back against his cock, and reached back, stroking him, and he almost blew right then. He composed himself, and slid his fingers down over her and into her pussy, slippery with her cum as he rubbed her, shes squealing, no doubt in Simon’s mind fantasising that she is with her sexy couple, letting them use her. She moans for cock, she cant wait, shes not normally like that, and Simon obliges, lifting her leg and sliding easily into her tight yet slippery pussy, then starts pounding away at her while pawing at her soft breasts, teasing her and then pulling on her hard nipples.

She cums hard on him, he feels her warm juices around his cock, and he cant resist, he starts to cum himself, blasting load after load into her pussy as she pleads and begs for his cum, hes not heard her so animated in years, she tells him she wants every drop, and she loves his spunk, and next time she wants it all over her tits — shes like some slutty version of the prim and proper girl he married, and he likes that, he likes a slut.

The next day, Simon watches intently for the emails, and he is not disappointed, Chrissy takes great pleasure telling her friends how that night she had woken to find Simon so horny, and she’d fantasised that Mike had broken in and was helping himself to her pussy, and how much she loved the feeling of being a total slut for some other guy, and she hopes Lisa doesn’t mind because she would never go behind her back so don’t worry, ‘I wouldn’t let Mike fuck me’, to which Lisa tells her she is disappointed as she’d love to watch the two of them at it, and more so, loves the idea of eating Mike’s cum after it has splashed over Chrissy’s tits or is leaking from her pussy. The conversation then once again gets very hot really quickly, with the three discussing what they may or may not do together and to each other.

A few days later, theres Altyazılı Porno a whole set of more pictures, it seems Chrissy bought herself a kinky nurses outfit and new underwear, well, a thong, and over the course of the photos poses fully dressed with stockings, suspenders, heels, outfit and even a stethoscope!, removing the dress over a few pics, then her thong, checking herself for any pussy issues with the stethoscope inside and out, and finally, a workout with the ‘rabbit’ dildo Simon had bought years before for her, and she hadn’t ever used…… the flush on her cheeks showing how much she enjoyed her new/old toy.

Her friends start asking her to play a game, they each dare each other to do something, and they must prove they did it. Photos arrive of cocks out in a library, tits out at the copier at Lisa’s work, and Chrissy’s naked pussy under her miniskirt bent over the cash desk at her work, complete with oblivious customers in the background. Next, Mike is exposed in his works staff room, Lisa shows her pussy to a tramp at the park, and Chrissy poses with a shoe shop assistant that has helped her try on thigh high boots — did I mention she wasn’t wearing panties under the minidress, nor a bra, and the guy didn’t know whether to stare at her aroused nipples, or up her skirt as he helped her fit the boots, encouraged to run his hands up her naked smooth thighs and getting mere inches from touching her increasingly wet pussy as she enjoys his help — the photo with him lifting the skirt up to prove her nakedness, and a copy given to him of course.

Simon’s mind was being blown every day at the wantonness with which Chrissy was acting. However, so far, all he’d proven was emails, texts and pictures, no actual cheating — was that good or bad……. It was certainly titillating. He’d never felt more turned on, he found himself desperate for the next photo set, the next fantasy discussed, the next slutty discussion between the two girls. He wanted it to continue, to see where it would lead, and the risks seemed high, but worthwhile.

He finds himself checking her underwear drawer while shes at work a few days later, wondering how to work out what she might have worn recently for her best friends. He doesn’t find much, save the outfit he knew she bought and wore to such aplomb for photos the other night. Just about to give up, by chance he just sneaks open the drawer below, usually full of jeans, and finds a couple of porn dvds — the titles caused an immediate stiffy — ‘honey I fucked the babysitter’ and ‘Young Harlots — Detention’.

His heart skips a beat as he realises that she’s bought these to bring to some life the fantasies she is having about Lisa and Mike. Clearly, when she watches these she is imagining herself in a role in the films — better have a quick look then, just to be sure.

Time flies as he watches the films, and he cant believe how horny it makes him to see hardcore filth like this, not only do they appeal to his own not so secret desires, but knowing his wife is finding time when he is not around to project her own feelings onto the characters, imagining herself bent over and licked, spanked, fucked, like some common slut, and begging for some guy to cum on her tits and in her pussy.

She obviously hasn’t considered he would look for them, as shes left the receipt in her drawer, and he finds himself wondering if she went there on her own, or did she go with anyone else, maybe even Mike or Lisa? That would be seriously horny, if her sexual mentors had taken her to a sex shop and encouraged her to buy ‘instructional’ videos. Maybe they had made her buy other things too…maybe he needs to keep looking.

Lights in the driveway bring the afternoon Brazzers to an abrupt end, and he quickly returns the films to their hiding place, and returns downstairs to greet his wife. That evening, when she goes off to bed, he is listening intently, hoping she decides to watch a film, or maybe call her friends.

The next day, he goes to the sex shop, determined to find out more. Luckily, as he walks in there’s a familiar face behind the desk, Marcus, a guy from school all those years ago, and an occasional face at the local pubs over the years. He’d forgotten Marcus owned a sex shop, let alone connected the dots to this one. The two friends chat about a few old adventures, and eventually Simon decides to ask for help.

Explaining about his wife buying the films, and wanting to see if she was alone or not, as he suspected she might be planning a surprise of some kind, Marcus agrees to let Simon view the security tapes for the day in question.

Marcus scans through the tape of the day, quickly getting to the time of the receipt, and they then sit back and watch as Chrissy and Lisa enter the store together. Marcus remarks on their dress…… both ladies in very very short dresses, with very high platform heels, congratulating Simon on his choice in wife. Simon smirks and accepts the comments gracefully, enjoying the moment as his friend is taking in the sight of his wife in such a revealing outfit.

The girls are moving around the shop, giggling and holding items up for each others comments, clearly enjoying the fact that every guy in the store has one eye on them as they chatter. Lisa is very very touchy feely with Chrissy, grasping at her arms, and squeezing her bum on numerous occasions. Chrissy is more reserved, but reacting more and more to the constant attention, and more so when the odd comment from their audience reaches her ear. The guys can clearly see both girls nipples through their dresses now.

Suddenly, Lisa whispers something in Chrissys ear, and she totters off for a few moments, returning into shot now dressed in a skimpy nurse outfit, just like Chrissy wore the week before for her photos. She totters around on her sky high heels, flashing her ass in one direction, with guys in the other getting an eyeful of cleavage as her abundant breasts almost burst from the low cut outfit. Then she bends right over, sticking her gorgeous ass in the air as a couple of the customers take a few photos.

Suddenly, Chrissy is on the move, out of camera range, and when she returns, Simon cant hide the hard on that springs to attention — she is barely covered by a tiny schoolgirl outfit – short skirt, stockings, platform heels and a white top tied under her breasts and pulling them up and tight together, creating a wonderful busty cleavage. Lisa is talking to the audience, and she has Chrissy posing like a whore for them, flashing her ass and thrusting her cleavage at all of them while men are gasping, clapping and brazenly taking photos.

Simon realises, its another dare, and Chrissy is carrying it out to the extreme. He watches as one of the customers gets very very close to her as she bends over to flash her ass, and he reaches out and quickly gropes her, running his fingers up her inner thigh from stocking top straight to her pussy, and strokes her through the thin material of her thong as Chrissy visibly shudders. Shocked though, Simon expects her to pull away and stop what shes doing, but she doesn’t, she momentarily appears to be unsure what to do, but then bends over even further, sticking her cute ass even higher in the air while clearly enjoying the guys fingers working on her crotch.

Its Lisa that walks over and pushes the guys hand away, playfully, and appears to give him a short talking too. Hes smiling though, and the show continues, Chrissy now sitting back on a futon and spreading her legs, stroking herself through her panties a little while the men gather closer………… to be continued, if you think its a good first try

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32