Growing Pains , Pleasures Ch. 01

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Like a lot of women; I married young, without much sexual experience. I was eighteen and had never slept with anyone but my husband. In high school I dated, had a very active social life, cheerleader, Homecoming court, all the “right” things. I had petted a little now and then, but no boy ever even touched my breasts and I had no idea what a “hard-on” was back then. I married my high school sweetheart after one semester of college. My family was old fashioned and conservative and sex was something never talked about. My husband was not much more experienced than I was, but he was my only “teacher”. It took him two years after we were married to get me to try oral sex with him. Sometime after about five years of marriage and two kids, Tom began to talk about some sexual fantasies he had. These dealt with me acting as a prostitute. He did all the talking and it turned him on.

We were living in a rural area with few neighbors, all old farm families. Tom got transferred to a large university town, teaching at a local high school. This was definitely culture shock for both of us. Everybody was so much more liberal and I realize now that I was looked at as a naïve idiot in more than just sex. I felt stupid and of course responded by learning not to say much and just do what everyone else did. Tom had a much easier time of it as he was back in school and being exposed to all the latest ideas. It was inevitable that he had an affair with a college student about six years younger than him. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I had three little kids, no job skills and no education. I was trapped. I was in the most emotional pain I had ever felt. But I still loved him.

He told me that the short affair was nothing serious, just sexual experimentation that he had never gotten to experience since we had married right out of high school. He spent hours talking to me and convincing me that it was OK to have extra-marital sex because we had missed that period in our lives when people experimented with others. I wasn’t easy to convince, but I gradually began to accept this theory. Everyone we knew seemed to have been involved with someone else at the school at one time or another. He told me that I should do it if the occasion ever arose and that he would understand. After all it was, as he put it, an endless bowl of ice cream that never ran out no matter much you had. So what if somebody else took a spoonful now and then, the supply was limitless!

My “growing” began about six months later. We had another couple over for dinner and some drinks. The night grew late and since they had a lot to drink, they decided to stay. The other guy helped me set up a rollaway bed for him and his wife. As we put on the sheets and pillows, we started laughing and pillow fighting. His wife and Tom just watched. I must admit that I found it sexually exciting to be rolling around the bed and the floor with another man. Nothing sexual happened. We didn’t kiss or touch, but I think he felt the sexual tension too!

That night when Tom and I went to bed, he asked me if I had thought about sleeping with Bob. Of course at first I denied it, but when he asked me to think about Bob when we were making love, I really got into it. I was very turned by the thought of Bob touching me and being in me. Tom knew that I felt sexually attracted to Bob. Tom and I fucked each other silly that kurtköy escort night.

A couple months later, Tom had to be gone away for two weeks to a summer school program. I knew he was going to be partying every night after work. I felt abandoned and alone and wondered if he would fool around on me again. I knew he would if things worked out right. After he left, I got to thinking about what he had said about having another man. I was a little angry that he would so casually let another man have me, but also turned on by what might happen. Tom had already been unfaithful, so he couldn’t say too much, and maybe this would make him realize what he was risking. Bob had recently separated from his wife and was living alone in their house. I called Bob and asked him if I could stop by some night and talk. He was a little hesitant, but said it was OK.

When I left for his house, I still hadn’t decided for sure if I would sleep with him. He might not like me, or think I was a slut for being unfaithful to Tom. My stomach was in knots and doing flip-flops as I drove to his house. I almost turned around a couple times. I had not worn anything special, just jeans, a midriff cut blouse and sandals, regular bra and panties. I had put perfume on my breasts and my thighs around my cunt, so I know I wanted something to happen.

Bob answered the door and we sat on the couch. We had a couple drinks, as we talked about how I felt trapped and alone. He said he knew about Tom’s affair and understood my fears. He was very sympathetic and told me that his wife and him had similar problems. She had been sleeping with another teacher at school and that led to their separation.

After an hour or so nothing sexual had happened between us. No hugs, kisses or touches. Bob went to answer the door. The paperboy was collecting. He took care of that and as he closed the door, I knew it was now or never. I would have to make the first move. I stood up and walked toward him as he returned to the living room. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him saying, “This is what I came here for” Bob looked surprised, but pleased. He kissed me back, pushing his tongue past my lips. He reached down grabbed my bottom, pulling me tight against him. I actually got dizzy with the excitement I felt. We went back to the couch. He said “Are you sure this is OK?” I told him that Tom had told me to try it if I got the chance and that Tom wouldn’t be angry at all. That was all Bob needed to hear.

Bob is about 6-3, thin, long brown hair and blue eyes. Tom is 5-10, average build. I’m 5-9, 135, very athletic, with large breasts and long legs. I stand eye to eye with Tom. Being with Bob was different, as I had to look up at him. When we embraced, it felt so different than Tom. We made contact in completely different spots. We quickly progressed from deep kisses to touching each other. Bob gently massaged my breasts beneath my blouse and I cautiously worked my hands down his chest and stomach toward his zipper. When I put my hand on his jeans and felt his hard cock under them, I knew how different he was from Tom. He felt HUGE! I rubbed him from outside his pants and he unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra. My breasts are 36D’s and very firm and round. Bob was delighted with them and told me he had always admired my body.

He suggested we move into the bedroom.

He lit a aydıntepe escort couple candles and slowly undressed me the rest of the way. He looked up and down my body smiling and telling how beautiful I looked. I was getting self-conscious and scrambled onto the bed grabbing the covers. Another surprise! It was a waterbed, the first I’d ever been on. Bob finished undressing and got into bed. I was amazed at the size of his cock. I moved my hands all over his body exploring every inch. He was doing the same to mine and it was wonderful. Much better than I had ever fantasized it would be. After several minutes of getting to know each other, I asked him if I could go down on him. Of course he wanted me too. I did it because I thought that was what guys liked. It’s never been a great turn on just to have a man in my mouth. The thrill is from the response I get, the control and power it gives me. With Bob it was the first time I had ever felt this sense of power and control. Tom had always directed our lovemaking and always controlled me.

Bob was at least 11 inches long, almost two inches in diameter, and curved upward like a banana. He was circumcised and Tom is not, so that looked and felt different. I could not get all of Bob into my mouth and I was afraid he’d be disappointed. I could cover the head of him and take a few inches down into my mouth, but he was just too thick. I started to apologize, but Bob said I was doing great. I began bobbing my head up and down and he kept going further and further in. I was holding his cock with both hands on the shaft like a baseball bat, and still my lips didn’t touch my hands when he slid down into my mouth.

Bob then slid around and began to lick and play with my cunt. His fingers were much bigger than Tom’s and felt good sliding in and out of my cunt. We played and sucked for a long time, and I know I was dripping wet. I hadn’t cum yet though. Bob asked me if I was ready and I nodded. He knelt between my legs as I drew my knees up slightly and spread my legs a little wider apart. I never thought about whether I could handle his large cock, I only thought here comes my first man. He’ll be in me in a second. The thought was overwhelming me. I was afraid, excited, apprehensive, turned on, nervous, lustful, every possible emotion at once.

As he moved toward my wet cunt, I took a hold of his cock and guided him straight in. It was unbelievable! Like the first time only better because I knew what it was supposed to be like this time! He moved slowly, going in deeper and deeper with each stroke. After a couple minutes, I was taking Bob all the way in, his pubic hair mashing against mine. I pushed myself up to meet him with each stroke, pulling his bottom down hard to push him into me. He ran his fingers through my hair, stroked my breasts and gave me all I wanted. My legs went high in the air and wide apart, I wrapped them around his ass and pulled him as tight against me as I could. I was totally into this sexual experience! We must have gone on like that for 15 or 20 minutes.

Bob would go all the way in and then draw back slowly until he was almost completely out then slowly, teasingly back in me. He asked me if I was ready to cum yet. I felt great, but I had only cum when riding on top of Tom. I told Bob and he just rolled us over and let me ride. I started slowly, sliding back and forth, feeling tuzla içmeler escort myself rubbing hard against him. I started moving faster and faster. My hands squeezed his chest as I rode him. He felt my breasts and played with my nipples as I rode. I could feel it building inside me, I know I was moaning and talking dirty, my head was thrown back and I had my hands on his hips as I was now straight up on top on him! I came really hard; shuddering and crying it felt so good.

Without Bob coming out of me, I started again. This time it was slow and very nice. I don’t know how Bob kept from cumming, but he did. I must have cum six or seven times on top of him, almost non-stop after the first hard one. Finally I collapsed on top of Bob, breathing hard, with my cunt just quivering. We lay there for a few minutes and when I had caught my breath, he asked me if he could cum in me from behind. I told him he could have anything he wanted. He rolled out from under me and I lay down on my stomach. I could feel the cold wet spot where we had soaked the sheets with our juices. The waterbed kept us moving a little all the time. Bob put a pillow under my hips to raise my bottom just a little. Slowly he slid his cock into my cunt from behind, lying on top of me, holding his weight off me.

He began slow stroking me, almost out then deep in me again. I could hear him breathing harder and starting to moan and make animal-like noises. He was going wild, pounding me fast and hard, his stomach slapping up against my ass. I raised my legs and was bucking back against him, actually kicking his ass with my heels as he pumped into me. He let his full weight down on me and slammed into me with a deep groan as he finally came. I could feel him throbbing and shooting cum into me. He was pulsating against the very back of my cunt.

Both exhausted, we rolled on our sides and just feel asleep. When I awoke, I had my stomach against his back, my arms around him. I reached down and felt his cock, stroking slowly to wake him. He got big and hard immediately. He rolled over on his back and pulled me on top of him. I slowly lowered myself down, sliding him into my still slippery cunt. He pulled my hips down on him and pushed up into me. I rode slowly, just feeling how full I was and how deep his cock went into me. I know I was ready to cum again, when the phone rang.

As Bob went to the other room to answer the phone, I knew it was over. The moment was gone. I began to dress and when Bob returned, I told him it was time for me to get home. He kissed me and thanked me. On the way home, I could feel the wetness in my panties as he leaked out of me. I could still feel his hands all over me. After I sent the baby sitter home I got in bed and masturbated until I fell asleep. I felt no guilt or remorse, just excitement and wonder.

Pure pleasure. That was the beginning of how my life changed. I never slept with Bob again. We talked a few times, but never worked anything out. He moved a short time later. I told Tom about what happened when he got back home. He was actually happy about it! He had slept with another teacher while he was away and I think this relieved his guilt. He encouraged me to experiment and said he was going to do the same. He was so turned on by hearing me tell him about Bob, that he had me repeat it over and over as he fucked me.

As time went on I sometimes felt guilt and remorse for how our lives had changed. I worried about our future and whether we would stay together. I felt like a slut. Then I would reverse and feel liberated and free. My sexual growth was going to continue! That’s the next “story”.

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